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When you fight Ataru, you fight with all of them.

Something silly that popped up in my brain,like he doesn’t care if they talk bad of him but if it’s about his friends is another story.

bullying is one of the themes that I think ataru is being a victim because they always look down at him and he always escapes the fights.

but with his new friends he doesn’t allow to others talk bad about them, he tells them to keep their opinnions to themselves or even fights.

I think that the first time he really fought  it could be when someone say bad things about lum. 

@artistefish  sorry if I got carried away with this ;_;

One more draw to go!

Chandler Riggs(Carl Grimes) x Reader~ Half Asleep Mishap

(The acting part takes place in season 7 when Negan and his group first visit Alexandria. Ya know when they are taking stuff from the houses and stuff. This isn’t that good but I got this idea while going to sleep and thought it was kinda funny and it’d be me. Sorry if it’s lame. Anyway there aren’t any spoilers sooo yeah that’s it. Enjoy!!)

Reader’s POV:

I lazily put out my arm towards my ringing and vibrating phone, picking it up and groggily answering it. “Hello?” “(Y/n)! Where are you?!”, I heard Chandler’s voice exclaim, making me pull my phone away from my ear. I became confused as I looked over at the time, pulling my phone back to my ear. I saw the time and realized I was late to the set. I groan and say,”I overslept. I’m on my way now.” 

He sighed and responded quickly,”Okay, just hurry up! Director’s getting mad.” I nod my head even though he couldn’t see me. I then heard him hang up, slowly getting out of bed afterward. I pull my hair up in a messy bun and decided to just go as I am, clad in leggings and a tee. 


I arrive at the set to see everyone bustling around, doing their own specific job. As soon as the director saw me, he sighed in relief and hustled over, rushing me onto the set. “And why are you late? You know what, I don’t want to know.” I sigh and nod my head, heading over to the makeup and clothes area. He shakes his head and tugs on my arm. “Nope, you look fine, especially for this scene.”

I raise a brow and try to remember what scene we left off at. My half asleep self couldn’t remember, so I shrugged it off. He told me to lie down on the bed and pretend to be asleep. I nodded and didn’t say anything as I went to the bed, getting comfortable. I yawn and close my eyes listening to how the director was telling everyone what to do and rushing everyone that was in this scene on the set. I listened at first and then felt myself start to nod off, falling asleep quickly. 


I jumped when I heard a door slam open, looking over to see two random guys. They smirk at me and make their way over to me. I start to freak out, so I looked around for a weapon. As I was doing that, I see a camera and remember that I was on set. My heart slows down its pace and I turn back to the guys. ‘What’s my line?’ 

I glare at them and slide out of the bed. “I think you got the wrong room,” I improvise, sounding a little angry. Both guys’ eyes widen slightly, not from my threat but from the words since it wasn’t in the script. They go along with it and one of them smirks at me. “Nope, this is the right room.” They suddenly come at me, me ducking out of the way which definitely shocked them. ‘Was I not supposed to avoid their attack?’

They went with it and fought me for a few seconds, easily taking me down since there was two of them and I didn’t have a weapon. I let out a scream and hear footsteps race up the stairs. “Hey! Let her go! She isn’t what you came up here for!” I turn to see “Carl” standing there, squinted eyes and fists clenched. I sigh in relief ad tug on my arms, trying to get my arms free. One of the guys sneers at him and pulls me closer.

“And why should we, brat?” Carl gives him a death glare and I see him raise his arm slightly towards his gun. “Let her go and maybe I’ll consider not shooting you both.” I look at the three and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. Suddenly, “Negan” and “Rick” walk in and look to see what’s going on. Negan smirks slightly and he raises a brow. “And what is going on here?” I scowl at the sight of him and said between clenched teeth,”Your guys are being douche bags.” I feel hands tighten on my arms making me turn to them. Negan sighs, fakely in my opinion, and walks over. 

He smiles down at me and grabs a strand of my hair, twirling it around. He looks at his guys and then at their hands which still tightly held me. He shakes his head and says,”Guys, this isn’t a way to treat such a lovely lady.” He looks back down at me. “She might be coming back with us~.” The guys loosen their grip at his words, making me feel a little relieved, but only slightly. Carl reaches for his gun but is stopped by Rick grabbing his arm, successfully stopping him. 

