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Y’know what I see in this scene? I see myself at age fifteen, spouting off the same conservative rhetoric I heard from my dad (and from Fox News, which he had on all the time). I was raised in an environment where “Christian” automatically meant “conservative.” Everything I heard from every authority figure, from everyone I considered a role model, pretty much amounted to that. So I started to buy into it. I started repeating what I heard from everyone around me, and for a while I might have even believed it, because that was all I knew. And because there was always the subtle implication that if you believed any different, it was only because you had been “brainwashed by the liberal media” or “corrupted by the world’s influence.”

That’s what’s going on with Wesley here. He’s spent his whole life around Watchers. He’s been raised to think like they do. The other Watchers hate Giles, so of course Wesley has only heard negative things about him. Of course he’s heard that Giles is too strongly attached to his Slayer, Giles is an embarrassment to the Council, Giles isn’t qualified for the job anymore, blah blah blah. And Wesley buys into that line of thinking because the Council can’t be wrong, can they? Surely all these people Wesley looks up to must know what they’re talking about, mustn’t they?

This is really the only time you see him being blatantly disrespectful of Giles. Over the next few episodes, as Wesley works with him and gets to know him, he begins to change his attitude. He realizes there’s more to Giles than the awful things the other Watchers have said about him. He realizes that Giles’ attachment to Buffy is a strength, not a weakness. Once Wesley gets away from the direct influence of the Council and has the chance to experience the world firsthand and think for himself, he begins to change his ways of thinking.

This is probably Wesley’s most obnoxious moment, and I’m not saying it was okay for him to be such a jackass. I’m just saying I understand why. I get it, because I’ve been there.

UCAS Personal Statement Hack

Okay so for everything you include you need three things. First of all WHAT did you do. Then what did you LEARN and finally what about it INSPIRED you to do the course you are applying for.

E.g. In June 2015 I completed work experience at Mrs.Tiddlywinks'cake shop. [WHAT] Whilst there I explored the intricacies of icing design and how contrast between fondant and piped can be used for effect [LEARN]. This confirmed my choice of a Baking and Cake Design degree as I was enthralled by how I could change the entire tone of a bake simply by changing the materials used [INSPIRE]

If you’re feeling really good you can put it in a plan but we’re still at least 6 weeks off the early entry deadline so 🤷🏼‍♀️

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What is just a really great long ass narry fanfic but laced with smut? There's a lot of good long ones with character development and all but I need some action.

Welcome to College

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Let Me Ruin You

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Can I get some college fitzsimmons canons, babe?

  • Alright. So Fitz and Simmons are like tiny little babies in college. Right? 
  • Because Jemma PhD PhD Simmons is already a double doctor by the time she reaches the academy. And our dear Dr. Leopold has the slightly less impressive single doctorate. And this is all by the time they are 17. 
  • So. College. I’m going to pretend this is undergrad. 
  • They are the tiniest smalls at uni. And literally everyone at their respective schools knows them. Because it is kinda hard to miss the kid geniuses ruining all the curves and dominating every class. 
  • Fitzsimmons don’t meet until they reach the academy.
  • But. That doesn’t mean they don’t know each other. 
  • Because oh boy do they know each other. They’ve heard. Another british child prodigy out there. That is definitely something that would catch their attention. 
  • Jemma sees it as a competition. (And, by the time they are at the academy, she is pretty darn sure she won. I mean, she has TWO PhDs. Not one). Fitz, on the other hand. Finally there is someone like him. Someone who will understand. He so desperately wants to meet her. 
  • They almost do. There’s a conference. They are both supposed to be there. And, honestly, they are both sort of excited to meet that other child genius. But through crazy circumstances they end up missing each other. 
  • They miss out on some of those typical college experiences. So, once they are at the academy, they 1000000% make up for it (this is mainly because Jemma has a checklist).
  • I’m talking drinking games, parties, all nighters just for the hell of it. 
  • Yes, Fitz, we have to go streaking. 
  • When other people talk about their college experiences, they just talk about their time at the academy. Because their lives only really got interesting once they found their partner in crime. 
  • (And college was awkward. No one really wants to revisit their preteen days). 
5 times Fitz kisses Simmons and one time Simmons kisses Fitz

sherlolly-is-jolly Sent me the prompt “5 times fitz kisses Simmons and one time Simmons kisses Fitz” I now have nearing 5 pages and only two of the six scenes written. So you get them all separately for the sake of my sanity.

This will also be posted in my FitzSimmons drabbles on AO3 once they are finished. This is unedited and un-Beta-ed

1. The Boiler room is always a drunk mess after finals, and the first few years of Academy FitzSimmons would hole up in one of their rooms and marathon the episodes of Doctor Who they had missed (Jemma had a strict no TV rule during the weeks leading up to finals.)

“But this is our last year Fitz! We have to go!”

“You’re the one who always said it didn’t sound like fun not me.”

“That’s not a yes.”

“Yes, fine I’ll go. If it’ll get you off my case, for Gods sake.”

Neither of them meant to get drunk. Really neither of them could legally drink in the states anyway, the only reason the bartender served them was because  ”Everybody! Fitz-fucking-Simmons are graduating three years early! A round on the house for everyone in name of FitzSimmons!” and one round turned in to two and two turned into shots and all of the sudden they were tucked in a booth, playing never have I ever with some older cadets.

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