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so what if for the next production at their school the bmc gang does little shop of horrors
- jeremy is seymour and audrey is christine + they have a Blast performing together tbh
-they keep coming up w fun stage directions and things!! theyre good pals
-jeremys part of suddenly seymour seems a little bit off for the first couple rehearsals?? but then christine tells him 2 sing it like hes singing to michael and then it gets a million times more genuine and christines just like 👀👀👀
-jeremy has to wear glasses as seymour nd michael Dies bc he looks so cute
-christine has a wig as audrey and everyone in the cast ends up trying it on @ some point
-jake plays oren and every time he has to stage slap christine he apologizes backstage afterwards
-rich does the voice for audrey 2 and for all of act 2 jake just watches him sing,,,hes a proud boyfriend
-brooke, chloe, and jenna are the urchins and they have so much fun matching their outfits and doing their makeup and stuff???
-michael is mr mushnik!!! and he’s having So Much Fun
-but there’s this one part in mushnik and sons where jeremy and michael have to tango and they can never get the choreography right bc they get super blushy
-after the last show everyone is hugging and laughing and crying a little bit and somehow jeremy ends up in michaels arms and he’s just like what the hell and he kisses michael
-and michaels brain just like….short circuits
-and jeremy gets rly nervous like what if he fucked up everything and michael doesnt like him back
-but then michael smiles and kisses him back!!!! and they start dating and everyone owes chloe $20 bc she said that they would start dating by the end of the show lmaooo

possible spoilers ahead if you know nothing about season 2 reveals!!!

okay, but what if ladybug and chat noir are actually a part of the selection process for who gets the next two kwamis
and of course ladybug chooses alya to be volpina because when marinette didn’t want the powers at first, she was so ready to give them to alya. besides, alya is the one who is so determined to do good, because if good people do nothing, the bad guys win. such a perfect candidate!
and then there’s chat noir, torn over who to give the bee miraculous to. should he give it to nino, his best friend, or some other kind classmate, like marinette? (teehee) maybe chat even suggests marinette as a candidate and ladybug just freaks out and says, “NO!” and then chat is left wondering, “geez, wtf did marinette do to make ladybug hate her? lol”
ultimately, however, chat noir remembers his first and only friend through most of his life: chloe. of course, he knows that she’s rough around the edges and has so many flaws, but he sees her potential. he’s always seen it, the true goodness of her heart buried beneath the surface. maybe a bit far, but it’s still there, and what if becoming a miraculous user will bring out that side of her, just as becoming chat noir helped adrien come out of his own shell, free from his strict upbringing? he knows that ladybug will disapprove (and she sure as hell does) but something about the decision just feels *right*. so he slips the miraculous in her bag one day, waiting and hoping for chloe to blossom into a better version of herself.


“I know your heart is full of hatred, seeking revenge. This harpoon has been enchanted to help me find lost souls like you.”

“And then what? Fill it with something else?”

“Yes hook, with the one thing missing in your life. Family.”

-Nemo and Hook in OUAT 6x06  ‘Dark waters’ 


I’ll just let myself out while I cry bye guys

If you havn’t seen my other post then this is a follow up to me having a minor meltdown after watching Lucifer again and going omg parallels that hurt me 


A big angel with his beautiful smol angel. 

I swear I’m doing the devil’s work here since there still isn’t enough deckerstar fanart for my liking. I shall make more until more artists do the same. 

PSA: I love Chloe Decker.

Minor spoilers for 2x15, but I love Chloe Decker so god damn much. She is one the best written female characters on television. She functions as a damn good homicide detective really great at her job, and there’s no “sacrifice”. It’s not that her kid is with a nanny all the time. It’s not that she sighs and says “Look honey, I’ve had a long day why don’t you go to bed?” It’s that she comes home after a long day of murder, bloodshed, danger, etc. and plays with Trixie’s stuffed toys and lays down to cuddle with her, even reads to her every night.

She has formed a meaningful, honest relationship with her daughter. She respects her daughter’s wishes. She simply asks what Trixie thought of the school, and even though it would be better for Trixie’s “future” it’s not what Trixie wants, so Chloe doesn’t force her to go into that school. She reads to her daughter, loves her daughter, is so vulnerable with her daughter. 

I love the parent-child emphasis on 2x15, because Chloe tries so hard to do her best. It was the first time we really see that insecurity and the worry that most moms face. Chloe is taken aback at how these people can look “so put together” while having a kid. She accepts that it is all smoke and mirrors, everybody has no idea what they are doing. Most importantly, she doesn’t want to raise her daughter or be part of an environment that emphasis money, snobby attitudes, and gossip. 

 She’s real. She lives in an apartment with a roommate, doesn’t own a house, is a divorced woman, works an okay job, and has a lot of emotional baggage on her plate. She doesn’t put a lot of thought into clothing, doesn’t focus on her looks or her “sexiness”. Yet she is beautiful, and people like Lucifer really love her and accept her for who she is. Chloe is still caring, honest, and loyal to everyone around her. 

So here’s to the moms  and female characters on tv like Chloe. <3

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Okay you guys listen. I’ve been in a pretty depressive state for the last few months and it’s not been very fun dealing with my mental illness but let me tell you all about something that’s just made me smile massively. With all the horrible things going on in the world this is just something small that genuinely made me happy for a moment.

Any ways this little kitten is named Chloe. She was recused from suspected abuse which left her unable to use her back legs or pee on her own. Her bladder had to be manually expressed. Her back was messed up. All she could do is scoot around on this box. But today she had her first session of acupuncture and look how wonderful the results were!! She twitched her tail, kicked, and even stood up on her legs! This is amazing! ***All credit to kittenxlady on Instagram both videos are hers.

Please follow @ kittenxlady on Instagram for the full story. She is an amazing kitten rescuer and advocate for bottle baby kittens. She posts very valuable information about taking care of orphaned kittens.