I glared at him and growl,”As if I’d ever be with the likes of you for that long.” He smirks even more and gets a little closer. “Ooh, feisty aren’t we~?” Rick steps up and says,”You can take anything you want just not any of our people.” Negan turns to him and raises a brow, taking Lucille off his shoulder, spinning her around in a circle. “What was that? Last time I checked, I own everything of yours, even your people.”

Rick remains quiet and Negan’s gaze turns to Carl who was seething in anger. He raises a single brow at his look and then looks between me and him. He suddenly laughs and shakes his head. He points his bat at me and asks,”There’s something cooking here, isn’t there?” Carl nor I say anything, letting Negan know that he was correct, and he laughs some more, pushing his bat to me once and then dropping her to his side.

“Alright,” he turns to his guys once again,”let the girl go.” “Bu-” He turns swiftly and holds up his bat at the guy who was talking. “Are you questioning an order?” They both shake their head and let me go. I glare at them both and then look back at Negan. He gives me a smile and asks,”What? No thank you?” I squint my eyes at him and cross my arms over my chest. He studies me for a moment and then looks at the two behind me. “Get the stuff to the truck.” They both nod and grab a couple things from my room, making my glare harden. 

They both walk out and then we hear,”Cut!” I let out a sigh of relief but my relief didn’t last for long. “(Y/n)!” I jump and turn to the director seeing him squint his eyes at my form. “What was that?!” I bite my lip nervously and look down at my hands, wringing them. “I uh…forgot my lines…so I uhm…improvised” I look back up to him to see him smiling. “That was amazing! You actually looked surprised and scared when those guys showed up! Perfect!” I smile sheepishly and rub my hand against my neck. “That might be because I actually fell asleep…” He laughs and claps his hands a couple times. “It was everything and more! Maybe we should let all of you improvise more often…,” he trails off as he starts to think. 

“Fifteen minute break!” I smile slightly and head over to the snack table since I didn’t have breakfast. I was looking at everything when two arms wrapped around me. I smile and put my hands on the arms, feeling light kisses on my shoulder and neck. I smile even more and turn around to see my boyfriend, Chandler, exactly who I expected it to be. “Well, hello there.” He smiles back at me and pecks my lips. “Hey back, nice acting by the way,” he says and half teases me. I lightly hit his chest and say,”Hey! It’s not my fault. I was still half asleep and couldn’t remember my lines.” 

He chuckles and kisses your cheek. “Either way, you did great.” I giggle a little and pat his cheek with my hand. “Thank you~.” He looks at me up and down and then smirks once more. “You look cute as well~.” I blushed and turned away only to be brought closer to him and get kissed passionately. I smile into the kiss and close my eyes, kissing back just as passionately. I pull away with a blush when I hear whistles and cat calls, some laughter too. I clear my throat and pull completely away, seeing a smirking Chandler. “Why’d you back away~? They’re just egging me on~.” I blush darker and shake my head, backing up more which caused him to chuckle.


Lol thanks for reading this even though I kinda just threw it together. I got bored and decided to write something but I didn’t know what anime to do so here’s this. Thanks again to the people who took the time to read this trash!!

How about we all agree to not have any more serious relationship drama happen to me for a few weeks? So my friendships and family relationships will all just be good and I can enjoy chats again without these constant looming worries in the back of my mind…please.

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Reasons I won’t shop at the locally owned comic store: Those who work there embody literally every negative steryotype of male geeks and make me feel like crap when I try to buy things there, and asking them questions only results in rude “i’m better than you because I know this,” responces.

Reasons I will shop at hastings (part of a chain): The people there are always helpful AND knowlegeable abt comics and the guy who works at the comics is an older man and once told me a story about reading captain marvel with his daughter back when i was first getting into comics and has never once made me feel inferior because i don’t know much about comics or have a question

Because I missed my Storytime post last week

Did I ever tell you guys about when a sort-of stranger cornered me in a parking lot and tried to get me to agree to a date with a friend of his?


Too bad, you’re all stuck hearing about it now.

During my freshman year of college, I didn’t interact with a lot of people outside of the girls on my dorm hall. I’m an introvert and a homebody, and I was homesick fairy often. I’d managed to take the CLEP test and avoid one of the required freshman classes (which was entirely made up of essay writing, so thank heavens I got out of that!) so I had to fill up the spot on my schedule with something else. I figured, “Hey, why not?” and took math, just to get it out of the way.

