The Thing About Apple(s) + A CS One Shot

A little modern Killian with a Thanksgiving twist….because this is what happened when I had to help my impatient, technologically challenged mom with her new iPhone and I was inspired with fluffy thoughts :] 

Rated: K
Word Count: 1.6K

“Swan, I told you this was a bad idea.”

Emma rolled her eyes dramatically for what was certainly the hundredth time in just under an hour. That’s how long they’d been fighting this war - well, losing it. The morning of the first holiday celebration they’d be hosting at their new home was probably not the best time for a technology lesson, but since it was supposed to be a day of gratitude, putting it off another day didn’t seem logical. It wasn’t that she was lacking on things to be thankful for - she just couldn’t wait to add ‘my boyfriend’s working cellphone’ to the list.

“The screen is black again, Swan,” he huffed, swiveling on the bar stool as he hovered over the device on the counter. “It’s definitely broken.”

Emma groaned as she set about scouting out the gravy spoon her mother had given to her earlier that week for the dinner they’d be hosting that day. She’d had her morning routine laid out somewhat precisely at first - turkey in the oven, check with Granny about the pies, make damn sure a recently purchased bottle of wine was right next to the corkscrew - but her systematic approach to a peaceful Thanksgiving had been shoved aside when a certain pirate noticed his new phone had arrived in yesterday’s mail.

A quiet cooking environment was out of the question the instant he managed to pull the plastic seal off the device’s box.

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