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Dating Justin Foley Would Include

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  • “Tell the boys we’re dating, they don’t believe me”
  • Him being completely whipped for you
  • Which his friends constantly remind him of
  • His lockscreen is totally just a picture of you sleeping 
  • Lots of hand holding
  • Netflix and cuddle 
  • Knowing about his home situation, so he spends most of his time at your house
  • Wanting to scream at his mom and Meth Seth when he first tells you 
  • Trusting each other completely 
  • Drunk calling you when you can’t be at a party
  • Not letting you anywhere near Bryce
  • Hugs from behind 
  • Taking every opportunity to make out
  • Definitely arguing with Zach on who Justin loves more (It’s a tie)
  • Distancing himself from you because he thinks he deserves better until you tell him how much you love him.
  • Teaching you how to play basketball (you’re not that good but he just uses it as an excuse to put his arms around you)
  • Your parents loving him (and him basically moving in)
  • Respecting you completely when you tell him you want to wait before you sleep together
  • Offering you his jacket when you’re cold
  • Being a very handsy/touchy couple
  • Showing you off to his friends
  • Him loving to play with your hair
  • Long, sweet kisses
  • Watching all his games
  • Constant PDA
  • Occasionally him wanting to be the little spoon, especially if things are really bad at home
  • He’s definitely a blanket hog
  • Playing video games together
  • Not letting you out of his sight at a party
  • Even gets jealous when you hug Tony (your bestfriend)
  • Listening to music together
  • Dates at the cinema 
  • Nose kisses
  • Him giving you so many hickies, like oh my god
  • Hearing his morning voice
  • Being really close before you get together (basically best friends)
  • Nuzzling his face into your neck
  • Being his own personal cheerleader
  • Your hugs last forever
  • Making out before class to the point Zach and Hannah have to physically pull you away from each other
  • Dancing around together in your underwear
  • Movie marathons
  • Soooo much sex, like you literally can’t keep your hands off each other
  • Being there for each other through everything
  • He is definitely a kinky little shit 
  • Whenever you’re upset or angry, he’ll just kiss all over your face until you smile
  • Everyone loves your relationship
  • Loving each other unconditionally
  • Resting your head on his shoulder
  • Him getting teary-eyed when you tell him you love him
  • Meeting each other straight after class (if you didn’t have one together)
  • Zach, Alex, and Montgomery being so protective of you because you’re like their little sister
  • Getting promise rings

A/N: Okay, I’m done I promise, I know I went a bit crazy. If you guys want, I can do other would include’s if you like. For example, Sex with…Would Include, Being Married to…Would Include. Imagine requests are closed but headcanon requests are open.

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Ehi, what about Spencer taking care of his girlfriend? Something like she's sick and she can't do anything 💜

She had surgery, that way she can’t really do anything, plus she is in the hospital. I hope you don’t mind. Love the request, thank you so much!

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A groan of pain left Y/n’s lips as she tried to sit up in the hospital bed. Spencer Reid shot up, suddenly wide awake, his book falling of his lap. “Y/n, you shouldn’t move! Let me help you.” He exclaimed as he hurried to you. “Spence, I’m fine.” Spencer raised his brows. “You just had surgery. I don’t think you are fine.” He continued helping her sit a little bit in the bad and covered her with the blanket. “So, how are you feeling?” Spencer asked with a soft smile. “I just feel splendid. Like someone would feel after being stabbed in the heart by several scalpels.” Y/n said with a smile. “Your heart wasn’t even touched with a scalpel.” Spencer started his lecture. “Shht. I know you are smart, no need to brag.” She said with a chuckle. She better hadn’t, she felt pain raising from her stomach to her chest. “Are you okay? Why are you making that face?” With a pained expression she spoke. “You tell me, smart boy.” “I’ll get a nurse.” He said worried. “No, don’t you dare, Spencer Reid!” She took a deep breath and felt the pain ease. “I’m fine now. Just can’t laugh.” Spencer wasn’t content with her answer. “I’ll go and get some ice.” He said and he got up but didn’t leave until he had kissed her forehead. She smiled a little, she was lucky with such a boyfriend. 


