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Let’s have a focus on Episode 20, y’know part A with all the Yakuza!Matsu etc, yeah that one! What if the order they were introduced in perhaps said something about them, maybe ranking fighting abilities? Willingness to get into a fight? Strongest? Best fighter? It’s a bit of a questionable answer for myself so i’d take it as self determined but just have a look at the evidence! :0

6. Matsuno Choromatsu

Choromatsu has always come across as a weak character, whether it’s fighting his own verbal battles or just trying to do physical activities. Example: Just look at the Matsu!!! on ice outfits from hesokuri wars! He literally can’t even lift his own body weight. In the cybermatsu scene, he also claims that he doesn’t run in the halls, perhaps this signifies the lack physical activity he does? Maybe his concern of falling like the clumsy boy he is! Fast forward to episode 23 with the Dayon tribe, also another significant time! He’s even weak with his liquor as well! Slipping on his own regurgitation really isn’t ideal haha

5. Matsuno Todomatsu

He only fights battles he can win, this pretty much just includes trash talk. He very much relies on others to do physical objectives for him, take a look at the School Matsu hesokuri outfits from this episode! He has 2 guys to attack whilst he’s in the corner watching this! Let’s not forget that girlymatsu episode when Ichiko was talking shit about Todoko and saying that she only asked if people wanted to go on her camping trips so they could carry her stuff! Yes their not the same person but still, Todoko is a variation of Todomatsu so it still sort of applies? The list could go on but those are just a few examples.

4. Matsuno Karamatsu

Ah the passive aggressive brother, I’ve never seen him resort to violence except for episode 24 but there was a cause for that. Karamatsu’s always been extremely calm and collective throughout the series, yes we’ve seen him get occasionally peeved off but those instances weren’t truly being upset. Even when these moments happen, he’s always talked his way out of it rather then retaliating against them. A lot of times when he’s ‘out of character’, (his normal voice) Karamatsu’s very shy and submissive like the episode with Jigsaw or when it’s Hatabou’s birthday!

3. Matsuno Osomatsu

Ehhhh this one really doesn’t fit alot, but considering the remaining brothers it may actually be considered? I’ve always seen Osomatsu as a great fighter and a really strong character in general, putting him at number 3 seems a bit harsh but the background information sort of convinces? Osomatsu is quite a strong figure in my opinion. One too many times he’s hit, punched and kicked his little brothers(Just watch episode 24 :0), violence probably being one of his main resorts rather then verbal abuse. With his original outfits in Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu’s attacks are also mainly based off these physical taunts too! Let’s not forget the Matsu!!! on ice, yet again! His attack with Todomatsu mainly consists of him throwing him into the opposition.

2. Matsuno Ichimatsu

To be brutally honest, Ichimatsu’s a scary character. From spontaneous human combustion to just his general aura, I think the reason he was introduced second last is perhaps because his mysteriousness and always portrayed as the dark or bad character in this context. (Hell in most roleplay skits he’s usually the murderer or the ‘bad cop’ character in such) Take notice on how he treats Karamatsu as well, he’s always threatening him some how, hurting him at most.

1. Matsuno Jyushimatsu

I honestly couldn’t agree more. Jyushimatsu has so much energy in him that it’s almost terrifying to think of what he’s capable with such.. energy. Not to mention he can literally swing Ichimatsu and a baseball bat at the same time! He’s portrayed as such a weird and interesting character in the series, some of the things he does has no explanation, even in this skit when he sucked up Totty it sorta gave that ‘what the fuck?’ thought. Pretty self explanatory. 

“ Hi, I really like your story but I don’t get why you make your chapters so long? Most of it is BS anyway. No offence but it gets boring I just want to read klaroline with a little bit of a plot! I just feel like you waste your time writing useless things… “

Oh my dear guest reviewer…my sweet summer child…It deeply saddens me that I tired your eyes with such boring BS…I am afraid my story is so not for you sweetheart no matter how much you obviously like it. I am sure you will find another story to suit your tastes better.


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Ford got an A- in 2nd of Middle School/8th Grade? How? Can you do comic about this?

I do not have time to do a comic about it… because I’m currently doing a comic about something else, but I clearly think that was Stanley’s fault ! Making his brother stay up all night, watching series, little Ford being too tired to concentrate on his test…

I relate with the twins brother a lot. This drawing could be a scene between me and my sister. She’s doing medecine, I’m in Art, we live under the same rooftop and I desperately want to make her watch a lot of series/cartoons/games.

