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I absolutely loved your Gods and Monsters stories!!! Your writing flows beautifully and it transmits feelings so well ❤ Are you considering writing anything about Zeus? They way you've retold the other myths is amazing, and now I'm curious about what you'd do with him :) Have a good day and thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Their hold loosens on the earth. Gods aren’t needed like they were before, their names are not chains like they were before. Some embrace this. Ares eagerly shakes off the power he’d never wanted, and Athena lets it pass through her hands like water, wise enough to know that attempting to hold onto it will only hurt her in end.

Some do not embrace this.


Demeter’s skin used to be dark.

It was the rich brown of potting soil, it was the fertile black earth that washed up from the Nile River. Her skin was deep, life-giving brown.

It’s not like that now.

It’s pale desert sand, cracks all along it like baked earth and tree roots searching for water that they can’t find. Her hair hangs thin and grey against her temple, and her dark eyes have turned milky.

She clings to her power over the earth by her fingertips, and she knows that she’s just delaying the inevitable. There’s no coming back from this, not really, the strings of her fate have long been woven. But she will not go quietly. The mortals may take the earth from her grasp, but she’s never been one to cross without consequences. She still isn’t.

Demeter goes to the sea. She hasn’t dared step foot in there since her birth, but now she has so little left to lose. The water’s barely to her knees before a wave rises up from the smooth ocean and drags her below.

Poseidon has long been absent from the sea, yet his palace stands as tall and imposing as ever. Because it was never really his palace, his kingdom, his power.

It was always hers.

“Well, well,” Amphitrite says, circling her with curious green eyes, “Time has not been kind to you, I see.”

“It has to you,” she says tightly. Amphitrite looks the same as Demeter saw her last, has aged even better the goddesses who shed their mantels of power the moment they became too heavy. Then again, Demeter expected nothing less. “I want to make a deal.”

“You have nothing I desire, Sister,” she says, smiling even though it feels like she’s mocking her.

Demeter almost laughs – oh, if they could see them now, if Hera or Hestia could see them now, see her now. How they would laugh, to see how low she has fallen. How they would shudder, to see the truth of what she is, what she has always been. “I have this.” She cuts open her chest and pulls out her heart – rich red, a heart that has not failed her, a heart that can feel love and pain and desire and fear and happiness.

“Sister,” she whispers, eyes wide, unconsciously moving away from her, “what are you–”

“I already know I don’t get to see how this ends,” she says, “I’m not someone he’s interested in saving and I’m certainly not someone she’s interested in saving. You have faired far better than me in that regard.”

Amphitrite’s hands are shaking. Demeter likes the way she’s gone impossibly pale, the fear in her eyes, the way she was so arrogant the moment before and know she isn’t. She has power over so little these days. She’ll take what she can get. “Give me your heart,” she says, “give me power over the sea, and I will grant you a heart with the capacity to feel all the emotions you are so fond of.”

The queen of the sea shakes her head, “Don’t do this, you don’t need to do this.”

“I am Gaia,” she says, hard, speaking a name she hasn’t used in a long, long time. “I am Mother Goddess to all, the first to walk this plain, and your elder sister. You will not deny me.” They call her Demeter. She was born Demeter. But she was something else, something far greater, before she risked it all to be born a lowly goddess. “I gambled, and I lost this game. But I will not go out without a fight.”

“You were second to walk this plain, technically,” Amphitrite says softly, eye lowered, showing vulnerability to Demeter that she wouldn’t show to anyone else. “Thinking this was a game was your first mistake. He never thought of it that way.”

She’s about to snap at her, then Amphitrite cuts open her chest and takes out her cold, dark heart. She slips her heart into her sister’s chest, and Demeter does the same, pushing her violently red heart into the darkness of Amphitrite’s chest.  Demeter feels what little grasp on humanity she’d managed to maintain drain away, leaving only a pit of heavy coldness along her spine. A pink flush comes to Amphitrite’s cheeks and a smile tugs on her lips, her eyes warming with the emotions she hasn’t been able to feel since Poseidon left her.

Demeter can feel the power of the current beneath her, the water eager and ready to do her bidding. “Use my heart well,” Demeter tells Amphitrite, Gaia tells her little sister, before using the water to carry her far from where her sister and heart remain.

She will die. But her heart will on, her little sister will live on, and that will have to be enough.


Demeter leaves the sea and climbs the steps to what remains of Mount Olympus.

Only Zeus remains, and all that remains of him is skin and bones and sunken eyes. He maintains authority over the skies even though it’s killing him. He’ll maintain authority over it until it kills him.

She needs that power.

She doesn’t care if it kills her.

“My king,” she murmurs, kneeling before his crumbling throne. Their once great pantheon lies around them, nothing left but rubble and ash.

He almost meets her eyes, copper skin now sallow and black hair now white. “She left,” he tells her, high pitched and something terrifying in the edges of his eyes, “She left me – she was never supposed to leave me.” He reaches out and grabs her shoulder, bony hand surprisingly strong, “I miss her.”

