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2x12 You Are Not Your Own Review

Whole Episode Review

So much great stuff.
So many problems.
So much promise that Shadowhunters is determined to be better than the books.

So much evidence that they might not understand what the initial problems in the book were.

I’m not one of those people who reacts to characters like they are real people, or about the writers “treating a character like that” as though the plot actually happened to a real person. Doing something terrible to a character, or having a character do something awful is not “disrespecting” them— if you deal with the consequences of those plot points and use them to make a plot move forward, instead of just dropping them and running along to the next thing. If a plot point is just a thing that happens, then yeah, it’s a disservice to the character, but you can do really terrible shit to a character if you build it into something interesting plotwise and create character growth from it.

I’m not sure I trust Shadowhunters to accomplish that right now.

Shadowhunters entire premise is based on there being a whole magic world, where Shadowhunters are at the top, and downworlders are underneath them. There are laws in place that are supposed to guarantee some freedom and equality, and everyone knows they are bullshit, but the Shadowhunters don’t care. There’s a villain who embodies the worst of Shadowhunter supremacy ideals… but the Shadowhunters hate him because he killed a bunch of Shadowhunters, not because he threatens the downworld.

The narrative they are trying to push, is that their lead characters, Clary, Jace, Isabelle and Alec, are aware of and against the unfair treatment and oppression of the downworld and in favor of a fairer and more inclusive world. Especially Clary, who as a character from outside the world doesn’t have their ingrained prejudices.

But the writers are failing to a degree that almost seems intentional in the first two episodes.

The Problems:

1. Please Pay No Mind To The Pile Of Dead Downworlders Behind the Curtain

Valentine murdered downworlders en mass inside an Institute and the only time a Shadowhunter has mentioned it is Alec telling Jace that it isn’t his fault. Imogen was brought in to interrogate and torture Valentine— to get the mortal cup back. There has been no nod whatsoever to the Clave attempting to reach out to the downworld. Acknowledge the massacre, assure the leaders of the downworld that they didn’t know the mortal sword had the power to slaughter downworlders. When they bring up that Clary deactivated the sword? It’s done with annoyance that stupid Clary broke the Truth Magic.

Even Luke and Maia’s scene, where Maia is upset that most of the pack got rolled off the Institute floor and probably onto a truck to be dropped into the Hudson for all anyone seems to give a damn, gives Luke the less than compelling emotional reaction of “Meh, more wolves where those losers came from, my nosy gay partner is annoying me right now.”

The show did something catastrophic to a population that it explicitly uses to represent oppressed people, and sidestepped dealing with it further than wringing a Malec moment out of it. There is no emotional impact to dozens (hundred? We don’t know) of dead downworlders.

Everyone of the main Shadowhunter characters (except Jace) is in or has been in a significant romantic relationship with a downworlder, and none of them seem to be thinking about the impact of this massacre in any larger way either.

2. Business as Usual, Side of Evil

Shadowhunters encourage torture. Mundanes call that a war crime, but it’s whatever! Imogen tortures Valentine for information about the Mortal Cup. Imogen wants him dead because he won’t give up the mortal cup. The Clave wants him alive because he might give up the mortal cup if they just keep torturing him.

And then Clary McWhiteSavior handwaves all the torture and dark shit going on in the basement of the building she lives in, because Imogen lost her family… in a warrior culture, where people die all the time and most people lost a lot of family 15 years ago. When Imogen tells Alec that the Clave won’t let her kill Valentine, but she’s going to do it anyway… Alec is concerned… but concerned like a Republican senator, where he’s shocked and dismayed… but isn’t going to do shit about it (other than guard the door until it turns out that maybe it is his body-swapped boyfriend after all).

I get that Valentine is essentially the Shadow world equivalent of a White Supremacist. If he were burning crosses in Mississippi instead of… being menacing on a boat carousel?(seriously, Shadowhunters, figure out your damn aesthetic) I wouldn’t really give a damn about him getting a little bit mysteriously dead during a security tape fritz. (Except of course I would, because those sorts of “mechanical failures” only ever function to excuse the deaths of non-white people, and let killer cops back out on the street. That’s the actual pattern.)

