little azula

i love how ty lee is running like a normal person would but meANWHILE MAI IS DOING THE FUCKING NARUTO RUN (aka the v goose run)

but like. it’s even funnier when you remember how mai fights. it’s all in wrist movements. IMAGINE IF MAI RAN LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WITH HER ARMS SWINGING ABOUT. KNIVES WOULD BE FLYING EVERYWHERE LIKE CAN YOU IMAGINE

imagine little mai realizing this. imagine little mai training herself to do the naruto run so that knives wouldn’t go flying everywhere. imagine little mai showing off to little ty lee and teaching her how to do it. imagine little azula going “wtf???” when she sees little mai and ty lee just running around doing the naruto run

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The ask of the year: How's do you think the Fire Lord of each member of the Royal family look like? And who's the best Fire Lord? And who is best assistant for him/her?

Like, how each one of them would do put in that position? previous gen, or just the currently living family line? Forget I’ll answer both:


I don’t need to go too in-depth here because we know him, but Zuko is the cycle-breaker among the previous Fire Lords and the first one in however long to openly advocate peace. His first few years were probably very tumultuous due to him upending over a centuries worth of methods and ideals; more so than his predecessors because the Fire Nation was used to “how things are.”

Zuko’s probably one of the least powerful firebenders among the crowned Fire Lords (he’s the only who’s trained with swords though that we know of), and between his living family, but this doesn’t matter so much because he relies on a support network the others ignored. He accomplishes some of the most positive change but his political skills are pretty lacking and leans on advice from his uncle and diplomatic support mostly from Aang and his Water Tribe connections.


Iroh’s approach would very a lot depending on what kind of mental state he’s in/whether or not Lu Ten is still around, because that loss shook up his entire world and changed his philosophy. Before that tragedy, Iroh was more devoted to the system, willing to take advice and listen to his officers, but unlikely to accept much compromise. 

But its hard to even imagine Iroh taking the throne after that point because he’d surrendered his authority and had no interest in the very real claim stolen by his brother. I supposed one of the only ways would be if Azulon’s assassination was made public early on. He’d be more prone to 


Azula’s a bit tougher because the only time we see her in that kind of control was when she was not at her best. Azula’s probably the most efficient out of her family members and sees through all of her missions to the end (personally if necessary).

She possesses a very small inner circle (but still a larger one than Azulon), and does use their opinions if she finds them useful, but they’re less likely to offer them. Azula might be one of the best politically, but her diplomacy can be interpreted as a threat if not relayed through an ambassador. 

(discaimer: I am bad at analyzing Fire Lord!Azula)


We know a lot about Ozai already since he’s been in power for the show, but among his family, he is the most ruthlessly headstrong and impatient. Ozai uses Azula as his number two, though his sense of loyalty is fragile at best and has no issue at all of casting aside his underlings if they fail to perform to expectations. 

Ozai’s leadership has issues, and he’s more outspoken but actually makes use of his advisers even if it didn’t help in the end. 


The first thing about this guy that stand out to me is that he’s one of the only two people we know of that achieved blue fire, so we can assume that Azulon in his prime was a very dangerous force in combat like his granddaughter. Plus he’s apparently a multi-tasker, given that the Fire Nation was waging war on Earth Kingdom, while Azulon also kick-started the repeated invasions on the Southern Water Tribe (which Ozai didn’t pay much attention to). I believe his reason for this is two-fold: A) The Avatar might have been reborn into the next element and B) he viewed the Water Tribe as a threat–and rightfully so.

The other thing is that he’s apparently loyal and protective over Iroh, even after he abandoned the warfront–and even though in this case Iroh is the favorite son, its made abundantly clear that Ozai would not do the same for Azula in a similar situation. 

Beyond that though, Azulon is colder and more stoic than his successor, and probably, more emotionally distant from his people as a whole. He probably worked more or less alone as we hear nothing about his wife (maybe she died in childbirth?), and I’m guessing the public wasn’t attached enough to him as a person to look too deeply into his death. 

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Age swap au headcanons for Azula?

Continuation of this: [Link] and this: [Link]

1. Azula is fourteen, and the elder of Ozai’s two children.  She is a firebending protege, and the heir her father always dreamed of, the picture of a Fire Princess.  In many ways, she is exactly like her canon counterpart, only better, because she is the oldest.

