little bob ross there for ya

  • Twitch has been streaming all the episodes of Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and there's only two hours left of this nine-day marathon. And I have some feelings to tell ya'll. This experience has been extremely therapheutic and entertaining at the same time for these various reasons:
  • - Bob has a soothing voice and a gentle personality which radiates from him when he tells his little stories about his family or the animals he has volunteered to help. Every end of the episode he wishes "happy painting and god bless my friend" and it really sounds like he means it from the bottom of his heart.
  • - When he is painting and talks about techniques and attitudes towards painting such as; no pressure, you can do anything you want in your world, you truly can; there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents; make a decision and just go with it, you can't help but fall in love with this gentle, funny man.
  • - He really loved painting and wanted to inspire others to paint too. He was really interested in what people had painted and asked for watchers to take pictures of their paintings and send them to him.
  • - He really loved nature and animals and it was propably one of the reasons he started painting. He often talked about Alaska on the show and how beautiful it is and what an inspiration it is to him to paint. He encouraged people to pay attention to nature and it's beauty to help them get inspired.
  • I just love Bob Ross and thank the whatever gods are out there for his existence, although sadly it was far too brief.