But the Law is the Law. Shadowhunters are supposed to be dispensers of cold justice in strict accordance with ancient tradition. Having Imogen go rogue like that, and DRAG ALEC, ONE OF THE OFFICIAL GOOD GUYS along with her, and at no point have the plot acknowledge that she went off the rails is ludicrous. Even Casserole Clam managed to fit that part in. In the books Imogen breaks the Law to torture Jace, and the narrative kills her for it. It’s not okay for Shadowhunters to just walk away from that point, especially after tying a main character up in the mess.

3. Must Be This White or Male Not To Be An Addict

Season 1 Izzy was the youngest forensic pathologist in New York, a formidable fighter, a loving sister, a good friend, and a total badass. Season 2 Izzy is a frail drug addict who has yet to deliver a line to a man who isn’t playing savior or trying to bone her, or both! She is also the only non-white Shadowhunter from Clary’s stupid pre-credit intro monologue and she’s completely lost control of her sexual and romantic agency (Technically I know Alec has to be Latino… but Matthew Daddario isn’t so I think the point still stands).

Izzy and Meliorn had a relationship lacking the romangst that characterizes everyone else’s smooching time, but that seemed perfectly healthy and functional. Izzy even got to save him from the evil Clave imprisoning him with no evidence in a place that would kill him (remember when that became important in the story? Neither do I, must have gotten cut for more time for Jace and Clary to say sibling words over and over again in case we didn’t hear them the first time) but now she’s drug denning with Raphael until he turns her out in the street to save her life, and then she’s being saved by the mysterious blonde english boy who takes her home to save her life, and she doesn’t think it’s fair for Alec to not like Sebastian just because Alec wishes that he had been the one to save her life. Even Simon, who I have basically no qualms with, gets a scene where he gets to give her information about addiction and be respectful of what she might be needing in recovery, and has family experience and doesn’t judge her.

And it might have seemed sweet if Isabelle’s story line hadn’t stripped her of everything that was cool about her in season 1.  

Gag. Choke. Barf.

4. I Feel Like You Want Me To Think Boy-Touching is Gross

Remember all the hand holding and closeness and casual intimacy between Magnus and Alec in 2A?

No. Cause it wasn’t there.

Other than the greeting kiss in 2x11, every time Alec has touched Magnus like they are two people who are in love and are having and enjoying sex with each other,  it was actually Valentine, and the camera focused on Valentine being super weirded out by it. When it was Magnus touching Alec in Valentine’s body the disgust made sense in the context… but with everything else going on in that plot there’s still a yuck factor to the touch that makes the fact that the only time Alec and Magnus are together, in their own bodies, there is too much hurt and distance for them to touch each other.

5. And Like… I Don’t Want Homophobia in Fiction But…

What is going on culturally with Alec Lightwood The Only Gay Shadowhunter? No one mentions it, no one brings it up. And it would be a really good thing to explore in the current cultural moment. Homophobia (and racism) can be present without being overt. It can affect people’s lives and careers, even with everyone putting on an accepting face.

It could be something that forces Alec to think a little bit more about the wisdom of the Clave, and maybe make him think a little bit about how he was raised to think about downworlders. It would move him out of the dominant culture of his world into a weird gray space where he could learn. Because they gave him the impetus for that in Aldertrees “I loved a werewolf as though she was a person but it turns out she was just a downworlder” speech.

If Jenji Kohan suddenly took over as show runner, it might even be interesting to see Alec learn how not to be a White Gay ManTM, like the assholes joining facist movements because they think their sexuality gives them an excuse to hate Muslims, or the rotten toenail fungus suing the Alamo for hosting an all women screening of Wonder Woman because he can’t handle not being welcome in a space for women when he could go see the fucking moving anywhere else in Texas. (What an asshat).