2. In others… There was a time when both she and Zuko were golden children, before, as she tells herself, their father noticed her innate quality next to Zuko’s utter inadequacy, before Zuko began to show his unwillingness to match his sister’s ruthlessness, before it became clear that he was not the shining star of a firebender that she was.  Then, everything changed, and only Azula remained to be the golden child.  But Azula remembers.  She remembers more vividly than her canon counterpart, and it’s just that little bit harder to deny.  And there’s that little bit of her that always wonders if perhaps she did so well in comparison to her brother back then was just those two extra years she had on him.

3. The closest royal relative to Azula in age (other than Zuko, who doesn’t count) was Lu Ten, which means when she got to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, it was a real shock to her system.  Her superiority over all these girls was of course assured.  She was after all the princess, but on the other hand, she had to prove it for the very first time.  She conducted her early days at school like a military maneuver, and poor Mai and Ty Lee didn’t stand a chance.

4. Before his exile, Azula would always become absolutely furious if Mai or Ty Lee dared show her pathetic little brother even the slightest sliver of attention.  When Tom Tom is born, Mai looks back on this with a feeling of profound unease.  It had seemed so normal at the time.

5. Mai and Ty Lee are in the audience the day Zuko is scarred and banished. They set next to Azula as she smiles, watching her father mutilate her nine year old brother.  Ty Lee vowed a long time ago to never let Azula near her sisters, but she makes that vow again at that moment.

I think this scene is interesting. I think it revels that Azula was training firebending with her father at this point in time, for Ozai had been responsible for teaching his daughter some of the most advanced firebending techniques. Azula’s talent was beyond compare to other firebenders at her age that she can learn these techniques quickly. Or may be little Azula was like to watch her father training more than often and Ozai didn’t mind her. Her father impressed her then and she wanted to emulated his moves (since she hold him in higher regard than her master), and I find this cute.

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HA! I need this now. 5 aus for Zuko being the Robin to Ursa's Batman, please.

1. Zuko is thirteen when Iroh ditches his ship and crew and brings him to the loving arms of his masked vigilante mother.  He doesn’t have time to build his whole “my daddy loves me but I am unworthy” defense of his father before his mother makes it clear in no uncertain terms that his father was willing to kill him for power.  He… grows to accept this in time.  This is made somewhat easier by his recent experiences with how willing his father is to throw away the lives of Fire Nation soldiers, and it doesn’t hurt that Ursa is explicitly fighting for the people of the Fire Nation, so even if she’s fighting against the will of the Firelord and his war machine, it feels a lot less like treason.

2. Zuko’s mistreatment at the hands of his father tells Ursa that Ozai is not living up to his end of the bargain they struck when she gave him the poison.  She has Zuko safe, but Ozai still has Azula.  Zuko tries to tell her not to worry, that Ozai always thinks what Azula does is perfect, and Ursa doesn’t know how to tell him that the way Ozai treats her is just as bad in its own way.  So, with her son in hand, she pots her daughter’s unwilling rescue.

3. Ursa’s life as she has built it since leaving court isn’t exactly child friendly, or more precisely isn’t exactly child safe.  As the Blue Spirit, she has a bounty out on her, dead or alive for treason.  Zuko spends a lot of time in the next few years living at different White Lotus camps while his mother leaves on mission after mission.  It’s not all bad, be spends a lot  of time with his uncle.  They train together and Piandao drops by pretty regularly to practice sword fighting with him, and there are White Lotus recruits who are only a couple of years older who are willing to let him tag along with them, but still, a big part of his desire to help his mother fight is just to have a reason to go with her.

Also the Order is explicitly training him in statecraft and governance, and all the skills he would need to replace his father as Firelord, and he still isn’t sure how he feels about this.

4. She finally lets him when he turns sixteen.  While Ozai is busy thrusting responsibility onto Azula’s far-too-young shoulders, Ursa does her best to ensure Zuko has a safe childhood and adolescence, where he is free to be an adolescent.  But at sixteen, she knows that there are people his age fighting and dying in Ozai’s army, it’s time to allow Zuko to fight for his country too.  She brings him on a series of missions to sabotage factories and bring relief to the citizens living in their shadow, starving due to poisoned water and soil.  This really brings home to Zuko why his father really does need to go.

