All Mixed Up

After about a week
Her hairs and my hairs
Were all mixed up on the floor
As if she’d been living here for months

Her clothes
Strewn about around the bed
Mixed with mine
Every morning

A toothbrush of her own
Shower gel
Leave-in conditioner too

Yogurt and granola
Rosé and four little bottles of Pino
Amongst my string cheese
Beer and bourbon

That very weekend
I vacuumed the hair
And took out the recycling
And everything was back to normal

I’m so excited! 😱
From the last update, I felt warm at my heart! For me, this is very important “detail” in the game! (I mean toddlers)
Sims 4 always associated for me with the second part (sims 2 my favorite, first of all depends of game feasibility).
Maybe it sounds strange, but for so many years, the sims for me is not just a game, this is second home, a place where I can do what I want, relax and make art, I put here mine feelings, mine mood.
For me it’s “first love”, with the distant 2000.
Be happy, be good, and always keep your heart pure and open!

Well, after mine “cry from the heart”, I send screens with little Pino!😌💕