6. And Since I Brought Up Disrespect

Again, doing bad things to characters isn’t disrespect.

But patterns in the writing for certain characters is.

1. Why is Izzy a pathetic damsel now, repeating the same experience, and the same fucking lines over and over again?

2. Why do Clary and Simon get greeting make outs and Alec and Magnus don’t? Why have we seen Clary and Jace dive into passionate full body kisses with a wide enough lens to see their bodies pressed together and not gotten the same for Magnus and Alec? Why have we gotten a cutesy morning after scene for Clary and Simon, and not gotten anything similar for Magnus and Alec, even in an episode where their fist time having sex was a B plot?

3. Why is Izzy always being put in the position where sex is being exchanged for something? (She goes off to have sex with Meliorn when they all need a backway into the hotel Dumort. Her attempts to get a bite from Raphael are all highly sexualized. Aldertree offered Izzy Yinfen in exchange for “dinner”.

4. Why is it that in the two sex scenes we’ve seen with people fully or mostly nude (Jace and the Seelie girl and Izzy and Meliorn) the woman is so much more sexualized than the man? And why have we only seen this much skin in these casual sexual relationships and not in the main romantic pairings?

5. Why has Clary  never listened to anyone, and never had to experience any real consequences for her actions (with the exception of getting thrown into a rape cage at Iris’s after trying to bring her mother back from the dead). Why does she keep saying she cares about downworlders (and always downworlders of color) and then fucking them over and forgetting about them? She tased Luke, for fuck’s sake, and went on her merry way like a fucking sociopath. 

