little altars

A clearer photo of my pocket altar.
I added some more to it and I am fairly confident that it’s finished.
My pocket altar includes:
- jar of protection salt
- jar of dried lavender
- jar of Flying Devil oil
- tealight candle
- white sage incense cone
- matches wrapped in enough hemp twine for knot magic
- match striker
- clear quartz point
- small piece of black tourmaline
- sprig of wormwood
- wooden yes/no coin
- banishment talisman/sigil to banish negative spirits ward off black magic
I am hoping I can get or make a little altar cloth to put in there too, which will double as a bit of padding for the contents so no damage comes to the little glass jars.

This is my new altar(plate) it normally stands on my coffee table but I was busy drawing symbols on it. The best thing about it is that I can turn it around to keep it a secret from certain people. It’s perfect for city witches like me or dorm witches with little space.

Details about D.Va to Consider

So I realize that there are some things about Korean culture that people might not think of readily, so I wanted to offer a few fun thoughts and tidbits:

  • To recap, Hana Song aka D.Va is a teen World Starcraft Champion from the port city of Busan, famous for its beaches and Buddhist temples
  • At 19 years old, she is old enough drive, but the legal age is 18, so she wouldn’t have had a license for long. Oh, and personal anecdote: The Korean system makes it so that you can attain your driver’s license in three days if you really wanted to. So, I have a license, but I haven’t touched a car since I got the license… which I got in three days…
    • Also, within Korea, Busan is known for its aggressive taxi drivers / drivers in general, aha. I did a day trip with some friends the other day and it was gorgeous, the beach was stunning, but the bus ride was… a little nervewracking…
  • Being from Busan, D.Va should actually have the Busan dialect, which sounds very different from Seoul dialect. Even if she can switch comfortably between the two, if she was raised with the Busan one, it’s probably going to be her default. Here’s an example of the dialect, and here’s an example of D.Va’s Korean voice actress, who is from Busan herself, doing the inflection.
  • Korea has mandatory military service for its men for about two years, which you can fulfill between the ages of 18 and 25. So, unless Overwatch plans to change the system in their world, D.Va is working in a military with this in place.
  • Dunno what Overwatch is going to do with futuristic Busan, but in Korea, if you’re super famous, you’re going to end up on a lot of pizza, fried chicken, cosmetics, and or air conditioner commercials. Each of those are links, but if you want an example of how excessive Korea can get about one person, look at this Kim Yuna compilation. That’s not even all of them - just some of the ones from the year 2016. If D.Va is recognized as a national hero and an idol simultaneously, I wouldn’t be surprised by this kind of treatment.
    • Further, Korean idols are held to a high standard of moral character, as they are expected to be hardworking, positive role models for children and other youths.
    • But seriously, I could write an essay on how celebrity culture / marketing in Korea differs. Heck, I have, for school.

More under the cut since this is getting long:

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Mummies in a church in southern Norway posted by reddit user sourcreamking. Wealthy people were buried in a small crypt directly below the altar. The little girl is simply known as the Little Princess. The crypt has been sealed since 1973, For those interested, the church is called Oddernes Kirke.


my forever favorites: (20/50) male characters ◈ Ross Geller

See? Once you know the stories, it’s not that bad. First marriage: Wife’s hidden sexuality. Not my fault. Second marriage: Said the wrong name at the altar… a little my fault. Third marriage: Well, they really shouldn’t allow you to get married when you’re that drunk and have writing all over your face. Nevada’s fault. 

🌟To make a travel altar🌟

Here I’ll show you my personal travel altar and give you some ideas for making yours!

🌟 Travel Altars 🌟

Some witches like to have a little box, bag or tin where they can carry some items like candles, miniatures, coins, etc, and use them in rituals or prayers! This way, you can take a little bit of magic with you everywhere! 

You can also use the little tin to put images of your gods/goddesses or a little portable shrine!

This is what mine looks like:

🌟 Items 🌟

Some ideas for a portable altar are:

~ Little candles, tea light candles or birthday ones work perfectly!

~ A mini box of matches or a lighter. You can cut the working part of the box of matches and stick it to your tin if the full box doesn’t fit, and just take with you 4 or 5 matches and replace them periodically.

~ Salt on a tiny bottle or a little sachet! McDonald’s ones work just fine.

~ Other spices or herbs of your choice, maybe rosemary or lavender or others that fit your needs.

~ I’ve seen many make tiny tarot decks, and personally i’ve made a runes set! it fits on a tiny glass bottle.

