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Jon Snow

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Jon x Reader

Your father sighed when he turned and caught you dawdling behind, watching Jon with a smile slowly forming on your face.

“Hurry child, it would do you no good to be caught staring at him, his is a son of our Lord… bastered or not.” He chided and hurried you along.

“You know most of the girls talk about Lord Robb but I think Jon is far more handsome.” You mumbled which made him scoff.

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Order of the Diadem | 1 | TEN

Genre: royalty!au | fluff angst 

Member: Ten / Reader

Word Count: 5,900

Warnings: violence

Part: one | two | three | four

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I love you. See you later.

It was a simple recon mission and yet, the dangers still lurked in each corner. Hunk and Keith got paired up again, considering that they did and ace job in the last one with the Weblum.

The whole castle was at the hanger and Hunk was showered with hugs and encouragement while Shiro pulled Keith into a tight embrace. But this time was a little different because Lance joined in too. They have been paladins for a little more than a year now and after all that time, Lance had grown closer with his rival and that that bloomed into something lovelier; their bonds rooted on the beautiful mystery of love.

“Keith!” Lance threw his arms around Keith who was clad in his full paladin armor. “I’ll see you at dinner. I’m going to help Coran make it tonight so you better eat up!”

“Oh yeah?” Keith chuckled lowly. “Alright. Don’t overcook the beans like the last time.”

“My casserole was perfect, you ass!” Lance shoved him playfully but got straight to the point when he pressed a loving kiss on Keith’s lips. The whole hanger burst into wolf whistles except for Pidge who made gagging noises. Lance was sucked into those deep violet pools as Keith looked into his blue ones, a silent message passing between them;

‘I love you. See you later.’

And then, the yellow and red paladins were off along with the yellow lion of Voltron. Lance eagerly waved as they left from where he stood with the others in the hanger.

'I love you. See you later.’

But 4 vargas later, Hunk returned alone; broken and in tears. He fell to his knees in front of his best friend and the others while his hands clutched something tightly between them.

“I’m sorry.” Hunk wept. “I’m so sorry… I tried, but Keith…he… he…”

Lance was speechless and he felt his heart die a painful death when Hunk handed him Keith’s red helmet, the visor glass shattered. On the radio was a previous recording of Lance’s voice from another mission, repeating the same silent parting words they had earlier:

“I love you. See you later.”

Since I’m from the future, it’s already Feb 13 here. So, I made you guys this little pre-Valentine gift. I hope you like it. 

For my mom, @forsakenangel88 and my little sister @sir-schneeflocke and to my pain-loving friends: @shadowdarkleonidascrusade @deleriousfromcoffee @jackalopes-vld and to everyone else who like the senseless crap I write. 

Old Friends ( Pre-Curse Prince Adam x reader)

Hello! An Anonymous requested this based on certain prompts: 2-“Come dance with me.” 22-“ What’s in it for me?” and 55: “ Let’s ditch this place and do something fun.” So I do hope I didn’t not disappoint. I love Dan Stevens he’s amazing because not everyone is a Disney Prince and an Xmen. So with out further a due please enjoy.

