little blue bag


this little wonder has kept me calm, focused, and in the library for longer than i’ve been all semester !

to make it, you need the following or alternatives w/ similar properties…

  • a little bag, blue preferably
  • dill, for mental strength and concentration,
  • rosemary, to aid memory + intellect
  • cloves, for mental clarity
  • a bloodstone, for courage and strength *
  • a means to charge your ingredients - i used an orange candle, to add a little energy to the mix!

hope this helps some of you right now, it’s deadline season for me and i’m sure others are in the same situation!

*necessary for me to combat anxiety and fatigue !

Preference: CEOs

Summary: One (or both) of you is a successful CEO.

Warnings: swearing, (Y/L/N) means your last name.

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Ashton: As soon as you enter the apartment, Ashton knows that you’ve had a bad day. He can tell by the way your feet shuffle against the floor and by the way you don’t yell, “Ashton, how many times do I have to tell you not to leave your coat on the floor by the front door?” He watches as you plop down on the couch beside him, your eyes dull. He knows how hard being a CEO can be. You two had been rival companies until one day, you met and it was love at first sight. He knows by now that when a deal goes wrong, you take it badly. “Rough day?” He asks. You scoff. “That stupid fucking Washington deal fell through. They changed their minds.” You mutter, running your fingers through your hair. Ashton hums a little, leaning over to kiss the top of your head. “They didn’t deserve to be partnered up with you, anyway.” He says. You sigh, knowing he’s right but not giving in. “We really needed this, Ash.” You say. “Do you wanna take a warm bath? You’re looking a little stressed. And baby, you know I don’t like it when you’re stressed.” He says in a seductive tone, knowing you’ll melt on the spot. “Yes, please.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He pecks your lips and heads upstairs to run a bath. After a few minutes, he returns to drag you upstairs with him. A warm bath is running in the bathroom, full of bubbles. The bathroom is lit with vanilla scented candles. Ashton comes up behind you and rubs your shoulders softly. A small moan comes out of your mouth as the kinks in your neck and shoulders are released. “Do you want me to stay?” He asks quietly, placing a small kiss to the nape of your neck. You nod. He helps you get out of the uncomfortable business suit you’ve been in all day and into the bath. He sits on the sink counter as you relax, singing softly. “Ash?” You say quietly. “Hm?” He replies, scrolling through something on his phone. “I love you.” He glances up and smiles at you, but before he can reply, his cell phone starts to ring. “Damn it, I’ll be right back.” He says, walking out of the bathroom to take the call, which is probably a call from someone at his company. You sigh as you listen to him talk about budgets. As busy as the two of you are, nothing can dull the amount of love you feel for each other. By the time Ashton returns an hour later, you’re stepping out of the bath. “Sorry, love. It took longer than expected.” He apologizes, helping you put on a beige, fuzzy robe. “It’s okay.” You say softly, yawning. “Bedtime?” He asks, already knowing the answer. You both crawl into bed after you slip a tank top and shorts on. “Why do you think the deal fell through?” You ask, your thoughts refusing to settle. “Shh, go to sleep, baby. You’re exhausted.” Ashton murmurs, rubbing your back. You sigh and close your eyes, sleep pulling you in. The next morning, after Ashton has already left for work, you get a phone call. The people on the Washington deal have changed their minds, and they want to partner up with your company. You immediately know that Ashton said something to them or bribed them with some enormous amount of money, so you call him. “Ashton Irwin, you better not have-” You start, but he cuts you off. “Being a better company than yours has its benefits, love.” You roll your eyes and smile, knowing that he’s just playing around. “You’re not even going to say thank you?” He asks, a teasing tone in his voice. “Nah, maybe you’ll just have to spank it out of me later.” You end the call on that, smirking to yourself as you think of your now very frustrated husband who will probably come home earlier than usual.