~ Little bottles or containers with water, it may be sea water, rain water, etc! for some ideas you can check my Water Correspondences post!

~ Some crystal chips, these can be from one that broke recently or some you bought. Clear quartz is always a good idea, but you can take as many as you want! When you’re making your portable altar, think on where you’re going, and what crystals or herbs you may need there, that can help♥

~ I’ve also seen many people with tiny altar cloths, small figurines or even altar tools! like chalices, pentagrams (like the one in the image above), athames, wands and many more! You can make these yourself with some cloth and polymer clay or ceramic! (ceramic will be better for water containers, and polymer clay is perfect for offering dishes)

~ Other items related to your craft. Sea witches can take seashells, mirrors, dolphin figurines, etc. Kitchen witches can make a little recipes book to take with them and cooking ingredients. Crystal witches can have a travel altar only made for carrying gemstones. Dragon witches can take with them dragon figurines, dragon trading cards, candles and coins as a treasure. Possibilities are endless!

~ All these items should fit perfectly on an altoids tin, a little cloth bag, a mini backpack, or a wooden box! Choose whatever makes you feel comfortable!

~ You can personalize your travel altar as much as you want: if it’s a bag, embroidery! if it’s a tin, polymer clay is useful for adding details! or hot glue for gems, seashells, rocks. You can also use dried flowers or leaves.

🌟 Hope this was useful and inspiring for you all!🌟

Remember that my ask box is always open for questions. If you need advice or help making these or just want some ideas for your personal altar, i’d love to help! 

~ With Love, Nao. ~

anonymous asked:

Do you l of any ways to use mushrooms In the craft? There are plenty in woods behind my house and my mother grows some so it would be super convenient. Also I won’t be dumb and eat mushrooms I can’t identify just so you know

Sure thing, let’s make it a little post ye? I’ve been meaning too anyways. As always please do research before ingesting any plants or picking any babes. Mushrooms you should avoid eating are both in italics and bold. Norse deity associations will begin with a **.

Magical Mushrooms

These are the most commonly found mushrooms in the wild and in grocery stores. There are far too many to list them all so I picked my favorites!

  • Fly Agaric - a mushroom often associated with witches due to it’s bright red cap and white freckles, it’s also a symbol of enchanted forests or magical land. It can be used for divination, astral travel, psychic abilities, hexes, and protection. **Norns, Jörð, Odin, Heimdallr
  • Chanterelle - my (self declared)grandmother used to tell me they were drops of the suns light. It can be used for happiness spells, fertility, house warming, joy, and abundance. **Freyr, Sif, Sol, Frigg, Baldur
  • Oyster Mushroom - It can be used for an aphrodisiac, lust spells, love spells, emotional healing, and forgiveness. **Freyja, Frigg, Lofn
  • Magic Mushroom - It’s only bolded because it’s a psychedelic and have small saplings following me. I’ve eaten them but ya know don’t do drugs kids. It can be used as an energy filler, magical amplifier, creativity, and has been metaphorical for the night/stars. ** Nótt, Mani, Aurvandil, Bragi, Loki
  • Saffron Milk Cap - It can be used for change, growth, healing, cleansing, prosperity, honesty, justice, and strength. **Forseti,Thor, Tyr, Sigyn, Rán
  • True Morels - the stories say fae and spirits make homes in the holes of true morels. It can be used in fae work, spirit work, necromancy, breaking curses, and protection. **Freyr, Hel, Skaði(purely upg)
  • Shiitake - this is one of the few mushrooms some cultures consider medicinal. It can be used for healing, good health, strength, earth, grounding, fertility, and youth. **Iðunn, Thor, Eir, Freyr, Jörð, Frigg
  • Death Cap - I’m not sure if this is true to lore or just a rumor I heard but as the story goes, a death cap picked under the New Moon is a death cap with roots in the Underworld/Hel/whatever you call it. It can be used in curses, hexing, binding, prophecy, and revenge. **Hel, Váli, Norns, Víðarr
  • Common Mushroom -  It can be used for long life, purification, peace, prosperity, abundance, and joy. **Eir, Gerðr, Freyr, Thor, Fulla

Mushroom Stuff?

It’s hard to find resources on using mushrooms in magic and in folklore other than fairy rings. 

