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Eavesdropping (ROMAN REIGNS)

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This was requested by @m-a-t-91 for some humor and i think i stayed true to your ask so fingers crossed you like this 😅


Reader is inside an empty locker room with Roman having a playful workout and their noises attract other superstars as they pass causing a huge misunderstanding: HUMOR


Warnings: NONE


Roman chuckled as he laid down on the floor getting in position. “Babe. You sure about this?

"Yes. Now just trust me.” Y/N giggled. “It’ll be fun, no lie down so I can get on top, Roman.”


“… so I can get on top, Roman.” Dean heard a female say as passed the locker room door.

A smirk immediately began to show on his face once he heard it was one of his best friends who was in there with the girl.

“Alright, Roman’s ‘bout to get it in.” He mumbled to himself letting his curiosity take over as he edged closer to the door.


After eavesdropping for a bit, Dean got so focused on the noises coming from the cracked door he didn’t even hear Seth walking up on him.

“Dude what are you doing?” Seth’s voice boomed in the hallway making Dean jumped. He stood from his kneeling position and punched Seth in the arm soon after. “Shut up Rollins. I’m trying to listen. Roman’s I’m there with a girl and he’s about to get it in.”

“And you’re gonna listen?” Seth asked, scrubbing up his noise in disgust. “That’s just wrong dude.”

“Then go.”

Seth shook his head. “Hell no. I said it’s wrong but I still wanna hear.” He said kneeling down next to his friend.


“Baby you’re so good at this…”


“…. Baby you’re so good at this.” Seth mocked the female. “Pff. I bet I’m better.” He mumbled to himself, only for his eyes to widen soon after when he glanced up and saw a curious Alexa Bliss eyeing him.

“What are you guys doing?” Alexa asked her eyes traveling from Seth to Dean, then back again.

“Listening to Roman and this girl have sex.” Both guys said in unison.

“Ooh, move over.” She said, wiggling her way in between Dean and Seth.

Dean looked over at her shocked. “You wanna listen?”

“Uh, yeahhh… that’s why I said move over.” She said, her signature smirk immediately began to show. “Us, girls have a kinky side too, you know.”


“Hold up Roman, I need to rebalance.”


“Damn Roman must be wild. Do you guys hear that? She can’t keep balanced.” Alexa started saying, but her talking only caused both Dean and Seth to shush her. “Okay, jeez.” She mumbled.

“Um-hm…” A voice behind them cleared their throat.

Seth huffed frustrated. “Man look, I’m not moving over…” He began in a half whisper. He turned around to be confronted with a backstage WWE worker. “Oh, hey.”

“I’m looking for Reigns. His match is about to start, is he in there?” The worker asked inching closer to the locker room. “Oh, good. He is.” The worker said after he heard Roman’s name being called out, he pushed past them, making his way closer to the door.

Dean lunged foward trying to stop the worker. “No. Don’t. They’re having sex in there.” He blurted out but it was no use, considering the worker had already entered leaving the door wide open.

Everyone froze, and silence filled the room.

Y/N was sitting on Roman’s back, Roman in mid-push up position. “Who’s having sex?” Roman finally spoke up, getting off the floor after Y/N had gotten off him.

“I… We…” Dean stuttered at a loss for words.

Alexa pointed at the two guys who previously accompanied her in eavesdropping. “Dean and Seth, said you two were.” She finished for him.

“Yeah, it was all Dean.” Seth joined in. “He was the first one listening in.”

Dean shoved him, making him stumble back a bit. “Thanks for just throwing me under the bus like that…” He then looked back at Roman. “This dude, was out there talking about, he could do better and don’t get me started on Alexa talking about her kinks.

Alexa blushed a deep red. "I didn’t say anything about my kinks, I said us girls have a kinky side.” She mumbled.

“Yeah, and what I said was a joke…” Seth protested. “You know I love to joke…” He said chuckling nervously as Roman glares at him.

“Roman, we need you in 5.” The worker spoke, interrupting the awkward conversation, exiting the locker room a few seconds later.

Roman nodded, taking Y/N’s hand.

“Your friends are weird babe. Like how do they get you doing push ups while I’m sitting on your back mixed up with sex?” Y/N laughed.

Roman shrugged with a slight grin. “I don’t know babe.”

“Oh, so they were just doing pushups…” Dean started. “

”…and she was sitting on his back. Man we were so far off.“ Seth added causing all three of them to laugh.

"Guys.” Alexa slowly stopped laughing, with a look on her face like she’s just had an epiphany. “Roman didn’t even introduce us.”

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