little alien game blogging


I was originally looking to see if pokemon in the ultra wormholes could call for allies (they can’t) when I found out the wormholes themselves were a shiny hunting method. So of course I dropped everything and started playing the wormhole minigame over and over to try to find something.

I got the medicham after beating ultra necrozma. I haven’t been counting attempts, but there weren’t too many for that one. There were a lot of failed ones after getting him, though. So I made myself go on with the game.

After reaching the pokemon center just before the league, I decided I’d try five more times before moving on. I got the drapion in three attempts.


You humans have experienced the wounds of our land and the hearts of its people… Somehow, you have found your faith again and you have created a better future for Filgaia and yourselves. It will take time, but as long as people care enough for the planet, the flow of decay can be reversed. Purity of the heart makes the impossible possible. You humans are the real Guardians of Filgaia… You hold the key to Filgaia’s future.