Demeter only has one thing left to trade for Zeus’s power.

“Give me what our mother Rhea gave you,” she says softly, “Give it to me, and I will stay on Olympus and you can go to her.”

“There must always be one on Olympus,” he tells her. She doesn’t think he recognizes her. “As long as I am on Olympus, we’ll be fine. He can’t do anything if I’m here, as long as one of us is here. I am here.” Tears leak from his eyes and drip down his face. He doesn’t wipe them away. “She’s not here. She was supposed to be here. I did not want to be alone. She – she was supposed to stay. As long as she stayed by my side, she would be safe. She’s not safe anymore.” His face crumples, the truest expression of grief she’s ever seen from him. “Her sons think they can protect her, but they can’t. They can’t even protect themselves. Only I could keep her safe! But she left. She’s not safe anymore.” Quieter now, “I wanted her to be safe.”

“Give it to me,” she repeats, firmer. She doesn’t have the time for his existential crisis over his missing wife, nor does she have the energy to pretend she cares. “What did mother give you, Zeus? What do I need to take?”

“You can’t take it!” he screeches, scrambling back and away from her. “You can’t have it! I need it! Mother gave it to me, said I had to keep it safe, said I had to stay on Olympus. You can’t have it!”

Demeter growls and grabs the front of his too-big robes, pulling him upright, getting ready to yell at him.

Then she sees it.

His eyes.

His eyes are young, are brown and beautiful. They are eyes that haven’t aged.

Those are not the eyes he was born with.

He fights her, but the heart of Amphitrite beats in her chest, but the strength of Mother Gaia remains in her limbs even now. She plucks his eyes from his head like grapes from a vine. She wonders how old he was when Rhea did this to him, when the woman who called herself mother tore out her son’s eyes and put these ones in instead.

“No!” he sobs, and his voice is clearer somehow, there’s more strength to him even as his face is soaked in blood. “Demeter, do not – it is not your burden to bear!”

“It is no burden,” she says eagerly, “it is a gift.”

She swallows them whole, each eye getting stuck in her throat and she has to force it down. They are part of her, and after a disorienting moment she sees the world as Zeus has seen it his whole life.

It’s no wonder at all he went mad. She’s almost impressed he lasted as long as he did.

It will drive her mad too, but she doesn’t care. She’ll be dead long before that can happen.

“What have you done?” Zeus asks in horror, “Demeter – please, they’re not meant for power, they’re meant to save us. To save us all.”

“I am not Demeter,” she says, and presses her hand to his head, using some of the power coursing through her veins to stop his bleeding, to save him from the swiftly approaching death. “You want her? Go to her. Nothing is stopping you now. And it’s no use trying to stop me.”

Less than an hour later, Zeus takes hobbling, slow steps down Mount Olympus. He doesn’t want to, wants to stay, wants to fight her, wants to take back what she stole, but he can’t. He has no power and no strength and no eyes.  

She sits on the abandoned, crumbling throne and curls her lips into a cruel grin.

She has dominion over earth, over water, and over air.

She will make these mortals beg for mercy before they kill her – Gaia, Mother to All, Earth Goddess.

 gods and monsters series, part xxii

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Trimberly Week (D7)

Well this has been fun! Be on the look out for another chapter for “The Waiting Game” coming soon! Also, I watched “In A Heartbeat” (encourage everyone to go see that, and if you’ve seen it, go watch it again) which is where I got the idea for this.

