little bird chick


Fledgling Little Owlets and parent. by jon winnan

The first thing I did when I saw the design was drawing the fanart like omfg he’s so cuuuttttttteee!!!!!!

At first I intended to draw Frisk but then I seriously shouldn’t have go through Core!Frisk tag…. (it makes my brain explodes btw…allthose paradox theory… and kill the grandpa theory….)

Bird Gaster design © @whatifgirl

Core!Frisk © @dokudoki

Peter smiled brightly as he looked up at the stars. Baelfire had just left and in came that positively annoying girl. At least she had brought two boys to join his ranks. The girl was being stubborn and he couldn’t be bothered to do much about it just yet, Having someone to disobey around was quite fun.

He felt someone coming long before they came into the clearing, his smile only widened when he saw who it was. “Well if it isn’t that annoying birds little chick, I thought she kept you on a tight leash.”