And I was just thinking, 
(this dandelion thought)
that chances are,
you and me…

We are infinite to none.
(A pocket of stars for a cloudy night.)

And tomorrow we might fall in love with other people. Where I will laugh at someone else’s jokes.( Something about love) You will tell her your favorite song. (On the walk home)

And I wonder if a small part of you that you’re not even aware of will be sorry.
(It broke my heart)

—  A scribbler // A story within a story (This dandelion thought. A pocket of stars for a cloudy night. Something about love. On the walk home. It broke my heart.)

I feel so bad for troian right now, the amount of hate she’s getting because of spaleb is ridiculous she shouldn’t have to keep captioning her instas with things like “I know most of you hate spaleb” so that she can post about those scenes the fans should be mature enough to refrain from commenting abuse on her insta and twitter