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You are so awesome

Thanks, but I’m just doin’ my job!

I mean, someone’s gotta bring these hidden wonders to light… I merely do my duty for the good of mankind. 

Uhh, sure!

I remember in the early days, I had notifications on for likes & reblogs… if I did that now, I think my phone would melt.

This is what the activity looks like on a good day, but without any post blowing up crazily… just normal traffic of SDM fans enjoying their shenanigans.

Well, when I was a little babby–

(Pictured: me, as a little babby)

–I would watch old Scooby-Doo episodes, screenshot weird stuff in them, and make a lil’ presentation of it in (hopefully) funny ways to my family.

Only difference is that now, the SDM family includes the internet, and went from being 4 viewers to 51k+. Same difference.

Yay! See, this is why I picked Cyber Chase for 50k.

I saw so many people ask about it… obviously, there’s a lot of fond memories surrounding the movie. I was 6 at the time and missed it, but now I get to relive it through all of you, wonderful mistakes and all.


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hi ≧◡≦ i really liked your fanfic! can you write high school sasuke pining over naruto? thank you uwu

HI AWW THANKS! glad you liked it hehe it was fun.. and sure! i can write a small thingo. hope you enjoy!!


Sasuke thinks he’s doing pretty well hiding his crush, eyebrows furrowed and mouth turned down into a grimace. It’s how he hides it, you know? The whole ‘being angry all the time’ thing. An escape. If anyone asks him about it, he’ll chew their head off. Really, he’ll do it.

The crush has kinda faded to become this absentminded that exists in the back of his head. Something that he files away as being constant. Unchangeable. The fact that he feels this way for Naruto is unchangeable, boisterous laughter and all. The fact that Naruto will never reciprocate these feelings is also unchangeable, heterosexual man-hunk and all.

He’s gotten used to it by now, and he hides his feelings away when he sees the blonde in the corner of their gym with a wide grin. Naruto’s smile used to be blinding but Sasuke’s managed to get a grip on himself now. It’s really not too hard when—

Holy fuck. Okay no. It’s still blinding, Sasuke realises, blinking his eyes wildly. That was unexpected. He may need to see the doctors to get a new dosage of Naruto-smile-suppressants. 

“Hey Sasuke!”

His voice is thick and gravelly, a little on the high pitched side. Sasuke turns around somewhat awkwardly, bouncing on his heel as he tries to curb his (admittedly) excessive enthusiasm.

“Hn. Dobe,” he replies as usual, because it’s probably illegal to respond in any other manner.

“Want to get something to eat after school?” 

You see, Naruto isn’t his enemy. He’s nothing like an enemy. Maybe they used to have weird feelings for each other in primary school but that’s changed since. One day they put it all past them. Naruto isn’t his enemy. He’s Sasuke’s best friend.

And that only makes everything so much harder.

“Okay,” he responds mopily, trying to calm down his excited, nearly tachycardic heartbeat. “Is Sakura coming?”

Naruto eyes him with a, ‘yeah, of course she is’ because she’s his girlfriend and why wouldn’t she come? 


And Sasuke just sighs because whatever, heartbeat finally slowing. Best friends forever, right? 


Just throwing it out there that it makes sense in the Musketeers/Versailles timeline for those two old gays (Porthos and Aramis) to have mentored those two baby gays (Phillipe^2). And this is approximately what they would have looked like when they all knew eachother.

Just gonna throw alllllllll my headcannons out there (they’re based on a combo of both shows cannons, and history trufacs):

Porthos survived that war, but Elodie ran off with his pension, so he stayed a musketeer. (They knew each other for like….4 days. No way that was gonna work. Puh-lease.)

Aramis kinda fell out of love with Anne when she stopped being the sweet, protectable thing that he falls in love with so easily and became the manipulative bitch that she historically became. By the time she gives birth to Phillipe and starts neglecting him, Aramis and Anne only speak when they’re having massive arguments. And they have famously massive arguments about the boys.

When Anne begins sleeping with Cardinal Mazaran, all 4 of the Musketeers aboutndiednof the irony.

Porthos and Aramis low-key got back together. Athos called it and D'artagnan owed him drinks for a month.

After he returned from the war, Porthos became the Musketeer in charge of 4-year-old Phillipe’s personal security. He fell in love with the sweet little boy instantly and became his surrogate dad.

Phillipe is actually Aramis’s biological son, just like Louis.

That time that Anne left Phillipe behind to be captured by the Frond, Porthos fought his way through the occupied area singlehandedly and walked out with his little babby. He also never really trusted Anne again after that incident.

Aramis isn’t sure that Phillipe is his son because Anne won’t tell him, but Porthos knows cause “he’s cute, and a flirt, and a good shot, and kinda gay. Of course he’s your son.”

Porthos taught Phillipe how to defend himself because Louis’s friends used to pick on him for wearing dresses. That’s why Phillipe is a hell of a fighter. He learned from Porthos.

That’s also why he’s a boss-bitch in battle. Porthos trained him.

Phillipe wanted to be a Musketeer when he was a little boy. He even had a tiny blue musketeer cloak that Constance made for him for his 6th birthday.

Milady gave him a poison hairpin one time to help him “take care of himself”. Phillipe still has it and wears it on dress days.

Because Louis became a little shit once he became king, the Musketeers adopted Phillipe as their fav instead. They taught him to ride, and fight and shoot.

Phillipe came out to Porthos and Aramis when he was 11, after he caught Porthos and Aramis kissing behind a hedge one day. Porthos’s exact response was “Yeah….I kinda already knew that.”

Porthos HATES most of Phillipe’s early lovers cause he thinks they’re creeps. Particularly the Count De Guiche.

Porthos initially distrusts the Chevallier, but Aramis convinces him to give the Chevallier a chance because “he recognizes some of himself in the boy” (cause they’re both man-hoes. But they have good hearts.)

The Chevallier eventually becomes the only lover that Phillipe’s musketeer dads approve of. Mostly because he accepts their sweet babby Phillipe for who he is.

But the Chevallier will always be low-key scared of Porthos…..because he’s HUGE.

The Chevallier did NOT realize that Aramis and Porthos were kinda gay for each other and when Phillipe told him he just gaped like a fish for about ten minutes.

Right before Aramis died, he finally told Phillipe that he was his father, and that he loved him, and was so proud of him, and Phillipe was so happy to finally have a parent that loved him.

And everyone lived gayly ever after.
The end.

So that’s my little contribution to Versailles and Musketeers.