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Happy Birthday Lucy  August 6, 1911 - ∞

Most comedy writers consider themselves lucky if a star realizes 60% of the values they’ve written into a script. Lucy, somehow, returned about 125%. Unexpected qualities appeared out of nowhere. Little, human, ordinary, recognizable values. Inflections that were exactly the way your mother, or the lady bus driver used to sound. She was everywoman. Ask her to be a tough showgirl and you got back a broad who simply could not look and move like that unless she’d been pumping bumps and grinds in a burlesque house for twenty years. Ask her for royalty and she became a queen. And she kept astounding us that way. The audience never had the feeling that they were watching her act. If you looked carefully, you would marvel that every fiber in the woman’s body was contributing to the illusion. Her hands, her feet, her knees, every cell would be doing the right thing. This was an exceptionally talented young lady, and I don’t know enough superlatives to do her justice.”

— Jess Oppenheimer, writer, I Love Lucy

Gavriel and Aelin
  • Aelin: It's the middle of the night. Why are you awake?
  • Gavriel: Couldn't sleep
  • Aelin: I know what might help
  • Aelin: *singing* Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.
  • Gavriel: *sighs and walks away*
  • Aelin: Happy kitty, sleepy kitty purr purr purrr
I Don’t Mean It (pt 9)

Taehyung ran as fast as his legs could take him, not worrying about who noticed him this late at night on the streets. He couldn’t believe how all these events had played off. He couldn’t believe he didn’t trust you, especially when you told him that you didn’t do it. The image you crying kept replaying in his head as he ran towards the building. He was suddenly scared to approach you. 

He thought back to the conversation you both had months and months ago. You both sat on the couch, while you had the TV on in the background as the two of you chatted. That was the first night that Taehyung realized he had fallen in love with you. The way he was so comfortable to open up with you and how you felt the same about him. It was like a connection he never felt before. 

He remembered you saying that you value trust as one of the single most important things in your life. And once that trust was broken, it would never be whole again. 

Not only did he probably break your trust, but he felt like he broke you too. He remembered the words he yelled at you, now realizing how hurtful they really must have been. 

As soon as Taehyung reached his building, he was waiting for the elevator with what little patience he had left. Seeing as you both lived on the 8th floors, he thought the elevator was his best bet but it seemed to be taking longer than usual. Just as he was about to start running up the stairs, the door belonging to the landlord on the first floor opened. 

Out came a rather old man and Taehyung knew he had to at least say hello, even though he wanted nothing more than to run up. 

“Oh hi there Taehyung…you look rather out of breath,” said the landlord

“Oh…haha yeah sort of” said Taehyung, awkwardly fiddling with his hands, waiting to be excused.

“ must have been helping your neighbor bring boxes down!” said the landlord. This caught Taehyung’s attention. 

“N-neighbor?” Taehyung asked.

“Oh yes! That lovely girl next door to you boys. She said she was moving soon” said the landlord.

Taehyung didn’t even say anything before he rushed up the stairs, knowing he had to stop you at all costs. He ran to your door and before he knocked, he tried to catch his breath and tried to think of what he was going to say to you. He knew earning your forgiveness was no easy task, but you would always forgive him in the end…right? You both had a few small arguments here and there but you had always forgiven him without much effort on his part. Would this time be any different?

Taehyung finally knocked on the door, anxiously waiting for you to open the door. While waiting, he thought back to all the times you opened the door for him with the biggest smile on your face. Was he wrong for wanting that again?

He could hear the door unlock and he let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Thankfully you were home. 

“You’re ear–” you said, but stopped as you finally saw who was at the door. You were expecting the movers to come by today, but you were surprised to see Taehyung at the door. You gulped, wondering if he had wanted to come to yell at you some more. 

“’re moving?” Taehyung asked. He didn’t mean to start with that, but he couldn’t help himself when he noticed all the cardboard boxes that stood behind you.

You only stare at Taehyung, confused with the tone of his voice. You didn’t know what to say. “Y-yes” was all you could bring out.

“w-why?” he continued.

“I don’t have any reason to stay anymore” you said, tears starting to well up in your eyes again. Before he could say anything else, you tried closing the door on him, but he grabbed the door and pushed it back. He let himself in and you stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Y/N.. I’m so sorry” he said looking directly at you. His tone was guilt ridden. He almost couldn’t meet your eyes after noticing the tears, but he knew he had to stand his ground.

