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Witch Tip #7 - Cloves Hack

When I was in the 3rd grade, my class read “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Once we finished, we had a Laura Ingalls Wilder day where we dressed up as her and acted her daily life. I remember making corn husk dolls and eating vension soup (yuck 🤢). One hack I learned from that day was how to make a clove apple (aka an apple pomander). 

First you grab an apple and some cloves. Make sure your cloves have the ends jutting out from them. Then you start poking the cloves into the apple. You can make them form a heart or make rows or whatever else you might want to do. Once you’re done, you can stick up on a shelf and let it’s enticing scent fill the air. 

Generally, I keep the apple until it begins to rot and deflate (3-4 months after making it).

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I’m making some pony wallpapers. More coming soon !!!
If you wanna take a peek for more heads, visit my instagram.

So here’s a quick character sheet for Apple Bloom in my style. For the longest time I’ve wanted to draw her with the gaptooth, and if you look back over my work you’ll see it’s there some times, and absent in others, but from this point onwards it’s there to stay!

She also has the Apple Family’s freckles since they’re too cute to leave out!

I have fewer ideas about Sweetie and Scootaloo beyond them having their races’ upturned and flat muzzles, perhaps I’ll play around with them in future, too.


Why do I have such a weakness for cheesy love stories….

(Damn you, new episode of MLP D: )

Here we have the CMC as they appear in the Arranged Marriage!AU; Apple Bloom the minotaur calf, Scootaloo the orphaned griffon, and Sweetie Belle, the princess of Equestria (just like her sister!). I was gonna have Spike be included in the picture too but I think I’ll upload him separately with a glimpse of his parents in this AU. For now, the CMC!

These three are still the best of friends in this AU, although I don’t think they’d very much be out trying to find their cutie marks so much as they’re trying to make their lives more exciting. Or, maybe they are trying to find their cutie marks (even though Scoots and AB can’t get one), and they’re simply trying to find their purpose in the world.

Sweetie already knows her purpose; she’s the second in line for the throne once Rarity becomes queen, but truth be told as much as Sweetie loves her family and her interest in politics, she doesn’t really want that responsibility. It isn’t guaranteed, of course, especially if Rarity produces a child of her own, but the possibility remains. She’d be in the CMC to find out what other purpose she could possibly adopt that’ll allow her to live the way she wants, without conflicting with her responsibilities as a princess in the future.

Scootaloo wasn’t born in Equestria; similarly to Rainbow Dash, her parents immigrated to Equestria to escape their home country and the war plaguing it, but unfortunately her parents wasn’t able to survive long; perhaps they were victims of a hate crime. However it happened, Scootaloo was orphaned and originally thrown in an unkindly orphanage where she was treated differently because she’s a griffon. Luckily her stay in the orphanage was short; Rainbow’s parents came across the little filly and were so endeared to her they decided to adopt her into their family, with Dash being of course the cool big sister figure. She eventually meets and becomes good friends with Sweetie and Apple Bloom, and with them she goes on wild little adventures to find her purpose. She believes its to be a guard in the Equestrian army, like Dash, but who knows what the future has in store.

And finally Apple Bloom, little sister to Applejack and resident in Ponyville. I’d say that Apple Bloom actually actively works on the farm because, despite being loved citizens by the Ponyville population, the Apple Family (being minotaurs) are still not as trusted by others in the country because they aren’t ponies. I’d even go so far to say that Apple Bloom might be the primarily one selling their wares when school’s out and she’s brought along with AJ; doubtful or suspicious ponies might feel more comfortable with a small child than they would a towering Applejack. Not that AB minds; she’s willing to work if it means her family can live a happier life. But, that doesn’t stop her from joining Sweetie and Scoots on their quest to find some sort of bigger purpose to their lives. If she could, Apple Bloom would be interested in perhaps being a blacksmith for the Belle family, partly because it’s a well-paying job and it’d secure a living for her family, and partly because she’s beyond fascinated with how things, particularly tools and weapons, are made.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there ya go! As always there are some things that could be subject to change, but that’s all I have thus far for this gals. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, and I hope you like the art! ^.^


Did a quick doodle for the Infected!AU again, this time of Big Mac and Granny Smith! I’ve been itching to draw the two of them; it’s been quite a while since I last did, and I’m happy with the result. Also the first time I’ve drawn them anthromorphic! :3 Once again, though, don’t mind what he’s holding too much; it isn’t his actual weapon, it’s a farming tool, and the only reason it’s here is just to give him something to hold over his shoulder (like I did with AJ). Could I have done a gun? Yes. Was I too lazy to draw one? Yes. As for the fam pic, it was mostly to put them all together and partly to show off the height differences. Big Mac’s clockin’ in at about 7ft there.

Anyway, the characters: let’s start with Big Mac. He, like the rest of his family, are the de-facto lead farmers of the settlement (which I’ve started to tentatively call “Sanctuary”) Shining leads. Aside from farming and the occasional outing to hunt, Big Mac is basically a “blacksmith”, if you can call it that. Not in the traditional sense, but in the sense that he’s really handy stallion that can fix and build primarily weapons and tools, given the right supplies. He can kinda work on cars too, but that’s more Caramel’s thing.

In this AU Big Mac still doesn’t talk much, but moreso if that’s at all possible. His usual quips of “eeyup” and “eenope” don’t happen as often, and he opts to answer with his expressions, body language, or huffs of sound (grunts, laughs, snorts, you get it). There’s rumors among the kids that it’s because he remained quiet to avoid getting found by the Infected for so long that he forgot how to speak. Which honestly isn’t too far from the truth: not that he’s forgotten how to speak, but he prefers to listen and watch than to speak. You never know what’s lurking in this world, so Big Mac makes it his own personal job to do a lot of the listening and watching so the others won’t have to be as hyper aware. It’s because of his attentiveness that he barely misses anything; he’s usually the first to catch on to when things aren’t quite like they seem (Mac was the first to realize Twi was bitten but that her bite was actually healing when she returned to the settlement, something the bite wounds shouldn’t actually do if it were a normal infection). His silence makes him all the more intimidating and, as he should, he isn’t quick to trust, but he can still be the gentle giant we know him to be.

Fun notes: the watch he’s wearing belonged to his father, and he’s wearing two lockets: one contains a family photo of him and the Apples, the other contains a photo of him and his spouses, Caramel and Cheerilee.

So now Granny Smith!  Whenever I watch MLP and Granny’s featured, despite the way she sometimes move she doesn’t seem like and elder who is fragile or “rickety” as it were. Despite her age, Granny moves like someone half her age, and though she sometimes needs aid moving about with her cane she doesn’t let that stop her from helping as much as she can. The elder mare can often be seen either working the farm, planting or harvesting crops, acting as the settlement chef, sewing and making clothes, tinkering… she’s pretty good at a lot of things, farming and handling a gun specifically. She’s good enough to be one of the teachers for the youngsters in how to properly handle a weapon, anyway, and she can be a mean strategist, what once being in the army in her younger years and all. Even still, Granny remains a steadfast matriarch of the Apple Family and basically is everyone’s grandma in Sanctuary; special treats, sneaks the kids cookies before desert (when they have the ingredients to actually make cookies anyway), that sort of thing. As for her eye? She lost it a long time ago and usually wears an eyepatch on it (the thing she’s holding). She loves telling the gruesome story of how she lost it to youngsters, and they eat it up every time.

So yeah! I hope you guys enjoy the image and thank you for takin’ a look! You’re more than free to ask me questions if you have any about this AU. ^.^