little ava's demon things

my absolute favorite things about this update, in no particular order

-Odin’s weird belly flop as he attempts to slide under the door.

-Maggie slamming the button down with such force and such effort she uses her plant arms, despite the fact that she just talked how exhausted she was from using her powers.

-Despite being the only two known survivors, trapped in an area with, as far as they know, a dangerous mass murderer lurking, Gil still frets about hopping onto a ship in an attempt to get away from the carnage and get help.

-Maggie’s face on page 1677. Just. That is the face of someone who has had it up to here with this bullshit and wants no part in anymore.

And my favorite part of the update:

-The fact that when Gil hears Odin’s voice, he immediately goes like this:

Not even a “who could that be?” or “what was that?” beforehand, he goes straight into “oh jesus christ it’s Odin, not this shit again

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the update and say stuff like “that wasn’t a good move on Ava’s part” or something eles talking about how that’s Ava. But don’t you guys remember in the beginning when Ava was crying over her plant being destroyed? Those people were crap to her, dint give her help and she still cried.

Do you really think Ava would do that to allow those people? I think it’s 100% wrathia not even 1% Ava. and when she calms down Ava is going to come back and going to be like “what happened”