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I’m rewatching the entire series over the summer - not only because my memory bank is in dire need of refreshing, but because what else are we supposed to do during hellatus? Meet up with friends, go to the park, enjoy the sunshine? *snorts with derision* (okay I’ll be doing that too) (I’m not staying in all summer watching SPN and writing meta) (*shiftiest eyes*) I wanted to do this as part of this awesomeness and will attempt to catch up. If I can’t: *shrug* What can I say? Real Life and all that. Yes, friends in the park with sunshine. (be honest) I work. A lot. Of the hours.

But to make it up to you, I’ve planned THIS

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No, I’m not going to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and come to your house and shower you with champagne. (or am I?)  No, don’t be silly - I can’t do that! Instead, I’m going to encourage you all to drink! By introducing the Spectacular and Penultimate and so very Necessary Drinking Game. (*SPNDG for short) For those who do not partake of the alcohol or for those of you who are underage there will be soda pops involved. (considering how much I curse I sincerely hope each and every one of you are of age)

You with me here? AWESOME! This will be us come end of summer:

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Though possibly not quite so fishy… Either way, we’ll be ready for S13, peeps!

So, I had this ambition to do this Snapshot Commentary thing for each episode, getting through one or two a day. This post has taken me four days, the hours I’ve had to invest interspersed unevenly at best, and @margarittet was nice enough to do the maths - my ambition would take me over two years to fulfil at this pace. Yah. And as I lack a Time-Turner (god I wish I had one WHY JK ROWLING??) I may just have to watch the series as planned and write meta on the episodes that stand out as deeper narrative beats, both plot and character wise. Fuck. I already know there are so many of them. But I’m excited to get started! Writing this meta has been so much fun and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know I’m probably repeating stuff someone else has already said, but do you know what, I haven’t gotten to say it, so I’m saying it for myself now. Keep a lookout for them drinking prompts, because that means fun times up ahead, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. (remember nesnej) (oh god we’re all gonna get sloshed) (or very, very high on sugar)

Here we go!

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So I'm getting a new lovebirb on my birthday, on November 21st , i already picked a name for new birb, it's mimi, whats cool is that they give out baby pictures of the birb u pick out, so ill be sending mimi pics when i finally get the baby! I hope you get them on that day. (I'll be 22) xD

AAA, congratulations on your soon-to-come baby~ I love when lovebirds are little. This is Sammy about a month after I got her. A little fluffy baby. :)

Chirps from Sammy~

He didn’t even want a new baby. When his mom brought him home from kindergarten and told him she had a surprise he thought he was gonna get a new toy, but a new sibling? Where was the fun in that?

Jimmy from his class just got a new baby sister - he said that she cries all night and gets all the new toys and his mom and dad are always with her.
Dean didn’t want a new baby!

Mom told him he’d like the new baby, that he’d have a new friend to play and share his toys with, but his toys were his! And he has plenty of friends he doesn’t need a new one.

It all changed when mom had put little baby Sammy in his hands. He was real wrinkly and made a stupid face at the beginning, but then, he opened his big eyes and stared right at Dean - and he just knew that Sam was going to be his best friend, and that Dean will always take care of him.

“Hey Sammy” he whispered and wiggled his finger at the baby, and Sam grabbed it, like he said “hey Dean” back at him.

There and Back Again (Part 4)

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Summary: Recuperating from the shifter hunt means down time and a long conversation with John. Dean wants to go on a hunt without you.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: mild angst and language, mention of death 

A/N: welcome to part 4! Mostly fluffy stuff with John and a little angst with Dean. Not much action, so maybe I’ll get part 5 out for all you lovely people this weekend ;)

This is a series! Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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"On November 2nd 1983, Don't Get Out Of Bed" (Don't Make Me Go Down That Road Again)

Ever since Dean took the Mark of Cain, I’ve been thinking about Dean’s mindset in the current narrative and how everything that happened in his past shaped him into this disturbed, lonely man who can’t think anything better of himself than this:

9x10: “Come on, man. Can’t you see?  I’m poison, Sam. People get close to me, they get killed… or worse. You know, I tell myself that I help more people than I hurt. And I tell myself that I’m… I’m doing it all for the right reasons, and I… I believe that. But I can’t - I won’t drag anybody through the muck with me. Not anymore.”

I have been talking a lot about how I believe that Dean has reached his lowest point so far, how he is losing himself, spiralling into a bottomless pit of self-loathing… and it breaks my heart a little bit more every time I think about how it all traces back to that night on November 2nd, 1983. 

I think, deep inside, the Dean we know is still stuck inside his paralysed 4-year-old self… smoke filling his lungs, feeling fiery heat on his skin, his mother’s screams echoing in his mind, holding on to baby brother… and waiting for his mum and dad to come out and save him.

But instead of being rescued he is left alone all his life, clinging to Sammy, trying (and failing) to find his way back into the comfort of his mother’s arms.

I imagine 4-year-old Dean standing outside his burning home, clutching at his little brother (which is the only actual warmth he feels in that moment that isn’t deadly fire). He’s in shock, frightened, confused: he’s just seen his Mum screaming on the ceiling, has heard his dad yell orders at him with wild panic in his eyes, feels sudden responsibility thrust upon his shoulders, has to swallow everything he feels in order to keep his arms around little Sammy - little smiling baby Sammy whom he just kissed goodnight a few hours ago. He wants to go back and find his Mum, make sense of what he’s just witnessed, wants to feel her tight embrace and her warm, loving eyes reassuring him that everything is going to be okay… but everything around him is burning and his dad’s frantic order keeps replaying in his head…  he holds on to Sammy and he runs as fast as he can - just like his dad has told him to.

(please mind the trigger warnings mentioned in the tags)

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Pairing: Sister!Reader

Words: 841

Request: Can I request a fic where the reader is the Winchesters little sister (doesn’t really matter what age). But she has to get her wisdom teeth out and she’s all loopy and acting weird when the boys bring her home.. Bruh I’m shaking rn I haven’t eaten all day.. I’ve been cleaning idk why XD - Anonymous

Author’s Notes: Anon, eat! I’m now your mom so you have to listen to me. :) I hope you like it! The reader is based off how my sister and I felt after we got our wisdom teeth, I felt like shit and my sister was high on life the second she woke up. If anyone has any request, send them in! – Haley xx

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“You nervous?” Dean asked me.


“Uh huh,” Dean laughed.

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“Happy birthday Sammy!” you screamed together with Dean, Castiel and Charlie.

Sam’s eyes widened in surprise while you ran to him with a gift in your hands. You gave him a tight hug.

“Happy birthday baby. I got you something.” you smiled, handing him a box, wrapped in colourful paper.

Sam thanked you, before unwrapping the gift. His eyes shined and he couldn’t hold a smile when he saw the gift. It was a first edition of his favourite book and you spent weeks tracking it down.

“Thank you so much baby.” he hug you tightly and placed a kiss on your lips.

“Getting a little old Sammy, huh?” Dean chuckled and handed Sam his gift. “Happy birthday Sam!”

Castiel came next, hugging Sam awkwardly and handing him a small gift. “It’s for protection. Very old and very effective” he explained.

“Thanks Cas.” Sam’s smile widened.

Charlie came last. She hugged Sam and messed his hair a little.

“Happy birthday Sam.” she handed him a wrapped box and placed a kiss on his cheek.

All four of you spent a wonderful night and Sam looked happier than ever before.



Full video of Beyonce at 7 years old performing home. 

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