While Watching Thoughts

  • Azazel is a good small arc villain. Sinister and handsome and powerful.
  • Kat Mcnammara is actually good at this cutes-y romcom shit. It comes across much more genuine than everything else she’s asked to do…but somehow it makes me hate Clary more. I like my female leads smart enough to realize that maybe Simon being a Daylighter is super rare, and maybe could mean trouble and maybe there’s a reason for Simon to be jumpy (Vote 1 of this reaction post for Maia as main character)
  • UUUUGGGGHHHH remember season 1 Izzy, who occasionally  did something other than make doe eyes at men who were actively harming her while she credited them with saving her life?
  • I would like to see Clary, Jace and Isabelle’s willingness to bring Sebastian onboard obviously tied to him being a Shadowhunter. It would make a lot of the anti-downworld stuff coming up pop more and give Clary’s character something to actually work with going forward– “He’s a shadowhunter, I’m a shadowhunter, we are part of the shadowhunter club, my mom is dead and my father is evil and jace isn’t my brother, so shadowhunters are my FAMILY”
  • Valentine trying to do magic is great, Harry’s changed physicality doing Valentine is great. I wish the next day makeup made more sense.
  • I can’t tell if it’s sweet or needy that Alec marches directly to Magnus’s apartment after that phone call, especially since there was a huge fucking massacre and then they made him summon a greater demon that nearly killed them all?
  • Umm… okay with the matrix shot.
  • It’s…not awesome that the most affectionate touch we’ve seen Magnus and Alec have is when it’s being used to freak out Valentine.
  • Goddamnit Clary. Could you listen for just one fucking time? If only so I don’t have to hear you whine about it when the consequences fuck you over.
  • Interesting that Valentine thinks to call Dorothea.
  • I hope they make this Imogene the Sadist thing go somewhere
  • Please let this be the end of this fucking druggie storyline
  • Simon is sweet. He would have been a much better main character than Clary. Imagine, instead of this love-struck white girl— witty Jewish boy who deeply cares about people actually like… fucking notices the problems in the Shadow world society. Actually cares. Actually brings it up to the people around him other than just when he needs their help for stuff. (Remembers that Luke is basically his Dad)
  • This scene makes me wish that Valentine wasn’t the most boring fucking villain. I had no idea Alan was a good actor cause his character is such a mildly menacing blank space. His face when Alec shoves him away. His Magnus voice.
  • This is not the worst way to introduce the Herondale thing… but I don’t  want this Imogene/Clary scene.
  • Oh hey- Simon caring about someone again. Caring about the guy who has threatened him multiple times because Isabelle humanized him. Hmmm…. What an interesting trait in a main character brought into a repressive society against their will. Hmmm.
  • I like Alec trusting Jace with what just happened to him.
  • I don’t think Magnus actually calls Alec Alexander this often.
  • Haha. Valentine faking magic.
  • I hate gratuitous torture scenes. I gave up on Supernatural after the Samandriel thing. This had better be fucking moving toward a point. About the Clave being Nazis.
  • Please let this episode be the last I need to hear about the incest plot
  • Whoa. Raphael. This is the only time I’ve ever liked Raphael a little bit.
  • Oh good. Isabelle being a junkie is a plot point again.
  • Simon! So Stupid! Don’t wave it at everyone!
  • Luke knows he’s everyone’s dad.
  • Again. Make this Imogen thing do something.
  • Alec… isn’t really going to allow this to happen is he? Not just because it might be Magnus… but because he’s supposed to respect the rules. And like… there should be too much doubt in his mind to go this far. Especially with the weird phone call and visit earlier.
  • Ooohhoooo This is much better reveal of Jace’s parentage than the books. Buuuuttttt…. Imogen believes the Magnus/Valentine switch with way less evidence than Magnus gave Alec. Not great.
  • I wonder if this Herondale reveal reads as total left field bullshit if you haven’t read the books? 
  • Magic has to be harder than that.
  • Good point Alec. You are now here with the untrained shadowhunter and the random dude who according to his own story, just went rogue. There are real shadowhunters at the institute, where are they.
  • Ooohhh, Alan got that magnus-move down really well. It’s too bad he has to go back to being a frowny face with a overwrought backstory.
  • I feel bad for Kat that she got cast to be a cute red head and now that they have real money to work with they can afford people as talented as Alisha and Will. She can’t keep up.
  • Magnus must be a better fighter than that. What the hell was that?
  • Like… are they going to talk about the fact that Magnus’s first thought at every point has been protecting people… and Alec is a Shadowhunter… who was just going to guard the door while his boss tortured a prisoner? That’s some dark shit. And it sort of carves Alec down to just another Shadowhunter… another in a long line of the monsters who have hunted Magnus and his friends for centuries. How could Magnus have thought he would be different? Is it naive for him to really have believed that it was possible to love a Shadowhunter?
  • Alberto could have chemistry with a ketchup stain
  • Oh good. More incest. I was so very worried we might go four fucking seconds without it.
  • Is Jace just… hanging out and petting a sword?
  • So… did Imogen storm into Magnus’s and demand jewelry, probably without apologizing him for the torture and unlawful imprisonment? (Of course she did. Did Alec Say anything?)
  • We aren’t going to deal with the irony in her statement about what’s good and right… when she was all tortury and rogue murdery? We’re gonna let that go? Okay then. 

When you’re up late at night and can’t sleep

Its 3am. Everyones asleep, except for you. This is when the world is most vulnerable. When you can’t sleep, look out the window. Talk a walk, you’ll be glad you did. The world is asleep, but the stars are awake. There is beauty somewhere there. The lights are brighter now, compared to the darkness around it.

Think about certain things. Think about your family. Remember to call your grandma soon, they’re only gonna be here for a little bit now, ask for some of their wisdom. Think about him. Think about the one. Think about them sleeping, thing about what they are doing right now. Are they also taking a walk, wondering if you’re asleep too?

The world is a beautiful thing, it just depends on how you’re supposed to look at it. The people around you make the world a better place. 

-Mel :)

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Spencer taking care of his girlfriend after she gets her wisdom teeth removed?

Sure, I hope you like it! 

Originally posted by anti-social-mia

Okay but can we talk about this gif? PERFECTION!