Soulmate AU

  • In this world, everyone’s Heart glows depending upon their emotion
    • Yellow = Joy, Trust, Embarrassment
    • Blue = Sadness, Thoughtful, Calm
    • Red = Anger, Frustration, Courage
    • Green = Disgust, Envy, Sickness
    • Black = Fear, Mischief, Pain
    • Pink = Love
  • Hearts can occasionally “come to life” and keep us company in times of need
    • They’re our first and closest companions
    • Hearts show us our truest selves
    • But Hearts are also incomplete, a little like a puzzle piece, and your Soulmate has the other half
  • It was at Trini’s 11th birthday party when her Heart first glowed bright Pink 
    • Not like it did when she hugged her Mami or Papi, but for a person who wasn’t family
    • Her name was Kira and they had been friends since Trini had first moved in next door
  • She gave Trini her favorite dinosaur sweatshirt, the yellow one with a pterodactyl on it, and Trini’s Heart thundered excitedly
  • When June Gomez saw her daughter’s Heart glowing for a girl, she spent the rest of the night yelling at her daughter until Trini ran to her room crying
  • Her Heart spent the entire night curled up in her palms, comforting her
  • They moved a week later
  • Kim’s Heart first glowed pink when she was 14
    • Ty Flemming was a sophomore and a rising football star and the second they made eye contact her Heart lit up the hallway
    • (It probably should have been telling that Ty’s didn’t…)
    • But he was Kim’s first real boyfriend and she fell a little too hard, a little too fast
  • It was right before the summer of their senior year when Kim caught Ty and Amanda sleeping together
  • Her Heart remained dark blue for an entire week, before one night it grew reddish black and she sent Ty a picture of Amanda
    • He passed it around the school and blamed it on Kim who blamed it on Amanda and punched Ty’s tooth out
    • She landed herself detention every Saturday for the rest of the year and through the summer, along with Jason Scott and Billy Cranston, who became two of her closets friends
    • She finds it incredibly adorable that Jason’s Heart glows pink whenever Billy talks; he thinks he’s good at hiding it, but the boy is fooling no one
  • Trini moves to Angel Grove that summer and spends the majority of it trying to get away from her overbearing mother or taking care of her little brothers
    • Her brothers could be annoying sometimes but their Hearts always glowed a pale yellow-pink whenever she played with them
    • And they were much cooler about her Heart flashing pink whenever a pretty girl walked by than their mother was
    • Especially considering she once saw Mateo’s Heart glow pink when he was playing with his old friend Wally
  • Trini meets Zack one day when she and her brothers are out hiking
    • He scared the shit out of them when he swung down, hanging upside down, from a tree along the trail
    • Trini was so startled she punched him in the face and knocked him out of the tree
    • They become best friends
  • Senior year at Angel Grove gets a little interesting when Zack and Trini walk through the front gates and Trini’s Heart suddenly leaps out of her chest, twirling and glowing pink, pink, pink!
  • And Trini’s cheeks match in shade as well from everyone staring at her and her Heart starts dragging her across the quad
  • Kim was waiting with Billy and Jason to get their lockers when her Heart suddenly bursts with light and jumps out of her chest for no apparent reason
  • She’s so shocked she doesn’t even have time to stop herself before her Heart starts pushing her down the hall and out the front door
  • And everyone watches in stunned reverence, as Kimberly Hart pin-wheels her arms to keep her balance and a girl they’ve never seen before digs her heels in the ground, their Hearts pulling/pushing them along until 
  • Kim’s arms automatically wrap around the girl she ran into and their breath leaves them
  • Trini has just enough time to look up into the eyes of the girl who caught her before there’s a flash of light and suddenly their Hearts merge together and glow White
    • (White = Soulmates)
  • They’re both in shock, for different reasons
    • Kim’s surprised because her Heart has been blue/red/black for just about her entire summer and suddenly its glowing pink and now white?
    • Trini’s panicking on the inside because while she’s always known her Heart would glow for a girl, much to her mother’s despair, she never imagined she’d actually find her Soulmate
    • Or rather her Heart found her Soulmate
  • Finally Jason, the boys having chased their friends, coughs and startles both girls into motion
  • Kim is the first to break their silence
      • Kim: “So… I guess we’re Soulmates! I’m Kim.”
      • Trini *still shocked*: “I know. I mean, no, I don’t know. You, I don’t know who you are, but I mean like, yeah we’re Soulmates… uh.”
    • And Kim’s smitten
    • Damn her Heart can pick em
  • The bell rings before they can talk more and as they go opposite ways, their Hearts separate but remain White while glowing pink
  • They endure curious stares all day and Kim’s a little surprised when she spots Amanda and her Heart glows a yellowed green
  • Trini and Kim end up having biology together and both their cheeks grow warm when their Hearts reanimate once again to merge
    • The teacher gives them a look, surprised and a little annoyed by the distraction, so Kim stuffs their Heart in her backpack and sits beside Trini
  • They pass notes the entire class, flirting and hiding their giggles, and Kim walks Trini to her locker where she asks her out on a date
    • And Trini flushes hotly but their Heart glows pinky and she accepts
  • They go to Krispy Kreme and spend nearly four hours just talking, losing track of time until Trini’s mom calls and Kim drives her home
  • She walks Trini to her door and when she leans in to kiss her, Trini stops her, saying she had a goodnight and that she’ll see her tomorrow, before going inside
  • And Kim stands there, confused and slightly panicked that she did something wrong, but then the door swings back open and Trini launches herself at Kim, kissing her
  • By the time Kim gets home, her parents are home and her Heart is still glowing pink
    • They immediately notice her White colored Heart and barrage her with questions on her newfound Soulmate
    • When Kim admits its a new girl at her school, her parents are hardly fazed, and insist on meeting her, dinner at the Hart house Friday night
  • Trini manages to avoid her mom that night but she gets caught the next morning and has to tell her mom that her Soulmate is a girl she met at school
    • But Trini’s fears of her mother’s retaliation go out the window when her father congratulates her and says how proud he is, how they both are, of her
    • Her mom remains quiet, but she does offer Trini a nod and a tight smile, so, small victories
    • Her brothers desperately want to meet their sister’s Soulmate and she agrees that they’ll all get to meet Kim, when they’re mother get’s a little more comfortable and they’ve dated a while
  • When Trini walks through the front gates of school her Heart leaps out of her chest and quickly pulls her over to Kim who’s waiting with the boys by the front steps
  • This time when Kim wraps her arms around Trini to catch her, Trini wraps hers around Kim’s shoulders and they smile before leaning in to kiss
    • Sure they’re not actually dating yet, but they’re Soulmates, they have forever to just take their time


  • Trini’s mom meets Kimberly though she still isn’t comfortable with her daughter’s sexuality, so things get tense in Trini’s household
  • It’s alright tho, because Kim’s parents more than make up for it; they absolutely LOVE Trini
  • Jason’s Soulmate ends up being new kid Tommie Oliver, but Jason’s still in love with Billy and Tommie falls for Zack, so they end up just being really close friends and chose their true loves

i’m not saying pidge and lance are soulmates but…

fuck it that’s exactly what i’m saying 


Precision Obedience Workshop notes

with “my puppy’s fear period started in it” notes

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So, the puzzle is almost complete.

