little bit rock an roll

It is the same brown as your Dad’s first van and as heavy Led Zepplin’s Physical Graffiti. It is thick in all the right places and requires some attitude to pull off.

This hat is a born rager. A little bit country, a lotta rock n roll.

The sweatband shows a little bit of wear but has a thousand concerts in its future.

The hat band is thick ass leather. Would hold a feather or an entire turkey.

It goes well with Nikki Lane live, spliffs, tinted aviator shades, tight shirts and even tighter pants, psychedelic inspired skinny dips while listening to the Allman Bros on a hot August night.

It was made by Churchill and has a raw edge but at this point… who cares? It might as well have been cut by Stevie Nicks and sewn by a coven of witches.

Get a 1970’s Shovelhead chopper, buy this hat, and take over the world.


Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam

Summary:  The reader wishes Dean would see her as more than a friend.

This is for @adriellej and @for-the-love-of-dean Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll Challenge.  I was assigned the song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

Word Count:  3840 

Warnings:  Angst and Smut and Language (Amanda is sorta responsible for the added angst, I swear it wasn’t this angst at first, lmao)

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


“So, I’m gonna…” Dean trails off and flaps his hand toward the big breasted blonde at the bar.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Okay. See you tomorrow I guess.”

“Okay,” he says, rapping his knuckles on the table twice before turning to go.

Sam slides into the booth across from you, watching his brother retreat. “Looks like it’s just you and me tonight. Cheers.”  He raises his bottle with a smile and you clink yours to his, trying to hide your heartbreak from your best friend.


Sam wraps an arm around your shoulder. “Shh,” he whispers, giggling. Sam’s always been a silly drunk. He stumbles slightly and uses you to steady him. “Shh,” he repeats.  

“Why do you keep ‘shh-ing’ me, bro?” Bro? What the fuck? You must be drunker than you thought.  

Sam giggles again. “You’re short.”

“Fuck you gigantor.”

Sam laughs and pulls you close to him again. “I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“For what?”

“‘Bout my brother. He’s an idiot.” Sam’s slurring his words now.  

“Shut up stupid,” you say, jabbing a finger into his rib cage.  

“No. ‘S true,” he continues as he fumbles for the room key. “But you’re too good for him,” Sam says before his gigantic frame sprawls out on the bed.

Fuck, you think with a sigh as you sit on the bed to remove your boots. Another night sleeping alone while Dean lives it up with some random chick. One that you can’t possibly compare too. Crawling under the covers, you pull them tight around you, hating yourself for wishing it was his arms wrapped around you instead.


Somewhere in the wee hours of the night, Dean stumbles in, drunk off his ass. How Sam can sleep through the noise is beyond you. You hear Dean tromp around the room, tossing his keys and loose change on the dresser. You feel the mattress dip when he sits on the edge of the bed. “Scoot over, (Y/N)”

Fucking hell. Another night of sharing a bed with Dean Winchester. A completely platonic night.  Where you’ll spend the entire night aware of every breath he takes, every shift of his body, every brush of his skin to yours. It will be agony. Rolling over, you make room. Guess you’re a glutton for punishment.  

He slips under the covers and reaches out to squeeze your arm. “Night, sweetheart,” he murmurs before falling asleep. He smells of whiskey and cheap perfume. The pit in your stomach grows a little larger, your gut twisting as you think of him and how he prefers anyone to you.

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I read a fic on ao3 where bellamy is a celebrity and he meets up with clarke and there's pics of them on tumblr it's kind of similar to chash's fic where the memories meet. any celebrity fic recs would be good thanks :). thank you for running this account x

No One Can Lift the Damn Thing

Celebrity!Bellamy and/or Celebrity!Clarke


Trying this again from my laptop. If it fails here, too, then… idk. 

