little baby hamsters

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Would dialogue 14 + Phichit work for you?

“I know we’re a hamster family but what would you say to us getting a guinea pig? Just think of it Phichit! Our little baby hamsters being dwarfed by a guinea pig buddy! It’ll be so cute.” You gushed, already imagining the adorable Instagram opportunities. 

“You’ve gotta stop doing that.” Phichit said. 

“What? We don’t have that many pets.” You argued. 

“No, saying things that make me want to kiss you.” He clarified with a smile. 

“Oh. Well in that case, never!”

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Dinner time! This is my new little hamster baby ❤️ Also named Rufus, l just really like that name and so that’s why all the boys get that name. He is a lively and curious little fella. Still getting used to his new home though. Speaking of home, l still haven’t received the wooden cage l ordered a month ago ☹️