Harry’s nostalgia for a time not his own should be obnoxious but it really, really isn’t. It’s a love for an aesthetic, a love for art and a part of how he chooses to express what he loves most out of life, and I completely understand that. Vintage-looking photographs of long legs and collars, literally baring his chest, styled specifically, cozy sweater in fields and at home, mostly looking right into the camera lens. I’m actually in love with this Harry, and I’m especially in love with the way he expresses himself vocally, even as vague as he is, because that’s all part of it. His love for his band, his love for his experiences and his love for himself are genuinely inspiring. I’m glad to read that he’s happy. Good for you, Harry.


Im Jaebum has done it. He has finally killed me.

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Can we acknowledge the level of thoughtfulness of Amy Santiago for a minute?

Cause when she’s given the opportunity to write to his boyfriend (someone she hasn’t seen in half a year) the first thing she does is ask her co-workers if there’s something they’d like to tell him.

I mean I’m sure she is dying to write him a whole Santiago style, double sided, single spaced letter but she just imagines how much everyone must miss Jake and puts their needs over hers? like why is she this cute why

think before you say something mean. is it constructive? is it necessary? if it isn’t, then don’t say it. you will kill dreams and someone will be in bed about to sleep and they will feel a pain in their chest when they remember what you said. you’re kind of making the world worse because they’ll be hurt and bitter and pass on this chain of hate.

whereas, you can say unnecessary and unconstructive NICE things all the time, without holding back! and make someone happy instead of sad. I promise that they’ll remember that forever. like one day they’ll be feeling down then they’ll remember your compliments and kind words and immediately feel better. it’s a precious thing which you can give anytime. in a way you’ve changed the world into a better place. they’ll remember how your words made them feel and they’ll pass the kindness on to other people, and that’s beautiful.


What will you do in summer vacation?

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Breakfast time!!
  • Me:*eating my coco puffs with my bib on*
  • Yummy! * chomp chomp*
  • Daddy:baby girl you are making a mess! You have chocolate milk all over the table!
  • me:*looks down and sees the mess* opps!! *kicks feet*
  • Daddy:can I help you baby?
  • Me:*nods*
  • Daddy:*sits down next to and grabs my spoon* open wide!
  • Me:* opens mouth expecting food*
  • Daddy:*brings spoon to my mouth, but turns it around and eats it himself* Mmhmm!!
  • Me:Daddy!!!!!
  • daddy:hey! daddy like little food too!