A few days had past, and Y/n could go home. She was’t allowed to lift or do anything, really. Spencer was super worried about her, she couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. “Spence, I can walk alone, you know.” He sighted. “I know, I just don’t want you getting hurt.” Y/n kissed his lips softly. “I can go to the bathroom on my own. But… You can cook dinner?” She grinned and patted his shoulder. “You can choose what we eat.” And she walked slowly to the bathroom. She was in pain, but the grin was still on her face. 

When she walked into the kitchen, she saw Spencer cutting up some food. She smiled and hugged his back, arms around his waist. “I am making soup. Is that okay?” Spencer asked as he turned around, hugging her back. “That’s fine by me!” She giggled slightly, and noticed the pain in her stomach and chest was much less then first. “Go to the couch.” He said with a chuckle. “I’ll bring it to you.” Y/n pecked his lips. “I’ll wait.” 

Block B reaction: You're watching scary movies and he yells to scare you and you jump into his lap


None of these gifs are mine yo


After you jumped into his laugh he laughed at how much he had scared you and wrapped his arms around your waist. He tried pulling you closer but you ripped his arms away from you and grabbed the blanket to sit on the other side of the couch making him to pout and regret it

“Wait no come back”

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He was laughing at your reaction but after you cuddled into him and slapped him in his chest because you were really scared he felt a little bad. He apologized to you and grabbed a blanket to wrap around the both of you for the rest of the movie. he’d still be laughing tho

“I shouldn’t have done that I’m sorry”

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He felt absolutely no regret for scaring you but he was in love with the fact that your first instinct was to reach for him. Knowing him he would try to scare you even more just to mess with you because he’s Jaehyo and hey, the possibility was there

(Y/N) did you hear that from the kitchen oh my gosh what was that?“

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He was not expecting your reaction at all. As soon as you landed on his lap he laughed and apologized instantly. You gave him a dirty look and swatted his hands away when he tried to bring you closer to him. He promised to make it up to you in the only way he knew you would forgive him

“I’m sorry jagi I’ll buy you food later”

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This little shit would act like nothing happened after he scared you and just keep watching the movie. You gave him a look and in return he gave you the most innocent look he could. He wouldn’t be able to hold it in though and the both of you would start laughing.

“Okay okay I did it” no duh

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Minhyuk is the type of guy that will scare you and as soon as you jumped into his lap would start flirting with you endlessly. Even though the reason you jumped is because HE scared you, he would make it seem like you were the one that wanted to sit on him

“If you wanted to be closer to me you could have just asked”

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He thought scaring you was a good idea until you jumped and landed on him while swinging your arms around and almost whacking him on the face. He laughed and was in the process of telling you how mean you were until you gave him a dirty look and joked that you didn’t like him anymore. All he could do was give you this look:

“Girl you know you love me tf”

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Suiting Up (Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes x Red Beetle!Reader) (Part 2)

(Part 1 here)

A/N: In which everything happens at once~





    The wind whistled in your ears while you flew. It was strangely soothing, blocking out any sounds from the city below and allowing you to enjoy the view in something like silence.

    <I do not have an opinion on what you eat. That is fully up to 


    Almost like silence. 

    “I know, Scarlet, I was joking.” 

    The beetle stayed quiet after that, like it was considering your response. 

    It took only a short time to fly back to where you were staying. It was on the edge of town, a fairly quiet area that didn’t get much attention from…anyone, really. Definitely outside the area where Blue Beetle’s team was most active. 

    You swooped through the window of the top floor of a disused office building. The window had been left open, and it had taken little effort to get it to open wider so you could climb in and out of it. It led into a small private office, which you’d filled with odds and ends to make it…well, not cozy, but…comfortable. 