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Tonight was a very special night. The night that you get to see your oldest friend Adam, or Prince Adam as you were told to call him. But you two were very close that you ignored formalities. He was hosting one of his very expensive parties again and your family was invited. You weren’t royalty like your friend, but your family was one of the more richer families in France. You had dressed in your best gown, it was very extravagant and it was (f/c). You even wore the necklace Adam gave you as a child. Ever since his mother died you hadn’t seen your friend as much. His father thought you were to rambunctious for his son. You weren’t too bad you were just being kids back then. The two of you would run around the castle playing pretend. The staff loved you despite what their master said. You were always so kind and respectful to them. They would say that you and Adam were like a lock and a key. You complimented each other perfectly. But then his father passed and Adam shut you out, completely. He changed from the list of his mother more but he seemed like a different person. You haven’t seen him in seven years. So you don’t know if your even going to see your friend or a stranger. But you were excited none the less. You had decided that you were going to arrive a bit earlier than what you were supposed to. So as your carriage pulled up to the castle your stomach was filled with butter flies. Your driver went up first to the castle to announce your arrival. As you stepped out, it was like stepping into an old memory. The castle had looked exactly the same, like no time had passed at all. You stepped up to the door and was greeted by a familiar face “ Hello Mrs. Potts.” You said stepping inside. She came up and embraced you in a hug saying “ Oh bless my stars! Miss (Y/N) is that really you?” You hugged back “ It’s me alright.” She backed up “ Let me look at you dearie. Oh you’ve grown up so well, and very beautiful too.” You blushed an thanked her. You heard a faint call in the background and saw a little boy who couldn’t have been more than five years old. “ And who’s this?” You said crouching down to the floor to be at the same level as the boy. “ This is my son Chip. ” she replied. “ Why hello Chip I’m (Y/N).” You said to the young lad. “ Nice to meet you miss.” He said with his hand out. You shook it and complimented him on his manners. They were much better than yours when you were his age. “ Are you the lady who’s in all those pictures the master has?” You raised an eyebrow as Mrs. Potts shook her head. “ I’m not sure I’ve never seen those pictures.” You told him. You stood up as Cogsworth and Lumier entered. “ Ah Miss (Y/N) I thought I heard your voice! See Cogsworth I told you she’d show up. ” Lumier sneered patting his friend on back. “ It is good to see you again Miss (Y/N) .” Cogsworth said. You hugged them both. You were escorted into the sitting room as you were catching up with your old friends. For such a big Castle news traveled fast. Many of the staff members came in and greeted you with joy. Even Mr.Potts came in and he was a very forgetful man. “ What is all that noise?! I thought I told you not to disturb me until…” As you turned around you saw Adam stopped in his tracks. He was enthralled when he saw you. Last time he saw you both of you were young teenagers. You had grown to be quite beautiful. “ Hello Adam. It’s so good to see you.” You said walking up to him. “ (Y/N) y-your… Your early. ” he said flustered. Not the welcome you were expecting. “ What’s a few minutes between friends?” You replied. “ Well I will see you later on tonight. Go to one of the guest rooms and I will send Plumette up to assist you in… Cleaning yourself up. I’m having very important people over and I requested that you look your best. But we’ll fix you up.” You were taken back by his statement. Why would he say something like that? “ You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?” You said crossing your arms. “ Well I need you to look more professional. You look too much like… You.” He said as if he was justified. “ And since when did you think that was a problem?” You exclaimed. “ I will talk to you later!” He yelled and walked back up to his room. Still taken back by the way he talked to you, you just stood there. Looks like Adam was more of a stranger than you thought he’d be. You headed up to his room despite everyone telling you not to. You knocked on the door and he told you to enter. “ You want to tell me what that was about back there?” You said walking up to where he was getting ready. “ What do mean?” You rolled your eyes. “ You making it sound like I’m not good enough to even step foot on the premises.” He then replied with something you did not expect, especially from someone who was your friend. “ You’re upset because I wanted you to look presentable for my other guest? I’m sorry I know it’s hard for people of your class to understand, but when you are invited somewhere you dress your best. You weren’t royalty but he had no right to say that. Full of anger you questioned ” People of my class?! Adam those are your fathers words not yours!“ He then yelled ” Do NOT compare me to my father! Now do as I said and I will talk to you LATER!“ With that you left too angry to say anything else. Later Plumette had assisted in fixing up your makeup and Madam Garedrobe made adjustments to your dress. But she made sure that they were undo able so that she could turn it back in to the dress you loved. She even questioned her self why the master said to change it. She left so that she could warm up with Maestro and left you and Plumette alone for some finishing touches. ” Plumette, how long has Adam acted like that?“ She sighed ” Ever since the king and queen died. “ you felt great sorrow for your friend he had changed so much. Later that night during the party you did your best to fit in but all of those other rich families were starting to annoy you so for most of it you just sat near Garedrobe and Maestro listening to their beautiful music and just people watching. As you watched all of the people you noticed something out of place. Adam was also sitting alone just watching everyone as well. Looks like his night wasn’t going as planned. When Garedrobe took a break to get something to drink you asked her to sing an old song that Adam and you used to dance to as kids. She agreed and told Maestro about it. When the music started back up again Adam recognized it right away. You walked up to him and held out your hand saying ” Come dance with me.“ He huffed not really wanting to do anything, this night wasn’t going how he thought it would. When he looked at you to give an answer he saw that little girl he used to play with, who was his best friend. ” What’s in it for me?“ He asked. You gave him a look that said ‘really’ . You thought for a moment what could get him to do this little action. ” You can tell me what to do for the rest of the night and I will not complain, deal?“ You said ashamed of the idea but it was the only one you had. He then grinned and agreed and he escorted you to the dance floor. He surprised you with his quite exceptional dancing skills. Both of you were having fun, just as you did when you you were kids. Though your dance skills were a little better than those little kids you once were. And he was actually able to pick you up and spin you around. You had gotten a small part of your old friend to come out from that jerk you found. When the song ended almost nothing in the room had changed just a few looks from girls either in disgust or jealousy. You thanked Adam and as you were about to leave he whispered ” Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!“ You looked back at him confused ” You said if I danced with you you would do what ever I told you and you wouldn’t complain remember?“ He said with a sly smile. You sighed and agreed. You both escaped the very boring party and sneaked out one of the many secret doors. The passage led into the garden, but there was a small ledge that you were hesitant about. A loud gasp came from you as you landed on the ground. Thank goodness you weren’t hurt and neither were you clothes. ” You were taking too long.“ Adam whined as he himself jumped down. ” You’re such a jerk Adam.“ You said shaking your head. ” I am not!“ He continued to whine. ” What happened to that kid I knew? What happened to my friend? You’re so different now.“ You said with a hint of sadness. Your Adam used to be kind, not so judgmental. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. ” In what way am I ‘different’ as you put it?“ You sighed carefully selecting your words. ” Your thinking is different. You used to think that it was okay that I liked things simple and that I was in a lower position than you. You just seem more arrogant, angry, and a little whiney.“ He crossed his arms ” I am none of those things. “ You looked at him as he realized what he said as soon as it came out of his mouth. ” I’m… I’m sorry (Y/N) if I offended you. I guess some of my father did rub off on me. If it means anything I thought you looked beautiful when you first came in. “ he said with a half smile hoping you would forgive him. ” I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I guess seeing you with a mixture of my fathers views and my love for you wasn’t a good mix.“ You snapped your head unsure that you heard him right. A: he apologized twice, and B: well did he really just say that? ” What did you just say?“ He blushed and tried to shrug it of as nothing. ” Oh no Adam. Did you just say you love me?“ You asked slightly smiling. ” No I didn’t. Stop it .“ He retorted. ” Oh my god you did. You said that you love me.“ You said poking him. As you kept poking him he grabbed your wrist angrily and did something you didn’t expect. He crashed his lips into yours. After the shock you kissed back. It became a hungry kiss very quickly. When you broke for air Adam said ” I didn’t know any other way to get you to stop talking. You were being annoying.“ You smiled as you leaned your foreheads together. ” Remind me to be annoying more often.“ There was a long silence before Adam started talking again. ” (Y/N) I was wondering if you could or wanted to spend the night here? With me?“ He asked looking down as he did. You lifted his head to look at those beautiful blue eyes of his ” Of course, I’d love to. Plus we made a deal so if you tell me too I kinda have to. Now you said we were going to do something fun.“ He laughed and led you to the stables. ” We are going to race just like we did when we were kids.“ He said opening the horses pens. ” And the winner gets to eat what ever leftover dessert they want, while the loser has no say in what they eat.“ He explained. You playfully gasped ” You’re a monster.“ You them blushed as he let out a growl and sneered. You mounted your horse saying ” You’re on your Majesty.“

Note:  This is an AU I’ve mentioned a few times.  To cut to the chase, Sheldon is a wizard and Amy is his student.  There will be at least seven chapters of this story (it’s mostly done, but still needs work).  I hope you enjoy it if AUs are up your alley.

“Excuse me, sir? Do you know any mages who are taking on new students?” Amy asked the short man in the square. She had taken to just questioning whomever she could find to ask. She had been inquiring all day, but none of the teachers in town were taking on any students. To make matters worse, Amy didn’t have much she could pay even if she could find a teacher. Plus the inn in town was taking bits of that, so the longer she took, the less likely she thought she would be to actually find someone. Still, she wasn’t giving up until she found someone who could instruct her in the magical arts.

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The Specialities as Ghibli Characters:

The Mini Docs:

Premeds/school students: Arietty (Arrietty)

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You may be only little, but nobody’s going to keep you away from the big bad world, and all the fun!

Preclinical med students: Ponyo (Ponyo)

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Yes, medicine is precisely like eating a bowl of ramen that is far too hot, far too soon. Only it always feels too soon.

Clinical med students: Chihiro (Spirited Away)

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Hospitals are strange, strange places, filled with friendly but slightly scary people, and you can’t believe you willingly chose to sign your life away for the forseeable future.

Junior doctors: Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

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You’re just trying to create a little magic and work out how to live as a slightly-more-grown-up. It’s not as straightforward as you thought. You can do it!

All the other specialties after the cut…

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Person A is the best warrior in the land, Person B is the royal sent to meet them upon Person A coming to their castle. Person A has been traveling the land, challenging the greatest warriors to fight and winning. Person B has only heard legends on Person A. But when the two meet, Person B is surprised to find Person A is their childhood friend, all grown up. Person A and Person B made a promise when they were little that Person A would be Person B’s bodyguard when they grew up. Now Person A, grown up, is fulfilling their dream to earn the spot as Person B’s head bodyguard.

50cyg  asked:

Taiyama for the send me a ship prompt post, if you haven't been asked yet :)

send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

You know this reminds me of that one time I was shitposting twitter…and I thought it’d be funny if Yamato was the big bad wolf. And instead of Taichi being little red riding hood, he was the lumberjack that bursts through the door at the of the day. And Yamato is like “…hot damn I went after the wrong person” lol, that’s kinda like a werewolf/hunter thing right?

Tbh if Taichi was the werewolf and Yamato was the hunter…I also think it could be pretty funny. xD Yamato would be super serious about hunting down all werewolves, and then Taichi is like, “You know I understand you got like a vengeance thing going on. But I just found Scooby snacks are real so let’s pause this fight for like 25 minutes while I run to the store and get some.” 

“I’m holding a shotgun with silver bullets at your skull and you’re thinking of Scooby snacks??” 

“I can get you some–” 

“I don’t want any!” 