He wears a full face theater mask to hide his scar, and takes on the persona of the Red River Spirit.

5. Meanwhile, two Water Tribe siblings find the Avatar, wake him, and head North with him.  With no Zuko to rescue him from the Pohuai stronghold, he is taken to the Fire Nation capital, under Azula’s guard.  Convenient for Ursa’s rescue plans, or so she thinks.

You just know ‘Zuzu’ was Azula’s first word ever. Little baby Azula toddling clumsily towards her sibling and attempting to say his name. And Zuko puffing up and looking all proud of himself for being a big brother, vowing to protect his little sister no matter what.

And years later Azula’s term of endearment for her brother becomes an insult. And Zuko is left wondering what happened to the little sister he used to know–the little sister that once loved him.

concept: post-redemption/recovery!azula training kiyi in firebending. azula taking on kiyi as a sort of prodigy. azula remembering how ozai drilled perfection into her and making sure not to do the same to kiyi. zuko helping her out on that b/c she’s still learning. zuko helping train kiyi. azula growing protective of her little half-sister. zuko, azula, and kiyi forming a badass sibling trio when they all get a bit older. zuko, azula, and kiyi doing normal sibling things together. healthy post-war fire nation sibling relationships

“Almost perfect…” 

“One hair out of place…”

“Almost isn’t good enough!”

I love this little scene here where Azula is practicing her Lightning Bending. This whole episode is great in not only setting us up for the season ahead but to get a good standing on who Azula is.

In the first scene with her famous line of commanding the tides, we are shown she is powerful, in control, and terrifying. You get the sense that she is not to be messed with and keeping your head down, following her orders will be beneficial. 

In this scene however, it gives us an in depth feel for her as a whole with only a few lines spoken. These two lines are hinting at the state of her psyche.

“Almost perfect…”  Azula has many flaws to her even though we don’t get to see them just yet. We are made to believe that she is perfect in every sense of the word and unbeatable. This is subtle foreshadowing of her downfall. Azula cannot be anything but perfect in everything she does. 

“One hair out of place…”  Azula, despite showing she has it together, is teetering on the edge of insanity and always has been her entire life. She is on a balancing beam, held there against her will to be what her father wanted, yet she can’t even see the dangerous drop just below her feet. One push and she’ll fall. 

“Almost isn’t good enough!” Azula needs to be perfect. Those words are not her own. Ozai will not accept anything but perfection which pushes Azula to be just that. It’s almost like she is repeating a mantra she has been told her entire life and forced to believe it besides fear being the only reliable way for relationships to work. While Zuko got patience and understanding, all she got were reprimands and discipline. 

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au + 5 hc - everything is the same, but with more dad jokes (atla and/or lok)

Okay, but just imagine Ozai making dad jokes.  He’s just a much of an abusive genocidal utter monster as in canon, but he makes dad jokes constantly.  He makes them when he burns and banishes Zuko.  He makes them as he sends Azula out to chase her brother.  He makes them when Zuko comes home.  He makes them in the war meeting when he decides to set fire to the entire Earth Kingdom.  He makes them when Zuko confronts him on the Day of Black Sun.  He makes them when he makes Azula Firelord and tells her to stay home.  He probably made one to Azulon’s face when arguing he should get the throne.  The only thing that unites Zuko and Azula is their desperate desire to make him stop.

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In the age swap au Iroh doesn't tell 12 yo Zuko to take the throne from Azula and then leave for Ba Sing Se, right?

No he does not.  In fact, when Zuko does sneak out to challenge Azula to an Agni Kai, taking Katara with him as backup, he freaks out, terrified.  The rest of the Order of the White Lotus retakes Ba Sing Se while he tracks down his nephew just in time to see him fall from the lightning.  As Katara fights Azula, he cradles his nephew, thinking he is watching his second child die.  Then, when Katara wins and comes back to try to heal Zuko, and Zuko gets better, Iroh helps tend to him in the palace.

In this verse, Iroh also really has no choice but to take power as his nephew’s regent until he comes of age.  Poor Iroh.  That tea shop is starting to look like a distant dream.