    Turning the desk upside down to make a bed was really the largest part of your improvements. It was upside down, pressed against the wall to make a little nook that you’d padded with a few blankets. It wasn’t much but it was enough to cocoon yourself in at night. 

    In hindsight you felt a little bad about taking the blankets from a local homeless shelter, but they were intended to save the homeless from freezing. And since you’d run away from home…you were technically homeless.

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I love your headcanons, they're so cute and adorable and make me smile. Can you do Bluesey pregnancy? Or even with a baby or children but especially the pregnancy part because I saw many Bluesey with kids headcanons but barely anything about that. Thank you <3

Hello, anon! Thank you for your lovely words, I live for validation lol. I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply to this. School started back up for me and I’m a bit overwhelmed right now so to anyone else who sent me a prompt: I promise I will get to it at some point this week, but please be patient.
Anon, I would like to thank you for this amazing prompt. So, without further adieu, I give to you: Bluesey+ pregnancy
• blue and Gansey are in their mid to late twenties when blue gets pregnant
• it’s totally an accident. not planned At All.
• But blue is beyond thrilled when she finds out.
• I imagine blue trying to come up with a cute way to tell Gansey but everytime she goes to tell him it doesn’t feel like The Right Time or the moment isn’t Just Right but after a week or something she just goes “fuck it” and one night when they’re laying in bed nose to nose, right before Gansey drifts off to sleep, blue whispers “I’m pregnant”
• no response comes and blue dejectedly assumes that Gansey probably fell asleep (he didn’t) and then she starts to wonder if he’s in shock or panicking, but then this nerd starts crying
• gansey is lowkey sobbing and he keeps saying “I love you so much blue, I’m going to be the best dad there ever was, ohmigod there are cells inside of you that are growing into a person and you and I created it, this is amazing and unbelievable and i love you so much” and he’s giving her sloppy kisses and hugging her like he’s never letting go and he’s just so happy happy happy while blue is just like “jeez, gansey, calm down” but obviously she’s ecstatic to see him so enthusiastic about their baby
• blue wakes up the next morning and reaches for gansey but he isn’t in bed and when she goes to look for him she finds him on his computer looking at baby books and what you should and shouldn’t do while pregnant, etc.
• blue threatening to kill gansey when she gets morning sickness really bad
• “this is all your fault! Control your gansey next time, Dick! Or maybe I’ll just cut it off!” *vomits into the toilet and tries to smack gansey away when he goes to take care of her*
• but of course he does take care of her. He’s so soft with her. Kill me,,,, I can’t,,,,, the feels,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,, , ,
• gansey would be 1000% over-protective. you know this. i know this. we all know this.
• “blue! you shouldn’t be lifting heavy objects!”
• “fuck off gansey. I’m not even showing yet”
• when blue starts getting a belly!!!!!!!!!
• gansey just always wants to rest his hand on her little tummy because his “bABY IS IN THERE Blue can you believe it!!!!! We made this precious creature and it’s growing inside you and it’s ours, it’s ours!”
• ofc gansey talks to her tummy but blue only lets him talk about Glendower on rare occasion
• pregnant people crave weird stuff at weird times and gansey is very adamant about “if you suddenly want ice cream or nacho cheese or soft pretzels in the middle of the night, wake me up and we’ll go get it.”
• okay, so four months into the pregnancy blue wakes gansey up at one in the morning and of course he’s all like “Jane? Is everything alright are you hungry can I get you anything do you want some water?”
• and after he’s finished being the nerd that he is blue just says really softly “if it’s a girl, I want to name her Persephone” and gansey relaxes back into his pillow and tucks a strand of blue’s hair behind her ear and says “of course. I love that.”
