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Hi love !!! I can't stop reading ur writing. I was wondering if you had any other stories besides Heirs or Iron Lady for me to binge on. Thank you xxx

Thank you so much.

Well, if you’re on mobile, there’s a link in the blog’s description that will take you to the masterlist. If that doesn’t work, click here:

And if that doesn’t work either, go to your favorite search engine and type it.

It’s mostly one shots but there are a couple multi-chapters like

  • “Let’s embrace the point of no return” which is a crossover with Jared/Chris/Tom/Benedict.
  • “Skinny Little Bitch” Fassy/Hiddles
  • “One Million Bullets” HiddleStan (Unfinished yet. One chapter is still missing). 
  • “Mr.Leto will see you now” (Jared as a teacher) .

Wait… hold on… did you say binge on?

How can y’all do that? I mean, i’ve done it with a few good stories i’ve stumbled upon but i just… my brain cannot comprehend how some of you read my multi-chapters in one sitting. Especially those who just started reading Heirs. Like… it’s too much. Too long. Too much drama. I’m just… amazed and flattered.

Greetings! <3


inktober #3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (i think this is called cheating).  

Sherlock in a sheet, ballpoint pen in my large Paperblanks, about 6-7 hours. technically still a WIP, but i wanted to post, and hopefully start (and finish?) a different one tomorrow. thank you ♡


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie