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Stay by PhemieC

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Just got announced, and you know what that means…another sad sapphic love song on ukulele, this time about Amberprice.

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she was an angel
she was a leo
she helped me dye my hair in the sink

she was the bringer of change and of spring
wearing her flannel and feather earring

she made it okay, to not be okay
made me believe that someone would stay…

she was a charmer
she was a changer
she could fit in with every crowd

but I fit with her, like a storm for my cloud
pulled into the eye of her, high off the ground

she made it okay, to not be okay
made me believe that someone could stay…

she was a model
she was a rebel
one second with her you’d know she’s a star

and I kissed her hard on an old junkyard car
and I carved her name on the wall in a heart

she made it okay, to not be okay
made me believe that someone could…
that someone would stay…


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You have heard of the three Earp sisters, so let me introduce you to the three Haught sisters!

We have Kat Barrell as Nicole Haught (naturally)
Sharon Belle as Middle Haught,
and Chloe Howl as Little Haught! or as I’d call her ‘Kid Haught’
What do you guys think?

Warning: Little Haught’s dimple power is equal to if not greater than Nicole Haught’s dimple power.(If you don’t believe me google Chloe Howl)

Notice: Remember this is just a fun thought I had so please no hate. Thank you!


Celebrating pride month with the kiddos!

anonymous asked:

Your art gives me life. I consider that you are the official ChloNath represent of this fandom. May I request a blushing Chloe with a smirking Nath please? Keep up with the good work! :)

Thank you so much! I will gladly carry that honor of official representative to this ship! To me, my shipmates of this ship are @powerdragonmoon and @karawek. So I drew this based off of the amazing fanfiction Buzzkill by Moon, which is based on the amazing artwork by Karawek. Fortunately we have some awesomely talented people in our corner! He’s smirking and she’s blushing so I’m hoping this is alright!