And idk after Yamato winds down they can be like buddies and they are usually fine with each other and if Taichi gets too rowdy Yamato just pets him behind the ear and calms him down lol

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Yamato would make the prettiest mermaid…it’s very hard for me to think about it the other way around. 

Especially if Taichi was like, the most typical fisherman there is lol I’m talking vinyl coveralls and those super thick gloves to handle big fish and everything. Lol, he has a small boat and just sells what he can to trading ports to sustain his lifestyle and that’s it. 

When he sees Yamato stuck in his fishing net, of course Taichi is hella shocked lol. He tries to return Yamato back to sea right away, but Yamato’s tail was injured pretty badly. So Taichi takew him back to his house and fills the tub immediately and tries to help Yamato heal as fast as he can. Cue the disney styled romance after that. 

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Lol they are both witches but Yamato is better at spell casting than Taichi. So any time Taichi is being too annoying, Yamato turns him into an animal and Taichi is stuck like that for a while lol. Anyone who comes by thinks that Yamato has a special way with animals (as he turns Taichi into whatever he feels like) and needless to say they get surprised whenever the little fuzzy cat on Yamato’s shoulder is actual a person. 

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

@pikkachan once drew this kind of AU once. You can see the comic strip here. It’s cute :P

But tbh, I would like it if Taichi is the barista and Yamato’s the coffee addict. But Yamato isn’t just a normal patron of the coffee shop. Oh no. Yamato always has a guitar strapped to his back, orders the same black coffee with no sugar or cream and gingerly sips it cold as he strums and hums in the crook next to the window. 

Which pisses off Taichi. Because the pretty blond boy keeps playing acoustic versions of popular songs where everyone can see him– so a bunch of people keep showing up at the coffee shop causing a crazy rush at three in the afternoon! Oh every time Taichi sees Yamato’s golden blond hair from across the street he just starts cursing under his breath. Why does this hipster guitarist keep showing up on his shift?? How come Taichi is always the one taking his order and having to hand him his extra bitter coffee?? And why does he always stare at Taichi as if that’s gonna compel him to give him stellar customer service! Lol well once Taichi learns the reason why he can’t look at mystery guitar man the same way again.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA

I’m not the biggest fan of these kinds of AU’s. But Yamato can be the professor and Taichi can be the TA. Especially if Yamato didn’t really think Taichi would be a serious student when he met him. And he was correct, Taichi is a little absentminded with his studies. But doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate about the material :D 

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Oh I had this AU in my drafts for a while….well idk when I’m gonna write it so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if I share. 

Yamato is the prince and Taichi is the knight. While Yamato’s has the royal family’s blood flowing in his veins, Taichi’s family has been nobility serving in the royal guard for generations. Because Taichi and Yamato are similar in age, they were close while growing up. And as Taichi excelled in his studies of combat and strategy, it was obvious that Taichi would serve as Yamato’s sword when they’d get older. 

During their teens, Yamato adjusts well enough to expectation that is placed on him. Taichi doesn’t though. He starts to rebel, and starts losing interest in his family’s customs and traditions. Taichi finds himself wanting to live life away from the castle and its kingdom as he learns more about the world around him. 

Taichi comes to Yamato one night and tells him about how he’s wants to run away and travel the world and stuff. And while Yamato knows of how unhappy Taichi is, he also doesn’t want the one person he really cares about (outside of his little brother of course) to leave. 

Taichi promises that if Yamato ever needed him, no matter where he is he’ll always rush to be back by Yamato’s side. And with that Yamato lets him go. It’s not till years later when they’re all grown up that they meet each other again :P

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Taichi is the single parent and Yamato is the teacher. As Taichi’s son gets older, he also starts loosing interest in hanging out with his dad. This of course bothers Taichi, and as much as he knows that he should give his son space–he also is very lonely!! Taichi is very upset that his little boy is growing up and he feels like it is happening to fast. lol needless to say, Taichi starts getting whiny whenever his son doesn’t want to spend time with him. 

When his son says he wants to take the guitar lessons  after school. Taichi says yes without thinking its a big deal. When Taichi’s son comes back completely enamored by his super cool new music teacher, Taichi is no longer okay with it. One day he stops by these music lessons just to see who the hell this guy even is. And if Taichi wasn’t so proud and a single dad who loves his son dearly–he probably would admit that Yamato is kind of cool. 

who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Yamato is the editor who is so sick of Taichi skipping past security to barge into his office to give him “His best story yet!” Yamato just doesn’t get paid enough to deal with shit like this. 

i like to think about the inquisitors getting little baby pets and raising them but i also like to think about those pets all grown up

inquisitor trevelyan being gifted a mabari puppy from their family. fat little ball of fur plodding along after them through skyhold, growing up into a vicious war hound, always at trevelyan’s side, always happy to lick their face and cuddle like a puppy after a battle

inquisitor cadash getting a baby nug. a nugget. leliana thinks it’s the cutest thing to ever grace skyhold. it’s not a particularly impressive pet but it’s always following cadash around the castle with a severely menacing squeak in store for anyone who crosses it.

inquisitor lavellan finding an abandoned baby halla in the exalted plains. they take it to the dalish clan first but the tiny thing refuses to leave their side and cries when they try to make it stay. lavellan takes it upon themself to raise it, and once it’s big enough they ride it into battle like an elven warrior of old.


Dignified Behaviour

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

Word count: 1847

Characters: Edmund x reader, Caspian, the Pevensie siblings

Warnings: Caspian being overprotective, Edmund being jealous

Summary: Caspian’s overprotectiveness of you makes Edmund jealous.

If there was one thing Edmund had learned about being a King of Narnia, it was that he was supposed to act with dignity.

It was a difficult thing to learn. He still felt like a child- he was still a child. Children were not known for their awe-inspiring composure.

Still, when he got pulled into Narnia for the second time, he thought he had mastered it. He remembered growing up as Narnia’s king so vividly, and slipping back into the person he had been then was second nature.

Despite the dangers of the Telmarines and the ruin that Narnia had become, he was enjoying himself. He had missed this so much.


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36 Questions Women Have For Men

