little bubba

“Where is he?”

They hung their stockings up, sang carols at the top of their lungs and ate everything they could possibly find. But still, no sign of Santa. Erwin got a bit teary (tired and emotional) and Levi gave him a hug, told him it wouldn’t be long.

By bed time they were both so exhausted that their initial plan of staying up all night couldn’t be carried out, which resulted in yet more impatient sulking.


I feel remarkably fluffy right now, hence my first kid eruri attempt! It feels wrong knowing what I’ve done to them when they’re all grown up…

imagine luke’s little boy being really into nail polish. he owns nine different shades of red, but that’s nothing compared to the thirteen blues he has. all of the bottles are lined up on his dresser and he’s constantly watching youtube videos about how to do nails. and he does luke’s nails for practice, so when luke goes on tour he has one hand with green nails and one hand with purple, and there’s nail polish spilled all over his hands and it’s probably caked under his fingernails, but he doesn’t even care because his little bubba did them. and when baby hemmings goes to school with painted nails, some of the boys say mean things to him but the girls think he’s amazing and they want to learn how to do their fingernails that well !! and so when luke comes home from tour and asks to get his nails repainted, little boy hemmings says “get in line, dad, there are four girls before you” and luke laughs and waits his turn, and when he asks for green and purple his little boy smiles so big and when luke goes back on tour, he has one hand with green nails and one with purple, and he’s so happy and he loves his little boy so much.

The beautiful little lady on the left is my girl Chillie. We’ve had her for over ten years now. She’s going grey on her face now and can’t handle long walks but she is still the best. She is super gentle and loving and when you pick her up she wraps her legs around you and sits on your hipbone like how a parent carries their toddler. She will follow food 100% of the time and on Christmas Day last year she ate so many chews that she threw up on Boxing Day. She gets really excited when you have presents to open.

The little bubba on the right is Sparrow. He is a wild cat who turned up in our garden five years ago, fell in love with the dog, and never left. He is easily spooked, partially deaf, and his balance is not good. He is a house cat because one time he escaped for an hour and we found him shaking in a pool of his own wee on next door’s doorstep. He follows Chillie around everywhere and he just wants her to love him. Also if you fluff up his tail in just the right way he will chase you round and round in a circle. 10/10

Getting Rid of Jealousy

Emilia was used to being the only child, and so when you fell pregnant with your second, you knew that the adjustment that she would need to undergo would be difficult. You were scared, there was absolutely no doubt about that, in fact, your feelings could probably be classed as terrified.

Harry on the other hand was totally relaxed about the second pregnancy. He had been ready for another baby since minutes after Emilia was born, and after waiting three years, it was time for him to finally get another little bubba, and his excitement was through the roof. Especially when you both found out it was a boy. He’d have a son and a daughter, and he was beyond happy though he’d promised you that he’d have been happy with a boy or a girl, but you know he’d been secretly hoping for a boy.

By the time labour came around, you were happy to have your son in your arms in a matter of however many hours it would take. It wasn’t that you didn’t have a good pregnancy, you did. It was more you were uncomfortable and ready to have your body back, and you were happy about not needing to empty your bladder every 10 minutes.

You had expected to have your son in your arms within a couple of hours of getting to the hospital, but he was determined to stay in his little cocoon of comfort for longer than you had originally thought. Something Emilia was not happy about. Gemma was with her in the waiting room of the Maternity Ward, and you could hear her cries.. “I want my mummy and daddy!” Was what you could decipher through the heavy wooden door separating you both.

“Harry, go check on her,” you instructed him, his face falling into one of concern.

“Gem’s with her, babe. You need someone in here,” he said but you shook your head, giving him a stern look as another contraction spread through your body.

“Daddy!” You heard Emilia say through her tears. “Where’s mummy? I want mumma too.”

“Mumma’s bringing your little brother into the world,” Harry said to her, her small body curled into his chest, her little sobs breaking his heart.

Emilia shook her head and pouted up to her father with a sad look. “I don’t want a little brother anymore.”

“Hey, poppet. That’s not very nice. Your little brother loves you very much,” she sighed and pushed Harry away.

“Auntie Gem, can we get some hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows?” She asked, Gemma nodded, sending a sympathetic smile to Harry.

“She’ll come around. I didn’t like when you came along either, yet look at us now,” Gemma smiled, hugging Harry, before a scream erupted through your room to the hallway. And Harry came running through the door, grabbing your hand.


“Welcome home, baby Mason. Hello, my handsome boy. You’re going to be so handsome like daddy, aren’t you?” Harry had went to Gemma’s to pick Emilia up. Emilia had not yet met her younger brother as when Harry tried to get her into the room, she screamed bloody murder, and threw a tantrum.

You were resting on the sofa in pyjamas with a day old Mason laying on your chest sleeping peacefully. “No! I don’t want to meet him!” You heard Emilia shout from outside.

“Emilia-Anne! Get in the house, now!” Harry said, obviously getting angry at his daughter. You knew it would be hard for Emilia adjusting. And you didn’t want to push her to officially meet Mason, you also didn’t want her to feel like Mason was loved more than her, so you stood up, and walked to the door.

