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Reasons I won’t shop at the locally owned comic store: Those who work there embody literally every negative steryotype of male geeks and make me feel like crap when I try to buy things there, and asking them questions only results in rude “i’m better than you because I know this,” responces.

Reasons I will shop at hastings (part of a chain): The people there are always helpful AND knowlegeable abt comics and the guy who works at the comics is an older man and once told me a story about reading captain marvel with his daughter back when i was first getting into comics and has never once made me feel inferior because i don’t know much about comics or have a question

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College au where skinny Steve lives with Nat Peggy and Sharon and he gets asked out by bad boy Bucky and there went on a couple dates so when he comes to pick up Steve the girls all just hound him with questions and he becomes slightly terrified but he just goes with it cause he really likes Steve and he says something super sweet about Steve and that has all of them swooning


Steve and Bucky have been on three dates. Bucky was immediately drawn to the angry little guy sticking up for girls at the club he found him at. Calling out guys for dancing too close, or if he saw someone put something in a girl’s drink. And Bucky followed Steve out into the alley when a guy wouldn’t back down. He stopped the jerk from pummeling Steve into the wall. I could’ve done that myself, I had him on the ropes. Bucky brushed a hand through his hair, the other stuck in his pocket. Yeah I’m sure you did, but look how fast he scampered away with my help. Steve pushed past Bucky, he could just barely see the angry expression on his face, illuminated by the dim alley lighting. 

C’mon, man. And Steve turned back to face him. Hm? His fists are clenched into balls, his breath cuts through the black air. Let me buy you a drink, ice’ll help that busted lip. Steve raised a hand to his lip, wiping away the blood. He just nodded, and Bucky followed him inside. 

And when Steve arrives home that night, cheeks flushed and body shaking, his roommates are all over him. Steve? I assume your night went well, Peggy sits criss cross on the couch, patting beside her for Steve to take a seat. He plops down beside her. Sharon places herself down next to him, and Natasha sits in front of him on the coffee table, bowl of grapes in her hand. Mm, who is it? She pops a grape in her mouth, and her lips turn up in a smile. Sharon pats his leg, Scale of one to ten? She’s all comfy in her pajamas, eyes tired but excited. 

Steve just sighs, He’s not even on the scale. And they’re all even more interested. Steve talks for most of the night, about Bucky’s blue eyes and his long, awfully soft hair. His pink lips that turned all manner of colors in the club’s lights, and how it felt when Bucky kissed them. Nat was shocked, Steve didn’t usually do things like that, but he just went on and on about how absolutely right it felt.

Weeks later, Bucky arrived a bit too early for one of their dates. And he was pulled into the apartment by all three girls. Steve’s in the shower, you’ll have to wait. And to kill time, you’re gonna answer to us. Sharon sat him on the couch, and all three of them sat on the coffee table. Bucky, what do you do? Peggy squints her eyes, a sharp smile on her mouth, red lipstick popping. I work in an autoshop as a mechanic. He’s trying to figure them out, sitting forward and eyeing them carefully. They nod, and she smiles a more genuine smile. Great, I’m sure you’ve seen his Harley, that’ll come in handy. Sharon comments, crossing her legs. Yeah she’s a beauty, I’d love to check out- What are your intentions with Rogers? Nat’s voice cuts through his answer, like she’d been wanting to ask it since she found out about him. 

I just want to be around him. Have you seen him? He’s..he’s something more than anything. All of their faces melt, even Natasha’s. Aww, well aren’t you sweet. Sharon rests her hand on her chin, and the shower is just as soon turned off. Steve is coming out in a loose t-shirt and jeans right after, rubbing his hair dry with the towel. Oh, Bucky, you’re already here. Bucky stands up, walks over and gives Steve a kiss on the cheek. Yeah, better than late. Steve smiles, and peeks around him to see the girls. Steve your boyfriend’s bark is so much worse than his bite. Sharon says, and Natasha nods, He’s all steely demeanor and warm insides. Peggy laughs aloud, Have fun, boys. 

Steve’s blushing, and he just throws on his jacket, leading Bucky out the door. And as soon as it clicks, the girls are laughing together, and they all curl up on the couch, throwing on a movie and looking forward to hearing about Steve’s night. 

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Rey's more transparent than Obi-Wan.
  • Finn: Kylo is the worst.
  • Rey: (too quickly) Totally ...
  • Everyone else: (Double Take)
  • Poe: You think you had it bad? We were raised together like brothers.
  • Finn: Ohmygod, What was that like?
  • Rey: Aw man What was that like? I mean, you know, it must be awful, like terrible ... like he totally sucks, right?!
  • Poe: ...
  • BB-8: ...
  • Finn: ...
  • Rey: (Rubs Arm and looks away) ...
  • Poe: He was an angry little guy.
  • Finn: Yeah, I bet he was one of those douche bags who listened to Nightwish a lot right?
  • Rey: Hahahahahahahahaha ... Totally! What a loser! Like, someone just shove him a locker, right! Just a total emo, wanker, Huh?!
  • Poe: ...
  • Finn: ...
  • Rey: (Clears throat) I'll be back.
  • Poe: ...
  • Finn: ...
  • BB-8: *Translation* You know she's Deleting her music cloud right?
  • Poe & Finn: Yep.