Calum: “Mr. Hood, your wife is here to see you.” A secretary tells Calum from over an intercom. “My wife? What for?” Calum replies. “Do I need a reason to want to see my husband? This lady seems to think so.” Your voice barks back, the sound of annoyance (probably towards his secretary) in your tone. “Come on back, angel.” He says, chuckling. A moment later, you’re walking into his office. The office is clean and sharp looking, walls covering every inch of it so that no one can see in or out. “You forgot your key, again. And since I’m having a girls night with the other wives of your friends tonight, you’ll need them.” You say, holding up Calum’s key to the house you share. “So there is a reason you’re here.” Calum replies, smirking. You roll your eyes a little as he chuckles. “I keep forgetting to put it on the chain with the others. Thanks, gorgeous.” He says, getting up and walking over to you. He grabs your waist and tugs you closer, which erupts a giggle out of you. “Cal, I can’t stay long. I’m having lunch with your mom in twenty minutes.” You protest as his lips trail lazy kisses down your neck. “Mm, all I need is ten.” He replies. “Calum, not here.” You say, laughing a little. He frowns and pulls away. “I’m sure your employees are tired of hearing me scream their boss’ name.” Calum smirks. “See, I fixed that. This room is now soundproof.” You step away from him, grinning. “Still, I’ll look like a mess when I see your mom.” You say. He groans, running a hand through his dark locks. “You can’t just come here and expect me to not want you. You look fucking amazing.” He mumbles, eyeing your body hungrily. “Your secretary needs to go. She always says you’re too busy to see me.” You say, pouting. Calum reaches out and cups your cheek with his hand. “I am busy, that’s true, but I’m never too busy for you, darling.” You smile as his accent seems to thicken. “I love you, Mr. Hood.” Calum smiles at you as he walks back to his desk and sits down. “I love you too, Mrs. Hood.” He murmurs. “Do you mind saying that louder when you walk me out for your female employees? They look at you like you’re a piece of meat. And they do it in front of me!” You complain, pouting again. Calum smirks. “Someone jealous?” He asks. “Yes. I am.” You say sharply, biting your lip. “You’ve got nothing to be jealous of, angel. You’re the only one I want.” Calum promises, opening a drawer to his desk. He pulls out a little blue bag from Tiffany’s. “For me?” You ask excitedly, running over to his desk. “Of course it’s for you.” Calum chuckles, watching as you tear away at the tissue paper. You pull out a small, rectangle shaped box and open it. A diamond anklet lies inside perfectly, the diamonds shimmering against the light in Calum’s office. “Calum, it’s beautiful.” You say softly. He comes around and kneels down in front of you. He lifts your foot and removes your stiletto, kissing the arch of your foot. He moves his lips to the inside of your knee before putting the anklet on you, making you shiver. “You promise it’ll only be ten minutes?” You ask. Calum considers this. “No. I changed my mind.” He pushes the button for the intercom. “Julie, can you call my mother and reschedule her lunch with (Y/N) to another day? I’m afraid my wife isn’t feeling too well.” Calum lies. “Yes, sir. Anything else?” Julie replies. “Yeah, cancel all my afternoon appointments and meetings.”

Luke: Nobody really knew exactly what you and Luke were. All they knew was that everywhere he went, you seemed to be too. Everyone called you the “Power Couple,” since you owned a successful company and he was, well, a very successful musician in a band. Truth is, though, that you didn’t even know what you were to Luke. You enjoyed spending time together and had fooled around a number of times, but still, you both refused to put a label on it. Now, sitting at a large table at the annual dinner between all the boys and their families, you feel saddened by the fact that Luke may not be your boyfriend, due to the no label situation. You watch as Calum interacts with his girlfriend with bright eyes and a big smile. Luke notices you drifting from conversation, so he places a hand on your knee. “You alright?” He asks quietly. You nod, taking a sip of your champagne. “(Y/N), I know you. Something’s wrong. What is it?” Luke asks. You stay silent, moving his hand off of your knee. “Is it something with the company?” He tries. You look at him. His blue orbs have a sense of worry in them. “My company is fine.” You say quietly, not wanting to draw attention. “But my heart? Not so much.” Luke sighs as understanding sets in. You excuse yourself from the table and walk outside the restaurant, needing some air. You thought running a successful company was going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Instead, dating Luke Hemmings was the hardest thing. You groan silently as paparazzi spots you from across the street. You turn and walk in the direction of your company building, trying your best to avoid the cameras. You needed to do some extra work, anyway. Luke doesn’t show up at your office until a few hours later. “Lets go home, (Y/N).” He says quietly, leaning against the doorframe. “Why, Luke? Why should I go home with you?” You ask, setting your pen down. “Don’t do this right now. You know very well what I feel for you. I don’t think that needs a label.” Luke says. “Well, I think it does. And until you feel the same, don’t come back.” You say quietly, your heart dropping to your stomach. Luke sighs and shakes his head, then turns to leave. You cry all night and end up sleeping at your office. The next morning, you see a notification from Luke’s Instagram. It’s a picture of you, asleep in Luke’s bed. Your hair is sprawled out over the cotton pillows and you’re wearing one of Luke’s band tees. Your mouth is slightly open. Luke captioned the photo, “really missing waking up to this beauty today.” It’s the first photo he’s ever posted of you. Someone knocks on your office door, startling you. Your blonde haired, rock star boyfriend stands there, his eyebrows raised. “Can we just start there and then figure out a label?” He asks quietly.