Anyway. The new signature Clawdeen. She’s the Clawdeen we know and love with a slightly younger looking, less heavily made up face, and added fur body molding. Her outfit is three pieces: trousers, shirt, and jacket. The shoes are cute gold boots with chain details. She has several jewelry pieces: spiked stud earrings, a cuff with buckle details, and a gold necklace with a crescent moon pendant. She also comes with a purple clutch with crescent moon and stud details. There is no brush or stand included; this seems to be standard, if frustrating, these days.

She’s a very pretty doll. Her face is sweet and soulful, with light eye makeup and berry pink lips. Her outfit is in her wheelhouse of style, featuring cheetah print and bright colors, with a little bit of rock and roll edge. Her articulation is what you’d expect on a signature doll- wrists, elbows, shoulders, head, hips, and knees.

Overall, I like this version of Clawdeen a lot. The doll retains the flavor of the Clawdeen we’ve come to know and love, and although her face is sweeter, it is balanced by monster-y details like molded fur and painted fangs. My only gripe is the lack of stand, but I also appreciate that excluding the stand helps keep the price point around $15 while still giving us a fairly detailed and articulated doll. 

If you are a fan of Clawdeen Wolf, I definitely think this doll would make a great addition to your collection!

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A little owlursus or a winged bear to simplify was around the age of five or six. It's hard to tell. Anyways, the little thing was bounding on top of rocks only to roll off of them.

A little bit away, a small lion and eagle mix, or a griffin as humans would call it, playing in the grass, the same age. Her long tail swaying 

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Quinn and Talon is one of my favorites, but I also like a bit of Quinn and Jarvan for some reason.

Who do you ship my muse with and why? – @noxian-rose

[ The roots of Quinn and Talon have expired, unfortunately. The implication that he was the assassin she hunted isn’t in her lore anymore, given that she didn’t actually hunt any assassins. I mean, she still does and all that, so hey, it could work. c:

As for Quinn and Jarvan, I can see it. She’s a little bit country and he’s a little bit rock and roll. ;) ]

White Liar

Originally posted by thebitchyangel

Summary: Written for @adriellej‘s “Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock N’ Roll Challenge” The reader spent the last 10 years of their life away from the hunting world for the man of her dreams. But on their anniversary, she discovers he isn’t all he seems and a man comes back into her life to rescue her she never thought she would see again. 

Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Reader’s ex, Dean Winchester 

Warnings: Cheating, Swearing

Content: Angst and fluff if you squint 

Word Count: 1774


Based off of White Liar by Miranda Lambert 

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1989 sexy thigh high boots with straps > Speak Now questionable knee high leather cowboy boots. Also she compensated by showing off her 8ft long legs in the 1989 tour

look i don’t know who you are or why you are trying to deny the perfection that was the whimsical and fairy tailesque speak now world tour costume design but i am more than willing to provide receipts 

we have the iconic purple dress pony tail side swept wavy fringe combo which for me at least is synonymous with the koi guitar and the incredible b stage performances that took place under the magical lit up tree

we have the BEAUTIFUL loves story ball gown which is probably my favourite thing she’s ever worn on stage 

we have this cute af dress she wore during enchanted 

not to mention this incarnation of it 

we have this severely UNDERRATED semi leather tattered red dress boot combo that goes off during haunted 

we have this super cute lacy dress she wore for mean

we have this glittery tasseled number which looks fantastic in motion 

and we have this little black number which is a bit more rock and roll and perfectly suits long live 

finally we have the back to December dress which is clearly lovely despite never getting a great look at it 

don’t even get me started on why the speak now hair is superior to any other hair BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME 

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Bellarke Fake/Pretend Relationship fics??

So this is the fake/pretend relationship tag and then here are a few more :

Stack The Deck  by winterwaters

When Clarke’s dad visits, she asks her friend and next-door neighbor Bellamy to pretend he’s her boyfriend to get her dad off her back. Bellamy agrees, though maybe he takes to the “pretend” part of it a little too eagerly.


