little annoying vocaloid things

534. How hard it is for people to use Google to see what Vocaloid is and who they are! You don’t need to post on Tumblr, “What is Vocaloid”, you just need to open a new tab and Google “vocaloid”. There’s the Vocaloid wiki, the “List of Vocaloid products” page on wikipedia, the actual “Vocaloid” page on wikipedia as well… Why can’t people just use Google?

542. I feel like the companies are trying too hard to produce more and more new vocaloids instead of focusing on improving the older ones. A lot of them sound exactly the same too! It’s really annoying.

(I chose a picture of YOHIOloid because his company hasn’t made of an upgrade one of their vocaloids so far and people complain that he sounds like an older Piko. -Mod D.)


Now, I know everyone has their own opinions and I’m fine with that. But I find it kind of annoying when people make Kaito dumb, and a pervert that only wants Miku’s panties.                                                                                                                       

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When japanese or “otaku” people start to put thumbs down, make hate message and thumbs down comments who support SeeU in SeeU videos only because she is korean.

I know that Japan and South Korea don’t have good therms, but… fighting in the comment in youtube only because a Vocaloid is korean?, Vocaloid wasn’t created for make people or nations hates each others, and more, music wasn’t created for make fights…

An example, this.


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