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(Alicorn Princess Anon Spell 5/17 5/30)

(Dusty Notes) Calm down Bluey that is not how a Princess should act or talk like and Twilight offered block any more anon spells while you are like this also why is there royal guards in our house
(True Blue) *sigh* yeah Princess Celestia found out that I was changed into an Alicorn Princess and sent them to guard me I don’t want guards but when a Princess gives orders
(Dusty Notes) ok Bluey I understand oh and by the way you owe me a bit for the sware jar Princess or not you pay (thinks) *I wonder if Princess Celestia will send some maids over as well*

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Pinguin for Emilie next to a few healed piece i’ve done over the last years. Can’t wait to finish her sleeve! Tattoo artist: David Côté


You rolled your eyes, finally giving in. You read the title, and you realized that you too once heard it once you were a little girl. Lavender’s Blue was a classic for a little girl back in the day. Before you could protest any longer, you heard the starting notes. Jefferson smiled to you, his head nodding to the music once again. You took a deep breath, letting the music leave your mouth. You wish you had some kind of recording of a moment like this. Jefferson’s lips formed a wide grin at each note you sang, and you watched as his hands moved gracefully across the keys. A sigh of relief hit you as he finished the last note. He placed his hand to his knee, a wide grin still plastered to his features.

“What?” You scrunched your nose, wondering if you had done bad.

“Your voice. It’s amazing.” Jefferson almost whispered to you.


(Alicorn Princess Anon Spell 6/30)

(Twilight Sparkle) Now Bluey isn’t it time for your magic lesions
(True Blue) hang on isn’t it time for Starlight’s friendship lesion
(Twilight Sparkle) oh yeah I almost forgot
(True Blue) phew
(Twilight Sparkle) today’s friendship lesion is helping a friend with magic lesions
(Starlight Glimmer) oh sound like fun let’s get started
(True Blue) *face hoof*

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Duck egg blue oceans on an almost complete Mini Desk Globe as we continue with #GlobeFacts Île Amsterdam III

Despite its isolation, Île Amsterdam was reached as early as 1522 by the explorer Juan Sebastián Elcano during his circumnavigation of the world for Spain

The island received its name in 1633 when the Dutch captain Anthonie van Diemen, he of Van Diemen’s Landfame, named the island for his ship Nieuw Amsterdam

It was not until 1696 that anyone actually bothered to land on the island (another Dutchman, Willem de Vlamingh) and it took until 1792 before it was thoroughly surveyed by the French navigators Bruni d’Entrecasteaux and Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec during their search for the vanished French explorer Jean-François de La Pérouse

By this time, the island was already known as a place for sealing, fishing, and shipwrecks due to its location along the Africa-Australia shipping route

The first intentional attempt at settling#ÎleAmsterdam (notwithstanding the people marooned on the island for various lengths of time) occurred in January 1871 when an expedition set out from Réunion to establish a farm and cattle ranch; the colony failed and the group returned to Réunion that August

Even with this attempt at settlement, France did not formally claim Île Amsterdam or its neighbour Île Saint-Paul until October 1892, and it was not until New Year’s Eve 1949 that France established the current base on the island

While the island has only been inhabited permanently for the past seven decades, the human impact over the centuries has been huge

Formerly lushly forested, the native trees of Île Amsterdam, the phylica, were nearly completely wiped out between the 1790s and 1870s by a series of bush fires and later by the cattle left behind in the failed 1871 colonisation attempt

There are now efforts ongoing to replenish the forests, which had been reduced to a few dozen hectares at one point

Hundreds of feral cattle still roam the island to this day, along with other introduced animals such as mice, rats, and cats

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Name: X here it is

Nicknames: Shortstack, Small Child, Angry Ginger, Sparkler, Little Blue

Gender: *wiggly hand gesture* eh

Height: 5′1 and ¾ (almost 5′2 get hype)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, fight me

Favorite Color: Violet

Average hours of sleep: its either 3 or 11 and never inbetween

Lucky number: 3, 7, and 666 (its in my phone number im not that Edgy™)

Last thing I googled: “coffin backpack” halloween is my aesthetic

Favorite Characters: jesus christ there are so many - Lalna, Lalnable, Nano, (a majority of the yogs tbh), Chat Noir, literally all of the avengers +his higness Loki the Asshole, most of the justice league (batman and the robins hell yes), draco malfoy, anduin wrynn, the until dawn cast, at least 10,000 more

How many blankets I sleep with: 1 thin blanket, regardless of weather

Favorite Artists/Bands: FOB, MCR, P!ATD, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, TheFatRat, the Beach Boys

Dream Trip: Travelling the world with just a backpack (not plausible, but you did say dream)

Dream job: I get sent to Mars like a test monkey, except i am a person. anything where i get to fuck around in space basically

How many people I’m following?: somewhere around 200

How many posts I have:  who fuckin knows theyre all shitposts anyway

When my blog hit its peak: lol what fuckin peak

Do I get asks on a daily basis?: Bitch I fuckin wish @ followers hmu with some shitty memes sometime 

When my blog was made?: uh?? a year or three ago

Reason for my URL: I am the worst, my friend. The worst. I also happen to have a lot of anxiety about telling people my name online (i blame my folks) so here i am, the absolute fuckin worst anonymous dudeguy

I hereby tag @marblellous, @kalgalen, and anyone else who wants to tell the internet how rad they are (super rad, that’s how rad u are. fuckin get em my dudes) 


“Yes, the Meta Human Thesis, more likely than not, these exceptional beings live among us. The basis of our myths, Gods among men upon our little blue planet here. You don’t have to use the silver bullet. But if you forge one. Well then. We don’t have to depend on the kindness of monsters.” - Lex Luthor