little boy named train

The Road Back from Hell
  • Interviewer: Can you cite examples where you were writing more autobiographically than people suspected?
  • Billie Joe: Hitchin’ A Ride is one. Lazy Bones, on ¡Dos! – that song makes me well up, just thinking about it. Little Boy Named Train – that song is so me. It’s about being lost. When I was a kid, I’d always wander off and not really know where I was at. Or I’ll lose myself in thought.

“This picture was taken of a little boy named Frederick. Every day during training he would walk with me and smile the entire way. Sometimes he would talk to me in Malagasy and at that point I really had no idea what he was saying, so I would simply smile back at him. Then in return he would smile his biggest smile. I realized that these interactions, these smiles, became our way of communicating. Universal language.”

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