Michael: “Ms. (Y/L/N), the people from Clifford Enterprises are here to see you.” Your assistant says, poking her head in the door of your office. “Ask them to wait, please.” You say quietly, looking at a sheet from recent pay outs. “There’s no way in hell I’m waiting on you again, lady.” A guy with rumpled, bleach blonde hair says as he pushes his way into your office. “Ah, Mr. Clifford, you’re a pleasure as always.” You say, faking a smile. Michael rolls his eyes. “Are you done trying to steal my company?” He asks, sitting in front of your desk. “I’m not trying to steal your company. I’m trying to merge with it.” You say. Michael grits his teeth. “We don’t want to merge with you.” He says. “You may not want to, but you need to. Your company is failing every day and it’s time to face that you need my help.” Michael sighs and runs his hand over his face. “I’m working on fixing my company. We don’t need you.” He says firmly. You lean forward across your desk. “You’re a lot meaner when I’m not sucking your dick.” You snap, referring to the annual Christmas party between local companies from last year where you both got drunk and had sex in the bathroom. “And you’re a lot less sexier when you’re not drunk and trying to steal my company.” Michael retorts. “For the last time, Michael, I’m not trying to steal your company! We can merge and run things together.” You tell him, annoyed. He considers this, biting his lip. “I get to be in charge more.” He mutters. “No, we would be in charge equally.” You correct. “You of all people should know how much I like being in charge, kitten.” Michael says seductively, making you squirm in your seat. “We can schedule a meeting to decide who controls what another time.” You say, regaining your composure. “Or you could come over and kneel across my lap.” He suggests. You feel your cheeks heat up. “Michael, I’d appreciate it if you would refrain from sexual comments.” Michael smirks and leans forward. “And I’d appreciate it if you would stop trying to steal my company.” You scoff, standing up. “I see that you’re still immature. You can go.” You say, walking over to open your office door. Michael follows, giving your ass a squeeze before he leaves the office. You let out a small squeal. Michael laughs as he walks away from your office. “Stop being such a prune, (Y/N). No deal, but I’ll pick you up at eight for dinner.”

In which Sock makes a shitty necklace for Johnathan

Is a fanfic yeet

Rating: F for fucking fluff
(either that or T for cusses)

Also it’s kind of short it’s vv smol and cute

In the immortal words of Mephistopheles, Sock had LSS. Also known as “Look Something Shiny!” disorder. One glint of metal or a rustle of fabric sent Sock skittering to find the object. So, it was only obvious that he had collected a shitload of beads or random objects over the time that had been shoved into a corner of Johnathan’s closet. Thankfully, the hauntee hadn’t discovered the little stash, so the objects he considered sacred were safe from being snatched away from him.

On a lazy Saturday, Johnathan had gone out to buy some pizza for the two of them to share, so Sock had the whole house to himself. He floated through all of the walls, searching for a string to lace all of his beads onto. He found a very long string that was formerly connected to a large sweater. Next, he found the smallest sewing needle he could to easily attach the multiple beads. One good thing about the necklace is that it was just large enough to fit over someone’s head.

The bad thing?

It was comprised of beads of all shapes and sizes, and no beads matched.

And Sock was super proud of it. He was going to make Johnathan wear the necklace everywhere, to taunt him and make him embarrassed every time it was seen. He smirked as he wrapped the necklace up in a little blue bag, tying it up with an orange ribbon he had stolen from a girl at the school they went to. Well, the school Johnathan went to, at least.