Y/n stepped into the car as she still was a little bit dizzy in her head from her wisdom teeth removal. “Sir, why are there houses moving so fast.” Spencer laughed. “We are moving not the houses.” Y/n looked at her legs. “Don’t be silly. I’m not running.” Spencer shook his head with a chuckle. Sir, why are we stopping in front of a house? Don’t you think a princess lives in a castle?” She asked as she got up. “Are you a princess?” Spencer asked as he closed the door of the car. “Why else would I be wearing a dress?” Y/n stated. “Ah, right. You know, we are just staying here one night. The castle s under attack.” Y/n gasped. “By the evil dragons! I knew it.” 


Later that night, when Y/n’s head was mostly cleared out, she was in pain. “Spence, i am hungry.” “You can’t eat.” He said. “It hurt.” He sighted and sat besides her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. “I know. Tomorrow will be better. I promise.” He kissed her head and smiled. “I hope so. I want to eat again, tomorrow.” He laughed. “We can go eat somewhere tomorrow, if you want.” She smiled, what didn’t go great. “Yes, where they serve that great pie!” Spencer chuckled. “Yes, there is fine.” 

It is short, I know. But I couldn’t think of many more things to put with this. Sorry.

The Signs + Mythical Creatures

Aries: Dragon
The intensity and power a dragon holds makes me think of Aries, along with the fire-breathing aspect. Dragons seem to be beautiful and powerful, but hot tempered. They’re also often guarding treasure in stories, which could symbolize an Aries’ protectiveness for the people they love.

Taurus: Forest Sprite
In Spiderwick, there are beautiful little sprites dancing among the tree leaves and collecting fruit, and it reminds  me strongly of Taurus. Their peaceful appearance, combined with their beauty and comfort with nature speaks to me for this sign.

Gemini: Sphinx
I know this might be a bit of a cliche, but it’s undeniably Gemini. Half-human, half-lion creatures who force humans to answer riddles is a very compelling, mischievous, and calculating concept.

Cancer: Mermaid
Every Cancer I meet has something about them that reminds me of saltwater. They look at peace when they’re surrounded by water. The allure and beautiful gentleness of mermaids combined with their slightly haunting features reminds me heavily of this sign.

Leo: Siren
The allure of a Leo is exciting, irresistible, and dangerous. The confidence and radiating aura they give off is captivating. Their beautiful smiles alight with mischief made it impossible for me not to put them as this tricky creature.

Virgo: Werewolf
Virgos have always reminded me of wolves, with their quiet, powerful, intelligent energy and their protectiveness of their loved ones. They’re very loyal and brave, and that loyal mentality lead me to this creature.

Libra: Elf
Elegant, charming, willowy creatures really says Libra to me. Their talent in archery and magic is captivating. There’s a delicate reservedness to them, and yet they’re one of the most alluring mythical creatures of all.

Scorpio: Vampire
I contemplated giving Siren to Scorpio, but a Scorpio’s allure is different than that of a Leo’s. It’s dark, entrancing, and a little bit seductive. It shouldn’t be attractive, but it is. The introversion and wisdom of a vampire really says Scorpio to me.

Sagittarius: Phoenix
I see Phoenix given to Scorpio all the time, and I agree with it, but I also feel that the Phoenix is very Sagittarius. It is a symbol of freedom, independence, and resilience, and that is Sagittarius to me.

Capricorn: Centaur
I admit, I based this off of the centaurs in Harry Potter. The wisdom, patience, and ancient history surrounding them is very Capricorn to me. That being said, they’re also wild and free, which I love for this sign.

Aquarius: Griffin
“A creature with the body of a lion, the tail of a snake, and the head and wings of an eagle.” Something about the eclectic parts of this creature, and the way that it’s bizarre and yet powerful really says Aquarius.

