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Sugardaddy! Harrison (headcanon) |+18 only please |

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- You met Harrison through a friend of your that used to hang out with Tom;
- When Harrison first saw you, he decided that he wanted to stare at your pretty baby face everyday;
- Harrison is also the owner of the Osterfield’s Company, and this made him one of the richest man in town (and even in the whole country);
- You didn’t give so much importance to your relationship because Harrison could have any girl he wanted;
- But boy, you were so wrong;
- Harrison would be so whipped;
- Buying you all the expensive clothes and jewelry you wanted;
- He also rented for you a luxury attic with an amazing view on the city;
- Going to the most famous fashion shows (D&G, Armani, Gucci, Valentino…)
- Harrison’s favourite colour on you was red, so he always made sure you had the latest Valentino’s clothes;
- He also pairs the dress with a Lancôme red lipstick;
- Stamping his expensive shirt with your red lipstick;
- Every time he visited you (almost everyday) he bought you a new set of lingerie because the night before he was so rough that he ripped your panties;
- And he didn’t want his baby to go out without panties;
- Like that time that you visited at work while he was having a conference call
- You sat in front of him on a chair and opened your legs, showing him that you weren’t wearing anything under your tight dress;
- Ok, but SugarDaddy!Harrison is always sub when it came to you but that time he was in charge;
- After the call he took you in every possible surface of his office;
- The whole building heard you screaming;
- But generally you are the dom one;
- That’s because when he saw you he couldn’t get over the fact that you are so beautiful and also his;
- Like sometimes he was so overwhelmed by your beauty that he didn’t know where and how to start;
- You were his angel;
- “How was your day, angel?”
- “Come here, angel
- “Please, angel. Tell daddy what you want”
- Giving you a diamond choker for your bday and a new Agent Provocateur lingerie set;
- Then asking you to model for him;
- But his bday gift wasn’t over;
- A part from the mind blowing sex you had, he took you to Vatican to visit the Vatican Museums;
- Because his little angel loved arts so much and always told him how much she wanted to visit Vatican Museums;
- You weren’t just a pretty face or a sexy body to Harrison;
- At least not anymore;
- After sex he always stayed more and you talked about your future plans, your past, your favourite sushi restaurant in town and so on;
- But let’s see how he understood to feel something for you;
- One night, Harrison received a call phone by one of your friends. You were coming home after a party when you had a frontal accidents with another car;
- In ten minutes Harrison was at the hospital;
- He was so relieved to see you were ok, just pretty shocked because of the car crush;
- He spent the night by your side and the day later he invited you at his place for the first time ever;
- Because you only met at your attic;
- To celebrate your recover he bought one of the most expensive Chardonnay bottles and a huge pack of macaroons (straight from a Parisian patisserie);
- He would be sooooo passionate;
- Whispering how beautiful you were and how lucky he was to have you;
- I can’t go on, please send me Harrison with a bottle of white wine.


some assorted school studies/doodles that I did over the week :D (other wise known as the “i-forgot-bendy’s-fucking-tail” collection)

Spud helped me realize that bendy would have a *lot* of scars with how much he’s getting into fights. Plus, with how dark toon’s skin can be, scars would probably be really painfully noticable and scar over in a light gray or white. (The scars on his face are supposed to be a little less noticable but it was a little hard to do with pencil)
I also just wanted to show off his forked tongue and teefers :9

Oh shit!!!! My hand slipped !!! Oh no!!! @the-vampire-inside-me


this is Ellie a two year old pit mix who needs a home! please someone in the dfw area help me get her adopted
i love her so much she deserves the world and i wish i could keep her desperately but i can’t because im not allowed to have another dog
she’s great with people and loves other dogs, is house trained, and all around the sweetest angel
i need her to go to a good home she doesn’t deserve to go back to a shelter
please help spread the word, her forever home could be someone who follows you!
ive been crying all day about this and i just want her to be loved


It’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not…if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.

—happy birthday to my wonderful angel @todorokih