An evil walrus doctor and the mutation of a failed experiment.

can we jut acknowledge some stuff about Clint Barton??

  • The first time he actually meets the entire group there’s no time to shake hands and get to know each other
  • Essentially Tasha does a the “cognitive re-calibration” (knocked him pretty hard in the head.) Dragged (or carried fireman style… or bridal style it that’s what you wanna think)his sorry ass to his room (or her room) and watched him till he woke up.
  • Then they do little soul baring. Tasha refuses to let him wallow. 
  • Clint goes to was up, when Cap walks in. Tasha vouches for him. 
  • They hijack a plane. 
  • Cap jumps out of plane and then Clint crash lands (he did crash land right? No wonder he’s great with boats!) 
  • And he starts fighting. He then fights the Chitari without really any intel. He then watches his bff (Tasha jump onto Chitari flying craft (and starts to rethink life choices.
  • Tony/Iron Man gives him nickname and flies him to perch.
  • Tony asks about Banner and Clint must thinking “Shit, there’s more??)
  • Tony brings them a "party”
  • Thor preforms his own “cognitive re-calibration” of his own on Loki.
  • Little guy on motor bike shows up.
  • For some reason he’s always angry.
  • LITTLE GUY TURNS INTO BIG GREEN GUY (rethinks life choices)
  • Epic group shot
  • Captain America issues orders.
  • He runs INTO an explotion (and rethinks life choices.) 
  • As Iron Man flies into the abyss.
  • Iron Man falls. 
  • BIG GREEN GUY THAT WAS LITTLE GUY jumps into air and catches Tony/Iron Man
  • BIG GREEN GUY THAT WAS LITTLE GUY preforms some of his own “cognitive re-callibration” on Loki.
  • There prolly wasn’t a lot of “Hi, sorry about the whole Helicarrier thing.” chatter on the way up to confront Loki. 
  • Send off wearing shades (cause his eyes are prolly red cause he prolly didn’t sleep the night prior.)

like, this dude just kinda said. “Kay, Nat, my life is in your hands. I’m follow you into the abyss. I don’t know jack about these people. But we’re gonna do it cause… yeah… the abyss calls.”

He probably took all his queues from her.

  • Captain GODDAMN America wants their help. Nat’s okay with it, we’re gonna do the thing.
  • Dude talks in old English… Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it slide.
  • Old English Dude, FLIES. Nat’s okay wit it, gunna let it slide.
  • Fucking IRON MAN shows up. Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it slide.
  • Tasha rides chitari air thing, asks her wtf she is doing. Starts to pray that his one connection to reality doesn’t crash.
  • Little dude on motor bike shows up. Why is he apologizing to Nat? Whatever, she’s fine with it. Gunna let it slide.
  • Cap suggests little guy get angry. Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it silide
  • Little guy turns big and green, Nat’s not freaking out, I’m gonna let it slide until later. Then I'ma look that shit up.
  • Epicness, i can deal with that.
  • Lots of smashy. I can deal with that.
  • And then afterwards she prolly takes him aside and gives him the skinny

Like, whatever he’s been doing the last couple of year, ima gonna give the boy a pass. Cause between being under control and forced to give up all his inner most secrets to Loki, and the battle itself, there’s prolly a bit of (or a lot) of PTSD going on.

I just really like Clint Barton.

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What are your thoughts about the result of USA's election 2016? I feel like it's the end of the world, I have family members who decided to move out of the country in the next months, everyone is angry and moody. I don't know what to do anymore.

Anonymous said: Thoughts on “president” trump? (Im honestly really devastated by this tragic experience.)

What are my thoughts? First of all, I hate politics. I was following the campaign in the US though, I was curious what would happen. But I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t surprised. After Brexit I was like “yep, they’re gonna choose Trump.”
I can’t say I liked any of the candidates, they were both annoying as hell x) But I think Clinton was much more appropriate, more professional, methodical, more predictable. Trump was louder, more determined, willing to point at “the bad guys,” and people love to have someone they can put the blame on. I guess this is why he won.
Generally, seeing Trump in the white house is a bit surreal to me. It’s like I was watching the show “everyone can be a president” or something and somehow people decided to choose this angry little guy who liked to say “China” a lot. Some people did it for the spite because fuck Clinton, some - because they are as angry as the guy and some - because they don’t even get what he was talking about but “yeeeaaahh! he’s rich, he knows how to make money! he’ll save us!”
I understand your concerns, when a person with so many prejudices becomes a president it gives other people with the same ideology courage to be more vocal, to more openly show their believes, and it can be dangerous (especially in your gun-loving environment.)

I’m sorry that people are scared and sad, unsure about the future because of who they are. Good people who despise violence and hatred should feel safe, should be able to be happy wherever they live.
I really hope it’s not that bad. Our Polish government is fucked up too (even we have our own Trump amongst the ministers.)

Just stay strong dear Anons, I really wish things were easier *hugs*