And its sequel:

Show Your Cards  by winterwaters

Bellamy accompanies Clarke to her cousin’s wedding as her “boyfriend.” The day ends up being more eventful than either expect.



My Name is Bellamy, Not Flame Emoji  by bowlingfornerds

I’m your drug dealer and your parents seem kinda protective because they just rang me up asking who was cause I’m just listed as the flame emoji on your phone and i couldn’t think of anything to say so i told them i was your lover please still buy drugs off me I’m running out of clients



There’s a Little Piece of Heaven (Right Where You Are)  by Willaphyx

“I want you to marry me.”

Bellamy’s jaw dropped and for the first time, Clarke thought that maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea.

Clarke is being deported and Bellamy happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or a The Proposal AU.



the truth of labyrinths  by asexualravenreyes

Bellamy and Clarke looked at each other. There were hints of smiles on both their faces. Clarke recognized this a first. Bellamy recognized this as the beginning of a possibly huge mistake.

But Clarke looking at Bellamy with a smile on her face rather than with contempt, was a look Bellamy liked almost instantly. A realization both shocking and unwelcome.

“So…I guess we’re dating?”



A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll  by jukzi

It’s still dark out when her mother throws open the sliding doors to the bedroom and says, “Clarke, wake up. We have a situation.“

Clarke sits up and rubs her eyes. “What is it?”

Her mother shoves an iPad at her, and it’s open to People Magazine’s website. The headline is “Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake’s Texas Tryst: New Couple Alert?”

“Oh God,” Clarke groans.


Or, Bellamy’s a rock star, Clarke’s the princess of country music, and they make sweet, sweet music together.


The Beatles "Beatles '65"

Alex: It’s a big one, are you ready for it?

Me: You mean, like, long?

Alex: Not long, just hugely important.

Welcome to the Beatles section of My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection! And by section, I actually mean just this album. While Alex loves The Beatles (I bought him "Revolution of the Head“ for Christmas and he’s eagerly devoured every nerdy bit of it) he only has one of their albums on vinyl, which he just told me he’s pretty sure was his step-mom’s originally from when she was a "young lady.” Is that true, Sonia?

I also love The Beatles, but I didn’t really grow up in a Beatles family. My parents like them, but I don’t remember them ever playing their albums, so for a long time I just knew their radio hits. But I did grow up really liking the songs that I did know. I remember hearing “In My Life,” while watching The Wonder Years when I was about 10 or so and tearing up at how perfectly it fit with that show, with that time. “In My Life,” makes you want to be Winnie Cooper more than anything else in the world. I walked down the aisle to that song for our wedding and love it very much.

I did a semester abroad in Ireland my senior year of college and The Beatles always remind me of that time. I was lucky enough to find an amazing group of friends from all over Europe (and one amazing girl from Eerie Pennsylvania). Cami had brought his tiny little roller skate of a Peugeot over with him from France. It had a tape deck and the only tape he had had a bunch of different Beatles songs. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually album, but a mix he had made. We would cram five people into that car and play that tape over and over again, singing at the top of our lungs, pulling over every once in a while to take pictures of rainbows and sheep. I remember “Here Comes the Sun,” coming on more than once after a quick Irish rain shower, and the timing would never cease to amaze us. It’s happy music that you want to sing out loud with new friends that you’re just getting to know, but also feel like you’ve know forever. It’s music for when you’re in a car, far away from home and going on an adventure.

Since living with Alex though, I’ve really gotten to know The White Album and Rubber Soul and Revolver and have listened to The Beatles a lot more. But he will always know more about them than I will, which is fine with me, because whenever I have a question about them, he can usually answer it without have to go on Wikipedia. Sometimes Alex IS Wikipedia.

For example, I just asked him if this was an actual album and he told me that for the for first couple of Beatles albums, The Beatles didn’t really have a US record contract, so when they first started releasing albums in the US, their record label just sort of mixed and matched, emphasized the singles, and in some cases added effects to them. So “Beatles 65” has songs from “Beatles For Sale” and “Hard Days Night.”

