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Break a Little - Part One

Summary: You’re an Alpha Female, and that means your entire life you’ve been an outcast, an abomination. It’s been so long you don’t remember what it is like not to feel raw, angry and hurt. You’re aggressive, a little wild, and don’t play well with others. So when your only friend’s brother Dean calls and says Sam is missing, you are hesitant to work with him. After all, you have always been alone.


Characters: Alpha!Reader, Beta!Sam, ??!Dean

Pairings: Alpha!Reader x ??!Dean

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: language, fighting, self hate, a/b/o dynamics, no smut yet but there will be some eventually ;)

A/N: This is my first A/B/O fic and I would like it to be a small series. 

You sit at the bar, consumed in your own little world. The whiskey you sip on is just fuel, fuel for how much you hate everything, hate what you are, who you are, how you hate the world around you.

It’s after a hunt, and just like every single damn time the violence has you on edge, running on adrenaline and nothing can fix it, nothing ever will. But the hunts themselves are good for you, they help focus that rage that is always there.

“Hey gorgeous,” some asshole sits beside you, and you wind him first, a fucking alpha.

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Break a Little - Part Three

Summary: Dean’s secret is out. You are bitter and angry as Sam tries to protect his big brother from you


Jill’s Masterlist

Characters: Alpha!Reader, Beta!Sam, Omega!Dean

Pairings: Alpha!Reader x Omega!Dean

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: language, fighting, self hate, a/b/o dynamics, no smut yet but there will be some eventually ;)

A/N: This is my first A/B/O series and I would love any feedback. I took some creative leeway on some of this. A special thanks to @sofreddie for being so amazingly supportive.

Also the Song I half based this on (LINK HERE) is a must listen. I don’t know, it just gives me angsty feels

“You’re an omega.” You can’t believe it. It isn’t processing completely as he pushes against your arm, trying to get out of your grip but you refuse to let go.

“You’re not sick,” you mumble, feeling like you are in some trance as your eyes wander over his face, “you’re in heat.”

Hands grab you from behind, locking yours behind your back, pulling you away, “Dean! Get out of here!” Sam shouts, restraining you.

Dean doesn’t move, just keeps staring at you.

“Dean! Go!” Sam yells again, harder this time and Dean jogs away reluctantly. You start fighting against Sam’s grip, finally getting your wits about you.

“Let go of me!” You growl, squirming against him, “Let fucking go.”

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Our main main character. Our little smol bean. Our ahoge man. Our hero. Our hope. Happy birthday to Makoto Naegi!


me abt kravitz: I want to see my little boy :D

Griffin, showing off a drowning kravitz for like a Second: here he comes :)

me but getting increasingly more worried: i want to sEE MY LITTLE B O Y

Break a Little - Part Two

Summary: You work with Dean to try and find Sam, but there is something off about Dean


Jill’s Masterlist

Characters: Alpha!Reader, Beta!Sam, ??!Dean

Pairings: Alpha!Reader x ??!Dean

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: language, fighting, self hate, a/b/o dynamics, no smut yet but there will be some eventually ;)

A/N: This is my first A/B/O series and I would love any feedback. I took some creative leeway on some of this. A special thanks to @district-12-erudite , @ikeneasul11 and @sai-kida134 for beta-ing this for me and giving me great feedback. Also thank you @sofreddie for being so amazingly supportive

Dean doesn’t move.

“Are you gonna let me in?” You sigh.

He still doesn’t budge.

“Listen, I’m not thrilled about this either. Your little brother never exactly mentioned you were an alpha too. But I’m here to help, so let me the fuck in or tell me to get lost.” You growl, aware that people might be staring out their windows by now with how long you’ve been standing there.

Confusion crosses his face for a second and then he clears his throat, “Alright, come in.”

He moves to the side, looking left and right before shutting the door and locking it. You take in the room, the newspaper clippings pinned to the wall and red yarn connecting them to places on the map. It doesn’t take you very long. “You were hunting some vamps.”

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“Oi, Joestar-san! This cake is marvelous!”

A sweet for another sweet~
Happy birthday to my handsome and lovely husbando

@ the psychic glass divider on the heptapods ship in the arrival

some sciencey guys with all kinds of beepy computers: alright guys we gotta stay 45.7 cubic meters away from the divide to ensure the safety of our team and we must be careful when addressing these other worldly beings so as not to inadvertently cause an intergalactic as well as worldwide war w

me w my face pressed against the glass: 🎵I WANT TO SEE MY LITTLE BOY~!! (here he comes!!) I WANT TO SEE MY LITTLE B O Y~!!🎵

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i have a Mighty Need for more/more of abo/age difference/regency au like i didnt know that this was a button that i had but b o y h o w d y

a little idea i’ve been playing with. SO when viktor meets yuuri again, he’s totally intending for him to be a possible prospect for yuri. but then he sees yuuri and dances with him and viktor quickly decides that he’ll keep this tasty morsel for himself.

“Little Yuuri Katsuki?” Viktor asks, one eyebrow rising as he remembers the soft-cheeked boy who’d moved with a dancer’s grace, remembers eyes the color of cognac. “How old is he now? Eighteen?” If so, then he would be a perfect future prospect for Yuri, who’ll never find a mate of his own without Viktor’s help, he’s sure.

Chris scoffs, nodding at the young man playing the pianoforte. “He’s twenty, Vitya, and he has the entire ton panting after him.”

And it isn’t hard to see why, Viktor thinks rather dazedly, for the years have been more than kind to dear Mr. Katsuki.

(The moment Mr. Katsuki smiles at him, eyes bright and cheeks flushed, Viktor quickly forgets about cousin Yuri and any attempts at matchmaking.)

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momma momma could i pretty please have some wally west + chubby!reader headcanons?

O H B O Y @shayara @badassladysif @hireasummersbrother

  • You get a little bit jealous that he can eat whatever he wants and still the same size
    • He can be a little oblivious to that
  • He’s the sweetest thing about it, if you’re ever feeling self-conscious, he’s always got something to reassure you, that yes, he does love you, even if you’re bigger than him
    • “There’s more of you to love!”
    • He is always ready to shower you with affection and kisses if you’re feeling down
      • Well, actually he always wants to shower you in affection
  • He offers to take you running with him but that is definitely not going to happen because you don’t want to look like a fool in front of him
    • He actually did get you to go once but it didn’t work out so well
    • Wally barely broke a sweat but you were sweating like a pig with your shirt sticking to you in unflattering ways
    • “C’mon babe! Just one more mile and we’ll go home.”
      “Wally, I love you but I don’t think I have another mile in me.” You’re exhausted, mouth dry and stinky and your tongue heavy and practically unable to form the words. Wally holds the back of your head and ducks down to press a soft kiss against your forehead.
      “How just half a mile and we’ll go get a milkshake?”
  • He loves your thighs and belly so much
    • They’re the perfect pillows for him when he clocks out after a long and exhausting fight.
    • He will spend hours tracing patterns onto the soft skin of your belly and pressing kisses over your stretchmarks.
  • He adores your stretchmarks
    • He likes to think of them as lightning bolts.
      • “I have actual lightning when I run, you have lightning on your skin. We’re a perfect match!”
  • No matter what you’re wearing, you always look beautiful to him

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imagine simon and baz adopting a little girl g o o d b y e I am deceased -🎹 (piano anon)

Oh my god! I literally abandoned all else to write this fic! I wanted it to be cute but turned out a little heavier than I hoped it to be. But I love it, so here it is. I’m posting it on ao3 as well, but thanks for the prompt piano anon!!

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