“For what exactly?” you say emotionless. If it weren’t for your tears, you could have been mistaken as a statue. 

“For..what I said before. I- I don’t know what I was thinking” Taehyung started, finally tearing away from your eyes as it was getting to much to take.

“You were thinking that I was some low-life scum who was only friends with you to make a few bucks” you said, finally letting the tears flow freely down your slightly rosy cheeks.

“No..I don’t think that of you. I didn’t mean it” Taehyung started pleading as he inched closer to you.

“No, you did mean it” You said, backing away when you noticed him trying to get closer to you.

“Y/N, please, i’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said the things I did…I’m so sorry” Taehyung continued. His stomach started to turn when he thought that there was the chance that you didn’t forgive him this time around. “I heard my manager. He said he made the whole thing up to keep us apart, Y/N please….” he tried again.

You snickered back. “So…you only believe me now because you heard the truth from your manager….otherwise you still wouldn’t have taken my word. Am I right?” you said, with a sudden anger surging through your veins.

Taehyung thought about it for a while, and he knew that a part of what you said was true. He didn’t believe you when you said you didn’t do it, and he knew that he didn’t plan to hear you out either. But a part of him also wanted to keep on holding onto you, even if you had betrayed him.

When it took him a while to reply, you continued “I guess I have my answer….please leave” you said, wiping the tears away from your eyes.

“No, Y/N please hear me out. Please, I’m begging you. Just forgive me this one time please? You’ve always forgiven me in the past, Y/N please” he pleaded, tears threatening to form in his eyes.

“You didn’t want to hear what I had to say, which I should do the same for you?” you asked as you glared back at him.

“I was dumb, Y/N you know me. I always make stupid mistakes, but you always found it in your heart to forgive me. Please, just this one last time, forgive me. I don’t want to lose you….There’s so much I wanted to tell you….” he said as his voice cracked a little at the last part.

You didn’t like seeing Taehyung like this. You always had wanted him to have that box smile on his face, and be the little ball of happiness that he was. But you didn’t know if you could ever be the same with him again. If he doubted you then, what’s to keep him from doubting you in the future? He broke your heart before you even had the chance of giving it all to him, before he even knew that it already belonged to him in the first place. Now, you were just trying to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart, hoping that one day it will be like it was before. 

The eerie silence once again filled the room. Taehyung tried to walk to you again, hoping that he just had you in his arms, you could find it in yourself to forgive him. But you stuck your hand out, signaling him to stop.

“No. Leave.” you said firmly.

“Y/N…p-ple” he started

“LEAVE” you screamed back. You let out your sobs and fell to your knees, not having any more energy to continue.

Taehyung wanted nothing more than to run to you and hold you. To let you cry into his arms as he would probably cry back into yours. But he knew that you weren’t going to let him near you, even in your current position. He didn’t want to, but he walked out of your door, finally letting the tears fall. His vision blurred from the tears as he walked back to his own apartment, just a few feet down.

He walked into the silent and dark room, not bothering to turn on the lights. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket, but he already knew that it was just the boys looking for him. 

Eventually, the phone stopped buzzing after a few minutes and Taehyung plopped himself onto his bed, finally letting his own tears fall freely.

He just lost you. He lost the girl who he feel so deeply in love with. He didn’t even have the chance to tell you how much you meant to him, or how much he wanted to make you his. Instead, he took the heart he wanted to badly and broke it. He didn’t know why chose to believe his manager’s lies, because deep down he knew you would never do something like that. But it scared him nonetheless. He thought that if his manager was right, then he would end up hurting. So he hurt you instead.

And now here you both were, lonely, in pain, and broken.

A/N: So like…The series is not over. For those of you guys who like pure angst, and don’t want a happy ending, then I suggest you stop here. In the future part(s), I’m writing with the intention of a happy ending. Do y’all want part 10? What do you think is going to happen to Y/n and Tae?! Let me know~ I love hearing from y’all. The support I’ve gotten from this one series has been amazing and it’s been so much fun writing for you guys. Part 1 has reached over 1.8k notes and I’m still in awe. 