• “and if it’s a boy….. I want to name him noah”
• “I love that too”
• “also, I really want spaghetti”
• gansey goes out and buys spaghetti
• blue making her own maternity clothes and gansey is still just so obsessed with putting his hands on her belly because it makes his heartache in the best way possible to see his love carrying their child
• the baby kicks for the first time while Gansey is out and blue calls him on the phone laughing hysterically because the baby just kicked!!!!! the baby!!!!!! just!!!!!! kicked!!!!!!
• gansey immediately drops everything and rushes home so he can feel his baby kicking and he legit starts sobbing when he feels it and blue can’t even handle him he’s just Too Much Sometimes
• okay, but when blue finally gets around to telling her mom about it after announcing the pregnancy to gansey, she shows up at fox way with a lil bit of nerves in her chest and takes Maura into the backyard to tell her she’s pregnant and then Calla’s voice comes through the open window saying “Jesus Christ. It sure took you long enough to tell us! We’ve known for weeks!”
• and blue just sort of huffs and mumbles something about psychic visions ruining surprises
• when they tell Adam and Ronan about it Ronan just goes “Ew”, Adam glares at him, and opal asks where babies come from but obviously Adam and Ronan are so thrilled for their friends and they’re super excited to “meet the little bastard. Emphasis on little because these are Maggot’s genes we’re talking about here”
• blue puts so much time and effort into the nursery
• likes it’s artsy af and absolutely adorable and homey and i guarantee you that at some point Gansey walks into the room while blue is sitting on the floor painting leaves on the floorboards and she has a smudge of paint on her cheek and the tips of her hair also have paint on them and she’s sitting there in this oversized white T-shirt with her belly showing and getting in the way a little bit and gansey just has to take her in his arms and kiss her because he’s so in love with her and she’s just too cute
• gansey totally flips out. From the moment blue told him she was pregnant he started reading pregnancy books like he used to read books about Glendower and he’s always telling blue every little thing he’s read and blue keeps telling him to Chill™
• but then at eight months it really hits blue that “holy shit, I’m having a baby. This is my first baby. I don’t know anything about taking care of a baby!” and so blue and Gansey spend the last month of the pregnancy screaming into the void and worrying that they’re going to screw up their child
• but then the baby comes along, a little baby boy named noah, and both of them are so happy and at ease and in love with each other and their newborn baby
• after blue delivers the baby gansey wants to hold it so bad and when he finally gets the little bundle of baby and blankets in his arms he just starts to weep and seeing gansey cry makes blue cry and then when everyone comes in to see the baby they start crying again and soon everyone is crying except Ronan is standing there rolling his eyes at his loser friends
• but then Ronan gets to hold his nephew and he starts tearing up
• “fuck off, Parrish. I’m not crying because I’m happy I’m crying because this baby is,,,,, so,,,,,, fucking ugly”
• it’s actually the cutest baby ever in existence
• “maggot, how the fuck did you get this thing out of your tiny body? It amazes me that you were able to produce another human when you’re practically child sized yourself”
• as soon as Adam has the baby in his arms he decides right then and there that he will be the coolest uncle and he will do anything for this child. Anythinggggg.
• I just imagine blue and Gansey spending so much time looking at their little baby as blue holds him in her arms and leans her head on Gansey’s shoulder and he just keeps alternating between kissing the top of her head and kissing their babies’ nose and cheeks and his ten tiny perfect fingers and ten tiny perfect toes
The thought of these nerds having a baby Destroys Me, okay. These two are too cute. This ship will legit be the death of me.

