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How to fall into little space in 5 easy steps

1 • take favorite blanket (preferably fuzzy), favorite socks (knee high/thigh highs work best), and (if you own any) favorite bottle/sippy/paci. Put all on body, including the blanket. Wrap up in that blanket
2 • turn on your favorite cartoon or Disney movie
3 • grab your favorite snack(s) from the kitchen, and put them in cute bowls. If you have one, fill your sippy/bottle with your favorite juice
4 • put pillows on the floor to sit on, and sit about 3-4 feet from the tv with your snacks We can’t hurt our eyes, now
5 • imagine what it would be like to be in the cartoon/movie you’re watching. As you watch, think of the main character(s) as yourself, and go on an adventure 💜

Things Daddy does that turns me on

• The Daddy voice
• Saying Daddy phrases (“excuse me, little girl? “I’m going to count to 3” etc)
• ‘The look’
• His teasey pics
• When he initiates playtime
• The lustful staring he does at me during playtime
• When he bites his lip while he’s distracted (or any other time)
• Slow teasing (stripping slowly to get me to beg or other ways)
• The sleepy voice
• When he teases me on camera for a little bit, then stops and acts normal
• Did I mention his moaning
• Wet/messy hair
• Calling me Princess, Little Girl, Babygirl, KITTEN, etc

Bio.Inc#3 Title...?

Right, I know that Jack’s video title was a funny joke based around Trump, but what if it’s actually based around Anti? 

Let’s look at this properly. Today’s video, named “Sickness Trumps All”, clearly emphasises the joke and use of the Easter egg within the video. And, of course, Trump has no connection to Anti. Obviously…?

Nope. Not obvious. Because remember this episode?

This was an October video, and around the 11:18 mark Anti actually causes the game to glitch. Not Jack - the game. Anti literally takes away Jack’s ability to save the President and instead lets him die.

And now Bio.Inc’s out, and it looks like Anti just wants to kill Trump. Maybe this was the motive all along…

@lum1natrix @fear-is-nameless @marielgum As my favourite theorists, figured I’d tag you XD

Things Daddy Can/Cannot Do

Things Daddy can do :
• Put me to sleep with his voice
• Make me do basically anything he wants with his daddy voice
• Put up with a lot of annoying shit from me
• Make my panic attacks stop just by singing or telling me a story
• Make me smile when I feel at my worst
• Make me laugh with his dorky jokes
• Snore super loud
Things Daddy can’t do :
• Cook

I just want to make new friends. I wish I could talk with other littles, but it seems it’s really impossible to chat with someone without being molested by fake daddies… 😞

Little things daddy does.

When he lifts your chin up and kisses you.
When he says you’ve been a good little girl.
When he uses his daddy voice
When he asks what you’re doing when he’s not there
When he makes sure you’re happy and having fun.
When he gives you a spanking and time out for misbehaving.
When he gives you cuddles and plays with you and your stuffies

good things from yesterday
  • drinking mint infused water and reading a book before getting out of bed
  • five minutes of gentle morning yoga (not much but feels good anyway)
  • looking very glamorous today (black dress, bold lipstick, hair that made me feel like an old hollywood star)
  • very few people on the morning bus
  • i was the first one that appeared at work and all these empty rooms had a strange yet calming vibe
  • found two tarot decks i crave in a decent price
  • rammstein gifs in emails from my superior (he obviously knows how to talk to me)
  • chilling on the balcony with a cup of rockrose tea
  • enjoyed some self cooked zupa ogórkowa (traditional polish cucumber soup but veganized)
  • discovered kawaii metal - i’m not gonna listen to it but i like living on the planet with such… gemini music genre on it
  • feeling the necessary anger finally, after 9 months of grief and numb sadness
  • good laugh with my flatmate
  • sitting on my window while the wind was playing with my hair so i felt like a half mythical girl from a milo manara tarot card
  • the reflection of clouds on my windowblinds when i was falling asleep

“less” is for things that are measurable but not countable, mass nouns

“fewer” is for things that are countable

less fighting, fewer fights

I don’t know why the fuck we make this distinction for less and fewer but not for more

if anyone who reads this remembers and uses it I will not have lived entirely in vain

Serious Talk With Daddy

Daddy : So I was thinking about what tattoo I wanna get, and I think it’ll either be Rise Against or Twenty One Pilots
Me : Are you sure you’d want a Tøp one? It might kinda hurt to see if we ever broke up
Daddy : ….what did you say?
Me : uhm… It might hurt if we broke up?
Daddy : We don’t talk about that. We do not talk about that. Got it?
Me : *curls up in a ball of awkward blushies* y-yes sir
Daddy : Good girl
Me : *internally screams*