little alexa~


WWE Superstars and former WWE Divas Champion 

AJ Lee, Nikki Bella, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss & Naomi.

My friends and I did a good deed today.

So you all know I had went to a Smackdown live house show today in Johnson City, TN. Well when we got there me and my squad headed over to where the performers park and come into the building (WE HAD JUST MISSED AJ STYLES. SNIFF). Well this little girl and her dad came up to us and asked us if we could be a hawk from above while they stood below us (hoping to meet a wrestler). The little girl had a present she made for Alexa Bliss in the bag and she wanted us to yell if we saw her.

Well an hour later more and more performers came trickling in. Well here comes Alexa. The little girl spotted her and yelled but there was so many people with us on the balcony cheering as Alexa walked in that the little girl was drown out. So my loud lunged friend blurts over everyone that there was a girl who had a present for “you Alexa.” Well it either caught her attention or the security’s attention because Alexa went inside to put her gear down and came back outside to greet the girl! We watched in aww as the girl cried and showed Alexa her drawings and a shirt she got Alexa. We watched them take pictures and Alexa had to leave. But the girl ran back to her spot crying and fangirling with her dad.

I’m so fucking glad that we made that girl’s life a little bit happier. I teared up as she galloped away clutching her signed Women’s belt. Because I had the exact same feelings when I met Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Cesaro last year. I got to meet a few of my favorites. You just can’t forget that experience. I really just wanted to thank Alexa for taking the time to meet the bright eyed girl who had a gift today in Johnson City, TN.


“Isn’t that your teacher, Aretha? The one you said had the logic of Wittgenstein and the vision of George Orwell?”

“Affirmative, that is she.”