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For ask game: I'd like to deviate from the usual fandom for this one. Which one you like better? Martin or Douglas? ;)

For this ask game-

Oooh, and I like this deviation! And for those who don’t know, this is in reference to the brilliant radio show callled “Cabin Pressure.”  

It’s a really tough one, but I think I’d have to go with Martin. Not just cuz he’s played by Benedict lol! His character just tugs at my heartstrings. He’s hesitant and nervous but he tries SO hard. He’s so honest and dedicated and he gives his all in what he loves. Through the show you see him kind of struggling along in a lot of ways and then to see where things go in the final few episodes…well, I won’t give anything away but it’s just plain awesome. So despite my love for Douglas’s epic one-liners and sarcasm, Martin Creiff wins!! ❤️ 

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Coming Home
a Marlas fic written by Tracionn and theKASKproject
beta work done by Tiwtin
(read it on the AO3 | listen to the song we’re reffereing to)

Martin went to Zurich but he left a part of him behind in Fitton.
The question is: Will he get it back?

The manip was made to celebrate the result of collaboration with Tracionn, I was lucky to be involved in. 

It was a privilege to work with you, my dear! Thank you very much for being such a talented, creative, and adventurous fellow marlas shipper! ♥