You opened it, seeing Emilia sitting on the front step refusing to move. “Babe, why don’t you and I make cupcakes? I know you wanted to make them a couple of days ago but we didn’t have flour. Just you and me, huh?” She nodded before standing and walking into the house. “Now, why don’t you go put a pair of pyjamas on and we’ll get baking?” She nodded before heading upstairs, completely ignoring the baby in your arms.

You handed Mason to Harry and pressed a kiss to your husbands lips. “It’s going to be hard, she’s been our priority for her whole life so far, now we have two priorities and she’s finding it hard to understand that. We just need to gradually start to try and involve Mason into some activities with her, like going walks,” you said to Harry. He nodded, kissing the small baby in his arms, forehead.

Half way through the baking of cupcakes, Mason needed to be fed, so you had to excuse yourself while Harry took over, something Emilia wasn’t happy about. “Babe, I need to feed your little brother. Daddy’s going to help you just now, I’ll be back in 10 minutes, ok?” She huffed and turned her attention back to moving the cupcakes.


“How do you think she’s going to cope? Will she eventually adjust?” Harry whispered as you both stood in the kitchen while Emilia was watching Sleeping Beauty in the living room, Mason in his little rocker in the living room also.

The sound of wheels along the hardwood floor snapped you both out of the conversation you were having. When you opened the kitchen door, you seen Emilia wheeling the rocker towards the front door.

You looked to Harry with wide eyes and he looked pained. His daughter was trying to get rid of her baby brother before even meeting him. And that hurt both of you, because you loved them both more than anything that you just wanted them to get along.

“Emilia? What are you doing, sweet pea?” She turned around with wide eyes, knowing she had been caught and tears started to build up in her eyes. “Hey, my love. Come give Mumma cuddles,” you smiled, getting down on your knees slowly, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling shooting through you from just giving birth and she ran into your arms.

“I’m sorry, Mumma! I didn’t meant to. I- I don’t want you and daddy not to love me. You love Mason more than me and I wanted you to love me the most,” she stuttered through her tears. You struggled to get back up and carried the crying girl through to the living room, cuddling with her on the sofa as Harry pushed the rocker back through to where it was originally.

“Stop crying, my love,” you shh'ed her as she started to calm down. “Daddy and I need to talk to you, ok?” She nodded as she sniffled, the tears not stopped. “Daddy and I will always, always, always love you, ok? It doesn’t matter how many babies we have, we’ll always love you all the same, ok? We don’t love you or Mason any more, or any less than each other. We love you both the same. You’re a big girl aren’t you?” She nodded at your words, Harry swiping along her cheeks with his thumb tip, drying her tears. “Mason’s a baby, and he can’t do anything himself yet, but you can feed yourself and go to the bathroom yourself, can’t you?” She nodded once again. “Mason can’t do any of that yet, so Mumma and Daddy needs to help him. Just like we helped you when you were a baby,” you smiled, thinking about how it only felt like yesterday she was born, but she’d soon be turning flour and you had a new baby boy yesterday…

“You’ll always be Mumma and I’s baby girl. Now, would Princess Emilia like to meet Prince Mason?” Harry smiled at her as she smiled, nodding. Harry walked over to the rocker, taking Mason out and carrying him over to her. You set her on your lap, holding her arms where they should be, and Harry placed the small boy into his big sister’s arms, as Mason smacked his lips together happily.

“Look, he’s so happy you’re finally holding him!” You said as Emilia chuckled at him.

“He’s really cute,” she lisped.

“He looks like you when you were a baby,” Harry whispered, taking a couple of pictures of his babies cuddled together.

“I’m sorry I tried to send you away, brudda. I love you,” she whispered, making you tear up and press a kiss to her head.

“And he loves you, don’t you Mason?” Harry said before turning his head and heightening the tone of his voice before saying, “yes daddy, I love my big sister.”

Emilia laughed and shot Harry a look. “Daddy! That was you! Mason can’t talk, silly!”

And you knew at the moment as she leaned down and kissed the small boy in her arms, everything would be just fine.


Cavalier Puppy Has His First Time In The Pool

omg why my phone couldn’t get a good picture I don’t know BUUUUUUTTTTT

This is my new baby, I haven’t gotten a name for him yet

He was behind a few stunning guys and I knew they would get to go to a loving home but he may be looked past so I picked him over the big flashy ones

He is looking a bit torn up and worse for wear but he got into his lovely big new tank is just loved exploring it so i am super happy :)


Spring has felt like a long time coming, even though we’ve had such a mild winter; having a baby makes time and the seasons move differently, I think. Even being home with a cheerful little bubba can make one anxious to get out walking in some trees.

This bear drawing is one I started while I was pregnant and finished after. It was something I needed to do just to prove I could keep going. Overall, not very happy with how it turned out - the detail is monotonous! But, it was just about getting something done. It was also good to really show me how many bad habits I’ve been building up.

Along those lines, I have been drawing in my sketchbook with a China marker, only, in an attempt to loosen up and try to remember all the useful stuff so many teachers have tried to cram into my head. No need to think about colour, media, or detail until I can get back to making half-decent drawings (all of you out there making such beautiful things keep me striving to be better).

Otherwise, I have made some brief forays into the world of twitter, @liz_lagomorph. Luckily, I think, I have been constantly surprised by the smart, funny, inspiring people out in the world. 

Enough words for now; more pictures, soon. Onwards!

- Liz