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For everyone talking about Cuba after Fidel Castro’s long overdue death.

For every white American news outlet and reporter (Buzzfeed, Michael Moore and even Anthony Bourdain) who wanted to paint Cuba as a Communist utopia with free school, free healthcare and therefore trivialize the countless hardships faced by real Cubans who can’t leave the island.

I’ve heard stories of my fiance’s grandfather whose legs rotted after being tortured for months in a pit of raw sewage for being a loan shark, my own grandfather who was a prisoner of war and was a Cuban refugee in the 80s who brought his two little kids and wife to America on a boat full of violent prisoners and the mentally ill, Castro’s own advisor of 17 years who was thrown into a pit of cockroaches for asking to resign (because he knew he’d be killed when his term was over). Castro and Che Guevara weren’t socialist pioneers, they were serial killers. Che isn’t a public figure who’s okay to wear on a fucking t-shirt because communism is a good idea to you, but this is the reason why so many Cuban-Americans are terrified of socialism and there isn’t a single American who should blame them.

Fidel was a twisted, almost king-like dictator who didn’t give a shit about his people, and his death doesn’t mean much when his legacy is still in place and our country is so much worse than it was just twenty years ago. Don’t say shit if you don’t know, if you haven’t been there. Please.

for some reason i dream about a theme park every night. mostly its creepy or eerie and it always changes

but anyway last night i dreamed i was at a zodiac theme park. and the rides were like tim burton style but pastel pink and teal instead of black and grey. and riding capricorn was from a snowy mountain top on a log boat like that Matterhorn ride at disneyland… and gemini was a rollercoaster that went through a big set of eyes and was like riding loops through the mercury mind. an aries was a carousel, it was red and flashing and kind of… creepy carnival it was like once you get on you won’t get off for 12 lifetimes,,, and scorpio was one of those pirate ship/dragon boat that spins upside down in circles and you feel like you are going to fall out and die. and cancers was like this little cove and there was kids riding spinning clam shell boats around, aquarius was a rocket ship and i wish i could rememeber the rest.. but the more you try to remember the more it dissolves lol

it wasn’t fun or exciting actually eerie and creepy but all my dreams are

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Mer! Clint and coastguard! Bucky?


The nights when he saved someone were the worst. 

Not the nights he lost someone - correction, there’d never been a night he’d lost someone. No one had drowned on Beech Point in the last thirty years, and that’d been a large part of the reason Bucky’d taken the job. He wasn’t sure he’d’ve survived that, but the guilt that still weighed heavy on his shoulders wouldn’t let him take any job that wouldn’t somehow help

Jayqwon Marshall was tiny and chubby and not all that popular, so no one but Bucky’d noticed when he’d drifted away a little, stopped paying attention, stayed too still. It’d been a simple enough rescue, barely even so deep as his chest; hadn’t even needed mouth to mouth or CPR. His brain had been full of what-ifs, though, too big for his tiny beach-front house, and he’d had to come back down to the water. 

The ocean was invisible in the darkness. Didn’t happen often this time of the year, and when there was any sort of moon it didn’t happen at all. But tonight all there was was the sound of the sea, a gentle hushing that soothed Bucky’s mind clean as he stared out over the endless black. 

Until there was a noise that didn’t belong. A soft splash too big to be anything that should be this close to this shore. 

“Fuck,” a soft curse, out of place in the darkness, then rustling. “Aaw, net.” 

“Is someone out there?” Bucky called, and the dark got a little more pointedly silent, like someone holding their breath. “You shouldn’t - it’s not safe out here at night.”

There was another flopping sorta splash, a struggle that Bucky woulda thought was a big fish if there wasn’t some very human curses to go along with it. 

Eventually it stilled, and the voice came again, breathless this time. 

“Hey,” the man said. “Hi. Little help?” 

It was coming from the left of him, from the little jetty where kids fished for crabs, where little boats bobbed in the drawn in tide. Bucky made his way over, picking carefully between shell fragments that were cruel to bare feet. 

“The fuck are you doing out here?” Bucky asked, and a voice came from closer than he’d have thought. 

“Look, if I’m not supposed to be here, you’re not supposed to be here, so how about you give me a hand and neither of us tells the hot lifeguard.” 

Bucky was glad for the darkness. 

“Too late,” he said, and waded out into the sea, waves dragging against his legs a little like a playful pet. 

