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aworldofwhitenoise  asked:

Hi hon! So sorry for the late (at least late by my standards) request and for not being active yesterday. Anywho, would you please write headcanons for Sebastian whose female s/o is a noble so their relationship is ~forbidden~? Thank you so much!

// No worries, that’s perfectly okay. I don’t really expect you to request me something everyday anyway. Thank you for taking the time to ask me stuff //

  • Now, Sebastian is an exceptionally refined man, he doesn’t really do anything “forbidden.”
  • So count yourself an extremely lucky lady if he chooses to submit himself to you.
  • You first met when Ciel decides to host a ball.
  • A masquerade ball to be exact (how cliche).
  • It was intended to be a small celebration, nothing too fancy or extravagant. But of course, Sebastian, being the eloquent demon he is, ensured that every little detail was perfect.
  • Since you were a noble, you were, obviously, welcome to the occasion.
  • Sebastian first looked at you when you ventured into the estate, with your beautiful dress and mask.
  • He was completely taken by you.
  • He had to know the beauty behind the mask.
  • When you entered the main floor, Sebastian was right behind you, asking for a dance.
  • Who were you to deny a handsome stranger’s request?
  • You both danced the night away.
  • A short time later, he takes you out to the back area, where you proceed to take your masks off.
  • When he sees you he’s taken aback. Ciel told him that a noble would be attending tonight, and that noble was you… the person who swept him off his feet. 
  • He’s prepared to keep your relationship a secret, only for you.
  • Visits to the Phantomhive estate will be a lot more frequent.
  • Ciel gets somewhat suspicious, however, he just passes it off as you coming over for business meetings.
  • Sebastian also comes to visit you when Ciel retires for the night.
  • Sometimes your secret rendezvous get a little frisky, but most of the time you’re just there enjoying each others company.  
  • “My my, y/n. I do believe that I’ve become completely enamoured with you. I’m ready to give myself to you, despite your nobility.”