By the looks of it there’s only two pieces left to go (Aria receive a double piece, one long piece) so one long piece and one short piece.

What is everyone’s guesses on what the completed puzzle will be? My guess is that it’s either going to be a location where the girls will go to find Uber A, or one I’ve seen online is it’s going to be of Charles grave and the puzzle is a part of the final task the girls will have to do before Uber A reveals themselves.

Joker x Reader x Harley  “Can’t sleep without you”

(I got this idea from pinterset and I related bc I deal with insomnia so I thought it’d be cute.)

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It was way past midnight but Y/N couldn’t sleep. The gigantic bed made her feel small and insignificant without her two lovers by her side. As the time slugged on her thoughts seemed to multiply. What if they found someone else? What if that dumb Bat got to them? What if they left?  Y/Ns breathing quickened, a lump forming in her throat her minor worries morphing into overwhelming panic. Y/Ns tears silently fell as she curled into a ball.

Joker and Harley POV:

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Me and Harls had finally gotten back to the penthouse after a amazing night zooming through the dirty streets and fucking with Bats. I looked at the time this hands saying it was 3:17. Y/N was probably fast asleep by now. Me and Harls tried our best to be silent as we headed to our bedroom. Our Y/N was our sweet little princess, the missing puzzle piece to our crazy lives. “Mistah J somethings wrong.” Harls urgently whispered in my ear. “Look.” In the middle of the purple satin sheets was a curled up ball I assumed was Y/N. She was shaking and crying? “Oh hell no.” I growled, slamming the door. Y/N shot up from the bed, alarmed and frightened. “Mister J? Harley?” I strode towards her and took her face in my hands. “Who?” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. “Who what J?” Harley had climbed on the bed, wrapping her arms tight against Y/N waist. “Who made you cry Sugar?” Harley asked, kissing the stray tears away. “Oh um well..I just couldn’t sleep and then I started thinking that maybe something bad happened or you found someone else….” Y/n flushed, looking down bashfully. “Awwwww Puddin! Our poor little Princess was scared!” Harley cooed, making Y/N blush even further. I chuckled, quick to join my two lovely ladies on the bed, wrapping a firm arm around their waists. “You got nothing to worry about Princess we’re right here.” Y/N rapidly fit her body between me and Harls, one of her hands entwined with mine while her head rested on Harley’s chest. She was out like a light, making me chuckle again. Harley snuggled Y/N tightly, like a child would a toy and fell asleep. I soon followed, my face nestled in the crook of Y/Ns neck and my free hand resting on Harley’s ass. “My girls.” I throatily whispered and grinned, falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.

REQUEST: hi!!! could you please do bts cuddling their gf ?? super fluffy please and thank you ! 💞
REQUESTED BY: anonymous
NOTES: i did these like mini drabbles so this post is hella long im so sorrynlifdsk

jin couldn’t pick any particular moment as his favorite with you, because he loves them all — the noisy ones shared in the kitchen, or the quiet ones spent worlds apart in your own little activities but connected by the lazy linking of your fingers, or even the ones kept tightly wrapped between the two of you with barely enough room to breathe — but he supposes if he had to choose this sort would probably make the top of his list. your body angled just right against his, scooped up into his embrace and laid beside him like the perfect little puzzle piece, listening to the soft sound of your breathing and the lull of city life just outside your bedroom window. the flat of his palm finds purchase against the expanse of your stomach just beneath the material of your shirt, his other toying with the splayed and tangled strands of your hair spread haphazardly over the pillows; everything smells like you, feels like you, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. the peace and tranquility of it all is only ever interrupted by his sleepy dulcet tones, and you can feel each word vibrate against your back and sink into your bones.