1) How does it feel to be the same sex as Donald Trump?
> How does it feel to be the same sex as the majority of people who murder their children?
> How does it feel to be the same sex as Sarah Pailin, Hillary Clinton, Gloria Stienem, MisandryMirmaid, GeeksndMisandry, Lucie Slater, Valerie Solanas, Catherine Comins, Margaret Sanger, Robin Morgan, Andrea Dworkin, Susan Brownmiller, Sharon Stone, Catherine MacKinnon, Sally Miller Gearhart, Marilyn French, Germaine Greer, Hodee Edwards, Kathleen C. Faller, Barbara Jordan, Pat Poole, Naomi Wolf, Gerda Lerner, Roxanne Dunbar, Lenah Dunham,
Sarah Nyberg, Briana Wu, Anita Sarkesian, Zoe Quinn, Katha Pollitt, Judith Levine, Jilly Cooper, Sylvia Fraser, Donna Laframboise, Ti-Grace Atkinson, Joyce Trebilcot, Daphne Patai, home-of-amazons, realmisandryinhaiku, justicebadass, stfueverything, stfumras, japhettheprophet, milkyderp, wehavetogobacktauriel, veryradicalfeminist, Tracie Egan Morrissey, Laci Green, valleyofmeth, theroguefeminist, theplaceinsidetheblizzard, destructivefeminist, princesswolfgang, woahtheretyke, gayindustrialcomplex, lindorinand, dorkington, roycevomit, atomic-glitter, realmofvikings, ornerychelicerata, and xxhannah-i-saw-a-unicornxx?
2a) Why do you hate rom-coms?
> I don’t. Some of my favorite movies are rom-coms. But for men, and women, who hate rom-coms, there is this thing called preference. It has nothing to do with gender. For example, say someone doesn’t like vanilla ice cream. They are a heathen, of course, but they are allowed that preference. Say that person is a woman. Now say that women on average don’t like vanilla ice cream. Is it okay to assume they are all vanilla hating heathens? No. And neither is it okay to assume that there is something wrong with a person for not liking something because of their gender. Even if it is a delicious, creamy treat delivered by the great Yog-Sothoth Himself.
2b) Or do you just feel like you need to hate them?
> See above.
2c) Everybody likes the notebook. Everybody likes Beyoncé. It’s just a fact.
> This isn’t a question. I’ve never seen the notebook. I despise Beyoncé’s music, and she’s kind of a hypocrite. But, again, preferences. People are allowed to have them, and this cultish ‘like what I like, or you’re a bad person’ schtick you’re trying to pull is scary, simply because people who’ve done things with a similar mentality have ended up killing hundreds to thousands of people. Opinions are not facts. Shut up.
3) Why do you make women sit around and talk about men in movies, when y'all easily just sit around and talk about boobs for hours.
>One: No one does that. The only time I’ve seen girls talk about guys in movies is when they’re talking about whose butt is cute, who would be a good kisser, or the weird grunting noises they make when Thor and Loki come onto a screen. Two, men JOKE about tiddies, and it usually only lasts a few seconds. The only time bewbs are the focus 'for hours’ is if a guy is alone and jerkin it. Or when they are talking to a loved one about Breast Cancer.
4) Why do you automatically assume that you won’t like TV or movies that star a female lead?
> Here’s a list of my favorite TV shows and movies: Teen Titans, Avatar The Last Airbender, Attack On Titan, Harry Potter, Kim Possible, Adventure Time, Power Puff Girls, Ben 10, Gravity Falls, Fairly Odd Parents, Pokemon, most Batman movies and TV shows, Alice In Wonderland, iCarly, Pretty Little Liars, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, NCIS, Once Upon A Time, Criminal Minds, Castle, Bones, Teen Wolf, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tangled, Silent Hill, Big Hero 6, Coralline, Rugrats and All Grown Up, Yu-Gi-Oh!, V For Vendetta, Frozen. Basically, try again.
5a) Why are you surprised when women are funny?
> I’m not. I notice it, acknowledge it, and move on. However, women who use comedy as a front to push an ideology aren’t funny. Neither are men who do that.
5b) I’m probably funnier than you.
No. No, you’re not. Your condescending, holier than thou attitude ensures that you couldn’t be funny if the funnyman had knocked up the funnywoman and made you as their lovechild.
6a) Why do you think we’re obsessed with you when we hook up?
> One; I don’t. Two; I never implied that I did. Three; Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Four; keep projecting there, sweetie.
6b) 9 times out of 10, I just want you to leave too. I’m busy, I got shit to do.
> Well, I don’t partake in this hookup culture bullshit, so we aren’t likely to meet, thankfully. I actually want something real.
7a) Why can’t I sleep with as many people as I want to without being judged?
> Everyone gets judged for everything they do. Deal with it! Also, as long as you’re safe, and aren’t intentionally spreading diseases, fuck around all you want. Just don’t expect a meaningful relationship to come of that behavior.
7b) When men do it, they’re congratulated.
> In movies! In real life most men hate men like that.
8) Why do you consider a woman a tease if she doesn’t sleep with you after three dates, but a slut if she sleeps with you on the first date?
> The tease thing is a myth pushed by the television industry. Most people don’t believe that. The only people I’ve seen call a woman a slut for fucking on the first date are OTHER WOMEN.
9) In what world does no mean yes? No means no.
> This one, on opposite day. /jokes But in all seriousness, probably Japan or the Middle East. Feminists should really look into that.
10) Why do you say that women are too emotional to be leaders, then justify catcalling by saying that men just can’t control themselves?
> Two more myths perpetuated by television! Yay! The only people who say men can’t control themselves are rapists trying (unsuccessfully) to get out of a rape charge. And the Middle East. Also, some women enjoy catcalling. You can’t enforce a rule on that based on some people not liking it.
11) Why do you think that just because you’re nice to me, I owe you my body?
> Rapists think this. If someone thinks like this, you should get them professional help, or call the cops. Also, have you seen how tumblr lesbians interact with straight women? Talk about niceguy syndrome.
12) Why would you ever send an unsolicited dick pic?
> April Fools Day? /more jokes. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t, because I’m insecure about my dick size, and don’t want to be made fun of.
13a) Why do you feel like it’s okay to harass women,
> I don’t.
13b) or make offensive comments about women,
> Offensive humor is one of the best kind, right up there with dark humor. Plus, it gets a rise out of oversensitive asshats like you, and that’s amusing.
13c) but when somebody does it to your sister, it’s not okay?
> Because fuck with my family, and I’ll fuck you up so bad that you’ll think that Sharia Law is a utopia, that’s why.
14)How does it feel to interrupt-
> Pretty fuckin good, actually. /even more jokes
14) How does it feel to interrupt me when I’m in the middle of making a point during a meeting?
> Assholes do this. Not men. Conversely, if the point you are making is controversial, expect negativity, and be prepared to have the louder, but calmer, voice.
15a) Why do you have to sit with your legs so wide open?
> Balls. Also, normally, they’re about shoulders width apart. If they are any wider, they are usually a sign of low self-esteem and a desire not to be bothered. Also, quit taking pictures of us on the subway without our consent. Not only is that creepy, it’s illegal.
15bb) I get that you have balls
> Obviously not, or you’d know why I have to sit with my legs apart.
15c) but I don’t stand around with my arms wide open to make room for my boobs.
> Are your boobs underneath your armpits? No? Then shut the fuck up, you have no idea what you are talking about.
16) Why are women perceived as the weaker sex even though we literally birth you?
> Sexual Dimorphism. Women, on average, are weaker than men, on average. Are there women who are stronger than men? Abso-fuckin-lutely. Rhonda Rousy could kick my ass six ways from Sunday. Also, birthing has nothing to do with strength. That’s pain tolerance.
17) Why is it so bad to show your emotions? It means you’re human.
> I don’t know. #MaleTears, #MasculinitySoFragile, #KillAllMen, maybe things like that?
18) Why are you always trying to prove your masculinity to me?
> I’m not. I mostly do it for myself, or other guys. Kind of like you and makeup.
19a) Why the f**k isn’t it ladylike to cuss?
> She says as she’s censored. It’s foul language, and it’s impolite for anyone to fucking use you fucking shit.
19b) When did words get genders?
> Ask the Spanish, chica.
20) Why is it your first instinct to doubt women who have been sexually violated or raped?
> What a loaded fuckin question! If they were actually violated or raped, I don’t doubt them, but until it can be proven, there is this thing that our democratic society is built upon called DUE PROCCESS. INNOCENCE UNTIL PROOVEN GUILT. Look it up sometime.
21) Why do you assume a woman is angry because she’s on her period?
> They usually are more irritable on their periods? Also, quit using the 'I’m on my period’ excuse, and we will quit assuming that is the problem when you are upset.
22a) Why do you think women that wear makeup are false advertising?
> I don’t. I rarely see guys do this. Most of the time, it’s other women.
22b) We could say the same thing about your dick size.
> It’s shit like this that makes me insecure. Also, did you compare makeup, something you have complete control over, to a dick, something men are born with and can’t change? Fuck, that’s sexist.
23a) Why isn’t it weird that there’s a bunch of old white men sitting in a room making legislation about what I can and can’t do with my body?
> Well, they were elected by you and people like you. Women outnumber men in America, and more women vote than men, and the people elected represent what those who elected them want, so if you want laws passed that benefit you, do your job and vote. Also, if you hate old white men so much, why are so many women voting for Bernie Sanders?
23b) do you have a coochie?
> Do you have a schlong? No? Then shut up about circumcision.
24) Why are straight guys so obsessed with lesbians?
> Why are straight, and even lesbian, girls on tumblr such yaoi fetishists? Also, straight guys find girls hot. So something with two girls is twice as hot. Also, straight guys generally don’t like looking at penises. Because they’re straight.
25) How does it feel to get kicked in the balls?
> Have you been stabbed? It’s worse, but the pain doesn’t last as long. Stab pain lasts longer; ball kick pain = hurts more.
26) Do you ever get tired of trying to be manly all the time?
> Some men do. I like being physically useful, and playing violent video games, and things like that though.
27) Why are you so afraid of gender equality?
> Considering it already exists for women in America, and I live here, I’m not. If I were, I’d go live in the Middle East.
28) Why do I deserve to be paid less than you?
> Maybe you work fewer hours, take more brakes, take more sick days, or don’t work in the same position I do. Other than those factors, if you still get paid less than me, I will help you when you go report the business to the police, because there are laws against paying someone who does the exact same job in the exact same company for the exact same hours less because of their gender.
30)  In what world does $0.77 equal $1.00?
> See above.
31) In what world does $0.68 equal $1.00?
> Still see above.
32) In what world is that fair?
> Even still see above.
33a) Why are you intimidated by a woman that makes more money than you?
> I’m not. Next question.
33b) That’s awesome! More money!
> More problems
34a) Why are opinionated women seen as bitches
> Opinionated people suck. I didn’t ask for your opinion, so don’t give it to me.
34b) when opinionated men are seen as bosses?
> They aren’t. They’re just as annoying as the women. They are dicks, knowitalls, assholes, asshats, etcetera.
35) Why aren’t you speaking up when you hear your male friends behind closed doors that are offensive to women?
> I thought you were funnier than me. Listen, honey, how does this sound to you?
 Person A: Makes offensive joke behind closed doors
 Persons B, C, and D: Laughing
 Me: Hey, could you maybe not say those things? The women who can’t even hear you right now because we are in private behind closed doors could get offended.
 Persons A, B, C, and D: Staring at me
 Me: Really, guys, I know they can’t hear you, but they could still somehow get offended because of their delicate feelings. Don’t you know that women are sensitive creatures who need to be protected and coddled at every cost, so that mean words don’t strike them down?
 Person A: That sounds kind of sexist, dude.
36a) Why are you so afraid of recognizing your own privilege?
> I don’t have any. I live in an apartment complex, live below the poverty line, barely passed high school, and suffer from depression, anxiety, and Asperger’s. But yeah, you with your designer clothes, $200 haircut, and feature spot on BuzzFeed, tell me all about that privilege I have.
36b) It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person
> Tell that to tumblr.
36c) Just recognise it and do something about it.
> Says the woman living in a first world country.