When the blonde arrived home, Sock dropped the bag in John’s palms with a cackle of pride. He watched eagerly as the other male gently opened the little present, kicking his feet as he floated.

His reaction wasn’t what the demon boy expected.

Johnathan blushed as he took out the necklace, and scrunched up his nose as he looked at the haphazardly placed alignment of beads. Sure, it was corny as shit, and it looked ugly at first glance. But deep down, he thought that it was cute. It was sweet. The blonde hesitated…

Then calmly slipped the necklace over his head to Sock’s surprise. He hid the necklace under his shirt, but left a small assortment of beads poking out from under his shirt. He said “Thanks, dork.” before walking over to his room and shutting the door.

Dammit, Sock was in love.

Claire and her little ladies (a Modern Glasgow AU contribution)

Note: So, Miss Gotham is God’s gift to this fandom… And she gave us the greatest gift of Modern Glasgow. Being the great person and friend that she is, and after all my mad fangirling over it, she not only motivated me, but also helped me sort out everything I had scrambled, to put together this wee contribution for an idea I prompted. I am #1800blessed for this lady and the wee fools. Thank you for letting me in on your universe @gotham-ruaidh. Hope you all enjoy it. 


The Frasers needed a day off from the daunting task of packing and labelling their belongings. That’s what Claire thought first thing that morning, opening her eyes to her husband’s red mane right beside her. They were preparing to move to Lallybroch and the summer was coming to an end.

The next thing was that she needed to get to the bathroom. The wee bannock was very excited in the early hours of the day, as had been its sisters and brother, but Claire would never got used to that queasy feeling, even in her fourth pregnancy. Aside from the physical discomfort, she didn’t really mind… If it happened, the baby was there, and moving, and everything was alright.

“Yes, we are happy today”, she whispered to her little one. “Let’s get everyone out of bed.”

Waking Jamie up with a kiss on the lips and another one on the cheek (to which he responded with a lopsided smile and a stray arse grab - his palm seemed to be drawn to it), Claire woke up the little Frasers. First the boys… Fergus was already awake, checking his phone. Willie responded with grunts at his mama’s request, and Fergus assured her he would take care of the rest. Faith was half awake already, as Claire opened the blinds to the girl’s room. There were unpleasant grunting sounds from the copper head buried beneath the covers. Wee Faith proceeded to come down from her top bunk bed, jumping on her sister and coercing her to wake up. The day would be filled.

It was Saturday, no school, but Claire had some exciting plans for the day. Mother-daughter plans, to be exact. Claire, Brianna and Faith kept little traditions: a tea date for 9 year old Faith, a field trip to a bookshop for 8 year old Bree… But today, the boys were off to help Uncle Murtagh and Aunt Suzette with their own packing. They were also going to move to Lallybroch. Murtagh would help Jenny and Ian (and Jamie) run the estate, but the truth was that they would move because neither the sweet grumpy old man nor his sweet French wife would want to stay far from their wee Fraser godchildren.

So, Claire took her little ladies to brunch.

Faith and Brianna were both quite tall for their age, not a surprise if you looked at their father, and were almost as tall as Claire at this point. She admired the wild curly copper head of Bree and the stray brown curls coming out off of Faith’s braid and her heart swelled with pride. To think that she once thought she would never be able to be a mother… She remembered the scare of Faith’s birth, the sleepless stressful nights when she was pregnant with Brianna, when everything from medical school exams to the worst birthing scenarios came to her in dreams, and only Jamie’s soothing words, promises and skilled touch could calm her down and ease her into sleep again.

But they had made it work. And along came William, and the blessing that was Fergus. Claire thought that yes, that was her life. She had never had sisters or brothers, but watching Jamie with Jenny and Ian (and her own relationship with Jenny), proved her the incredible joy of having siblings, the moments of deep tenderness, those of fiery fights and the bond that united them. Brianna and Faith were so much alike and so different at the same time. They shared a fierce nature and were always ready to protect each other, even when they wanted to rattle each other’s ears. They were thick as thieves.

As they sat in a cosy Glasgow coffee shop, ordered the brunch menu, and began munching on mini sandwiches, steamy porridge, buttery scones, eggs benedict, tea and orange juice, they talked about school and how excited every young Fraser was to start the year in a brand new school, and a special one to that - the same schoolhouse their Da had attended. Not to mention living closer to their cousins. In the midst of the conversation, the wee bannock decided it wanted a bit of the fun too, and Claire winced a bit.

