little b o y

me abt kravitz: I want to see my little boy :D

Griffin, showing off a drowning kravitz for like a Second: here he comes :)

me but getting increasingly more worried: i want to sEE MY LITTLE B O Y



Our main main character. Our little smol bean. Our ahoge man. Our hero. Our hope. Happy birthday to Makoto Naegi!


@ the psychic glass divider on the heptapods ship in the arrival

some sciencey guys with all kinds of beepy computers: alright guys we gotta stay 45.7 cubic meters away from the divide to ensure the safety of our team and we must be careful when addressing these other worldly beings so as not to inadvertently cause an intergalactic as well as worldwide war w

me w my face pressed against the glass: 🎵I WANT TO SEE MY LITTLE BOY~!! (here he comes!!) I WANT TO SEE MY LITTLE B O Y~!!🎵

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momma momma could i pretty please have some wally west + chubby!reader headcanons?

O H B O Y @shayara @badassladysif @hireasummersbrother

  • You get a little bit jealous that he can eat whatever he wants and still the same size
    • He can be a little oblivious to that
  • He’s the sweetest thing about it, if you’re ever feeling self-conscious, he’s always got something to reassure you, that yes, he does love you, even if you’re bigger than him
    • “There’s more of you to love!”
    • He is always ready to shower you with affection and kisses if you’re feeling down
      • Well, actually he always wants to shower you in affection
  • He offers to take you running with him but that is definitely not going to happen because you don’t want to look like a fool in front of him
    • He actually did get you to go once but it didn’t work out so well
    • Wally barely broke a sweat but you were sweating like a pig with your shirt sticking to you in unflattering ways
    • “C’mon babe! Just one more mile and we’ll go home.”
      “Wally, I love you but I don’t think I have another mile in me.” You’re exhausted, mouth dry and stinky and your tongue heavy and practically unable to form the words. Wally holds the back of your head and ducks down to press a soft kiss against your forehead.
      “How just half a mile and we’ll go get a milkshake?”
  • He loves your thighs and belly so much
    • They’re the perfect pillows for him when he clocks out after a long and exhausting fight.
    • He will spend hours tracing patterns onto the soft skin of your belly and pressing kisses over your stretchmarks.
  • He adores your stretchmarks
    • He likes to think of them as lightning bolts.
      • “I have actual lightning when I run, you have lightning on your skin. We’re a perfect match!”
  • No matter what you’re wearing, you always look beautiful to him

a-shy-anonymous-little-blook  asked:

O-oh, S-Seymour, a n-new b-bow! Y-you look r-really g-good in g-gold! I t-thought you should k-know that b-bow looks r-really pretty on you!

Seymour: “Oh, this? Thank you… it’s, eh, not just a nice bow, but also a pride flag. A little like Caddy’s big gay bow tie, but for one of the, uh, lesser known letters of Pride.

“My, uh, reasons for having it aren’t exactly obvious to monsters that don’t know much about my species? But I try be proud of that part of me… even if it’s just for one month of the year.”

niconozomaki  asked:

can you list some daisuga hcs for them with their kids/suga pregnant with dais pups? :')

Ok so Suga and Daichi fuck like rabbits. Almost every time Suga isn’t pregnant he’s getting impregnated. They’ve had six pregnancies in succession to their deciding to have kids (which was at about twenty-two, fresh out of college). Suga works from home as a writer when he’s not wrangling children, and he’s frazzled most of the time, but he still loves every single one of his children and of course his alpha. 

Ok so I said they had six pregnancies, but they have more than six kids. Two of Suga’s pregnancies popped out twins. So they have ten kids. They actually had to move house twice to fit all of the children before they said fuck it and redid their house to accommodate. Most of the children share rooms, however, they’re all under six, and so they spend a lot of time snuggled up in Suga’s nest with him and they all fall asleep in a big heap with Suga at the bottom. 

Daichi used to be overprotective of Suga, especially during the first pregnancy, but after a while, he gives him a little leeway (a little. Only a little). 

B o  y does it cost a lot to raise ten kids. 

Good thing Daichi has a goo paying job. He’s always tired, though, and he’s lucky Suga gets really horny when he’s pregnant. 

So many kids. They’re not the only ones in the pack that have kids, but theirs are definitely the oldest, if only by a couple years, and so the Sawamura kids are usually “in charge” when the adults are having fun. 

They usually babysit Chikara and Ryuu’s adopted triplets, and often have play dates with Kinoshita and Narita’s oldest, who’s in the grade two years above her because she’s really smart, the grade one of their kids are in. 

S o many kid s 

  • [Ladybug voice]: chat noir? UGH i can't STAND him. what a DORK. he is just the most annoying- [trips and hundreds of chat noir pictures fall out of pockets] w-what an unreliable idiot listen ok these aren’t mine i don’t even like chat i’m just [trying to gather them up frantically] listen i— just listen [thousands of chat noir pictures spill out onto the floor] fUCK i’m just i’m holding them for a friend ok ju-just listen

                                   “So baby come light me up and maybe I’ll let you on it
                               A little bit D A N G E R O U S but baby that’s how I want it.
                                A little less conversation & a little more ( touch my b o d y … )
                                   ‘Cause I’m so INTO YOU, into you, into you… (X)”

The little  shopkeeper - 小店長