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Platy,the messenger and the light bringer

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SUMMARY :The Little Gabriel decided to create his first animal. He was isoled in his neon Heaven to create his sweet creation. It was very hard.It was so proud of his creation : Platy, the platypus. Unfortunatly, his brothers didn’t agree with him.
A/N :  English is not my mother language. So please tell me if I do big typos !Thanks to all the dream team on tumblr who helped me for this ! ♥

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Today, the little archangel Gabriel decided to create a new animal which will live on this new planet that his dad created.  To be honest, it was the first time for Gabriel.  His three older brothers helped their dad to create creatures that deserved to live on this planet. After many protestation of the little angel with golden wings, God gave his approval to his youngest archangel son to imagine his own animal.

So Gabriel went in the room where all the tools to do his first animal were. The hall was huge. The poor little Gabriel didn’t know anymore where to look at.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have a concrete idea for creating this animal. The one created by his brothers were even more beautiful than the other.  The archangel wanted to do something original and cute.

He walked around the box which contained members to model an animal and his brother’s flawless sculptures.  Gabriel’s big golden eyes shined when he admired the entire animals created by his family.  He seated on a little white bench, very comfortable, and watched the screen that faced him.   The little archangel can watch every movement of each animal on Earth.  Gabriel wasn’t tall enough and his feet didn’t reach the floor.  He swung his leg during his reflection. The archangel didn’t realize that he sang an enochian song that his big brother Lucifer used to sang to him.

After a while, Gabriel had his idea to create an animal. He quickly stood up and took away tools that he needed. Excited, the archangel rushed towards his little favorite place in Heaven to create his animal.  He created a sweets neon word.  The little Gabriel found his little neon world more relaxing than the bright white walls of Heaven.  He was his little sanctuary.  He seated on a big red and white mushroom as smooth as the seat in Heaven and he started his work.


Gabriel worked for days, months to improve his work.  He wanted that his brothers and his father were proud of him. He wanted to show them that he can do beautiful things.  He took a candy cane and a neon orange pumpkin for foundation of his work.  It was easier to pull all things together.  He was lying on his stomach on the neon green grass and he tried to pull the different anatomic parts of his animal together.  It was very hard. He sometimes got upset and we could hear him on the other end of Heaven but he carried on. Lucifer came to tell him to rest a little but Gabriel didn’t listen to his brother.  His brother could create an animal without any break so could he.


After a long time, many months late in human language, Gabriel finally finished his animal.  He was so proud!  His animal looked exactly how he imagined it: cute and original. He loved how his creation walked and follow him when Gabriel walked around his imaginary forest.  He named him Platy and his full name was Platypus.

Proud of him, Gabriel was jumping during all his way to his dad’s office and Platy follow him.  We could hear his little step resonating when he walked towards the long halls.  His brothers had to be in a boring meeting with their father. It was the perfect opportunity to show them his creation.  

With his little chubby hands, the little angel timidly opened the big solid gold door of his dad’s office.  He directly ran towards his dad to seat on his dad’s lap. Michael and Raphael  glanced at their little brother. Gabriel interrupted them during a very important chat about Earth and the future being to create.

Happy, Gabriel took his little Platy in his arms like a plush before proudly showed him to his dad and his brother.  Everyone looked at him with disgust accept Lucifer who looked fascinated by the little creature. The little Gabriel tried to climb on his dad’s desk to stand in front of his brothers. God let Gabriel climb on his desk, irritated.  Smiling, the little Gabriel raised his arms to show his creation to everyone.

“Look! This is the animal what I created!  It is a Platypus!”  Proudly said the little archangel.  “It’s Platy!”

His brothers ferociously looked at him. What was this horrible thing? It was their little brother’s creation? They were so disappointed.  Despite of his young age, Gabriel understood that his brothers were disappointed about his creation and they thought that the platypus was hideous. Even God was thinking the same that their sons. God stood up and took Gabriel in his arms to take him down.

