little ball of fur


So hey.  As I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me is aware, I’m taking care of four pre-wean kittens right now.   There’s three of us at my work who take turns with them, but considering that they’re 15 days old today (woo!  made it past two weeks!) and I’ve taken care of them for ten of those days I’m pretty much the primary care-taker.

We’ve had them since they were 3 hours old.  They didn’t have any access to their mother at all, that we know of, and that seriously could be an issue since mama’s milk would have been super super good for them.

The kitten in the picture, Smudge, is the one I’m most worried about.  She’s the runt of the litter.  Her siblings are weighing in at 6 oz, almost 6 oz, and almost 5 oz, but she’s still barely over 3 oz.  She’s eating!  Don’t get me wrong, she’s totally eating!  She’s just very very small. 

And then today she started sneezing a lot.  Like, regularly.  I’ve looked up her symptoms online and consulted with people at the kitten foster message board that I’m on now and the consensus seems to be that she’s either got an upper respiratory infection or that she aspirated milk at some point and is developing pneumonia.  I’m seriously losing my mind here with worry.

There’s a low-cost vet in our area I want to take her to tomorrow.  Problem being, even with it being low cost, I can’t afford to take her in for an exam and swing whatever antibiotics they might prescribe.  Before you give me the side-eye, let me say that I’ve already put out close to $100 on formula, wipes, bottles and feeding supplies, and a crate for these little babies and when they’re 8 weeks old I’m going to be paying for them to be tested for feline leukemia and FHIV - that’ll be coming out of the paycheck I get next though.  I’ve asked my coworkers, but they’re all flat broke too.  The general consensus at work is that she’s going to die and I need to just let it happen.

I can’t.  I know there’s a very good chance of that happening.  I know that.  But I also know that I need to be able to give her the best fighting chance she possibly can have.

I guess I’m just hoping that maybe someone on my dash would want to signal boost this or pitch in something so I can get Smudge seen by a vet.  I’m figuring on around $100 or so, hopefully (although on the wild off-chance that I get more than that, it’ll go straight towards their FL/FHIV testing.)

In any case, my paypal is bunnymcfoo[at]gmail[dot]com and I’d be ridiculously grateful for anything you can spare or a signal boost.   I know money is tight for everyone these days so please don’t feel pressured - I just don’t know what else to do here.

Thanks guys.  <3