Pisces: Will-o’-the-wisp
This legendary mythical creature is a beautiful light that beckons travelers to follow. I love it for Pisces, because it’s whimsical and entrancing and eerie. There’s something incredibly beautiful about it that makes you want to keep watching and figure it out.

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Rosy, I am Bellarke fan all the way. No way Bellarke are platonic. For one look at the flirting in the rover scene. Bellamy was full on flirting with Clarke. He said it's a good decision not to shoot him then smiled. He is in love and nothing can change his feelings for Clarke. Clarke couldn't shoot him, and I think this made Bellamy realise that Clarke loves him. She killed Finn but couldn't kill him. He looked at her like he knew she loves him. But Goddammit, I need a kiss and confession soon.

Same Anon. Rosy nothing is platonic about Bellarke. Abby’s line ‘Take care of each other’ is something that parents would say to married couples/boyfriend/girlfriends. How do I know? My fiance’s aunt said the same thing to me at the time. She wanted us to be good to each other and not let fights or disagreements get in the way. It was his aunt’s way of passing on a little bit of advice and wisdom to us. Likewise, Abby sees the unbreakable connection between Bellarke. Abby ships Bellarke.

You think Clarke sparing him over the fate of humanity finally clued him in to how much she loves him? That would be interesting. 

And Abby telling them to take care of each other was definitely approval. Not Bellamy taking care of Clarke, but both of them. Together.

Yeah, we’re gonna need a kiss and a confession. 

What it’s like being Moon in Capricorn

You have a protective wall around your heart. You see, things happened to you growing up, there are reasons you’re like this, and other people see coldness when you only see strength, endurance, surviving. You had to grow up a little faster than most, or maybe you were born old, into a family that needed you. Your parents couldn’t wait to see you grow up so you started early, not that it was unnatural, you were always mature. Always saw the world through sage eyes, always was a bit more serious than most. The ghost of melancholy seemed to follow you around, but not many knew it, you kept it to yourself. You felt the weight of the world’s expectations, you felt your own potential and you didn’t want to waste it. You know you have the power of manifestation, of success - it’s in your blood, you know how to get things done. And sometimes it can be too much, but when you do it for yourself, it’s very rewarding, and it fits, you know you were meant to make something solid, something you can be proud of. With time you’ll build your own world. You’ll be in-charge of the life you live, and you’ll see that it was worth it, the trials and the sadness. You made it through, and you understand more than most. You chose a life that was hard but it made you strong, and when you learn to crack open, you see that you’re still soft. As you age you let yourself be softer, you let yourself be young. The child inside of you needs this, needs to belong, needs to reconcile its past. Home is where the heart is and even if one of these is broken, you can’t deny the importance of your family. You can thank them for your solidity, you had to find it within yourself, had to find your own anchor, because you couldn’t rely on theirs. And so now others feel it in you - the commanding presence, the knowing, the wisdom. And if they get a little bit closer, they see the sensitivity, too.


I don’t know, I think sexiness is strange, it’s a thing you can’t really- it’s a strange thing to define… I always find… People say ‘what do I think is sexy?’ and I was… I don’t quite know… Um… I guess the sexiest thing in the world is… is- what I think, when I meet someone and… they seem like they are themselves. You know, be yourself… I guess.

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Hey could I get a self-ship? I'm a transguy with autism, anxiety and DID. I'm studying fashion, music and languages in school, and I have a huge interest for online videogames like Overwatch and TF2. People describe me as very kind and loyal, though I gained a reputation of being the weird kid bc of the anger issues I had when I was younger, and I see myself as annoying and have a low self-esteem. Thanks

I Ship You With: Craig


  • You two would be able to quickly bond by talking about video games.
  • Once friends, you two would be regarded as some of these closest friends in South Park due to each of your strong senses of loyalty.
  • His general apathy makes it so you never see yourself as annoying him.


  • For dates, you usually have videogame nights. During these dates, whenever you play online you two always manage to somehow carry the team.
  • He always tries to help with your anxiety with little words of wisdom.
  • After a bit of persuading, he’d let you pick out overly fancy outfits for him.