“It’s, hum, very good, Gabriel. It is how to say it? Original?”

God made a tight smile.  Gabriel could sense the disappointment in his dad’s eyes.  God also tried to not hurt his son but it was too late. Gabriel knew that everyone hates Platy. It was a failure…He rushed into his neon little world far away to the adults who couldn’t understand originality.  He was sad and disappointed about his dad’s reaction. He hated him.

The little angel seated on a shiny neon green pumpkin and took his platypus in his arms. He couldn’t hold his tears.  He was hurt by his brother’s gaze. Why they were so cruel? He heard their thoughts. Gabriel knew that it was forbidden but he wanted know that they really thoughts about his creation. He heard something like “What is this atrocity?” “Father will never let this thing alive”, “What was happening in his head? He is too young to create.” It was Michael and Raphael’s thoughts. He didn’t hear his favorite brother’s thoughts. Why? Was he also disappointed?

Gabriel didn’t stop to overthinking in his little Heaven. He was strongly hugging Platy. He was also petting him to calm him down. He will never let down Platy. How his brothers could say horrible things about his first creation? He was sure that the first creation of his brothers was uglier than his


At the Gabriel’s heaven entrance, Gabriel’s big brother, Lucifer, was waiting the right moment to reassure his baby brother. The light bringer leaned on tree which looked like a willow with pink leaves.  Lucifer also heard his brother’s rude commentary. And he could, he had disintegrated them.

Slowly, the archangel seated on green neon grass next to the pumpkin seat. Gabriel was crying and held Platy tight. Lucifer was started to pet Platypus. He liked the first creation of his younger brother, it was original. He managed well for a young archangel.

“You know, Gabriel, what animal I always wanted to be? “asked Lucifer.

Gabriel lifted his head up to see his older brother who was taller than him. The little one’s big golden eyes show interest in Lucifer.

“What animal ?”  said Gabriel between two sobs.

“A Platypus. Gabriel, you are a genius! He is wonderful and original ! He is really cool. He looks like me, don’t he?” joked the older archangel.

“You say this only to make me happy…”

“I say the truth, Gabriel. You know, when we have your age, we created animals worse than yours. Father put all of them in Australia. It was Michal who created geoduck. Play is beautiful, Gabriel.”

“Thanks you, Luci”

“I’ll talk to father about all of this. I want that Platy stays with you”.

Gabriel didn’t answer but he was completely out of himself from joy. Someone liked his creation, his Platy! Lucifer really was his favorite brother! Gabriel stood up and let Platy exploring his imaginary forest.  The light bringer hugged his little brother and wiped Gabriel’s tears.

And this is how a platypus follows the archangel Gabriel wherever he goes. God didn’t very happy about it but he couldn’t refuse anything. Lucifer was laughing so hard and was very happy to see his baby brother walked with his beloved platypus.

Rowaelin Fanfiction, "Snowfall"

I type on Wattpad, so this will be published on both. My username on WP is Aelin-and-Rowan-19