❝ you think we could get away with staying like this forever?

with his nose buried against the juncture of your throat and your shoulder, he burrows himself in your warmth entirely and surrounds himself in you. he’s always very specific about the way he lays himself against you, half on top of you and half around you, clinging and hugging and holding you ever tighter. while yoongi doesn’t necessarily always have trouble falling asleep, it always seems easier with you around — he doesn’t even need to say a word, simply flopping down beside you and rolling into your embrace like you’d done it a thousand times before. his arms always find purchase against the curve of your waist and his fingers splay out against your bare skin, kneading your flesh like a contented feline and purring his gratitude just the same. almost immediately his breathing slows and his heart calms and every troubling thought seems to leave his head; there’s only you.

and, just before he falls into the tempting grips of slumber, he mumbles sleepily against the column of your throat, breath warm and words warmer: ❝ i missed you. ❞

his embrace is warm — being wrapped up in solely him and the duvet is like basking in the sunlight, like letting the light swallow you up and bathing you in constant and unyielding comfort. the silence and sleepy atmosphere is only ever interrupted by his fingers skittering up your side or teasing the skin of your arm if only to hear even the slightest hint of your laughter; hoseok seems to revel in these quiet moments with you the most, where you don’t need words to speak for you and all you can do is envelop one another so completely. despite hugging you so tightly, though, he’s careful with the marks he leaves and only ever peppers your flesh with butterfly kisses and loving whispers, patterns traced with the tips of his fingers and sweet little nothings all mixed inbetween.

❝ i love this,❞ he’ll whisper into your ear, or your hair, or the skin of your temple — anywhere his lips can touch — and smile just as delicately as the gentle chiming of his voice. ❝ i love you.

there’s always a book involved — it doesn’t matter who’s reading it or what it’s about, simply that it’s there and you’re sure that these sorts of moments are stored safely between the pages of everything from dystopian fiction to the cheesiest romance novels where the ink seems to mirror the atmosphere. it almost always lays forgotten in either of your laps, pages opened and inviting, but ignored all the same; sure, it had had your attention only moments before, but a simple shift and suddenly nothing was more important than the way you just fit against one another. namjoon’s arm comes to be lazily slung over your shoulders and his lips find the top of your head, all while pulling you in even tighter. he never minds the distraction, never complains about being drug out of his newest adventure, because he’s always far more invested in your own. eventually, that very book is cast aside and he’s dragging you down with him until your heads share the same pillow and he can feel the way your whole body molds to his. you’re never more comfortable than you are there, held tightly in his grip, and you both fall into a steady rhythm of heartbeats and breaths and the little fluttering of his fingers against yours.

it isn’t until the first dregs of sleep begin to whisper at his eyelids and your fingers twitch against his that he always notices one little problem: ❝ we left the light on.❞

you’re nose-to-nose and even though your eyes are closed you know he’s looking at you — you can’t imagine that you can see very much up this close and surely all your blemishes stick out, but he can’t seem to get enough. still, you don’t complain, because as much as you know that his honeyed eyes are on you, you also know that a smile just as sweet as the thick amber of his irises is laden across his lips. with jimin’s fingers and legs tangled in your own, you don’t know where your breathing starts and where his end, but you know that you’re comfortable here; this is a familiar place, a familiar setting, something comfortable and warm and always so inviting. every once and a while he’ll break the staring contest with the fluttering of your eyelids and press little kisses to the tip of your nose or meld your smiles together, all while you giggle into his mouth and call his name just as gently as the moment itself. he loves the way it rolls off your tongue, yellowed like a sunflower and blooming under his affection so much that it lilts your voice and paints every letter with something so soft and undeniably loving.

Y/N. ❞ he always says your name in return, hoping you can hear it, too.

taehyung’s fingers are woven through strands of your hair and the pads of his fingers play with the delicate skin of your scalp, your head laid in his lap; it’s his preferred way to ‘cuddle’, because paying you attention never seems to tire him. loose strands are brushed from your face and every so often he’ll trace the delicate lines of your face, trailing to the tip of your nose and back again. dark eyes watch the way your facial expression changes with all his little touches, and he revels in each and every reaction as if each one is just as rewarding as the last, no matter how big or small. a forgotten television show or the music pouring through the speakers is all forgotten with the simplest touch, the slightest movement, and once your eyes flutter closed it seems every sense is honed onto him and him alone. your fingers always find his eventually, though, and they intertwine as easily as breathing — he could never say no to holding you like this, to touching you in any way you allow, to simply being with you, because he doesn’t think he’ll ever get enough. maybe it’s the way you react to his touch or the way you feel beneath it, but something just feels right — he savors the sensation, lets it build a home in his chest, and keeps you there with it.

❝ you’re so pretty like this, ❞ he finally says, his baritone voice breaking the trance and forcing your eyes to open just so you can look into his own — you always react so well to his everything.  ❝ i’m glad you save this for me. ❞

jungkook might be huge, but he likes it when you wrap yourself around him like he isn’t — one leg thrown over his hips and both arms wound around him lazily, his head tucked beneath your chin. he feels safe, here, warm, as if you’ve built your own little bubble and are hidden away inside it. everything else seems distant, and all his worries seem to wash away with the tides of tenderness emanating from your very being; to be wrapped up in you is to be wrapped in love, afterall. briefly, he forgets about his newest anxieties and all the little things he’d been complaining to you about only minutes prior, and all he knows is you. your heart beat beats a steady rhythm and hums with his own, tangling into a wordless melody, stuttering only with the gentle tapping of his fingers against the expanse of your back. he doesn’t touch you with urgency or purpose, but with familiarity, as if touching his own skin — lingering caresses that speak to just how much he doesn’t want to go anywhere else, doesn’t want to be anywhere else, but here.

eventually, his breath will fan over the exposed skin of your collar and make you shiver:  ❝ i love you. ❞


Member: Woozi // SEVENTEEN

Genre: Romance, Angst, Prince!AU

Words: 1.1k

Working in the comforts of a pleasure house had not once been a job she sought after, but life had landed her into the `Black Cat` house, where woman of thin shapes and sharp eyes were playing around, and playing out the money from their clients. Then there was she, a curvy little thing with wisdom of a five-year-old and naiveté of a baby.