Oh! Show report, before I forget

My…. last show report… for the first cast……. :(((((((((((((((((

SO: The day started off amazing, as I got to meet a whole bunch of people in real life for the first time. @ohscorbus @accio-hogwarts-a-history @mrsellacott and some other friends I’d met before. :D Although @inekepp and sat at the same table without realising who we were the entire time. 0_o

I was sitting outside Pret with MrsE and Sam Clemmett and Chris Jarman walked by us and went inside. Later on Jack Bennette came into pret when we were all chatting and he smiled and waved at us. :D

Then we went in the theatre and saw the cast board. LIke, it took us a few minutes to even read it, so secure were we in our assumptions that all the cast would be on. And when I saw that Anthony was out, I kind of went into shock. As I’ve said a bunch of times previously, Anthony is my Scorpius and probably 30% of my pleasure in watching the show comes from watching him specifically. (Another 30% goes/went to Jamie, and the rest for everything else about the show.) This is no reflection on James or her performance. She’s ever bit Anthony’s equal as far as acting and making Scorpius her own. I just really love Anthony. And realising that I wasn’t going to get to see him one final time in combination with hoping he was okay was devastating. I don’t feel bad about feeling that way. 

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Despite being here only to watch her little brother, Blair had grown to like Santa Grove. And the fact that Tyler had followed her here only served to excite her even more, especially with the fact that they had been going on dates. She knew she was taking things painfully slowly, but the fear that crept through her body could be parlaying sometimes. She knocked on his door softly, a bag slung over shoulder and a bikini under her clothes. “Hey. I was going to take a drive down to the beach if you want to go? It’s a couple hours in a far but- I love salt water too much.” She smiled warmly, rocking gently on her feet. “It’s like an impromptu road trip.”


Sherlock honestly must have been in some pretty dire fucking straits for Mycroft to have actually gone undercover to get to him, rather than sending someone else–it had to have been bad enough that he only trusted himself to handle it, even though he despises legwork. 

And how long would that have taken? I can’t imagine Mycroft just wandered in speaking Serbian, and everyone assumed he belonged there. He must have at least endeared himself to them somehow, carefully infiltrated their ranks a little at a time. It must have taken… weeks? And Sherlock was being held there all the while…


Nekoma has a cat poster in their locker room!

Yamaguchi taking a photo of a cute dog!!

Yui giving Daichi a lucky charm and being cute!!

Hinatas best friends coming to cheer on him, I love those too so much and what they did for Shouyou in their last year of middle school!!! <3

Yamaguchi, Hinata and Nishinoya in total discomfort and Noyas breakdown because of the enemies fanbase?

Akiteru came to watch his little brother but not wanting to being noticed because of reason and Tsukki probably forbid him to come to any games!!!

I’m sorry but I’m way to happy now I love this manga!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was front man Brandon Flowers, in a sparkly blazer and cowboy boots, looking for all the world as though James Dean had a Mormon little brother who learned everything about being onstage from watching episodes of “Glee.” Flowers is a fine and distinctive melodist who’s perfectly aware that he has just a smidgen of goofy charm that keeps his in-performance rock star-isms grounded in an Everyman innocence.
—  Rick Koster on The Killers at the Mohegan Sun Arena (7/21/16), The Day Publishing Company 
Stalker! // Jack and Lena \\

“This place would go to shit without me.” Jack spoke, startling his girlfriend as she emerged from the staffroom in the hospital. He had their son in his arms, a cheeky grin on his lips as he leaned against the wall. “The nanny called, she couldn’t reach you or Lucy.” Jack had been working away for the past two weeks, and had been on his way home when the Nanny had called him in a hurry. Her Dad had been taken ill and she’d needed to get to him as soon as possible. Alarmingly, his sister had disappeared off of the face of the planet, and Lena’s phone had been unavailable to reach. “Is your phone turned off?” He questioned, looking at her.


Teen Spirit || High School AU w/ comealiveonthedevilsnight

Chemical and Isaiah were well-known Sophomores around the school; mostly because they took all of the same classes and seemed completely inseparable, had identical fashion styles, identical hairstyles, identical voices; identical everything. They walked everywhere with an arm around the other’s shoulders, and their loud, Irish-filled voices filled the hallways with laughter and crude jokes, yet compliments towards almost everyone they passed. They always wore ten pounds of jewelry each; Chemical focused heavily on rings and bracelets, whereas Isaiah wore a dozen necklaces and a decent amount of bracelets, as well. They were known for many things; their friendly voices, Chemical’s near-constant playful flirting with others, and the way they were glued to each other.

