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Kissing Strangers [NightmareOn3rdSt]

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“Eh, forget the bar. Let’s grab a couple of bottles from the liquor store, find a nice park, and play on the playground stuff until we’re too drunk. Then we just lie in the grass and figure out what constellations look like.”

Syd held out her hand. “Nice gloves, by the way.”

Furia nodded. “Sounds perfect. And thank you. Found them in a little shop down the way. Kind of made me giggle, though they don’t have nearly as much detail as Eli’s tattoo like this. But they are opera length,” she mused as she steered Syd back down the alley and toward the sidewalk.

Glancing both ways, she spotted a simple sign. It blinked erratically as the fluorescent light illuminating it buzzed and flickered. “Looks like a prospect just up there.”

She slipped her arm around Syd’s. Fully on board and taking the lead, even if the idea hadn’t been her own. “So, what’s you’re poison? If I recall you weren’t much for tequila the last time around,” she recalled. There was something to her tone. It sounded happy enough, but outside of her laughter earlier and a comment here and there, it really didn’t flash in her smile nor did it reach her eyes.

afterperfect replied to your post “Had a customer ask me to write a letter to her church saying she has…”

I’m trying to imagine the circumstances that prompted this request. �� (Also, had she ever stolen TP from you?)

She’s a little (a lot) batty. She legit got into my line just to ask me to do it. When she comes into the store I try to avoid her, because she makes me hella uncomfortable, because I never know wtf she’s gonna say and she tells me “god bless” like 500 times a conversation. But yeah, she’s the type to definitely swipe some TP from a place. We’re pretty sure she’s done it at the store. I’m thinking her church has caught onto her, too. 

It was all so awkward! I had a huge line of people and they were looking at her and then at me and the secondhand embarrassment was enough to kill me.