She was not the woman who brought money to her house, she was simply there as a decoration, one of the many women who worked for the boss. Not a single client paid her any attention, and she guessed she was thankful for that. So very thankful that her body had not yet been sold, had been entirely hers and no-one’s for the taking.

Until the man of short height came into the house once. It was at the early hours of the morning, just near the time when their little house of pleasure was about to close, and he looked at her almost instantly, his eyes as if drawn to her bigger figure amidst the shadows of the early morning.

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Ok. So, i was casually scrolling through the Pretty Little Liars tag on Tumblr when i can across this post from @liarsforlife18 where they found that someone on reddit put the puzzle pieces together. I then looked in the notes and found these suggestions: 

Find the post on there profile here: (nice banner btw)

Anyway, i thought back to that episode and we actually see Archers face in the windshield so i thought i’d give a side by side. 

So, what do you think? Now that i’m seeing it, it makes sense. I tried everything on the puzzle, i inverted it and edited it to see if i knew what it was. My original idea was it was Charlotte falling because the bottom left corner looked like a building but i dunno. Guess we’ll find out soon enough XD.

Bungie, can you have an emote for a Guardian to hug their Ghost? Brofist their Ghost? Give them small pat?

I have developed a strong sense to protect and adore them.

anonymous asked:

Voltron is literally just A:TLA in space and I'm fucking WEAK for animation and sci fi and fantasy and VLD is ALL of those and I'm SO. WEAK. There aren't nearly enough hard sci fi animated shows and while VLD is kinda more fantasy than sci fi at times, it continues to shock me how much actual science they rely on and it excites me because I know kids are watching this and they'll grow up loving space like I did. I'm so weak okay, so fucking weak

ANIMATION AND SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY IS ALL G R E A T YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT,,,,,, the science can get preeeetty sketchy at times but kids won’t try to understand it anyway :P but they will learn that science and technology are a good things that can help you as long as you use it for the right stuff and honestly!!! that’s so important!!!! :D

How terribly, tragically appropriate. Why do you hurt your characters this way?

Actually, I chose that word for the Host because of how it effected me when I first found it. I read the definition, and it was like a weird little puzzle piece getting inserted into my soul (not to get too dramatic). It’s almost like this feeling of “ah, that’s the word for what I’m always feeling.” I’m just happy to finally have a name to it, and I think the Host would appreciate it for that reason, too.

Oh, What a Night

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Summary: It wouldn’t be the wedding of John and Mary Watson if everything went smoothly. Especially with Sherlock Holmes as a best man. 

Sherlock x Reader, John Watson x Mary Morstan

A/N: 1) cookies for whoever gets my What’s Your Number reference. 2) Lines from the episode The Sign of Three are in bold. 3) listen while you read here:

Oh, what a night

Late December, back in ‘63

What a very special time for me

As I remember, what a night

Every married couple has a wedding nightmare story. A drunk aunt getting a little to groovy on the dance floor and needing a new hip. Rather colorful pollen from the bouquet getting on the bride’s very white dress. The violinist doesn’t show so the wedding planner plays ‘Here Comes the Bride’ on a tuba.

John and Mary Watson could top them all. The nightmares started almost from the very moment John asked the one and only Sherlock Holmes to be his best man. If you think about it, no one should have been really surprised when there was a murder attempt at the reception.

Y/N, Mary’s bridesmaid and Sherlock’s current flatmate (since John and Mary moved in together) was sat to Mary’s right, next to the maid of honor, Janine. Y/N straightened up in her seat as Sherlock stood to do his toast.

Though the young woman was incredibly happy for her friends, she had been waiting for months to hear this toast. Anytime Y/N asked the detective to practice the speech on her, she was met with a decisive ‘no.’

Y/N could see that Sherlock was concealing his nerves. Only someone with a lot of practice looking past his masked emotions could see the anxiety deep in his eyes.

The tall handsome man locked eyes with Y/N. She gave him an encouraging smile and mimed taking a deep breath. The side of Sherlock’s mouth twitched upwards a bit and he turned back to the ballroom of people before him.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Family and friends. And…um…others…”

Oh, what a night

You know, I didn’t even know her name

But I was never gonna be the same

What a lady, what a night

When Sherlock abandoned the telegrams, Y/N knew it would be quite the show. While other guests watched in confusion and slight horror, Y/N could only look to the curly haired detective with adoration.

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My long-winded take...

We did not get receipts, but we have gotten the next best thing, and it will suffice for me for now. Here are the little jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit so perfectly together. Magic? Coincidence? Or just that 98% chance that it is true?

