little ball of algae!


Siiiigh I’m gushing over the cuteness!
These little Marimo algae balls have stolen my 💜
This little water garden features Celestite and Rose Quartz!
Ready to go home soon.
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anonymous asked:

I have a question, I know goldfish and bettas are out of the question, but are there any fish that can survive/thrive in a 1 gal or less?

this is a fantastic question anon! :) thanks for the ask!

without really going into the surviving vs thriving debate (since they are two opposite ends of the pet care spectrum, imo), no fish can thrive or survive in a tank that is 1 gallon or less, and here are some reasons why:

1. Water Volume
not enough water to hold a stable cycle. maybe you could do daily 100% wc but not a lot of people are up for that much work, and even if you were up for that much work, that many water changes and that much moving and re-acclimating is a big stresser for the fish, which means they may not survive for v long even tho they have clean water.

2. Heat
No heater is small enough size-wise or wattage-wise to heat that small of a tank safely. any adjustable heater will be too big, physically, and any non-adjustable heater will most likely overheat the tank.

3. Space
Even if there was a solitary fish that was small enough to fit in a 1 gallon and be able to swim around, there wouldn’t be enough room to add an appropriate amount of decor and equipment and substrate – all of which take away from the actual volume of water in the tank.

If you happen to have a bowl or a container or a 1 gallon fish tank and you’re wondering what you can do with it, plants or inverts!! :D there are some really beautiful aquatic plants and you could even try a mini aquascape! :D Marimos are also a really awesome choice :) they’re little green balls of moss (technically an algae) and people actually keep them as little pets or good luck charms and decorate their tanks or bowls ^-^ You could even do a terrarium and possibly keep some terrestrial invertebrates like a praying mantis, small millipedes, pillbugs, etc! If you’re still stumped on what you can do with a 1 gallon, this post has tons of ideas! :)