little boys'


When you fight Ataru, you fight with all of them.

Something silly that popped up in my brain,like he doesn’t care if they talk bad of him but if it’s about his friends is another story.

bullying is one of the themes that I think ataru is being a victim because they always look down at him and he always escapes the fights.

but with his new friends he doesn’t allow to others talk bad about them, he tells them to keep their opinnions to themselves or even fights.

I think that the first time he really fought  it could be when someone say bad things about lum. 

@artistefish  sorry if I got carried away with this ;_;

One more draw to go!

I decided to do @c-rowlesdraws ‘s excellent facial expressions meme, poorly, with doodles of stiles. please clicky to make bigger. if that doesn’t work, the words are as follows:

panel 4: SFX: AUGH!
panel 5: SFX: pleh
panel 6: SFX: hngh
panel 7: (offscreen) ‘Stiles, the concert isn’t even half over’ Stiles, ‘I’m hoping they get the hint.’ SFX: clap clap
panel 8: Stiles (to the kitten): ‘I hope you know I’m blaming this on you.’ the kitten (most certainly not at fault): ‘mow?’
panel 9: captioned ‘8 mins past the end of his patience.’


part 5 when @ david productions please dear god please 

also HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIORNO I LOVE YOU i’ll draw you something better later today fhjdkshj

Little me
  • carries my teddy everywhere
  • runs down the hallway
  • probably not wearing pants
  • talks faster
  • higher pitched voice, it just happens
  • is either really talkative or really shy
  • giggly
  • wants cuddles
  • and kisses
  • please play with my hair
  • will randomly put my teddy on my head
  • sleeps with my teddy
  • kicks my feet in the air
  • will blush if you call me cute
  • pokes my tongue out and says ‘blah’
  • kinda whiny tbh
  • wanting to colour in with you
  • and cuddle while we watch a movie
  • “iiiii love yew!’
  • loves to sit on your lap
  • being called your baby boy!!!
  • stickers!!
  • bubbles!!
  • holding hands!! ah!
  • *poke*
  • scrunches up my nose when I smile