little bit ill


so recently i hit 6k (well 6.5k+ now!) & mentioned that i wanted to do something for my followers, who have been supporting me throughout the wild journey that was The GCE O Levels, haha. 

sooooo i’ve decided to do blogrates, as well as doodle something for each of yall. the details on how to enter are under the cut!

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#that little smile on this face#he has literally never seen a girl like her#he believed in her and she did it!!??!!#look !!! at his face !! he looks so in awe of her#he loves her so damn much i’m??????#and the slow mo like ???? kill me rn#i’m d ead


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must

To commissioners: as my financial situation improves, all your payments are going to my savings to help me move out by (ideally) the summer. Thank you for your constant support <3

umm ok i just want to post about this boy a little bit and then ill let it be but like. so we basically had like a 20 hour first date and he lives. like an hour and a half? from me so i got there just after sunset and it was a little weird at first but then we kind of. actually what really swung things around was he cooked rice and broccoli for me and then we were sitting in his room talking about. how to qualify what is and isnt a hobby and coming up with rules for what makes something a hobby or not and i was like ‘is this math?’ and he was like. ‘in spirit, yeah’ and he was really sweet and. we took a bath together at 3 in the morning and he told me he thought that was the first bath anyone had ever taken in that bathtub. and he had a bunch of really silly stick n pokes on his thighs. and he rolls his own cigarettes. and this morning we went to waffle house and i asked him. if he preferred being called this nickname and he said yeah and that everyone called him his regular name at home but for some reason people had just started calling him the short version. and then i asked what he wanted me to call him and he told me i should call him by his real name.