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All thoughts flew out the proverbial window once those vines wrapped around him. He even forgot about his embaressment. "Taller than you? You must be a foot or so taller than I am" He couldnt imagine anything taller aside from an actual tree. He found himself running his fingers gently along the vines as they wrapped around him "I never thought vines would provide warmth.."

Laney closed his eyes in contentment, scooting closer to Idiris. The elf’s own body heat was providing a nice feeling to his vines. When was the last time he had ever hugged someone close? Possibly never. It was nice. 

“Oh, I’m glad I could provide you something,” he laughed a bit. “I felt a little bad that I didn’t have any blankets.” 

He let out a sigh, and ever so tentatively reached out a hand to grad the elf’s. “Would it be weird to say that I’ve grown very fond of you?” 

He held his breath, thinking he overstep his bounds. 

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Ahh, first of all I need to tell you how amazing your work is!! ^-^ If you don't mind, I'll reqest a scenario (I don't care if it's long or short). Can you write Xero comforting you after a bad day? Again, thank you so much for your scenarios! c:

Thank you so much!! :* 

And you’re welcomeee!! ^^

-admin p

“Babyy! I’m here!” You heard Xero say from the front door. You groaned out a response that you were sure he hadn’t heard. You flipped over onto your side and covered your head with your blanket with another groan.

 “Babyyy” He said again bounding happily in to your room. He stopped and looked at your covered figure with a head tilt.

 “Are you ok?” He asked taking a few steps forward. You shook your head under the blanket.  You felt the bed dip from his weight when he sat down next to you.

 “What’s wrong?” He asked softly pulling back the blanket a little. You shrugged and nuzzled yourself closer under the blankets.

 “Bad day?” He guessed from your lack of response. You sighed and looked back at him.

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once upon a time i thought about writing a freaky friday au. it never got past the first chapter. but here is the first scene, i guess, since i’m never going to finish it! cleaning out the ol’ docs ;^)


Spirit Albarn rubbed his eyes and tried to ignore the squirming beside him. A kiss was pressed against his neck before smooth hands smoothed over his bare hips, long fingers hooking over his thighs.

Huh, that was odd. He didn’t remember taking anyone home with him. Sure, the fight with Maka had left him dejected and discouraged, but he definitely didn’t recall drinking or flirting. The thought of rolling around in bed with a woman seemed counterproductive, especially after being accused of being a dirty rotten cheater who cared about One Thing only… but alas, maybe his foxy good looks had swayed another fair maiden.

Life was hard when he was so attractive and young.

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New Beginnings {38}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing…..I think that’s it. I’m sorry if not

Words: 2,261

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24,25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

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Dean doesn’t really have a choice about the whole ‘dance’ thing—literally every other eight grader is going and his choices at this point are be a social pariah for the rest of school year, or man up and show his face.  It’s like the worst Catch-22 ever.  Dean doesn’t want to go—dances are freaking lame. This whole thing is stupid. 

Friday night should be spent lounging on the floor with Cas, Charlie, and an extra large pizza, haggling over which Blockbuster rental they’re gonna watch first.  Instead he’s getting dressed up for this extra awesome foray into social awkwardness.  He tugs at his sleeves and glares at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.  Everyone’s gonna be acting weird, just like they have all freaking week, giggling and talking about what they’re gonna wear and who they’re gonna go with like it’s the biggest freaking deal. They’re not even gonna have good music—he’s gonna suffer through Celine Dion all freakin’ night.  Jeeze, Dean doesn’t even know how to dance.   

“Aw, sweetie,” his mom insists, smiling and straightening his tie, smoothing down his shirtfront.  She doesn’t really need to do that because it’s already ironed and pressed, so that the collar feels too tight around his neck, “You’ll have fun.”

Dean rolls his eyes, and shuffles his feet, but he doesn’t swat her hand away when she brushes a stray hair off of his face, cups his chin in her hand, and call him her ‘handsome boy.’

Sammy is more excited about this than Dean is, but that’s because Sammy is ten and he thinks it’s so unfair that you have to be in sixth grade before you’re allowed to go to school dances—Dean envies him his youth and innocence. 

His mom takes pictures and his dad ruffles his hair. 

“Go get ‘em, champ,” his dad says when he climbs out of the Impala, “have fun.”

It’s not as bad as it could be.  It’s just their school’s gym, with ugly paper streamers and funky lights and a DJ.  It smells like the gym; stale sweat and lemon scented floor wax. Charlie is already there by the time Dean walks in, and she runs up to him in an Iron Man themed dress and a smile, dragging him over to where she and Benny and Victor are already hanging out, well away from the throng of kids bouncing to the music (if you can call it that).  Dean catches sight of Ash near the middle of a throng of seventh graders, screaming and whipping his mullet around gleefully. 

