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Dean’s Goodbye To Sam

Rant time.  Lets talk about this line:

Sam is shaking his head in painful denial here because he is SICK of “the drill”. Yes he does know the drill, that drill being saying goodbye to his brother before one of them dies.  That drill is gut wrenching and has happened far too many times in their lives.  Sadly Sam knows all too well the feelings that will soon consume him if/when Dean succeeds (and dies).  Those feelings are unspeakably horrible and because of this life they have led, these feelings have become an inescapable nightmare. 

“You know the drill” in other words “Sam, you know how to say goodbye to me.”  Sam shouldn’t know how to do this but unfortunately he does.  He cannot believe in this moment that he not only knows how to do it but is being subjected YET AGAIN to this horrifying “drill.” 

It’s moments like these on Supernatural that, even though I too am familiar with the drill, leave me utterly heartbroken. My body tensed and my eyes began to tear up at the sight of this so-called chick flick moment.  11 seasons in, Sam is a full grown man now and yet in this moment he looked like a little boy who desperately didn’t want his big brother to leave him.  Sam’s tired tearful eyes, Dean’s smile that he gives Sam to mask his internal fears and the I-don’t-ever-want-to-let-go hug left me weeping.  

People often say that Supernatural has gone on too long.  These people either don’t watch the show or watch the show without believing in it.   I believe in the Winchesters, I believe in this love they share, this indestructible family.  I am here 11 season later with the same (if not more) amount of love and admiration for this show as the day I started watching. It’s moments like this one that remind me of that love I have for this show.  Look at them hugging.  Just look. That is love right there and I could watch these brothers fight the good fight forever.  (No pressure Jared & Jensen! I don’t mean forever-forever!) Can’t wait for season 12.  Bye for now fam! 

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anyway im not answering any more bumblebee clusterfuck asks because frankly its boring and like its not up to me to decide whether hes a good or bad person in the grand scheme of things but i still think hes mediocre looking and like generally a boring white guy who shouldnt have been cast in roles meant for poc so bye bye thats my opinion, disagree if you like but i really wasnt looking for an argument lmao


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New Marvel Release for August 1st, 2016

Exactly one month from now we will see two new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets being released.

Tanker Truck Takedown (76067)

The first is an expansion of the Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) – a central scene in Captain America: Civil War – and is only being released now as it featured a spoiler on Spider-Man’s appearance. Besides him it also features Vision, Hawkeye, and once more Captain America. In my opinion it lacks a minifigure-scaled Ant-Man and a micro-scaled version of the same truck for perfect reenactment of the scene, but other than that it is a perfect set.

Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060)

The second set is from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie that will premier this fall and shows a little scene that besides Benedict Cumberbatch’s titel-character also features Karl Mordo and The Ancient One.

Both are very exiting sets to look forward to.