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When they first move into their little cottage in the castle grounds, Stanley and LeFou plant an almond blossom tree, to represent the blossoming of their eternal love. 🌸

Aaahhh I love this idea

Also follow-up headcanon that they name the tree Amor. (It’s a literal love tree, y'all!)

They plant it when they just get together, and they still visit this tree ten years later when it’s full grown (not sure how long it takes for these trees to grow so let’s go with it) with their son, who’s happily playing with the flowers, and giving one to both his parents to put it in their hair.

It’s their small family thing. :’)

Imagine Edmund or Lucy trying to sneak out

I mean, it would probably be easier to do in a large castle. Imagine Edmund doing it the first time with the help of a gryphon. But unfortunately, Peter was awake and looking out the balcony one night and sees him. And since then he made a small spy network just to make sure Edmund didn’t sneak out, or if he did, to find out where he was going. And one night, Edmund climbs back into his room through the window and Peter’s waiting like a typical big brother. “Well, enjoy your little espionage, Ed?” And Edmund never finds out about the spy network until they’re all grown ups.

And Lucy has a similar problem with Susan when she’s a little older. But for her, she had to get past ten times as many guards to leave her own castle after curfew. But I can imagine her making deals with certain people of her own so she could sneak out for a horse ride or to a dear friend’s home to see how they’re doing.

I feel this so strongly.

my love is hard to like sometimes. i know that i act more like your annoying little sister rather than your sophisticated and very grown-up girlfriend. you see, my body is usually on auto-pilot but your love is forcing me to deal with turbulence like never before. what I’m saying is that you caught me off-guard. i’m usually more prepared than this but the instruction manual is missing and i never got taught on how to let people in. 

see, the last guy i let in, he destroyed my castle. graffitied his curses all over my walls. shattered the windows too, left the glass pieces to prick at my feet. do you know what it’s like to pick glass off the ground with bloodied hands? very slippery. i didn’t give up though. wrapped my hands with the ripped curtains and carried on. this was not the first time.  my castle stands on a hill by itself. nobody comes to visit anymore.

until you. you found your way over here, across the dangerous sea and on a quest for the want. you ignored the do-not-enter signs scattered around the walls. you ignored the poison ivy that draped these walls and climbed over them.  you, with no army to take down these walls, shouted that this castle was yours.

you, with your puny height and your huge faith, struck the ground with your flag. this castle was yours, you said. i, with no hope and a lot of pride, told you that you could go fuck yourself and left you outside. i didn’t know that you would sit outside the door for seven months. gently watering my plants with a half-broken bottle.  

the seasons had changed you. despite the storms, the summer and the winter ones, you sat outside and repaired my castle from the outside. you, armed with your makeshift tool belt, fixed my crumbling bricks. when i let you in, you did not push me out. you did not take the little gold and run back to your village. you did not claim this castle for yourself. instead, you closed the door behind me and stood five steps behind as i guided you around.

when i told you firmly that there were some rooms you couldn’t wander inside, you did not let curiosity get the better of you. you did not sneak around my halls at night and slide yourself in between the gaps in the doors. you did not pressure me into opening my doors, nor did you steal the key from under my nose. your kisses were not part of some elaborate plan to colonise my land. your kisses were just your kisses.

i am still learning how to trust visitors. i leave the door unlocked so i won’t have to  hear you struggle with the lock when you want to finally leave. yet, everyday, i’m surprised to hear you whistle as you come back from taking out the bins. today, i’m surprised to see you armed with a paintbrush. you ask me what colour i would like. i tell you that this is your castle too, so it is up to you. you paint the walls my favourite colour.

you kiss my forehead and tell me that this was my castle first, so it is always up to me.