“Aaw,” the voice came again, and it sounded so resigned that Bucky laughed a little, waded closer. “How is this my life?” 

“You go swimming at night you get what you’re given,” Bucky said. He was starting to see a shape now, grainy in the bare light from far-off street lamps, a guy who was bare-chested and shoulder-deep even in the shallow water, sitting or reclining and wrapped around with a net. 

“How the hell did you -?” Bucky asked, sloshing closer so he could get a better look, try and work out where to start. 

“I’m pretty special,” the guy said, and the shadows on his face changed enough to suggest a grin. 

“Hang on,” Bucky said, and he pulled his phone out of the pocket in his cargo shorts, fumbling for the flashlight. 

“No,” the guy yelped, holding his hand out, “wait -”

The glare of white light blinded Bucky for a second, and the man in the water lifted a hand to shield his eyes, swearing under his breath. 

Bucky did, too, when he got a closer look. When he saw that the net wasn’t tangled around pale hairy legs like it should be, but was instead wrapped and caught around a slickly scaled iridescent purple tail. 

My favorite parts of this week’s episode is:

Jon getting scared shitless when seeing dragons for the first time.

Jon and Tyrion seeing each other again and talking about Sansa.

Daenerys meeting Jon.

Jon feeling quite awkward after hearing all of Daenerys’ titles knowing he has like only 1: Lord of the North.

Euron constantly making “I’m going to fuck your sister” jokes towards Jaime.

Sansa and Bran reunion

Jon getting upset about his boat being taken away and acting like a little kid that just got his favorite toy taken away by his mom because he was being naughty.

Drake Island

Part 2

part 1 here

Pairing: Sam Drake x reader

Warnings: none

“It’s raining, are you sure you wanna do this?”

“I can see it’s raining. And yes I wanna do this. I won’t be here for long”

While you were looking outside the window Sam studied your figure. Your words had him thinking for a while, as the sudden thought of you leaving soon had made him displeased. He kind of liked the new concept of exploring old ruins, cities, buildings, without having to chase a God forsaken treasure, fight mercenaries and run for his life.

“When are you leaving?” he asked, trying not to sound too concerned.

“Sunday” you said, adjusting the hood of your raincoat. It was really raining heavily outside, but you didn’t want to stay home, you were determined on visiting that place mainly because of the thrilling sensation doing something forbidden gave you.

“I’m ready” you looked at Sam who you noticed had immersed himself in his thoughts, so you tried to bring him back to reality.

“Sure then”

You found both of yourselves soaking wet, once again in the thick forest of the Drake Island.

“I’m hating you so much right now” Sam struggled keeping his pace, covering his face from the wind and rain, as you laughed behind him.

“When we get back aspirins are on me”

“Ah-ah, very fun-” Sam slipped on a pool of mud, landing on his butt. You tried to contain yourself not making fun of him, helping him getting up instead.

“What, no witty remark this time?” he tried to clean his jeans, patting on the fabric but given the heavy shower it was all in vain.

“I happen to be a kind person some time” you chuckled.

“Of course. Thank God the barracks aren’t too far”

You were starting to like him, he was like a goofball who tried to appear cool and badass while, deep inside, he was just like you.

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Damian taking a bubble bath when nobody's home and making sounds with his airplanes and little boats, and just being a kid and Jason just walks in the mansion and hears this and finds Damian and the two just stare at each other and in a matter of 2 minutes, Jason is on his knees and right next to the tub, playing with Damian and they're both making sounds and zooming and whooshing with the toys and bubbles and both are finally allowing themselves to be the kids they should've been able to be

There would be so many damn bubbles!



The Signs as Stereotypical People at the Beach
  • Aries: The really tan, attractive lifeguard.
  • Taurus: The 'cool' teenager helping a little kid build a sandcastle.
  • Gemini: The two best friends in cute bathing suits that walk along the shoreline but never go in the water.
  • Cancer: The little kid pretending to be a mermaid.
  • Leo: The white dad who let's his kids bury him up to his neck with sand.
  • Virgo: The really pretty one that, even after going out and getting pushed around by the waves, still comes out with perfect hair looking like an ocean nymph.
  • Libra: The little granny who wears one of those big, floppy hats and a polka dot bathing suit.
  • Scorpio: The group of really hot, muscular joggers who you see like ten times. Will they ever stop running? Are they just trying to make sure everyone sees how hot and athletic they are??
  • Saggitarius: The mom lounging in her chair watching her kids make sandcastles and reading a book, has a whole beach bag full of snacks and juice pouches.
  • Capricorn: That one person that is all the way out in the water where all the huge waves are.
  • Aquarius: The old guy in a straw fedora and swim shoes that stands where the water only reaches their ankles and watches as the boats go by and the little kids play.
  • Pisces: The little kid lugging around a boogie board two times their size, whose parents are constantly trying to keep them from going too far out in the water.