Of course, the program we had to download for the class ended up having a corrupted file that hard-reset my laptop and I’ve still never been able to recover all the files I lost, but that class also taught me spreadsheets and budgeting, so that’s good.

In the math class there was a guy who sat in the desk in front of me, and we used to talk back and forth a good bit before and after classes. He was really funny, and I liked being in the same class as him. I would go to class thinking, “look! I made a friend after all!” (even though I did already have a good handful of friends. I was pretty insecure.)

Anyway, about halfway through the semester we were walking out of class and towards the cafeteria. Usually, he’d wave goodbye and go to his car, as he lived off-campus, and I’d go in to dinner. This time, he steered me past the cafeteria and towards the back parking lot. My stomach started doing little flips because I wasn’t sure what was going on, but there was this little coil of nervousness starting to wind up inside me. Which was odd, because he’d never made me nervous before.

He stopped next to his car (and keep in mind that the sun had gone down and there was no light save for the sickly yellow-orange of the streetlights) and said, “Look, okay, um. I’m married, so…so you’re off limits to me and I’m off-limits to you. Right?”

That kind of set off some warning bells in my head. 

First off, he’d never mentioned being married before (not that it would have changed me seeing him as a friend). Second, the way he phrased that was…well it was weird. Why would he say it like that?

He then started talking about how he had this friend who came over to his house every other night to play Dungeons and Dragons, and he wanted to set me up with him. Being an insecure girl who had never dated before and didn’t think herself pretty at all, I was naturally flattered. But I kind of have a prerequisite of meeting a guy before being set up with him.

Still, I’d never been in this situation before and had no frame of reference for how to deal with it. I stammered something out - can’t remember what - and he started to describe the guy a little bit. He was 25, apparently (I was 18 at the time) and no job or beliefs or opinions were mentioned at all.

Those warning bells were starting to turn into sirens, but keep in mind that I was just a kid who had never experienced anything like this before. So I didn’t handle it as well as I could have.

I started to feel kind of threatened. I was a 5′1″, scrawny teenager and he was at least twice my size. I didn’t do well with people trying to coerce or bully me into things back then (blame an experience in elementary school with an emotionally abusive person that still effects me) and I was afraid that I would end up agreeing to this date just to keep him from getting angry at me.

Out of my naive teenaged desperation, I made a sort of appeal to authority. My dad taught at the college, and was pretty well known to most of the students. I said I’d talk to him and ask him for advice (which I would do anyway, because he gives really good advice). I figured maybe he’d back off. Actually, he started to get a little annoyed/angry. The guy started asking me if my parents were controlling, asked if my dad was a micromanager, etc. He even implied that my parents were racist (because the guy he was trying to set me up with was black, but he didn’t say anything until right then when he was calling my parents racist. As if somehow telling me before would’ve been a dealbreaker or something? Really dude? How about you go meet my family and then make your assumptions, huh?)

I was unbearably uncomfortable now, and very much on the defensive. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, one of the girls from my hall walking past maybe only 10 feet away. “Excusing” myself to the man, I turned and waved frantically to the girl.

“Hi (girl from my hall)!” I shouted, hoping she could see the desperation in my eyes. But she was on the phone and could only spare a wave.

I endured maybe two more minutes of the man trying to pressure me into leaving with him right then and there to meet this friend of his, all the while getting more and more uncomfortable and rather frightened. Finally I made some excuse about “thinking it over” and escaped to my dorm. I didn’t get to have dinner that night, he’d taken up almost the entire allotted dinner hour.

He avoided me after that, but I didn’t mind at all.


And if you see someone you know (or even someone you don’t know) stuck in this situation, and they look uncomfortable or threatened, do something! Just even walking over and saying hi, something to let both parties know they are visible and people will see if something inappropriate happens. That would have been such a relief for me



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College au where skinny Steve lives with Nat Peggy and Sharon and he gets asked out by bad boy Bucky and there went on a couple dates so when he comes to pick up Steve the girls all just hound him with questions and he becomes slightly terrified but he just goes with it cause he really likes Steve and he says something super sweet about Steve and that has all of them swooning


Steve and Bucky have been on three dates. Bucky was immediately drawn to the angry little guy sticking up for girls at the club he found him at. Calling out guys for dancing too close, or if he saw someone put something in a girl’s drink. And Bucky followed Steve out into the alley when a guy wouldn’t back down. He stopped the jerk from pummeling Steve into the wall. I could’ve done that myself, I had him on the ropes. Bucky brushed a hand through his hair, the other stuck in his pocket. Yeah I’m sure you did, but look how fast he scampered away with my help. Steve pushed past Bucky, he could just barely see the angry expression on his face, illuminated by the dim alley lighting. 