“Rowan.” Aelin Galathynius sat beside her Fae prince, jabbing him repeatedly in the side. “Rowan,” she said a bit louder. He gave a low mumble and turned over, covering his head with a pillow. Aelin pulled back, smiling slightly, and gazed out the window of their chambers. Today was the first snowfall of the year, a significant day in Terrasen. The first snowfall in twelve years that her people would be able to celebrate, she realized.
   They would leave cuts of fur for the Little Folk, light a small fire for Mab, the bringer of this season, and pray to Mala that she would keep them warm in the months to come.
        Aelin slid her attention back to Rowan, and poked him again, this time in the ribs, “Rowan, wake up.” He groaned, but sat, his hair handsomely disheveled from sleep. “Is there a reason for waking me at this gods awful hour?” She gave him a bashful smile, and slid into his lap, legs straddling him.  “You do it to me, so I’d be quiet if I were you.” He smiled, and wrapped a large arm around her waist, pulling her closer. Aelin opened her mouth to say something, but Rowan quickly pressed his lips to hers, effectively silencing her.
She let herself fall into him, let herself be bare to him. To her mate.
Mate. Oh, what a wonderful word.                        Her mate.
Rowan purred as she intertwined her fingers in his hair, nails scrapping lightly against his scalp. And after a moment she pulled back, panting for air. A thrill went through her at the sight of Rowan’s eyes, blown wide with lust. “As much as I would love to continue, I had a reason for waking you.” Rowan raised a brow, and ran his hands down her sides. “Alright.”
Aelin smiled, “Well today’s the first snowfall, and I wanted to go out and see it.“  Rowan’s lips tugged upwards, "You mean you want to go out and freeze your ass off.” She pulled back in mock offense. Knowing full well he would be the one complaining about the cold in no time. “I want to go out and experience the season.” He laughed roughly, and kissed her cheek. “Alright, but don’t complain to me when you start freezing.” Aelin smiled wider, and kissed his lips, pulling back just enough to whisper, “We both know the real reason you don’t want to go out is because the cold isn’t good for the elderly.” Rowan’s answering laugh echoed off the walls of their chambers.

  Quickly, Aelin had pulled on as many layers of clothing as was physically possible, including at least a dozen pairs of socks, and stepped out of their closet. She examined her apparel again, and stuffed her feet into a warm pair of boots. “Rowan,” she called impatiently.
   “I’m coming.” He grumbled, causing her grin to rise. Rowan slid out of the closet door with no sound, and wrapped on arm around her shoulder, “So Princess, where are we going?” Aelin nuzzled into his warmth, and murmured, “The gardens.”

  They quietly slipped out a servants passage, and into the freezing world around them. Aelin let out a gasp as she beheld the beautiful scenery of the palace gardens. Snow decorated the pines surrounding the center of
   the gardens, and frost gleamed on the dormant rose bushes lining the stone paths.
     Her eyes burned slightly, she was home. After war and slavery, she was home. She had forgotten how beautiful Terrasen was. Beside her, Rowan seemed to be sharing her sentiment.
    “Aren’t you glad I woke you?”
    Her prince nodded distantly, then turned to face her. Rowan silently grabbed her gloved hand, threading his fingers through her own. “I love you,” he whispered, his breath clouding before him. Aelin saw the unsaid words in his eyes, Thank you for this, Fireheart.
Rowan’s eyes tracked her as she pressed a kiss to his neck, “I love you, too, Buzzard.” He barked a laugh, and rested his chin atop her head, tucking her closer into his warmth. She could spend an eternity like this, Aelin decided; in his arms, the snow swirling around them. But a wicked thought interrupted her serenity.

   Aelin pulled away from Rowan, who looked displeased at the loss of contact, and quickly leaned down to grab a fistful of snow. “Don’t you dare, Aelin. I swear-” He was silenced by a ball of snow slamming into his shoulder. “Oh, you’re on.” Three balls of snow appeared in the air next to his head, and Aelin realized it may have been a mistake to challenge a prince of ice and wind. They flew at her legs, but were vaporized when they made contact with the shield of flame she had thrown up.
    He laughed, “Cheater.” She rolled her eyes, “You used it first.” Rowan shrugged, and ducked down to grab a fist of snow, chucking it at her. She sidestepped it nimbly, and grabbed a lump of snow, flinging it at his face.
    It missed, but hit the branch of a nearby tree which sent snow raining down upon Rowan’s head. He ran his tongue over his canines, and shook the snow from his silver hair,  towards her, his boots crunching in the snow.
  What are you thinking, you beast.
Rowan’s wicked grin grew wider, but he kept walking towards her. A heartbeat later, he had thrown her over his shoulder, his magic pushing the snow around them into a great pile, which he promptly tossed her into.  Aelin shrieked as she fell–the snow flying up as she landed– and shrieked again when Rowan plopped next to her. Laughing, she turned on her side, and propped her head up with an arm to look down at him. He gazed at the gray sky above them, those green eyes flicking here and there. She ran a fingertip over his cheekbone, then over the shell of his ear. His eyes drifted close, and she sent out a ripple of heat down both of their bodies. “Already freezing,” he asked without opening his eyes. Aelin continued her stroking, running her fingers over his brow. “I’m fine, old man.” He huffed a laugh, and scooted closer to her, pressing his head to her chest. There was a certain vulnerability to it, him pressed against her like this. She ran her fingers through his hair, still cropped short. “Are you still mourning the loss of my hair, Princess.” She smiled, and kissed the tip of his nose, frosty from the cold. “I still say I could braid this,” she murmured. Rowan grumbled, and slid a large arm under her waist, pulling her atop of him. Bracing her arms on either side of his face, she slanted her mouth over his, the snow bitting into her palms. Rowan tugged off the knit cap she had pulled over her ears, and ran his fingers through her snow-dampened hair.
    The world melted away, the bite of the cold melted away until there was only them, laying in the snow.