Standing on the sidelines isn’t too bad—they’ve got snacks: little pigs in a blanket and these freakin’ delicious mini-Philly cheesesteak things, and pretzels.  People flit in and out throughout the night—Charlie goes off to dance with Dorothy, turning tomato red and mouthing “OH MY GOD” back at Dean as she follows her onto the dance-floor (Dean gives her a thumbs up and mouths back ‘good luck!’)—Ash stops by and downs a cup of fruit punch because ‘Doctor Badass needs a little pick me up,’ Victor is commandeered into dancing with Bella (who, honestly, Dean thought had better sense than to participate in this shit, when he mutters as much, it turns out she’s not too dignified to stick out her tongue at him).    Garth tries to get Dean and Benny to come out to the dance floor, “C’mon, don’t be shy guys; it’s fun”—but Garth thinks that Celine Dion is a revolutionary singer and his opinion is therefore, at best, suspect.    Dean’s fine right where he is, thanks.  Benny, awesome friend that he is, sticks by his side…until Andrea shows up making goo-goo eyes, and, well, Dean’s not that much of a dick. 

Dean figures this is about as okay as its gonna get; his friends are happy, he’s got the tray of mini-Philly cheesesteaks all to himself, Crowley and Meg and their crew are holed up on the other side of the gym, and if he doesn’t pay too much attention to the music, this whole experience is relatively tolerable.  Dean thinks that’s all he can really expect, which is, of course, when things take a turn.

“Hello, Dean,” he hears at his back and he turns, smile on his face to greet Cas, except, shit—Cas is like, not Cas.  He’s dressed different for the dance, like Dean has, except Dean looks like a doofus in his tie and his nice shoes, and Cas, well, Cas looks…really freakin’ awesome with his white shirt unbuttoned a bit, and his dark washed jeans, and his hair mussed and spikey, and Dean just…sort of short circuits for a second, with a cheesesteak forgotten halfway to his mouth, his eyes bugging out of his head, his palms starting to sweat, and some weird fluttering sensation in his stomach that has absolutely zero to do with how many snacks he’s had.

Cas, for his part, cants his head to the side and frowns slightly, forcing Dean to realize that he’s staring and hasn’t said shit.

“Uh, heya, Cas,” he blunders, “Cheesesteak?”

Charlie chooses that exact moment to come over and unknowingly rescue Dean from himself (for fuck’s sake, Cas is a vegetarian and Dean knows that…what is wrong with him?). 

Dean watches Charlie throw her arms around Cas and the two of them start a riveting conversation about Zelda.   He might be having an epiphany:  Cas, his best friend since Kindergarten (when Alistair and his douchey first grade friends ganged up on Dean in the sandbox, and Cas stormed over and miraculously took the three idiots out, and then pulled Dean up and over to the swing-set without saying two words), is actually freaking cute and like beautiful and shit (can you say that a guy is beautiful or is that weird?  Dean’s not sure, but he doesn’t have another word besides awesome for the way Cas is making his skin tingly and his heart beat too fast every time he smiles…nah, that’s not right, cause Cas is always awesome, so now he’s like super freakin’ awesome and…hot, and Dean is starting to regret the delicious cheesesteaks because he feels like he might hurl). 

Cas probably thinks Dean has lost his fucking mind because every time he says anything, Dean sort of gapes, unable to form words around the overwhelming magnitude of his revelation.  Charlie keeps glancing between them as if she’s solving a particularly difficult puzzle, and Benny is too wrapped up in Andrea to really notice anything else.

“What?” Dean starts, shocked out of his reverie, which has something to do with the way that Cas has really dark eyelashes.

Cas shakes his head, “I asked you if you would like to dance…I think it’s the last one.”

“Uh,” Dean thinks that the butterflies have multiplied by ten at least; they’re making it hard to breath, “Uh, sure, yeah.”