“Mama, are ye alright?”

“Yes darling, just your little sister.. She wants to be a part of the conversation, of course.” *How very Beauchamp of her.*

“SISTER?” Brianna and Faith screamed, scaring the waitress passing behind them with a tray of pastries.

“Now, calm down… We are not sure, Da doesn’t want to know, like we didn’t with the both of you actually,  and I agreed. But I have a feeling, and I haven’t been wrong yet.”

“Yes, we know how Da just wanted to hear about number three to see if it was going to be a boy… And it was. He convinced you to find out early, Mama. He may do the same again!” Faith rolled her eyes, but giggled.

Claire thought to herself that Jamie’s methods of convincing her to do certain things were not a suitable topic… at that specific moment… with her daughters.

“Mama, what would her name be, if it is a girl?” demanded Bree.

“Well, I haven’t thought about it yet…  What would you like to name your little sister? Or brother?”

“Edward for a boy! Or Henry like your da… Since we already have a Brian in myself.”, Brianna added with a beam of pride in her eye and lifting her little chin in a very Fraser-like manner. She was very proud of her name.

“Meh, because everyone thought you’d be a boy.” Faith said mockingly, just meaning to tease her little sister, who responded by sticking her tongue out to her.

Faith simply rolled her eyes and continued. “Mama, I have auntie Jenny in my name, Bree has grannie Ellen, I think a good name for a girl would be Julia… That was your mama’s name, right?”

Claire felt the sting of tears and smiled at her eldest daughter. Of course she had thought about it before… As soon as she felt she was pregnant again, after the initial panic and Jamie’s comforting words.

*It’s a girl, and her name will be Julia.* These were Claire’s thoughts, as she lay with legs intertwined with her husband’s, as he held her and played with her hair. She had just told him about the pregnancy news, crying, and of course, Mr. Fraser almost cried himself. Basking in a warm Glasgow sun, without notice, Jamie just said, “I feel like I knew it before ye told me, Sassenach. And if it is a girl, and let’s be honest, we are very good at making them, her name ought to be Julia… What do you think, mo nighean donn?” Claire looked at him in awe and that was settled. Now, they just had to peacefully wait…

“Yes, I think Da will like it… We shall see, when we get to Lallybroch and this wee bannock is  ready to come out of the oven, ok?”

Claire winked at the little girls. She knew they’d be great older sisters to another girl, and started wondering whose eyes would she have, which colour would her hair be… Started looking forward to seeing her husband holding another baby again, her favourite sight in the world. The pregnancy had scared her, and she knew now it would be the last one, but the connection of deep intimacy she already shared with this little baby overshadowed anything else. Everything would be perfect, even in the wee imperfections. She - and Jamie - would see to that.

As the meal came to an end and Mama listened to her little ladies chatting about the bookshop they were going to visit after (“one more Harry Potter book? But William ripped some pages out of Goblet of Fire!!”), and talking about who would take which room at Lallybroch, Claire asked for the check and took a little blue silk bag out of her purse.

“I have something for you two, and for myself. Close your eyes and give me your right arm.”

The girls obediently did so, squirming in curiosity. “Brianna, close your eyes”, scolded Claire as one deep blue eye was trying to peek. In each of the girls’ wrists, Claire placed beautiful silver bracelets, very simple, adorned with one pearl and one gem stone. Faith’s was purple, Brianna’s was red. As she told the girls to open their eyes, she placed another one in her own wrist, this one with a blue stone. In the bag stayed one with a green stone, waiting for its owner.

“Mama, it’s beautiful, thank you!”

“We all have, or will have…” added Claire caressing the little bump that was starting to get noticeable, “the same bracelet. Think of it as your lucky charm. It’s to remind you that you come from a family that loves you, that you each have your sisters that love you and will protect you… And you come from great women.”

Taking Faith’s wrist, she touched the pearl on the little girl’s bracelet and added, “The silver  comes from me and da, my wedding ring is silver, right? The pearl is from grannie Ellen’s necklace, and each of your gems come from some of my mother’s jewels. From a pair of vintage earrings and a ring. Two of the few things I remember her wearing, clearly, as she gave me a goodnight kiss. Take good care of them and each other, no matter where you are, do you promise?”

