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I can’t sleep and I keep thinking about Louis’s posts tonight and like analyzing and doing a close reading and like why did he use twitter and instagram? Why didn’t he just tweet always you or just make the full phrase the caption of the instagram? And then I realized that this way the message isn’t just ‘always you.’ With the picture, it’s also 'always me and you.’


Why do I have such a weakness for cheesy love stories….

(Damn you, new episode of MLP D: )


Some doodles I saved up of the HTTYD girls

anonymous asked:

I've been gone all day so can you please tell me what happened with josh and mark? Also with Christmas and Dominique

Okay so Mark, who we all know is a giant bitch baby, got mad at Josh over a pool game because he thought Josh’s scratched on the 8 ball or some shit like that. So Elena’s citizen of whovile looking self jokes that Mark should throw the drink of pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face. Mr. Big Body Little Head actually throws the drink in Josh’s face and it got into his eyes  and nose.

Josh, having every right to do so, comes back and retaliates by throwing ketchup and mayo on Mr. My Head Is Too Small For My Body.  Things get heated and Josh comes for everyone, their edges, their parents, their cat and dogs, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. The house decides that this is a show and people gather around etc etc. Paul and Christmas show their asses during the confrontation and show they think they are better than black people. 

Eventually things cool down and Dominique and Trash Day have a talk. Holiday plays the victim in this conversation qwhite to the t. She tells Dominique how she was trying to hear her out, but Dominique just shunned her. When Dominique is trying to tell One leg peg the truth about her alliance saying she was the one who voted to evict Ramses, she gets mad that Dominique is part of everyone, like the dumb ass she is. She ask Dominique a question and when Dominique beings to respond she turns away talking about no you can’t talk to me.

Now, Dominique is a better person than I am because I would’ve snatched New Years’ crutches and shoved her ass in the pool, but we’re not talking about me. Anyways Grandparents Day is a complete and utter bitch to Dominique, and yes I said bitch, for no reason. Dominique obviously frustrated with the situation gets up and walks away.

Then Master Splinter’s rat ass gonna tell Christmas how she gave him a boner by shutting Dominique down like that when the GAG is, President’s Day, you’re the next one they want out of your alliance. 

Basically Little Head Big Body is a bitch baby. Columbus Day is an overgrown child, and rat man needs to shut up before he’s on TMZ for a second day in a row. 

And that’s what you’ve missed on Big Brother: Racism is Alive and Well 19

Jin’s! Excited! Talking! 

Big Hero 6 Appreciation Week

Day Three (May 16th)

Favorite Song/Score: Fred’s Angels

Harnessing the power of the sun with the ancient amulet they found in the attic. Mmm mmm mmm the amulet is green. Mmm mmm mmm it’s probably an emerald.  

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“Recording material for June the 1st, hey…. maybe you guys should block this account on Children’s Day (June the 1st)……..”

Trans cr; JS @ acrush-trans

Take out with full credit

So what happens if the stray cat you’ve been feeding grows far from what youve expected?

you get a tol overly possessive cat that wants to marry you

(im pretty sure she skipped a lot of steps)

plus the support from your best friends



Here are some exclusive variant “Little Big Heads” made by Sideshow.  Since the Silver Screen LBH’s started my monster collecting I am hell bent on owning every LBH that was ever produced.  The top are bronze editions from Toy Fair 2000.  Then we have a translucent green Creature limited to 2500 pieces and a translucent blue Frankenstein limited to 2000 pieces. All of them, as you can see are shiny.