—  writtled, “you are the definition of patience.”
More than a Hallmark Holiday

A/N: I decided to write some Daddy!Charming Valentine’s Day fluff. I’m sure we’re about to be flooded with Captain Swan stuff - and rightfully so! - but I just love Emma & David’s dynamic and wanted to explore it further. This is canon but not in a specified time period (could be deleted scene or future fic). I’ve never written David’s POV before, but I hope you enjoy!

Rating: General Audience

Words: 1,300ish

Read on AO3.

They never tell you how damn confusing it is to have two lives swimming around in your head.

Then again there really isn’t a they to tell you anything, since no one else in this realm or any other has experienced the ridiculous fallout of a dark curse before.

(He really should go slap Regina again, just to remind her that while her reform is appreciated, her idiotic past decisions are not forgotten.)

David walks from the loft toward Granny’s, ready to fuel up on caffeine for what promises to be a dull but long day of filing at the sheriff’s station, when he realizes the date.

February 14.

In this realm it’s what they call Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love filled with flowers and candy and inordinately large teddy bears. David remembers buying such things for Catherine, even remembers getting something for Snow as well during the unfortunate affair overlap between this life and the last.

But what he’s never gotten to do is celebrate with his little girl.

It’s a confusing thought to have – because were she to have really been his little girl, were she to have grown up as her Royal Highness Princess Emma, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t have existed. Sure, she would damn well have known she was loved every single day. She would have grown up in a castle that had a staff which ensured fresh flowers were on display every day of the year. She would have had full access to a kitchen and a chef who could whip up any form of chocolatey goodness she could dream of.

(And actually, she would have grown up with magic and probably could have conjured any of these things on all her own – after all nobody saves Emma but herself, and surely the same goes for spoiling her.)

But she didn’t grow up Princess Emma. She grew up an orphan, all alone in this world. She didn’t even get the luxury of living in a mindless loop the way the rest of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest did when they were transported to Storybrooke. No, Emma had to forge her own way, feeling unloved for the bulk of 28 full years on this Earth.

That’s at least 24 Valentine’s Day with no flowers, no teddy bears, probably not a single note of affection besides the little pre-boxed ones the kids are required to exchange with one another in class (Mary Margaret made her own each year, of course. And, gods, imagine what kinds of beautiful things she and Emma could have made together).

David veers left, caffeine all but forgotten, now determined to stop at the drug store.

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remus lupin the most beautiful man ever ;))))))

ok so i need to talk abt him for a second. i don’t. i don’t think anyone understands how much i love this man. like. sassy af. pure snark. avid tea drinker. ugly mug collection. unintentional hipster. gorgeous golden curls that fall in his eyes like fuckgin wylan van eck. ppl always talk abt sirius being the ‘pretty boy’ but let’s be real. remus lupin, with his golden hair and glorious amber eyes and long lashes and full, full pink, perfectly-shaped lips, smattering of freckles across his cheeks, unfairly carved anglo-saxon nose, was the real pretty boy of that group. he was well read and gentle and didn’t take shit. teenage prodigy.

but like. this boy. this boy. he was alone from a very young age, isolated by his lycanthropy and missing out on the childhood that could have been. nothing about him is fair. no-one should have to bear that. imagine the possibility of him not going to hogwarts. he probably thought he wouldn’t. but dumbledore pulled some strings and then he’s going. he’s going. and he probably wouldn’t expect for it to go well, for him to make any friends, for anyone to want to be friends with him. he’s a werewolf. werewolves don’t make friends. but then he’s on the platform, and there’s this magnetic pulse radiating from a boy with hurricane hair and rectangular specs, and this dark boy in an immaculately pressed uniform who already has gaggles of boys and girls fluttering their lashes at him. and for some reason the former notices him, drags him over to sit with them. remus is cajoled into it, slightly wary of it at first, esp the smaller, mousy boy, with a moppy head of very blonde hair, cornflower-blue eyes and so many goddamn freckles. the magnetic boy, james, seems to be leading the conversation together and tying them together like threads of yarn, and the dark boy is eyeing remus pensively, but then remus opens his mouth and makes this half-assed wisecrack about james’s taste in music, and there’s this really long, poignant silence and then all hell breaks loose. they’re firing points back and forth and laughing and talking like they’ve all grown up together. maybe they have, but just in another lifetime. and they get off the train and no-one is doubting that they’re a tight-knit group, but they only met a couple of hours ago. and then remus sees the castle, lit up in flickering candles and old stone work and it really is nothing short of magic, and he can’t clamp down hard enough on his excitement, because he’s here. he’s not the first for which hogwarts is a symbol of hope. he starts his lessons, going back and forth with the little group, but the first month spawns a full moon. the nice matron and mcgonagall lead him down to the whomping willow and then he’s in the shack, nicely upholstered, if a little shabby, and he’s never been so scared in his life. neither of the women look like they want to leave him. but they do, and then the moon hits, and it’s agonising. he yowls and tears at his skin and he doesn’t remember who he is. the morning dawns bright and painful, and he spends the next few days out of lessons. when he returns, the boys are full of questions about his mum. remus manages to wield the lies, hold them in his hands like treasure troves, offering them out like candy to satiate the boys’ worries. it doesn’t last for long. it never does. skip a year, a year’s worth of lessons and laughs and transformations, and james has this strange look on his face when remus says he’s going home to visit his mum. he goes, he comes back. and james corners him with sirius and peter, and says that they know that he’s a werewolf. remus can’t breathe. remus can’t stand upright. remus is having a panic attack. they’re going to leave him. they going to tell. he has to go. he has to go right now. he has to get out of here. but no. they’re not going. they’re not going anywhere. there here and james is telling him that they don’t care, and peter has this look of awe on his face and even though sirius is leaning nonchalantly against the desk he has this look of reverent acceptance on his face, like it’s chill, like he doesn’t care. and they think it’s cool. remus doesn’t think it’s cool. it’s never been cool. but they’re there and they’re not leaving and they love him just the same and remus is going to die of happiness because they’re tHERE

and life goes on and remus has a massive hand in making the map and continues with lessons and is probably moved to tears when the boys become animagi for him. even years later when he explains it to harry he’s clearly v emotional abt it. and don’t even get me started on lily evans. like imagine remus in the v early stages. he’s there and at school and he’s probably sitting in charms one day and flitwick asks a question but before remus can even think the girl in front of him has raised her hand and delivers a perfect answer all while managing to make flitwick laugh. she’s v pretty and has thick, dark red hair and green eyes and remus knows who she is on two counts, because she makes james blush every time she walks in the room and because on the first day here she shook his hand and didn’t marvel at the scars marring his palms, just politely introduced herself as lily and said that she was very pleased to meet him. they spend ages in the library together, exchanging books and drinking tea and bitching about the teachers. he feels truly comfortable with her, and something that i forget is that ‘[lily] was there for me at a time when no-one else was’. she meant the world to him, but the intriguing thing about this quote is that it implies that lily knew about remus’s lycanthropy before the boys did and wholeheartedly accepted it. imagine her in the library one day, sun streaming through the windows, lily gently placing her hand on remus’s, asking quietly for him to confirm what she thinks if he feels comfortable doing so, assuring him of his worth and his value and that she loves him no matter what and that he is not the terrible things that have happened to him, that she’ll always be there for him.

