little art theatre

This is your moment to shine

I need something from you guys, but it has to be fast

I need your favorite Play/Musical


I need the name, and writer sent to me

(preferably not in the tags, thanks)

any pictures would be well appreciated

This could help me with an Artist thing, which could be great for me!

                                          (^ possible commissions for a real Theater)

Please! Help out a fellow artist :)

I need these by Thursday, or May 4 2017

Thank you all so much! Love you guys!!!


This took forever, but it was a lot of fun to draw! Christmas music is my favorite thing about the Xmas season, and there are many more Holiday Ham fan art to come!

Little Red & The Wolf

I’m very excited about this piece, it was done in Corel Painter which was a struggle all it’s own. I wanted to go for something very graphic and inspired by paper art.

Prints and apparel featuring this art are available at

hold onto what makes you happy ✨ (at Theatre Of Living Arts)

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