C’mon, man. And Steve turned back to face him. Hm? His fists are clenched into balls, his breath cuts through the black air. Let me buy you a drink, ice’ll help that busted lip. Steve raised a hand to his lip, wiping away the blood. He just nodded, and Bucky followed him inside. 

And when Steve arrives home that night, cheeks flushed and body shaking, his roommates are all over him. Steve? I assume your night went well, Peggy sits criss cross on the couch, patting beside her for Steve to take a seat. He plops down beside her. Sharon places herself down next to him, and Natasha sits in front of him on the coffee table, bowl of grapes in her hand. Mm, who is it? She pops a grape in her mouth, and her lips turn up in a smile. Sharon pats his leg, Scale of one to ten? She’s all comfy in her pajamas, eyes tired but excited. 

Steve just sighs, He’s not even on the scale. And they’re all even more interested. Steve talks for most of the night, about Bucky’s blue eyes and his long, awfully soft hair. His pink lips that turned all manner of colors in the club’s lights, and how it felt when Bucky kissed them. Nat was shocked, Steve didn’t usually do things like that, but he just went on and on about how absolutely right it felt.

Weeks later, Bucky arrived a bit too early for one of their dates. And he was pulled into the apartment by all three girls. Steve’s in the shower, you’ll have to wait. And to kill time, you’re gonna answer to us. Sharon sat him on the couch, and all three of them sat on the coffee table. Bucky, what do you do? Peggy squints her eyes, a sharp smile on her mouth, red lipstick popping. I work in an autoshop as a mechanic. He’s trying to figure them out, sitting forward and eyeing them carefully. They nod, and she smiles a more genuine smile. Great, I’m sure you’ve seen his Harley, that’ll come in handy. Sharon comments, crossing her legs. Yeah she’s a beauty, I’d love to check out- What are your intentions with Rogers? Nat’s voice cuts through his answer, like she’d been wanting to ask it since she found out about him. 

I just want to be around him. Have you seen him? He’s..he’s something more than anything. All of their faces melt, even Natasha’s. Aww, well aren’t you sweet. Sharon rests her hand on her chin, and the shower is just as soon turned off. Steve is coming out in a loose t-shirt and jeans right after, rubbing his hair dry with the towel. Oh, Bucky, you’re already here. Bucky stands up, walks over and gives Steve a kiss on the cheek. Yeah, better than late. Steve smiles, and peeks around him to see the girls. Steve your boyfriend’s bark is so much worse than his bite. Sharon says, and Natasha nods, He’s all steely demeanor and warm insides. Peggy laughs aloud, Have fun, boys. 

Steve’s blushing, and he just throws on his jacket, leading Bucky out the door. And as soon as it clicks, the girls are laughing together, and they all curl up on the couch, throwing on a movie and looking forward to hearing about Steve’s night. 

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Rey's more transparent than Obi-Wan.
  • Finn: Kylo is the worst.
  • Rey: (too quickly) Totally ...
  • Everyone else: (Double Take)
  • Poe: You think you had it bad? We were raised together like brothers.
  • Finn: Ohmygod, What was that like?
  • Rey: Aw man What was that like? I mean, you know, it must be awful, like terrible ... like he totally sucks, right?!
  • Poe: ...
  • BB-8: ...
  • Finn: ...
  • Rey: (Rubs Arm and looks away) ...
  • Poe: He was an angry little guy.
  • Finn: Yeah, I bet he was one of those douche bags who listened to Nightwish a lot right?
  • Rey: Hahahahahahahahaha ... Totally! What a loser! Like, someone just shove him a locker, right! Just a total emo, wanker, Huh?!
  • Poe: ...
  • Finn: ...
  • Rey: (Clears throat) I'll be back.
  • Poe: ...
  • Finn: ...
  • BB-8: *Translation* You know she's Deleting her music cloud right?
  • Poe & Finn: Yep.