The girls nodded and smiled proudly at their mother, caressing their bracelets, forever carrying the legacy of the extraordinary women who gave them life, and their parents’ love… That one was for the ages.


Eros!Yuuri ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (and the news that they have sent me already my precious Vitya too ♥♥♥ ) he’s really precious and has so many different pieces sfsdfjdslkj ;w;

this is my fav version btw ♥♥♥ cute!blushy!Yuuri ♥♥♥ (the right blue little bag is from Japan and the left one with red/yellow decorations is from Russia btw ghghgh ♥ ) i really want to make a photoshoot with him bc he’s really too cute ;w; and I can’t wait to have my precious Vitya too ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and the other Yuuri too ahhhh ;w;

The studying with me NEVER stops! 🤓

I was in the library studying when Daddy rang me. Within 15 mins, he was on campus to pick me up. He surprised me with that little blue bag! 🙈 Daddy really does know how to spoil and make my day.

He asked me to take me to dinner. I had on no make up and a A line skirt with a white shirt on. Not the worst but I didn’t want to feel out of place at dinner! I asked him to take me back to my apartment so I can get changed and throw some make up on but he assured me I looked beautiful, which the waitress told me as well so I asked Daddy give her a big tip!

Today finished off so perfectly. I’m really so grateful to have this man in my life and bed. 😏

My rehearsal bag

Here’s a look at what I take to rehearsal every day. I’m mainly an ASM, I have a wee bit more stuff I bring when I’m SMing, but for the most part: this is it. The theaters I work at generally provide first aid, tools, and office supplies, so all of this is just what I want/need for myself.  

When I’m in tech, I bring a different (much larger) bag with my blacks etc, and this rehearsal bag goes in with it. I talked about that bag here.

1. Personal items. Treat yo self.

  • Cherry Ricolas (the most delicious flavor of Ricolas)
  • Lip balm
  • Hand lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mints
  • Hair Tie
  • Captain America water bottle
  • Extra-long charger cable & cube for my phone.

2. Office supplies: Part 1

  • Krazy-glue (the theater usually has some… somewhere… that may or may not be dried out… it’s easier to have my own on hand)
  • Tape dispenser (that weird pink donut-looking thing! It folds in on itself for easy storage!)
  • Scissors
  • Post-its of varying types (post-it flags bunched in groups with the binder clips so they’re not all loose in the bag)
  • Small flashlight
  • Template for drawing blocking/straightedge

3. An Odd Assortment of Objects

  • Universal phone charger: this thing is THEBOMB.COM! A little cable octopus with a standard USB on one end, and 4 different plugs on the other end. iPhone 4? Got it. iPhone 6? Gotcha covered. Mini-USB? Here. Some weird European charger? GOT THAT TOO. Nobody’s phone is dying on my watch.
  • A guitar pick. I kept one on my person at all times doing a show where an actor played the guitar in several scenes, and it made its way into my kit-bag.
  • A teeny tiny eyeglasses screwdriver
  • A key-chain tape measure. It’s only 6′ long, so it’s good for measuring things like table height, etc. (the theater usually has a bunch of normal-sized ones)
  • Thumb drive
  • Earplugs in a little cardboard cover to keep them clean
  • A snarl of safety pins

4. Office supplies: Part 2

  • Mechanical pencils with extra lead & eraser. (this is, hands down, the best kind of mechanical pencil.)
  • White-out pen
  • 2 black Sharpies
  • 1 silver Sharpie

5. Office supplies: FRIXION PENS. If you’re not using them yet, where have you been. Get on this train. They will change your life.

  • Frixion brand erasable pens in 3 colors (black, blue, red)
  • Frixion erasable highlighters
  • Frixion heavy-duty eraser (the little blue thing)

6. The bag! It’s just a men’s toiletries bag from Target. It’s got a divider down the middle and a small interior pocket. Holds all my crap & fits in my backpack!

Not pictured: My laptop & its charger, and my script (which I leave in the rehearsal hall unless I need to work on things at home). 

Also not pictured are the things I keep in my purse/backpack all the time for my own use like ibuprofen, tampons, multitool, etc.

Also Also Not Pictured: My stopwatch?? It was not in the bag when I took the picture. But I have a stopwatch.