  • Mushrooms have been associated with witches throughout history. According to Christians in the 1500′s witches ate certain mushrooms to transform their bodies into entire beings entirely(I wish) but most likely they just liked tripping on some ‘shrooms.
  • Mushrooms are super fun in fae magic! As you can make little homes and offerings out of them.
  • You can grow mushrooms pretty much anywhere, I currently have three in my bathroom! You can place them throughout your house as little wards.
    • You can also make them little offerings or altars! I have my shiitake mushrooms growing with malachite and orange calcite to help promote healing and aid in my chronic illnesses. It also lowkey doubles as an altar for Eir. 
  • I’m sure it’s obvious but mushrooms are wonderful for kitchen magic. I absolutely adore mushrooms so I put them in most of my recipes at this point.
  • You probably, definitely, should not take mushrooms from fairy rings(circles of mushrooms on the ground). Please don’t, it’s just not worth the risk. 
    • Bonus advice: don’t go in a fairy ring either.
  • You can dry mushrooms in the oven and then string them on a garland with crystals, found twigs, gathered herbs, bones, whatever you see fit!
  • You can charge your growing mushrooms by leaving them in the moonlight or placing crystals in their garden. You can also focus certain intents through the water you supply them with, you could use rose or lavender water! Be creative, mushrooms love a little fun.
  • Mushrooms in a very general sense are associated with psychic awareness/astral travel so you could use any mushroom as filler in your magic for those.
  • Mushroom tea is definitely a fun thing to try but not for everyone. If you decide to give it a shot please do your proper research before hand it needs to be brewed in a specific way and isn’t exactly like herbal or floral tea.
✨ Bath Magick Guide ✨

It’s an easy thing to become so busy or distracted that you don’t have the time to focus as intently on your craft as you may like. During instances like these, why not take a magickal bath? We usually decide to take baths for their relaxing properties… And with good reason! What better way to show yourself a little self-love than soaking in a warm tub filled with fluffy bubbles, skin-softening salts, or sparkly bath bombs? And when you are a witch, it can be even ~more~ exciting - treat yourself to a healing bath that will awaken your inner Goddess (or God), draw away bad energies, and leave your spirit feeling rejuvenated!

💖 Ideas to Try 💖

🎀 ½ a cup of sea salt, sprinkled over the length of the tub as soon as it is filled with warm water. Himalayan pink salt is a great idea, too - their properties add nutrients that assist in relaxing and rejuvenation. (These salts not only boost your energy levels, but also assist in detoxification + help skin conditions)! Just make sure they are safe for you to use and are coming from a reputable source. ♡

🎀 Surround your tub (safely) with white candles to promote healing and purification (or try any other color candle to promote other specific energies you may need! Ex: red or pink for love, orange for creativity). If you like, do the same with crystals - surround the tub with quartz/rose quartz, amethyst, or obsidian (or place them straight in your bath water)!

🎀 Add a few drops of healing oil to the warm water. (Try lavender for relaxation or sandalwood for healing).

🎀 Flower petals! Toss a few from a flower (roses are always excellent) over the water or the bubbles that you use. In addition, if you like, research herbs that are safe to use in baths. ♡

🎀 Lemon slices! (Unless you are allergic to lemon, in which case disregard this section). Cut up a lemon and add the slices to your water. (Let them sit for about 3-5 minutes before entering your bath). The usage of lemon in a bath relaxes sore/tense muscles, pulls any harmful toxins out of your body through your skin, and evens out the skin tone! (Plus - it smells wonderful).

🎀 Try blessing a bath bomb or bubble bar before use! Set up a small crystal grid, light some sweet-smelling incense and candles, and place your bath bomb in the center. Say a quick blessing while you meditate before your little altar.

Once you have sunken into your magickally anointed bath, close your eyes and feel the energy of the water around you. Lye comfortably still in your bath as you breathe in the sweet, collected scent brought on by all of the things you have used for this bath ritual. Repeat a simple mantra in your head - anything you need to sink into relaxation. Now, envision the water as a bright, white energy surrounding you. It encompasses you with love and protection, like a warm hug. Lye in your bath for as long as it takes to feel as if this healing light has fully taken you in its comfort. Once this feeling is obtained, you may drain the tub. Stay lying there as it drains, visualizing all of the previous negative energies as being drained away, out of sight, and, ultimately, out of your life. Once the tub has drained, remove any leftover petals/crystals/surrounding candles/etc, and take a quick shower to get off any remnants that may be leftover on your body. Imagine the shower water flowing off of your body as any remaining negative thoughts or energies, draining away for good. ♡