A picture I’m not too sure I like or not, but that’s quite important to me.

The beautiful woman in it is Laura Zalenga.
When I picked my first DSLR and opened my Flickr account 3 years ago, Laura’s profile was literally the FIRST thing I stumbled upon by exploring the website and I was immediately fascinated by her work. And throughout my photographic journey these past years, her art (among a few others) has been one of my biggest inspirations.

Then I finally met her, and all these amazing, talented artists this summer (I played cool and didn’t burst into fan-boy mode), and I realized how crazy life is. How we are all on the same boat. How a little kid with a camera can find inspiration in this crazy thing called Internet from these people from all over the world, who share their ways of portraying their realities and imagination to strangers…strangers that eventually became friends.
That’s the beauty of it! The true human and artistic connection between people who decided to take the leap leading to friendship.

So yeah..I’ll wrap this up… Laura is cool, Flickr is cool, art is cool and friends are awesome. YAY.

I went to this amusement park yesterday. (Not going to mention anything by name for reasons.) But, we decided to go in this one ride. (Overview, the ride is like a boat type thing. 8 seater. It’s a water ride that sprays water at you. I think there’s only ever been one injury there, ever, before this.)

Anyway, we were getting directed to our boat when a little kid slips while getting off of the boat. He lands between the boat and the concerts wall. (Luckily it wasn’t the conveyer belt.)

One of my friends was screaming at one of the employees (it was insanely loud in there. Like I don’t see how they can hear anything), another friend was putting our stuff up (so, he didn’t see anything), one of my friends helped the mom pull the boy up from the water (the boy was soaking wet), and I kinda froze where I was (I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what to do, it all happened so fast).

The lady full out sprinted (on wet concrete) and slammed the emergency button. It drained the water (from the whole ride) in less than a minute. People were pulled from the ride, a mechanic was called, and at LEAST 25 employees/managers/other workers were called.

This one guy, D, an employee, would let people through they gate if they didn’t want to wait for the ride to reopen. (Which was at least half the line.) He kept apologizing about the wait.

This kid could have been crushed by the boat. He could have broken his leg, or even been killed (those boats look pretty heavy.) The four of us were extremely nice to them. (Accidents don’t occur often and the employees were frazzled trying to write the incident report.)

Once the ride opened back up, D lead us to one of the boats and made sure we were buckled in. (He let the four of us have our own boat to ourselves, which never happens considering we were a small group.) Before we left the station, he high fived my friend, which we sent around the boat and back to him.

Park employees have to deal with so much. It’s nice to see the relived looks on their faces when we tell them to take their time and follow protocol. I think D was so glad that we didn’t yell at him. Because, hey, this whole incident was out of his control. I don’t even think he was there when the boy fell in.

(((Oh, the boy didn’t seemed phased (the first thing he asked was where is croc was. It fell off and landed on the platform during this whole ordeal.) and he left with a scratch or two, nothing serious.)))

FIClet: halfway there

stanley-tuccis & @memorizeyrlines, this is probably not what either of you intended.  or maybe it is. idk. this is kinda post ‘catching on’ but an alternate 'catching on’ where maybe henry goes to that writing retreat but his moms don’t use his time away to christen every surface in the house.

idk.  what even is this.

[lol better than the show that’s what.]

He’s always known his mom had Big Dreams for him, but he never actually thinks about what those Big Dreams are until the summer after his freshman year of high school.  Although, if he’d been paying attention, he would’ve seen the warning signs from the day Miss Sanders gave his moms that Middlebury info.

So his grades are good, by the end of the year.  His grades have always been good.  And he tests well, because honestly, what’s a Scantron compared to the Dark One.  Easy peasy.  Miss Sanders wants him to write for the school paper and she’s been passing his term paper around the faculty and there is a little bit of buzz about Henry Mills going places.

Places that aren’t Storybrooke.

Like, college places.

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