1) Z’s first free weekend that we knew of. I talked about this a week ago saying how if they are a couple, she will take the first opportunity, which is this weekend, to go visit him before he starts getting into full 16-hr/day work mode. So, this weekend was just not ANY weekend.

2) Tom’s snap on Friday implying they were done working and the weekend was nigh. Everyone thought he was pretty much saying he is ready to enjoy the weekend, meaning he is free.

3) Ohh la la, what do we have here? Z snapped on a private plane on the day we said she would go visit him. She ran to the plane first thing after KC was done on Friday night. And when does she take private planes? For personal reasons (visiting family, visiting Trev on film set, etc). She also took one for her Daya clothing line pop up store openings but there has been no Daya related anything going on outside of LA lately. 

And if she went for a photoshoot, they would NOT pay for a long-ass private plane ride and she would not pay one for a photoshoot either. No matter who the shoot is for, the budget would never cover that. So, this was her taking the plane in the middle of the night for personal business. Also, Darnell travels with her EVERYWHERE, every time. My mutuals and I never thought she would visit Tom without Darnell in tow. If you do not get this, you don’t get how a celebrity PA life is like.

4) I have been following this girl for three months now. She is on twitter liking things first thing in the morning, regardless of if she is on KC set, on a photoshoot, etc, because at work she always gets time to kill. But now, we had her come on SM at 1:30 pm barely liking a tweet and disappearing again for hours. We had Tom liking only Marisa’s pic and not doing anything else. NO SNAPS from Z, which is her MO whenever she is with Tom.

Remember, if there wasn’t a pap chasing them, we would not have gotten her snapchat that day. But my mutuals and I KNEW she was with him that day, as it was his last day in LA, and voila, we were right. Sometimes if a pattern is established, you ignoring it is like ignoring a big road sign in front of you and you still wondering where the signs are.

5) Haz being spotted alone at the gym. But the kicker was not that, but that he said “Tom was up North training”…Hmm, if it was gym/boxing training, he would have done it in Montreal like he has so far. If it was any other training and he needed to go “north”, his PA would tag along. Haz has only been completely alone abroad when Tom and Z hang together. Otherwise he is glued to Tom’s hip, as he has been with all the other training they have done (horseback riding, dog training, etc). Also, what happened to Tom’s “hard work is done; the weekend is nigh” sentiment if he was gonna work on the weekend as well?

6) Sunday comes and we get Haz’s tweet that they are moving to a house.

7) Very few SM activity from Tom and Z on Sunday, the way it was Saturday. But no Snap from Z still during the day. Then in the evening when it is time for her to hit the road again, we have a snap from her from an airport runway. I linked you to the other plane’s activity. It arrived from Denver to LAR airport in Wyoming noon yesterday, which means they were at Wyoming, and it was a refueling stop, because what else would she do in the middle of fucking nowhere? (No disrespect to those who actually live there, lol). And it looked like they were killing time, goofing around while the plane was being taken care of.

8) Again around the time at night, we get a snap from Haz. Lookie here, they are in their house, and Tom is back “from North”. And we get more snaps from  Z in a good mood with some love songs playing.

The NORTH thing is MAJOR suspect. Open your eyes, if you think otherwise. Her flying right after work on Friday and going back at night on Sunday makes it  so convenient for him to also allegedly disappear to “North” for the weekend.

All the clues fit too perfectly.  And remember:

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Luke who’s back! Richard Edwards has an audience with Mark Hamill to discuss the return of a Jedi. SFX Magazine, Winter 2017

“It was one of the most elaborate entrances in show business!” laughs Mark Hamill when SFX asks him about his blink-and-you’ll miss it appearance in The Force Awakens.

You know the one. You sit though the whole of the new, hotly anticipated Star Wars movie waiting for a glimpse of Luke Skywalker — having been reunited with Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Admiral Ackbar and even Nien Nunb along the way - and then you get barely a minute of an old bearded guy with a robot hand on top of a remote island. He doesn’t even have anything to say. Has any movie star ever had higher-billing (he was second only to Harrison Ford) for less screen time?

“I think it was a practical decision to push my story to Episode VIII because the plate was so full.” Hamill explains. impressively diplomatically “You had to establish all these new characters you had to honour the end of Han Solo’s storyline, and it would have been too complicated. I thought the audience would demand that at some point Luke and Leia and Han were all together – thought that would be a major bone of contention but I was wrong.”

In the two years since The Force Awakens, Luke’s meeting with Rey on Ahch-To has become one of the most talked about minutes in cinema history. What was going through the former saviour of the galaxy’s head when his potential new apprentice handed him the lightsaber he’d lost in The Empire Strikes Back? Not even Hamill knew at the time. 