The first song, “No Reply,” has that early rock and roll sound to it, but then during the chorus when they say “I nearly died,” they do it in this passionate, screamy kind of way that makes you realize that this is something different from early 1950’s rock and roll.

I’m a Loser,” has a little bit of a country sound to it, with some harmonica and twangy guitar. When the chorus comes in with all of them singing, “I’m a loser,” you can just picture them standing on the stage and singing it in a quintessentially Beatles way. It’s funny to think of the phrase “loser,” being around in the 60’s. I’ve always thought of it as such a 90’s thing to call someone, I guess because of Beck’s “Loser.”

I’m actually not familiar with any of these songs so far and I’m really enjoying them. I know “I’ll Follow The Sun,” already, but haven’t heard it in a long time, it’s really sweet and sad and pretty. “Mr. Moonlight,” is a cover that I’m not familiar with and starts really passionately singing “Mr. Moonlight,” in a scream. I really love that Beatles scream-singing, it always makes me feel excited and a little bit choked up in a funny way. Like, wow, that’s a good voice. This song has John singing, but I’m pretty sure that both John and Paul do it in their own unique way.

It sounds like a lot of the songs on this album have a strong country influence, especially the first one on side two, “Honey Don’t” which is a cover. “I Feel Fine,” really stands out as a great song on this album too.

This album is good. It has some solid hits and some fun covers. But so much music has come out that sounds like early Beatles that it’s hard to hear them as standing out. I think their later music sounds much more unique and while it was imitated too, it kind of stands alone. I’m sure I’ll listen to this again, but I’ll probably always gravitate toward albums like “The White Album” and “Rubber Soul.”

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A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll  ♪ ♫

Supernatural: Don’t Deserve You (Dean x Reader)

Summary: After witnessing the future version of himself, Dean worries that he will turn into the monster he saw.
Word Count: 600+
Warnings: Angst, Mild Sexual Tension
A/N: This takes place shortly after 5.04, “The End”. This is for @adriellej and @for-the-love-of-dean’s Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll Challenge. My prompt was Plumb’s song, “Don’t Deserve You”, which I used as the title, a line for Dean to say, and the general meaning of the lyrics for the fic (kinda).

My Master List is HERE.

(Gif is not mine.)

You woke to the creak and dip of the cheap motel bed. Swiping a hand over blurry eyes, you squinted in the dark and watched your companion head to the lone, cramped table in the room. A laptop hung precariously close to the edge, its corner dangling over. On top of that, a battered journal sat in stark contrast to the high-tech gadgetry below, well-worn pages sticking out at all angles. Numerous file folders littered the remaining table space. A half-full bottle of cheap whiskey stood tall over the clutter, the faint light from outside glinting off its curves.

“Dean?” You sat up, rumpled linen sheets pooling about your waist.

He ran a hand over his face, still turned away from you. You watched his shoulders lift and relax in a silent sigh. He reached over and snatched up a flimsy plastic cup - motel amenities, at their finest - and unstoppered the whiskey.

You slipped out of bed. The chill autumn air cut through the t-shirt (one of Dean’s old Def Leppard shirts) you wore and raised goose bumps down your bare legs. You ignored it. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay,” he said, voice rough. He poured himself a shot and downed it in one swallow. “I’m fine.”

“Bull.” You came up behind him and ran your fingers up his bare back. He was slick with sweat. “The dream again?”

Dean’s head fell forward. “You didn’t see it. You didn’t see me. I did. I was heartless. I led everyone - Cas, Chuck, all my friends - I led them straight into a meat grinder. They were decoys. And I led…,” he looked at you, jaw tight, words fighting to escape. “You were there, and I just let you go. You were an ‘acceptable loss’. I didn’t care.”

