little bubba

the real reason I'm a slytherin

*@overheard-hufflepuff-common-room and I are in the car with our little brother*

lil brother: Bubba I thought you’d be a Gryffindor..
overheardhufflepuff: what? why?
lil brother: I don’t know I just do. I mean I see why sissy is in slytherin
overheardhufflepuff: why?
me: cause I’m a bitch

*followed by 10 minutes of non-stop laughter*

My small collection of unofficial Cow Chop merchandise 

The Swan - from every single CCTV

James’ ‘Bubba’ - from multiple videos, but most notably here 

Ollos -  from multiple videos, but most notably here

James’ Original Squiggly Cup - from multiple videos, but here is one instance

Mario Odyssey Cap - from BAD E3


the love of my life 💖


I remember being scared shitless! I had never jumped off anything, let alone a 27 foot dive. We measured and I think it was 27 feet, that was the first time I jumped off a balcony. when we did it I remember looking at Jack and Jack going “You’re jumping!” and I went “No way!” “You’re jumping! You’re Jumping!!” “Okay Jack, I’ll jump…” and we did it. 

- Spike Dudley, on the Living Dangerously ‘98 balcony dive


Alex and Shawn are in the store, trying to find some junk food. She’s really craving some ‘Swiss Rolls’ while Shawn, like always, is craving muffins.

“Please let them have it, please let them have it.” She pleads, rushing to the junk food aisle, Shawn chuckling with his muffins in hand already.

“Oh thank god.” She squealed, showing her boyfriend the box. “I’m so happy! You’ve never seen this before!” She joked.

“Yes I have! I’ve made you happier than right now.” Shawn smirked, crossing his arms.

“Oh really?” She teased, walking into another aisle.

“Mhm.” He hums, kissing behind her ear.

They walk around a bit being idiots until they walk by the fruits and vegetables.

“Nah.” They say in unison, getting Shawn excited and giving her girlfriend a high five.

“I’m so glad you don’t like the unhealthy, stupid stuff… Like… Salads and fruits.” He smiled, making Alex snort.

“I know. We’re made for each other!” She said in a dreamy voice, joking obviously.

They went to the cashier, paid for their snacks, and got in Alex’s car.

“You know what I was thinking?” Alex asked, rubbing Shawns forearm.

“What’s that?” He questioned, looking over at his amazing girlfriend.

“I haven’t met Camila, I wanna meet her!” She smiled, surprising Shawn.

“What? Really?! You’ve never told me that! W-when? Why?” He stuttered out, making Alex giggle.

“She seems so nice! And I love her songs! You know that.” She shrugged.

“Babe… I got you! I’ll text her now.” He smiled, pulling his phone out, sending Camila a text.

“Jeez, you’re a little excited bubbas.” Alex laughed.

“My girlfriend wants to meet a close friend of mine! It’s awesome.” He smiled, kissing her hand afterwards.

“You know… I think I’m in lasagna with you.” He smiled, it’s their inside joke where they say I (L word) you. They’ve already said 'Love’ but sometimes they like to be funny and not so cheesy all the damn time.

“I lesbian you, too.” She snorted.

“Nooo! You’re bisexual!” He laughed, pinching her cheek.

“Oh fuck, you right.” She giggled.


“Got me feeling like-” She sang but was cut off by Shawn yelling.

“Shut the fuck up! She’ll be here any minute!” Shawn smiled, pulling her towards him as he walked by her in the kitchen.

“I’m so excited!” She squealed.

And she really was, she loved her music and her enthusiasm she seemed to bring with her all the time.

“She’s really nice. You guys will be best friends!” He smiled, kissing your cheek.

He really is excited, he though she hated Camila just like a lot of his fans. But no, she doesn’t hate her and that’s great.

Just then there was a knock at his door, getting Alex very excited. Shawn chuckled and opened the door, being greeted by a huge grin from Camila.

“Hey Shawn!” She squealed, hugging him.

“Hey Mila! This is my girlfriend Alex!” Shawn smiled, pulling away from Camila.

“Hi! Oh my god you’re gorgeous! Shawn talks about you to me nonstop. I’m so glad to finally meet you!” Camila smiled, hugging Alex.

They talked a whole bunch, laughing a lot and bonding.

Shawn is really happy they’re getting along. They’re gonna be such great friends.


“Anyway guys, I have to go! I’ll text you later, promise!” Camila smiled, hugging Alex then Shawn.

Once Alex walked Camila out, she ran to Shawn, making him jump once she leaped onto his lap.

“Jesus.” He sighed, placing his hands on her waist.

“I missed you.” She whined, tucking her head in the crook of his neck. Giving him goosebumps.

“I was here, grumps.” He chuckled, rubbing one of her thighs.

“I know, but we weren’t cuddling, I was talking to Camila.” She explained, kissing his neck lightly.

Shawn smirked and pulled her closer to him, “You guys were talking so much!” he laughed.

“She’s talkative! It was awesome though. She’s great isn’t she?” Alex smiled, kissing his jaw now.

“Not as great as you.” Shawn stated, making her blush a bit.

“Awww my little bubbas is blushing.” Shawn smiled, poking her cheeks.

“Shhhhhut up.” She giggled.


anonymous asked:

So adding to that ask from that anon the other night, what about before they take Darcy off her mommy’s chest to get weighed and such, there’s that moment where she’s just on her chest looking up that missus and is just so content with life 😭😭

MY HEART. :’))

She’s mostly stopped crying, just whimpering a little, all soft and sweet and damp. Just starting to blink her eyes open. All nice and warm against her momma and under a blanket. Both she and H are still just weeping, looking at their little bubba as she stretches out her fingers and smacks her lips together, her little tongue poking out every once in a while. All of three of them, blissfully unaware of what’s going on around them. They’re just so smitten. Saying hello and H reaches out to touch D’s cheek and offer her his finger so she can grip onto it. Enthralled by her teeny tiny fingernails and wrinkly palms. Still trying to comprehend that just minutes ago, she was still inside the missus and now she’s here and he can reach out to touch her. 

Sniffly laughs when she sneezes for the first time. They can’t stop giving each other kisses, Harry just beaming with pride and telling her how good she did and how much he loves her. The missus cuddles D close, kissing any part of her she can reach her lips to. Breathing her in scent. They both just can’t stop crying and laughing with pure joy and looking at each other all, “We made a baby. I love you so much.” xx.