little beforus

The Matriark

She’d mistaken it for a rust blood at first, but a second glance confirmed what her keen eyes had seen.  Kanaya looked around, making sure that none of the other jades were nearby, then bent to pick up the little wriggler.  It protested with squeaks and hisses; she was not his lusus, but she didn’t think he would have one.  He was red.  Bright red.  Incredible.

She drew the youth to her chest quickly, letting the glow of her skin die, exchanged for the cloak of darkness.  Her fellows would do anything to cull such a mutant.  Fight over the poor thing, maybe.  That was no life.  Being culled?  No, that was no life either.  Taken care of like a helpless cheese critter.  And not all were truly kind in their intentions, using those under their care as means to a higher position, neglected more than they were cared for.

The wriggler had stopped protesting, relaxing into her midblood warmth.  Their temperature wasn’t too different, it seemed.  Holding him for extended periods would not be an issue.  She caressed the grub’s face, pushing already thick black hair out of his face.

“Karkat,” she whispered.  “I will call you Karkat and you will live with me, child.  Now, let’s find you something to eat.”

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Her Imperial Radiance has ruled over Beforus since she over took her predecessor at only ten sweeps old, the youngest Empress in Beforan history. Of course, the young Empress could not simply rule entirely by herself, so she often consults with her right hand man and matesprit, Militare Atlantes, the highest ranking military official in the Beforan Army. While they adore each other, Her Imperial Radiance is quite aware of Atlantes’ lust for power and his meddling in dark magic. The Defender often warns her of her lover’s greed, but the Empress assures him that, while his concern is very heartwarming, she has her matesprit under control.

Just a little Beforus!Eridan and Feferi. Slowly coming up with my headcanons and backstories for everyone. 

The Gamekeep - The role of the Royal Gamekeep under Her Imperial Radiance’s rule was to hunt all of the grubs that would refuse the wonderful charity of culling. As the grubs were looking the gift hoofbeast in the mouth, it would be only fitting that the mouth would close on them, and force them to reflect on their ungratefulness.

Just felt like a little Beforus!Nepeta