skip forward a few years to when they’re a tight-knit group. there have been girls and boys in remus’s path but he doesn’t feel comfortable dating any of them because he thinks so little of himself that he doesn’t think they’d accept him, though they definitely would. the war is looming on the horizon and he can barely think of anything else. he’s going to fight and they all are, but most of all he’s just angry that he has to fight. none of them should have to fight. they’re just kids. but then they’re out of school and plonked in the order and remus meets kingsley shacklebolt, who is fantastic and amazing and more than a little gorgeous, and they drink copious amounts of tea and coffee and open a book club and watch sirius and james trip over their tongues when trying to talk to cool af kingsley. remus probably kissed him once or twice maybe idk it’s up to you. the war gets worse and it’s clear they’re not winning and all of sudden dumbledore asks too much of him. he asks him to go underground with the werewolves, to leave behind everyone and turn spy and he doesn’t know if he can do it, but he does it anyway. and it must have killed him to see the growing suspicion on sirius’s face, to see james and lily’s worried expressions, but it doesn’t matter, because he never sees them anyway. and then harry is born and he’s perfect and lovely and remus is adores him, but never gets too close, doesn’t allow himself that, is too damaged and unhinged and worried from his life and his time underground to put aside his self-doubt to allow himself to love this perfect creature. sirius is gone on missions for weeks at a time and remus feels suspicion gnawing at his own gut, the expression on his face mirrored when he and sirius see each other at meetings. they both think the other is the spy. there are feuds and strung-out, tense moments and snaps and trips in the wiring and it’s all too much, but then the rat is found on that terrible night. remus isn’t even there. i don’t know where he would be. because sirius finds james and lily and realises it was peter all the long. remus was probably underground, preoccupied, and gets back to chaos, the news that his best friends are gone. and he can’t take it, can’t take any of it, that james and lily are dead, sirius has killed peter and peter is dead and sirius sold james and lily out and he can’t believe it he can’t believe it he can’t believe it. sirius. sirius. sirius. he repeats the name over and over again until it turns to ash in his mouth and he’s full of fire and sirius doesn’t even get a trial and serves him right and he’s so full of grief and anger that he doesn’t pay any heed to the small ball of light in the back of his head that tells him that sirius wouldn’t do something like that. and harry is what’s left, and remus can’t help him. he doesn’t want to allow himself to help him, because he thinks he’d damage him. why doesn’t remus raise harry? dumbledore won’t let him. but i think remus wouldn’t let himself. he never stopped loving that boy but he couldn’t save him. he doesn’t object when harry is sent to the dursleys. if he knew how harry was raised i don’t doubt he would’ve got him out. but then remus has to deal with the funeral and petunia and everyone being dead and gone and fuck fuck fUCK

there are very long, drawn out years when he’s alone and it’s never been so terrible before. grief eats away at him and he’s by himself, all until harry’s third year at hogwarts when dumbledore gives him a job. i can’t think about this too much because it’s too painful but just imagine. he distances himself from harry, doesn’t let on that he knows him, keeps this air of professionalism but most of all i just think that he doesn’t let himself father harry because it hurts too fucking much. and he can barely handle it because harry looks so much like his parents and got the best of both of them and he should’ve been there to love him but he wasn’t. and so he resorts to being harry’s teacher, giving him knowledge and helping him but it’s not enough. and then things start to happen. ghosts reappear. peter is spotted on the map. he knows it shouldn’t be possible but it is. he helped make that map. james and sirius and peter all helped make that map and it doesn’t lie. that night in the castle when sirius is there is all too much. remus does his rounds like dumbledore asks him to and then goes to his office and locks himself inside and quietly has a panic attack. all the kids are asleep in the great hall and remus can barely breathe. he’s here. sirius is here. remus doesn’t trust himself to not fall apart. but remus is smart. he starts to piece things together and doubt pierces his mind. something is wrong. something is not right. what is it what is it what is it.

then it all turns to shit. that night, that one fateful night where he thinks he’s got it and goes down to the willow in a very different capacity. and there he is. the enigmatic, dark 22-year-old they once knew is not the cowering mess in front of him, all matted hair and yellow teeth and sunken eyes, but there is a light there he cannot ignore. and remus doesn’t even hesitate when he makes a werewolf pun because sirius you fucker and all of a sudden he’s 17 again and making jokes and he can’t believe it. he doesn’t know how he doubted him, especially when he figured it out but didn’t believe it. but the kids don’t know, he has to explain it to the kids, he has to kill pettigrew. and it all seems to be coming together, but then he remembers that he hasn’t taken the potion. and then there’s the white light of the moon and he starts grappling with himself and the wolf inside him and sirius in front of him who is begging him to remember who he is. he doesn’t remember. all he hears is this cry of a wolf in the distance and he’s gone.

that night is terrible and snape lets it slip that’s he’s afflicted with lycanthropy but he doesn’t care because sirius is innocent and remus tears albus dumbledore’s office apart with the rage, the knowledge that they could’ve saved him. he quits, he’s fired, he doesn’t care. he’s leaving.

he sees sirius stumble through a half-hearted recovery and everything is going to shit, but it’s worth it to see the light in harry’s eyes when sirius is in the room, another piece of his past that he never met. the order is getting stronger and a few weeks into its re-assembly this short whirlwind of bubblegum-pink hair trips into grimmauld place, smoothing down her robes and apologising for being late and punching moody on the arm. her eyes glitter when she sees him and introduces herself as tonks. kinglsey snorts her actual name, nymphadora, and she gives him a glare that rivals that of lily evans’ and turns back to remus with a determined smile on her face as she says, ‘ignore them. tonks. it’s tonks’. and remus is kind of shocked and enthralled and bemused, and they get sent out on missions together and he feels sixteen again, except it’s so much more than when he snogged clancy goshawk in the broom cupboard on fifth, this is so much more than that. because she’s gorgeous and smart and cheeky and he doesn’t know what to do. she makes him laugh and tear himself apart because he can’t let himself have her. he struggles with it so much but only someone and strong as nymphadora tonks could turn to him and tell him she doesn’t give a flying fuck and that she loves him regardless and that he deserves to be happy. she loves him unconditionally and he’s happy with her, something he hasn’t been for a very, very long time.

but sirius falls through a veil and he doesn’t know where it leads and he has to smother his own grief to stop harry from following his godfather, and it’s one of the hardest things he has to do. this, he thinks. this is what it’s like to be a parent.

the second war hits harder than the first, long hours and people on the run and a pregnant wife, and he doesn’t miss the parallel between him and james, except he’s not james, he’s a coward who’s running, running from his pregnant wife who could be carrying a child with his affliction, and he doesn’t know what to do. he feels 17, in the worst possible way, because he’s following harry, who actually is 17, into the fight, when he should be with tonks. harry, however, is stronger than he ever was because he tells him to pull himself together and go home, they don’t need him here and what he actually needs is to take a long, hard look at himself. remus snaps, snaps because he’s broken and terrified and it’s no excuse but it’s understandable, but then he returns home. home is where she is. home is where that heartbeat rests under his hands.

he patches things together with harry and returns one evening, full of apologies and glowing with light because he just held a tiny little boy with a shock of turquoise hair in his arms and he’s more than a little dazed but he’s walking on cloud nine. he asks harry to be the godfather and is over the moon when he says yes.

he has a boy. he has teddy. he doesn’t know if he’s like him. he doesn’t care. because he’s like tonks and if he’s sure of one thing, a world with people like tonks in it is a good world indeed.

the war is long. the war is harsh. and on that last night, the night at the castle, he’s never been as strong as he is when he knows that teddy is safe, and at home, and that tonks is here with him, and they’re fighting side by side, like they always have been. but even the strongest fall. james and lily did. and they’re struck down together and fall asleep holding hands, beneath a sky full of stars.

there is no-one better than remus lupin. i love him and he was kind and loyal and good even when he believed he wasn’t. and he died. fuck you jk

send me a character or a ship and i’ll go wild with my opinions

The Pianist

He was late. He was very, very late. Papers were flying all around his head and he hastened to catch each one as he ran, desperate not to lose the score he’d spent half the night writing and rewriting.

And rewriting.

Rick Castle—35 years old and one of the best composers in all of Manhattan—had a knack for late night binge-writing. Most of his best ideas came while he was drifting off to sleep, trying to calm his mind with the works of Handel and Strauss. Sometimes it worked, too. Sometimes, his eyes stayed closed and he was delivered into his dreams, where his subconscious continued to inspire him.

But more often it didn’t. Instead, he sat straight up in bed, often slipping out of bed swiftly so as not to disturb his five-year-old daughter, Alexis, who liked to climb in with him on nights she thought she might be in danger from the nonexistent monsters under her bed, and padded into his office, where he pulled out his music paper and started etching down the notes in his head, moving his less-dominant hand next to him, as if playing them on an invisible, silent keyboard.

Then, after hours of writing and erasing and cramped notes in margins, Castle lay his head down on his arms and fell asleep, typically awoken by Alexis when she wanted breakfast—or when they were late for school.

Very often—like this morning—it was both.

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Try Again to Get it Right, Part 2

Part 2 of who the hell knows how many. This is becoming a beast!  Minor Percy/Vex, post Episode 63.

Read Part 1 here

“You’re so big.” Percy’s mother reached out, hesitated and then touched his hair. “What happened here?”

“It’s- “ Percy was visibly shaking now. He wet his lips, nervously. “It’s a long story.”

His father moved forward and Vox Machina immediately gathered closer protectively. “How is this possible?”

“I’m… not entirely sure.”

“We were in the Feywild,” Keyleth tried to explain. She might not understand why Percy wouldn’t want to see his family, but she understood being afraid they might be disappointed. “Healing a blight on the land. But everything with the days was a little crazy and I may have shifted us back wrong; I’ve never done it before.”

“There is some precedent for time passing differently in the Feywild than on this plane.” Percy offered. “Back in time is… unexpected; but still.”

 “You claim to be my son,” Fredrick  said slowly. “From the future.”

 “Well obviously, Fredrick. Look at him.”

 “What about any of this is obvious?”

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Hogwarts Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

Christmas at Hogwarts is always magical, well more magical than usual. The boys and I along with (Y/N) and (Y/F/N) decided to go for a walk. We had all agreed to stay at hogwarts for the holidays condidering it was our last year here. Being a part of the few that decided not to go home, we basically had the whole castle to ourselves.

It was unusual for us to have so much time together, it was even more unusual that we are all friends considering we come from different houses. Ashton is from Hufflepuff, Calum a Griffindor, Michael a Slytherin, (Y/N) is from (Y/H/N) and I’m from Ravenclaw. I suppose if we hadnt sat together that day on the train thing would have been different. I don’t know how it works but it does, I’d be lost without them.

“Hurry up losers. Lets have a snow ball fight before we head back.” (Y/N) shouts.

We get in to two groups; (Y/N), Michael and Ashton against Calum, (Y/F/N) and myself. we had 5 minutes to talk strategy and prepare. We all rolled up snow balls and decided who we would each target. Calum takes Ashton, (Y/F/N) takes (Y/N) and I target Michael.

The fight started out as planned, we all stuck to our targets until bam someone through a snowball at my face. I turn around to see (Y/N) standing there laughing. Once she sees me looking at her she stops and points her finger at (Y/F/N).

“(Y/N) you do realise (Y/F/N) is on my team?”

“No I don’t think so.” She shakes her head furiously.

She darts once she knows she has been caught out. I chase her around trying to hit her but I give up and drop the snow, only wanting to catch her. To put my arms around her waist. Wait no, that is not how you think about your best friends. Merlin she is fast, I suppose she is a seeker. In one of her games she caught the snitch in twenty minutes. She is simply amazing.

I finally catch her by tackling her to the ground, the snow cushioning our fall. I roll on top of her.

“Say sorry.” I pin her to the ground.

She just stare at me smirking.

“I don’t hear a ‘Luke, I’m so sorry, you are the best and I can’t believe I tried to hurt your beautiful face.’” I tease.

“Oi love birds, we are heading back.” Michael mocks.

“Shut up mickey.” I shout, helping (Y/N) off the ground. Holding her hand a little longer than nessecary.

We had grown pretty use to the smart comments people made about us. Unfortunately for me we were just friends. She would never like me that way.

Its three o’clock by the time we get back to the castle. The house elves have lunch prepared and we all sit down and eat. Given that the castle is practically empty we all sit together, ignoring the norm of sitting at your houses table.

After the second wizarding war, there was multiple multi-house common rooms set up, each one had something from the four houses so no matter what, you could feel at home in them.

We spent most of our free time, what little we had, in them. Of course we all loved our houses but we wanted to spend as much time together as possible and spending it in the multi-common rooms was the only way.  

After lunch we rush to the warmth of the common room. The house-elves have the fire lite at all times. They were truly amazing, I don’t think the school would run smoothly without them.

“Thanks for saving me a seat guys.” (Y/N) says once she enters, noticing there is no seats left.

“There is always my lap.” I pat my knees, winking at her. Part of me what’s her to think its only flirtatious banter while the other wants her to know I’m being serious and that I really like her.

“Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass.” I pull her arm and she lands in my lap. “This isn’t so bad now is it?” she doesn’t reply but just leans in against me.


Royalty AU

Clara had worked in the castle with her parents since she was a little girl. She didn’t really work as a young girl though, mainly just ran around with her parents, and the prince. They’d been good friends when they were little, when everything was easy. When she was carefree and small. Then she’d grown up, so had he. She’d lost her mum and was forced to step into that spot. While he’d been learning how to be a proper prince. They’d drifted apart though, the thought saddening her.

She didn’t mind working in the castle though. She was a good worker so she was rarely in trouble. During the night though, she’d teach herself to read and write. She had a candle to use for light, that’s all. She was very bright though, even smarter than most of the nobles. She couldn’t let anyone know though. She’d get into huge trouble for it, possibly even killed.

She got dressed that morning in one of the dresses she owned. She was only given two but she kept her mum’s as well. She pulled on the navy blue one that sat perfectly on her small frame. She slipped her small black notebook she wrote in into her pocket before leaving.

She came down to the kitchen, and was told to go wake the prince and get him ready for the day. She nodded before hurrying off, her black flats hitting the marble floor with a soft patter. She knocked once on his door and took a deep breath before coming inside. She walked over to the bed. “’s time to wake up.” She said gently, trying to push away the heartache as she looked at his handsome face.