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I met my aunties new puppy, Roxi, the other day, she’s so sweet and constantly on hyper mode. She’s very bitey and loves to play - I can’t wait for her to meet Millie.

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! I had this crazy idea I can't get out of my head: RFA+V & Saeran in some disney scenario lmao. But! They're the 'princess' and MC is the 'prince' :D Just a random example to illustrate my point: Jumin is a rich and bored prince and only his tigress Elly is bringing him joy, but then this sneaky plebeian girl rolls up singing 'I can show you the world' lol

This is a really creative prompt! Hope you like these~



  • Zen thought he was just a lowly boy in a household with his brother and mother 
  • His mother wasn’t the kindest of people
  • She made him clean a lot and she rarely let him leave the house
  • She never praised him for his actions, and always put him down for his looks
  • It grew to the climax when you, royalty, invites him to a ball
  • His mother locked him up in his room and refused to let him out, attending the party herself
  • Then one day, a fairy–er–godmother named Seven visited him and freed him from his room
  • Using magic, Seven dressed him in the finest suit and placed two glass roses in his suit pocket and sent him on his way
  • His beauty caught your eye, but there was something else about this man that intrigued you
  • You asked him to dance, and afterwards you both retreated into the nearby garden
  • You saw his kind heart and knew there was something about him
  • But then the clock struck midnight, and he rushed away from you in a fluster
  • A glass rose had fallen, miraculously intact on the stairs
  • You determined to find this kind heart someway or another
  • Meanwhile, Zen returned to his life unsatisfied with everything, but managing nonetheless
  • When he finds out you’re searching for someone with a glass rose, he’s ecstatic 
  • With the help of Seven, he manages to bypass his mother’s schemes and show you the matching rose
  • You two live happily ever after in a castle


(Sleeping Beauty) 

  • A prince with brown hair born to a kingdom and his name was Yoosung
  • His three fairy caretakers gave him gifts at his birth
  • Zen gave him beauty, which changed his hair to a bright blond
  • Jumin gave him wealth and wellbeing
  • Before the last gift could be given, an evil witch named Rika Morgana intruded and put a curse on him
  • So, as the last gift, the fairy V bestowed on Yoosung a blessing that made him go into a deep slumber instead of death
  • The king and queen still worried for their son, so they sent him with the three fairies to grow up away from troubles
  • Years later, Yoosung had a tendency to wander away from the small cottage
  • It was on one of these outings he met you, a princess from another land
  • He feels like he’s met you before, and instantly falls you *Cue Once Upon A Dream playing*
  • When he returns to the cottage and the fairies find out, they instantly separate you two to his chagrin
  • In his fit of anger, he runs away from the cottage and stumbles upon a castle
  • Morgana tricks him into pricking his finger and Yoosung falls into a deep sleep
  • But Morgana also pulled you in, luring you into the castle and becoming a dragon
  • She tried to kill you off but you persevered and slayed the dragon, suddenly motivated by saving Yoosung from his sleep
  • You rescue him by giving him true love’s kiss
  • You two return to the castle, reunite with Yoosung’s parents, and live happily ever after



  • Jaehee was in charge of a kingdom after your parents died
  • But she had these special powers that she was unsure of and didn’t know what to do with
  • So she did her best to suppress her power and hide…even from you
  • But finally the day came where she was coronated, and you two would finally bond…you hoped
  • You met a man there…he seemed amazing
  • He was a prince and you two just seemed to click, and his name was Jumin
  • But Jaehee disagreed when you said you wanted to marry him
  • The argument caused her powers to slip out and the whole kingdom fell in fear
  • So she fled, and you couldn’t catch up though you tried
  • On your way to find her, you met a tall, really handsome man who somehow joined you on your search
  • This man, Zen, seemed to give you advice about marrying a man you just met and how it was ridiculous and how men were beasts
  • He also had this quirky reindeer named Sveven
  • On the way, you also met this happy little ball of snow named Yoosung
  • With their help, you found Jaehee’s castle of ice and approached her
  • Things didn’t go well and you got shot in the heart with ice
  • Zen hurried you out of there to the magical trolls while Jaehee continued to detiorate in her fear
  • When he hears about the act of true love, he takes you home to Jumin
  • Only, Jumin betrays you for the sake of a kingdom and takes over for awhile
  • Finally, Jaehee embraces her power and before she can be annihilated by Jumin, you intervene
  • This act of love melts your heart of ice
  • You and Jaehee  bond again and everyone lives happily ever after