Okay so I kind of realized something about the Avatar reincarnation cycle. 

Avatar Kuruk was a “go with the flow kind of Avatar” and gave Aang the wisdom of “being more attentive.” After Avatar Kuruk came Avatar Kyoshi. 

Kyoshi was a very assertive, strict and to-the-point kind of Avatar. She made no hesitation to make extremely quick decisions, no matter how dire, to eliminate any threats to the balance of the world.

Avatar Roku was a little bit more laid back than Kyoshi. He gave Aang the wisdom of “being more decisive”. This is proven with his hesitance towards Sozin because of their friendship. Roku was much less decisive than Kyoshi in this sense. 

Aang was very energetic and childish, taking time out of his day to play despite the hard work he was expected to do. He sometimes had to be reminded to get back on track, while Roku “tried to be disciplined”. 

Korra was extremely excited and eager to be the Avatar. As shown when she was young, she had already discovered her ability to Fire and Earth bend. She was already confident and more than willing to put herself to the test of her Avatar responsibilities. Aang had been terrified of being the Avatar, even as far as saying he never really wanted to be.

Notice how from each Avatar, the next one reborn has a personal characteristic that contrasts that of the Avatar from before. If someone is a bit hesitant in their journey as the Avatar, the next life will be given an extra dose of confidence.  It’s almost as if the cycle is trying to balance itself out, perhaps so the Avatar can easier help keep balance in the world. Or at least have a deeper understanding of how to do so in their own special way. 

after five tries, i managed to beat the pain and panic cup at the underdrome. part of my problem was a) i was using a weak keyblade the first few times, b) i wasn’t managing my health recovery well, and c) i forgot i had just learned reflect. all that and i made it to the final match with leon and yuffie – which i beat first try, thank you very much. i actually beat leon first and then yuffie by trapping leon in combos against the walls.

afterward, i did a little bit of an attempt to level wisdom form. it’s gonna take some getting used to.

also lmao beat the gummi mission before port royal by just mashing x again. granted i did wind up at only 1/3 health, but i didn’t touch the analog stick once, just like the last gummi thing i did. it’s almost pathetic lmao

Dan Howell is one of those people that you just want to listen to him waffle on about everything in the world because he’s so well-spoken and opinionated but polite at the same time and he’s so smart even though he didn’t finish university and his little bits of wisdom are so amazing and he thinks his live shows are boring but they actually make my life because we get to listen to him talk and honestly I’m so excited for the book because I want to hear his opinions on everything and I want him to write a book solely dedicated to the thoughts that go through his head because that man is so smart and I love him for it

How to Comfort the signs
  • Aries: Let them know they're strong and that they can handle anything if they try.
  • Taurus: As stereotypical as it sounds, make them a home cooked meal or bake them cookies. Surround them in blankets and give them hugs.
  • Gemini: Tell them that you still trust and believe in them. Do something they enjoy with them.
  • Cancer: Sit with them until they're alright again. Take good care of them and wait for the clouds to pass.
  • Leo: Remind them of how great they are, everything they've accomplished, and how much farther you know they can go.
  • Virgo: Get them to breathe and talk them through ways they can sort everything out.
  • Libra: Let them let all their thoughts out and help them weigh their options on the next step. Give them a hug while you're at it.
  • Scorpio: Tell them its okay to let everything out and stop for a moment. Let them know it will pass, and soon.
  • Sagittarius: Give them little bits of wisdom. Let them figure the path out themselves, go along for the ride, and be there for them when they need someone.
  • Capricorn: Tell them nothing can stop them and support them in anyway you can. Believe in them even when they don't believe in themselves.
  • Aquarius: Do what you can to understand them, but don't stay on their back. You may have to sit back and let them figure things out themselves, but don't disappear when they need you.
  • Pisces: Constantly remind them that you're there for them and that you love them. Support them in any way and offer what you can.