Cas smiles small and shy before he offers his hand to Dean.  Dean takes it, blindly, reaching, worrying about how his palm is sweaty and hot, and probably gross, and Cas is gonna think he’s nasty—but Cas just leads Dean out onto the floor.  Not in the middle, but over to the side. It’s a bit darker here, and he doesn’t have to worry about idiots elbowing him (he only has to worry about not stepping on Cas’ feet, which suddenly seems really difficult and mildly terrifying).   

“Relax, Dean,” Cas says, and it’s the same calm, soothing, no time for bullshit voice that’s soothed him through nightmares and comforted him when he broke his arm last summer, and stayed up with him all night that time his mom and dad fought so hard that Dad left and slammed the door behind him—and Dean, despite himself, feels less like he’s gonna die, feels calm around the butterflies, and grounded despite his frantic heartbeat. 

Cas takes the lead, he places Dean’s hands on his waist, he places his own on Dean’s shoulders and they start to sway.  It’s only then that Dean realizes that they’re slow dancing, at a dance, which is like a big deal.  Then he realizes what they’re slow dancing to and he snorts. 

The Lion King?”

“I like the Lion King,” Cas counters, “and so do you…as I recall, you spent three weeks humming Hakuna Matata at every opportunity.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get cocky.”

Dean can’t shove him, because he’s got his hands on Cas’ waist, so he pinches Cas’ side instead, which causes him to yelp and squirm, ticklish bugger, and end up even closer to Dean, so that Dean can smell that Cas has put on cologne. 

“Thanks for, ah, asking me to dance,” Dean says, with Cas’ face only inches from his, blue eyes sparking with laughter, “I don’t really know how.”

Cas ducks his head; his hair brushes Dean’s chin as he does so, and Dean’s heart starts beating like a Bug’s Bunny cartoon. 

“I think you’re doing okay,” Cas says, still looking at his shoes, his arms are warm and heavy against Dean’s shoulders. 

Dean isn’t sure why he does what he does next; it’s like he’s possessed, like Mufasa descended from the clouds and gave him a sacred order or some shit, but he takes one hand, and uses it to tilt Cas’ chin up, so that they’re eye to eye—that he’s done a million times before, but this—brushing his fingers against Cas’ cheek so that his eyes fly wide, and gently, quickly, leaning forward to press his mouth to Cas’—that is brand freaking new.  It lasts maybe a second, just a touch of his lips to Cas’, which are full, and cool, and slightly chapped, but, in that second, fireworks explode behind Dean’s eyes, and the butterflies in his stomach have a freaking rave, and his heart explodes into confetti, and when he pulls back, Cas looks exactly the way Dean feels, feaking gobsmacked and awesome.

“That was—” Cas starts.

“Awesome,” Dean finishes.

Cas grins bright and fucking happy, like that time Dean made him a lumpy chocolate birthday cake from scratch with “Happy Birthday Cas” written crooked in blue letters and Cas tackled him in a hug and almost cried.   While Dean is marveling at how fucking gorgeous he is, and that Cas should smile like that all the time, Cas leans forward and slots their mouths together again.  It is even more fucking awesome, the second time, and it definitely lasts more than a second.

Elton John is asking if they can feel the love tonight, and Dean is pretty sure that’s exactly what’s happening. If Cas holding his hand on his way to the impala, and shyly kissing him on the cheek before he clambers into his sister’s car is anything to go by, so he can feel it too.

Stuff all the finale speculation, I want another season of Clara and Twelve.

Is that too much to ask??

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What's the best advice you could give to a fellow INFJ? Just general life advice? Thank you, keep up the awesome work!

Let it go. 