  All in all, Rowan and Aelin were only out there for an hour, the cold finally chasing them inside–and into a hot bath. Rowan ran his hand through Aelin’s hair, his other tracing invisible circles on her bare hip. His mate raised her hand to his chest, and ran a long nail along a scar that ran across his pectoral. “What happened here?” Her voice was soft, but he could feel a bit of that calm rage rise to the surface. “I don’t know if I should tell you, the person who gifted me with it may not survive the day.” He saw the primal, ancient thing in her raise it’s hackles at that comment. “Lorcan?"  She rose, the water sloshing around her. "How?” He shrugged, “Training, I let my guard down, he landed a blow.” Aelin hissed, but laid back down aginst his chest. “I might just have to land a blow next time we train.” The thought of Aelin purposely stabbing Lorcan made him cringe, but he kept his mouth shut.  
She sighed deeply and let out a ripple of heat, warming the bath a bit. “Aelin, didn’t we have a meeting at ten.” She nodded against his chest. Rowan glanced at the clock on the little stand beside the large stone tub, “It’s eleven-thirty.” Aelin pressed her face into the crook of his neck, and groaned. “It is now rescheduled.” He laughed into her hair, and ran a hand down her back. Lower. “That means we have the rest of the day free,” Rowan murmured in her ear. She shuddered at his touch, and nibbled on the skin below his ear. “I can make good use of that, Prince.”

新しい [ non-ca ]

Such oddity as the former God-General strolls through placid plains. Fickle blades swayed with every hush of the trees, and gray clouds lingered overhead, but reluctantly, soon moved forward. Dim sunlight reflected off his golden mask which was perched above his brows and concealed his features. The brisk spring never bided too long. It was almost bitter to see the mild climate go, but these little details were impractical for the boy.

As the superior replica in agility, Sync eyes a veteran tree and jots toward it. Now standing beneath the tree, he raises his head until the skin of his neck pecked that of his back. Should be no problem for the Tempest. A small grin uncoils itself upon his features as an arm reaches out to grab at a branch. In a manner of a couple of minutes, the boy had propped himself on top of the tallest branch of the tree. Another cocky grin replaces his previously shy one as Sync looked at the distance from the ground. Inching closer to the edge of the branch, the haughty boy returns his hands to his sides; his locks rushed from his face as a cool breeze passes by.

Mindless of the creaking tear of the branch, he stands unfazed, continuing to look upon the devastating earth. Why was he brought back to this? Another breeze passes and the branch teeters. Could it all have been avoided? Why did he have to see his purpose in failure? A brow furrows as a loud snap was heard; suddenly, arms flail into the air and a piercing “aHH” was elicited. The branch ruptures from it’s bark and falls, the boy falling even faster. With a loud thUD, he lands on his behind–pain searing every fiber of his being.  

Well damn.

A scowl appears as footsteps advanced closer. A hand rushes to slap his own behind as if that would rid the source of pain. He wouldn’t admit it, but it hurt like Lorelei knows what.


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