little babbies

So I mentioned the other day like… the elf village being near LazyTown, right?

What if little babby Sportacus ran off to LazyTown one day to play, because I will never believe he wasn’t a tiny hellion who was always getting into trouble, and while he was there he ran into little babby Robbie and they spent a wonderful day playing together before Sportababy’s parents figured out where he’d run off to and came to take him home?

Finally after a span of busy months I got the chance to beat Earthbound!
im not much of an rpg person but holy EFF this game was awesome
i had like no intentions of playing the other two games before i played Earthbound (maybe Mother 4 too if im that interested??) but now i plan on playing them soon c:

So while I was Drawpiling I drew this and it just NEEDED to be colored.
sorry for adding furry art to the Mother 2 tag but i plan on posting ACTUAL fan art of the game soon lel

first girl crush, thirteen years old


i met her in the dance studio one fall,

over a sea of friends in their heads, over

bored texting thumbs and messy hair

i’d never seen anything like her before.

i was young, i couldn’t imagine how

a girl could hold so much gravity

walk with so much purpose,

caress my hands when she talked.

she gave a bit of herself over to me

in every conversation, her bad jokes

tight hugs how she stroked my hair

when she hugged me after shows

she blew my mind,

how she could give so much light

to all her friends when

i could only burn enough light

for one.

she was so open, laying laughing loud blue

dress hair falling back onto the floor

she was everything i ever wanted to be



so what could i do with girls like her but fall,

after i met her in the dance studio one fall


yeesh these guys are taking over my life… when i start school again in the summer, i hope i have enough free time to keep up with the new eps of steven universe and gravity falls. (PS for all you awesome followers- I’m going to upload a big painting with all of these babbies real soon! it’ll be in the ‘truffs art’ or ‘truffs fanart’ tag.)