*starts singing Frozen*

No but really, we can all learn from fellow (suspected) INFJ, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Letting go of what others think of you and expect of you is a very important lesson that I think a lot of INFJs should hear. Regardless of whether you’ve seen the movie or plan to, the basic gist is to learn to love all the parts of you instead of trying to hide them. Hiding who you are, even your weaknesses, causes damage not only to yourself but to those around you. But this doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the ones you love and harden your heart to the world in an attempt to never care what people think. The point isn’t to not care what people think in the kind of disrespectful way that people usually react when they say they ‘don’t care,’ but to love yourself and others regardless of their perceptions of you. They could be wrong (if few others agree then you can bet they probably are) or they could be right (and you might have to readjust your self-concept) but either way you should love yourself no matter what they say. With maturity we learn which parts of us can be worked on (like maybe punctuality for example) and which parts can’t be changed (like say sensitivity). What we decide to work on though should be based on which qualities we have that only hold us back. Then we can become aware of those ‘faults’ that we’d like to change and realize that they can be seen as a positive. So you’re sensitive? Try calling it having ‘emotional depth’ instead. So you’re stubborn? Call it ‘staying true to your beliefs/convictions.’ So you’re idealistic? Call it ‘dreamer.’ So you’re an introvert? Call it ‘reflective.’ There’s a positive way to view everything and you might as well learn to love (and laugh at) who you are now because it’s just simply easier (on everyone) when you do. And so what if you want to try to be perfect or better or you always want to improve yourself? You’re ambitious. That’s part of you too. You can use it to your advantage. Use your perfectionism to propel you towards your goals instead of beating yourself up over things you can’t change. The truth is all of your ‘weaknesses’ can be advantages when used the right way. And it’s much easier to change your view of yourself then it is to change the model (not to mention it’s better for your self-esteem and relationships). 

But this all gets easier as we get older. So just don’t worry so much. Or better yet, accept that you’re totally a worrier but that’s okay and everything is going to be okay. 

…I still feel like there’s way more advice I could give…um…

1. Find your passions and dedicate hours to them (which means carving out lots of free/alone time and cutting out the unimportant things)

2. Pay attention to the people that make you feel good and only spend your time and energy on them

3.  Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself

4. Understand that everyone has their own history and is fighting for what they believe in too

5. Always be kind, especially if you’re having a bad day

6. Enjoy the little things (tea, blankets, fresh air, fainting goats)

7. If you’re not sure? Journal. 

8. Still not sure? Journal.

9. Journal. 

10. Pay attention to your daydreams. They not only show you what you want the most for yourself but they can also help shape your future. 

…Okay I’m going to end it there because I’m at ten (even though I would like to write more). 

I will probably think of approximately thirteen hundred thousand more by text post Wednesday. 

Stay Awesome

sword-swallow  asked:

I have a question. In one ask you said that nobody can use the N word unless they're black. Can I ask why they're allowed to say it but not anyone else? It seem like just a bad word to use at all that it shouldn't matter who is using it, it shouldn't be used. If I'm correct, it's just like two other people calling each other bitch because they're friends and they're allowed to. Right? I enjoy reading your blog btw, it's very educational.

Your comparison is off base. No one besides black people are allowed to use the N word because it is black people and only black people that were/are victimized by the word. As a black person, one has the option of whether or not that’s a word that they want to use, because you’re right in that it’s a word with a horrible history. 

A lot of people find the act of reclaiming a slur empowering. And the redefining of the N word in black communities is to re purpose a word that has been used (and is still used) to demean black people specifically. 

There are many, many words that I have no desire of saying, because those words weren’t used to demean people like me, and I have no purpose saying them.

And lastly, I’m a little curious why you need me to validate the blanket-“badness” of the N word. Honestly, I feel that with any slur, if it would never have been used against you, and you understand the history behind it, there’s no reason to feel compelled to use it or feel the need to know about its potential appropriate uses. 

As usual, followers, feel free to chime in. 

anonymous asked:

I think I speak for everyone, in the Caryl fandom, that we are in desperate need of a beautiful story from you. Your style of writing is brilliant and really encompasses how these characters care for one another. The prompt is anything that shows their love. Maybe when they make that realization, that they love each other, that would be a wonderful moment. Thanks!!

It ended up a little floofy, but I figured that wasn’t a bad thing XD

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