little ceaser
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This playlist is quite different from the rest. It is a collection of the songs that I currently listen to on repeat. Therefore the songs are quite random whereas my other playlists follow more of a theme. Also, this playlist is constantly changing as I take songs out as soon as I have an urge to skip them and also always add some new ones. Give it a listen and let me know if you liked some of the songs or if you have any recommendations based on this playlist!

  • 2003 fma ed: jesus christ was real we mention him in this anime what the fuck is this
  • 2003 fma ed: *joins military* wow fuck off everyone stop telling me what to do i didnt ask for this
  • 2003 fma ed: *puts hands together* *turns hand into ten robot penises*
  • 2003 fma ed: *orders sixteen little ceasers pizzas* haha what tf am i doing i cant eat all these. roy mustang is a communist

pizza comes with other ingredients to use in future hacks. you’re planning ahead.

My first time getting high
  • Me, after eating two packs of cookies, half a box of cheezits, a whole order of cheese sticks and half a deep dish pizza from little ceasers: *puts an oreo in my mouth*
  • Friend 1: Don't you think you've had enough
  • Me: *mouth full* don't kink same me