  • He was a prince who was locked up in an extravagant castle
  • His father wanted him to marry, but Jumin wasn’t thrilled with the idea
  • One night, he kissed his tiger Elizabeth the Third before sliding over the wall in disguise to see the city
  • Not knowing much of commoner ways, he soon got lost, but thankfully a peasant girl intervened and helped him through
  • He had never felt a connection with anyone before you and he found the night flew by
  • Unfortunately, you were caught by his palace guards thanks to his father’s evil advisor Sarah Choi
  • Meanwhile, Sarah convinced his father, by nefarious means, to betroth Jumin to herself
  • You escaped prison, in the meantime, and followed a Sarah in disguise to find a genie lamp
  • You entered a cave with your monkey Saeran and passed a few obstacles
  • You befriended a magic carpet named Yoosung and found the genie lamp
  • The genie named Seven offered you three wishes, so you started your transformation to be worthy of Prince Jumin
  • With Seven’s help, you appear as a princess and go to Jumin
  • Your first meeting is rough, but you take him on a magic carpet ride and somewhere along the way he founds out you’re the peasant girl from the market place
  • Unfortunately, so does Sarah Choi
  • She plans your downfall but ultimately fails
  • You and Jumin end up together after all, despite your varying classes, and live happily ever after



  • Saeyoung was a prince with magical red hair
  • As a result, he couldn’t cut it or the hair would turn normal
  • Because of this, he was kidnapped by a cruel woman and locked in a tower while she claimed to be his mother
  • He was never allowed to leave and didn’t have any friends but his chameleon Vanderwood
  • Still he had this longing to see the stars near the castle
  • One day, while his evil mother was out on “errands”, he made up his mind to finally leave the castle
  • But his plans were thwarted when a thief broke into his house while on the run from the castle guards and their dedicated royal horse Saeran
  • “What brought you here? Fate? Destiny?”
  • Your brother A horse.”
  • He makes an agreement with you that he would return your stolen crown if you took him to see the stars
  • You agree, though you try to get rid of him somehow
  • He has a bunch of mood swings, feeling happy at his freedom but also guilty for leaving
  • Unfortunately, you drag him into your own problems as you try to run away from your old partners in crime
  • Finally, you make it to the city where you reunite with your enemy…Saeran…who happens to be protective of Saeyoung
  • Still, since it’s his birthday you two get along and spend a day in the city
  • During this time, you realize you had fallen for him and you want to quit your old life
  • Your magical boat ride underneath the stars goes awry when Saeyoung’s mother intervenes
  • You get wounded, you cut his hair, but in the end everything ends up okay
  • You get free from your life, Saeyoung ends up with his happy family, and you live happily ever after



  • You never really fit in anywhere because you had magical powers that made you super strong
  • After seeing you struggle, your parents revealed that you were actually the daughter of a god
  • But Hades intervened and drained you of your divinity, but your powers still remained
  • With this information, you went to training with the best of the best…Zen
  • With his help, you got even stronger and better
  • On your very first mission, you came across a damoiseua in distress
  • Only…the boy could handle himself
  • You found out the boy’s name was Saeran, and you were completely infatuated with him despite Zen’s warnings
  • Hades finds out Saeran met you and suddenly traps him into another agreement
  • Saeran is forced to lure you into a trap where Hades can get rid of you forever
  • But he finds himself falling in love with you on the way
  • When you and Hades face off, Saeran sacrifices himself, getting himself sent to the underworld
  • Desperate to get him back, you venture there and pull out his soul from the pool 
  • In the process, you showed you were truly the daughter of a god and regained your divinity
  • With your newfound power, you sent Hades back into the underworld and are reunited with your divine parents
  • But…you wanted to stay with Saeran
  • So you gave up your immortality to stay with Saeran and live the rest of your lives happily


Winnie the Pooh

  • V is Winnie the Pooh
  • MC is Christopher Robin
  • Jumin is piglet
  • Seven is Tigger
  • Yoosung is Roo
  • Jaehee is Eeyore
  • Saeran is Rabbit
  • They all live happily…no drama happens…everyone has a happy ending

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Ghost RickMorty AU

Heyyyy remember that Ghost Rick in Pocket Mortys? Because holy heck, this just gave me an awesome AU idea.