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“[Director] JJ Abrams just said, turn around slowly, remove your hood…“ Hamill admits. “They were just going to run the camera for an extraordinary long period of time, and I thought I’m going to give them as much as I can, a range from bewilderment to suspicion to anger to doubt to great joy - I turned around one time and was so happy to see her! Then JJ could take what little puzzle piece he needed and do with it as he wanted. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted either. It wasn’t really specified, it was very enigmatic, for a reason, because I’m not sure they even really knew. It’s like a relay where they pass the torch, because JJ writes whatever he wants and then hands it off, then Rian [Johnson, Episode VIII director] writes up to the end of VIII and hands it over to IX without knowing where IX is going to finish. It’s that old cliché line - so crazy it just might work! Who knows what’s the right way to do it?” - Mark Hamill

Because, obviously, Luke would be so happy to see a random person. And besides, why the director would ask Mark to do so many expressions if the relation between Luke and Rey wasn’t so meaningful?

Hey! I wanted to address a question I’ve seen in the Blacklist twitter fandom going around, but I’m going to do it here since Tumblr is my preferred medium. Share as you will.

There seems to be some concern that assistants are writing lots of episodes this year, and that this is indication of the Johns spending more time on the Redemption than the main show. In actuality, assistants actually wrote a similar number of episodes this season as last season.

In season three, there were two episodes written by assistants: Lady Ambrosia by Taylor Martin, John Bokenkamp’s assistant; and Drexel by Dave Metzger, the writers’ assistant.

In season four, there were 1.5 episodes written by assistants: Natalie Luca by Noah Schechter, John Eisendrath’s assistant; and the Architect, written by Dave Metzger (he shared credit with writer Chap Taylor). Additionally, Dave also had two co-story bys: 406 (shared with writer Dan Knauf) and 409 (shared with writer Luke Reiter).

To dispense with the story-by’s real quick: the Blacklist is a pretty egalitarian show in that if you have an awesome idea, the writers are happy to use it even if you are just an assistant. In both cases, Dave had an idea that was a core part of the episode, and he got credited (and paid!) for his contribution, even though he didn’t actually write the episode itself. Hooray!

As for the writing credits, having assistants write shows is VERY, VERY common. It is, in fact, one of the best, most outstanding perks of being a writers’ assistant, and is why aspiring TV writers are often given the advice to try to find a writers’ assistant job. You see, under WGA rules, a 22 episode per season show is required to have at least two episodes each season written by someone who is not employed as a writer on the show. Otherwise, they must pay a penalty. Sometimes shows will hire freelance writers to cover that episode; more common is for assistants to be given those episodes. The WGA is happy because new talent is being fostered, the show is happy because the assistant already knows the arc of the show and can work closely with the writers, who they already have a pre-existing relationship with, and the assistant is happy because they get a writing credit to their name. Everyone wins! If you go back at look at other shows, you will notice that many, many of them give an episode or two to their support staff. (IN MY OPINION when show chooses to pay the penalty rather than letting an assistant write, I feel it’s kinda a dick move)

It probably is a bit unusual that we have a run of episodes being written by lower ranked writers, but again, as I said, this show is pretty egalitarian. Before this run of episodes, all of the writers had a big pitch-a-thon where they all pitched their Blacklister ideas. The Johns listened to those ideas and scheduled the Blacklisters based on how they might fit into the overarching storyline. It just so happened that that schedule led to five episodes in a row written by either assistants (Dave and Noah) or staff writers (Taylor, who got promoted to writer based off of Lady Ambrosia last year, and Marisa Tam, who got two), but it was really, honestly based on their Blacklister ideas, who all fit like little puzzle pieces into the Red-under-attack plot we’re running now.

So there we are! I hope you guys see this as educational rather than argumentative–my aim when I post about the show is always to pull the curtain back a little on the process and what it’s really like in the room!

Always happy to answer questions! :D

MTVS Epic Rewatch #180

BTVS 7x02 Beneath You

Stray thoughts

1) I’ve always got some strong Run Lola Run vibes from the opening scene of this episode…

It’s the setting, the music, the pace, the fact that the girl is – duh! – running, and her look and outfit. It’s all very Run Lola Run, right?

So, do you think this was an homage to the movie, plagiarism, or Joss’s idea of what Germany is like based simply on one movie he’d seen?

That aside, these scenes bring up a lot of questions about how potential slayers are treated in other countries. We know that Kendra was raised and educated as a potential slayer, knowing that one day she may become one. I think Kennedy was, too. We also know that Buffy and Faith weren’t. But the two girls shown in the opening scenes from episodes 7x01 and 7x02 seem to be aware they should run away and they’re not asking for help in the regular way any citizens would do, you know? Like, they’re not screaming for help or going to the police? So it kind of feels they knew what their deal was and why they were being chased…

It’s all the more interesting because Buffy was having a prophetic (or live action?) dream about the German girl. I’ve always loved Buffy’s prophetic dreams, and I wish her connection to other slayers through her dreams would’ve been explored more in depth in the show.

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BTS x reader (GN)

Words: 0,5 k
Summary: They all in love with you.

A/N: I’m sorry, idk what this is, I was writing it as a male reader but it came out as it actually could be gender neutral? Hope you don’t mind, anon, I tried, but all of them being in love with one person is kinda sad ahah  💞 (still hoping you like it ahah) ♥

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