little bubba

the real reason I'm a slytherin

*@overheard-hufflepuff-common-room and I are in the car with our little brother*

lil brother: Bubba I thought you’d be a Gryffindor..
overheardhufflepuff: what? why?
lil brother: I don’t know I just do. I mean I see why sissy is in slytherin
overheardhufflepuff: why?
me: cause I’m a bitch

*followed by 10 minutes of non-stop laughter*



Bento bags/boxes

WHAT IT IS: something to hold your lunch in

AGE GROUP: any who go away from the house during the day

SUMMARY: basically just a cute lunch box with dividers in them. You can also get a Bento bag, which is usually super cute.

thirsty little
  • little: ehh daaadddyyyyy!!
  • daddy: what is it, tot?
  • little: ehhh!!!
  • daddy: baby, what do you need? paci? snacks?
  • little: *shakes head*
  • daddy: cuddles? cartoons?
  • little: *shakes head again* nuh uh!!
  • daddy: *sigh* well, sweetie, i can't help you if you don't tell me what i want.
  • little: *stomps foot*
  • daddy: i'm going back to work if you don't tell me~ *begins to turn around in chair*
  • little: BUBBA!!
  • daddy: *smiles* okay sweetie, you want milk or juice?
  • little: milky! nu-- juicey! juicey!
  • daddy: okay little one, let's go get some juicey! *grabs littles hand and walks to kitchen*
  • little: *skipping* juicey! juicey!

I remember being scared shitless! I had never jumped off anything, let alone a 27 foot dive. We measured and I think it was 27 feet, that was the first time I jumped off a balcony. when we did it I remember looking at Jack and Jack going “You’re jumping!” and I went “No way!” “You’re jumping! You’re Jumping!!” “Okay Jack, I’ll jump…” and we did it. 

- Spike Dudley, on the Living Dangerously ‘98 balcony dive

Hot Chocy Breaks

Roman Burki Imagine 

“Come here little duckie,” Roman cooed squatting down. “You’re a little chilly Bubba,” he murmured to the shivering toddler. He tugged her grey sparkled beanie down further over her frostbitten ears and took off his own scarf to wrap around her.

“Oh, where did you go?” he gasped but it was overcome with a small chuckle. The four-year-old was already heavily bundled to fight the morning chill and the addition of Roman’s big fluffy scarf almost consumed her. It stuck in front of her face hiding half of it. Roman did his best to tuck the scarf under the one she already had on and make sure she was as warm as possible. She giggled a little when his numb fingers brushed against the sides of her neck.

A wide smile spread across Roman’s and he affectionately pinched one of her rosy cheeks. “All set,” he said as he stood back up.

The cold mid-morning winds had picked up largely since they stepped out of the house. The streets too were coated with a thin layer of frost, but nothing out of the unordinary for a German winter.  Still, it did little to dampen Ellie’s mood who was overly energetic today, especially over the white mist that would from in front of her mouth every time she spoke. It was quite the fascination for her.

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Welcome back to Avadore!

Finally! The relaunch is here and happening. I took a short break as some of you know. Stallion and I found out we were expecting a little bubba recently and we decided to take some time for us. While I’ve been away we have moved house in preparation for our little Apple to get here and Stallion has bought a lovely little cafe nearby with the money he got from selling his beach bar!

But nevertheless there is only so long I can go without releasing my designs and I’ve been working hard to set everything up to ensure I can work throughout my pregnancy and after Apple gets here so hopefully no more breaks! - So to those loyal customers, thank you for sticking around! For the new ones? Hello! Welcome and enjoy!!

- Avi xo