Well, that, and the silver Satanic cross that each had around their neck among the mass of jewelry. 

Their older brother Vanish was a Junior that repeated the year, despite being perfectly intelligent; to watch over his little brothers a bit longer, people assumed. He was plastered head to toe in tattoos, with very few blank spaces aside from his back. He wasn’t quite as friendly as his little siblings; in fact, he had a permanent bitch face plastered on his features and eyes that always said ‘if you look at me, I’ll kill you’. He was somewhat quiet, with no friends, though he seemed to like it that way. He was… A little bit of a bully, to say the least. He was silent unless you bothered him, and then he struck where it hurt and walked away with a cocky smile that came to be his signature.

All three of the brothers had one known thing in common, though; they came from an insanely wealthy family.

Xanthus, however, was a quiet, smiling Senior. He was friendly, sort of the mother duck of the school; he liked to take care of people, and he was always sweet and friendly towards everyone. He seemed to chase after the Nicotine brothers quite a bit; he acted like a parent to them, chasing them around and herding them to and from school, he was jokingly called their mother quite often, and he always responded with a sweet, soft series of words; ‘I’m glad to give them a mother’. It was also well-known that the brothers’ mother had died during childbirth.


A Year Every Minute Pt. 71

Sans held up to his promise.

After a lot more urging from his little brother Sans approached Alphys with his idea, or rather the idea that his father had originally had. He thought that maybe, just maybe, he would get lucky and it had all been an engineering problem. Even if it wasn’t two brains were better than one, right?

Sans spent most of the first day filling Alphys in on everything that had happened, at least to some extent. He told her that him and Papyrus were from another timeline and their father, the royal scientist before her, was potentially trapped between time and space. He wanted to try and find him, to finally save him and get their happy ending.

Despite how strange it all sounded, Alphys happily offered her assistance.

They began to build it inside the old lab near the core, knowing that if they did manage to get it working it would need some serious power. Not only that, but if something were to happen… well, the further away it was from everyone the better, and most monsters had moved out of the underground.

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Accidents and Awkward Dinners

Requested - Can I request a one shot where stiles gets the reader pregnant and they have to tell his dad. Fluff please

A/N: Right, I’m sorry to the Anon who requested this that it took so long to write - I’ve been a little busy. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy it :)

      Pacing. That was all I could do. I was either running my hands worriedly through my hair or else wringing my hands in front of me, trying to distract my attention. But, despite how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about the little plus sign I’d seen a few hours earlier.
      ‘Knock knock,’ I heard Stiles say at the door.
      I jumped, putting my hands awkwardly behind my back. I don’t exactly know why I did it, I had nothing physical to hide, but the worry that crossed Stiles’ face made my breathing hitch slightly.
      ‘Hey,’ he said softly, moving into his room so as to pull me into a tight hug. ‘What is it?’ He began to rub small circles on my back as I nuzzled my head into his shoulder.
      I gulped slightly. Stiles had enough on his plate with all the supernatural stuff. I didn’t really want to add to his list of worries. But… but what else could I do? I pulled away slightly, chewing the inside of my lip as I looked up at him. His arms were still around my back, keeping me close to him.

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big brother!Loki telling his little brother!Thor to fuck off and shoving him out of his room every time he tries to step inside

Loki basically telling Thor to fuck off every time he tries to hang out with him

Frigga having to have once a week talks with Loki about not being such a dick to his brother and stop telling him to fuck off

Loki constantly tricking/pranking Thor because he just totally trusts Loki and always falls for it (and Loki starts to feel a little bad about it bc like, dude… he just keeps believing him… why won’t he learn…)

Loki getting stuck with babysitting duty for a weekend and instantly regretting mentioning it to his shithead friends because they invite themselves over(no parents = time to party, brah) and promptly try to corrupt his innocent little brother and he has choose between being A Cool & Rebellious Teen and not watching his friends get his ten year old brother drunk

Loki finding out that some kids at school have been harassing and bullying Thor(why would anyone even?? little frickin’ jerks) and Loki’s like “oh my god, I can’t believe I’m going to beat up a bunch of fucking 10 year olds…”