little bo-peep

Babes check out my exclusive this month in Gio Vintage Stockings in pink!! Went for a ‘Little Bo Peep’ look 😉🐑

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EAH *Mean Girls Style* - How do I even begin to explain Apple White?


Bonus #2:

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has reblogged by past posts about EAH Mean Girls Style. I have never received so many likes and reblogs before so thanks for that! 

P.S. Sorry about the last one with Maddie. I wanted to use that picture but I wanted to put the words in too so I had to do the next best thing. Sorry if it’s too hideous. 

Photo credits to EverAfterHighCaps. Those that are not from her/him from either from somewhere in Tumblr or I screencap it myself from YouTube.


Here’s the complete trilogy of my little series I did recently, “Little Ladies and their Big Bad Boys”. Featuring fairytale/nursery rhyme pinup girls and their greaser boyfriends, we have: Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and Little Miss Muffet. Thought up little names for the dudes, too - Jack (wolf), Billy Gruff (sheep), and Itsy (spider). I had a ton of fun with these. I’ve been meaning to do rockabilly and 50s retro style stuff for a long time now. I just love that stuff.


“Parasol girls” walking in Ginza - Event for Shiseidou 資生堂 - Tokyo, Japan - 1930

“The March of the Parasol Girls - For a 1930s promotional event in Ginza, a group of 14 “Parasol Girls” wearing fashionable flowing chiffon dresses with trendy Marcel wave hairstyles, carried  parasols emblazoned with the Shiseido brand name and the product name “Shiseido Soap.” The parasol girls were led by a young woman who was inexplicably dressed like Little Bo Peep, in a checkered bonnet and dress, with a white apron. She carried a basket of flowers and promotional materials, as she led the stylish  public parade of Shiseido ladies through the bustling streets of Ginza to the   Shiseido store.  

The group captured the attention of passers by, especially since the women’s outfits stood in such striking contrast to the still predominantly kimono-clad women in the streets around them. Although their purpose may seem somewhat undefined, the Parasol Girls represented a new era for women, and positioned Shiseido as a part of this modern age.“

Video here