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Finally! Chapter 2 is up! Due partly to the awesome and gorgeous cover the extremely talented Nicole - @romanoffsbite - made for this fic and also because of the fact it was her birthday recently! Happy belated birthday, lovely lady. I wish you all of the good things (whiskey, cake etc).

Someone asked me which band I’m basing the Originals on and I would say Kings of Leon, probably more so because of the Lily Aldridge/Caleb Followill connection. Plus I do love the Kings of Leon so why not? Plus I might steal some of their songs in future (look out Sex on Fire)…

Beauty and the Beat

Part 2: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll

Miami, Florida - Present Day - December 2017

Klaus wasn’t one to revisit the past, in fact he avoided it at all possible costs but here he was in Miami of all places and about to sing with his ex-girlfriend flaunting her delectable curves in skimpy underwear. His ex-girlfriend that could make anyone melt in her presence and he was no different. Not only for the fact that she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen but also because of her adorable stubborness, quick wit, intelligence and frustrating ability to render him completely useless.

He was quick to refuse the offer to play the Victoria Secret Fashion Show all those months ago but he’d been outnumbered by his band mates, publicist and manager who all insisted it was too good an opportunity. Yes, the show was telecast to millions world-wide and it was the kind of publicity you couldn’t buy but that didn’t mean he wanted Caroline thrown back in his path and on such a public stage.

“Hello, Niklaus!” A voice interrupted. He focused his gaze on his annoying, younger brother in the reflection of the mirror. For some reason fans found that annoying smirk gorgeous but all Klaus wanted to do was wipe it off his face most of the time. Unfortunately Kol was an extremely talented drummer and he knew it. “We’ve got to get to make-up.”

“Maybe you might need a touch up little Mikaelson but this face is perfect just the way it is,” Enzo boasted, preening in front of the mirror next to Klaus.

“I’m surprised I can fit in this room with all these egos depriving me of oxygen,” Lucien joked from the sofa, tuning his bass as he said it.

“Yours is bigger than ours combined,” Kol shot back childishly.

“That’s not what your sister was saying the other day,” he offered, employing his usual tactic of teasing the Mikaelson brothers mercilessly by mentioning Freya.

“She was probably too starved of oxygen to bloody respond,” Klaus commented tersley before standing up and taking one last look in the mirror. “Let’s just get this over and done with.” He strode purposefully from their dressing room without even a backwards glance, the silence from his bandmates enough to know he’d made his point and not to mess with him in a bad mood.

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