Imagine a Rick who hadn’t met his grandson yet. Imagine that this Rick had visited the Citadel before and seen other Ricks with their Mortys, and he fell in love with these little balls of optimism and happiness before he got to meet his own. Imagine that he had made all the necessary preparations for his fist adventure with his Morty. Imagine that this Rick had carefully planned out what he’d do with his grandson, the inventions he’d use to impress the boy, the countless planets and dimensions he’d mark as possible locations for future visits. Imagine his anxiety and excitement as he daydreams about all the ways his first meeting with Morty would go.

Then imagine that this Rick died before he ever met his Morty.

Rick dies from a mundane incident that he never saw coming. When he comes back, noticing his own ethereal form and his dead body lying on the floor, Rick sobs. Not because he had died, but because all of his hopes of his first meeting with Morty was dashed to pieces. He would never be accepted like this. He would never have a chance to earn the love of his grandson. What normal human wouldn’t run screaming from a ghost? Morty would faint from the sight of Rick.

But even death doesn’t stop Rick from wanting to see Morty. So after figuring out where the Smiths lived, Rick moves in and starts haunting the family. He keeps watch over all of the Smiths, unseen and unheard. But no one got as much attention as his beloved Morty. Rick follows the boy, making sure that he’s out of harm’s way.

Imagine a really protective Ghost Rick guarding Morty from danger. He makes sure that his grandson stays out of trouble by doing little things. Like maybe tripping up bullies when they try to hurt Morty. Or shooing away a rabid dog that almost bites him. Or scaring away a dangerous mugger who was seconds away from pulling out a knife. Rick does this all without Morty ever seeing him.

It’s a hard job keeping the notoriously accident-prone boy out of trouble, but Rick’s determined to make it his (after)life’s work. It was the only way Rick could interact with his grandson. And though Rick never shows himself, Morty feels his presence in other ways.

Morty sees flashes of light and movement whenever something downright miraculous happens. Sometimes he feels something unseen yank or push him out of harm’s way. And at night, when he wakes up screaming from nightmares, he spots an ominous shadow standing by his door.

Morty’s understandably frightened. He thinks he’s being taunted by a demon that’s causing all his accidents and misfortune, so he starts hating whatever’s watching him. Morty tries to banish the demon, but of course this doesn’t work because Rick was a ghost, not a demon.

Ghost Rick, saddened upon learning that Morty was afraid of him, starts staying away.

It wasn’t until Morty gets hit by a car when the truth was revealed. He was lying there, bleeding all over the pavement, seemingly at the end of his life. It was then that Morty was approached by the glowing figure of the most beautiful man he’s ever seen.

The stranger collapses at Morty’s body, crying and cradling Morty’s head with his cold, cold hands.The man stays there for a long time, begging Morty not to let go and to keep awake for just a few more moments. Morty looks back in confusion, speechless and in awe by this man’s compassion.It was a struggle keeping his eyes open, but Morty manages it just to get a few extra glimpses of this mysterious stranger.

When help arrives for Morty, the man vanishes right before his eyes. The next thing Morty remembers is waking up in a hospital next to his relieved family. Doctors tell him it was a miracle that he had survived the accident. Morty thinks back to the strange man who he was now sure was watching him. He may not have known who the man was, but he knew what he was.

He was Morty’s guardian angel.

Rick’s eyes wells up with tears as he hears his grandson tell the story to his whole family.

On Saturday’s I do a 5k with my local running group in the park and Ginger comes with me. They’ve adopted her as their mascot. Look at this happy little fluff ball last week. They had 50+ pictures of her all over the Facebook page. Like, I’m holding her leash and they legit cropped me out lol

Misha Voice mail
Misha Collins

Okay….just received my gishwhes voice mail this morning.

I asked Misha to sing Sheldon’s Soft kitty song from The Big Bang Theory.

And he gave me this…..I fell off the bed when I finished downloading and hit play,like, really. Lmao.

Lyrics:  Soft cassie,warm cassie, little balls of souls. Happy cassie, sleepy cassie,pur,pur,pur.

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