“No.” You grasped Dean’s jaw. “That wasn’t you. That was Zachariah screwing with your head. Showing you some twisted, monster version of yourself. You’d never do that. Not to me, not to Cas, not to anyone. That’s not you.”

He pulled free, turning away from you. He grasped the back of the motel chair, leaning his weight down on it. His fingers tightened.

“Are you sure?” Dean asked. “This job… sometimes I swear I can’t feel any more. I’ve seen it happen, y’know? Hunters that get so into the killing, that it’s all about the end game. They can justify anything, as long as they get the kill. ‘Cause they’re on the side of the heroes.” He let out a brief, sad laugh. “Who’s saying that won’t be me, one day?”

You wrapped your arms around him, hugging his back tight to you. “Because you’re strong. And you care. You care so much. You’ve seen horrors and evil, more than most other hunters, but you still care and you still love those around you. Most people would have quit by now, but you haven’t.”

“Maybe I’m too stupid to,” he answered. You heard a bit of his trademark humor color the words He reached up and covered your arms with his. Leaning back, he tightened his grip on you. “I don’t deserve you.”

You snorted against his back. “Bull. Again.”

He twisted around, facing you. Placing his hands on your shoulders, he brushed his fingers down your arms. “I’m serious.”

“So am I.” You shook your head. “Dean, after everything you’ve done, all the people you’ve helped, you deserve a normal life. More than most people, you deserve happiness. The normal life may never happen, but you certainly can have the happiness. I’ll always be here for you and don’t you dare try to leave me. Promise?”

He leaned forward, lips brushing yours. His hands slipped under your shirt, fingertips rubbing gentle circles in the small of your back. “Promise, as long as you never leave either.”

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Friends And Enemies

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Prompt: Rock #18 - Friends And Enemies by Biffy Clyro 

I used some of the lyrics and incorporated them into the fic. I didn’t follow the order of the song: if a lyric seemed to fit, I just used it.

Words: 1400ish

Warnings: mentions of torture and blood, angst, BAMF!Cas, fluffy ending

A/N: This is my entry for the Little Bit Rock’ N Roll Challenge by @adriellej and @for-the-love-of-dean.

Originally posted by counter-fobia

Even though they were angels, they were singing devil songs as they came down the hill, rapidly closing the gap between you and them. Their shouts and grunts sounded like a welded, twisted melody and shivers ran down your spine at their cries. You glanced over your shoulder, the choir of angels on your heels. The familiar flutter of wings made your head spin around again and your stomach drop, stopping you dead in your tracks.

“Hello,” the man in front of you said, dressed in a pressed grey suit. He had a dangerous glint in his eyes, the color of his irises like a backwards sunset, a golden curve around the edges. The angel reached for your arm and grabbed you tightly while his fingers dug into your flesh painfully, no doubt leaving bruises and marks. You tried your best to kick yourself free, but the man wouldn’t let go of you. As you peaked over your shoulder, you knew you couldn’t escape his hold on you anymore, your former pursuers surrounding you.

Everything around you turned black for a second, followed by a nauseous feeling rising up in your stomach. As you eyed your surroundings, you knew why. The angel had zapped you towards another space, the room dark and cold, water drops dripping down every few seconds. Other angels appeared as well and they helped to tie you down onto a chair. The chains felt like armbands made of concrete, heavier and more ponderous than any other restraints before.

You wanted to ask why they took you, what their plan was, but you already knew. They wanted to get to Cas. They wanted him gone and since you were his girlfriend you were his weakness. You knew what was to come: torture, pain and blood. You could pray for Cas to come and rescue you, but then you would only give these angels what they wanted. You didn’t want to be the reason Cas was killed, you didn’t want to ruin his life to save yours.

“Where is Castiel?” a female angel asked, her grey suit hugging her body at all the right places. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you smirked and earned the first of many punches to your jaw, the joint cracking at the contact.

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Any fake boyfriend/girlfriend relationships fanfics? Thank youuuu



(you can also try our fake/pretend relationship tag.)